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Gordon Edes: Bobby V won't go quietly

Oct 25, 2012|

ESPNBoston.com Red Sox reporter Gordon Edes joined D&C to discuss the Sox hiring of John Farrell and if he is the anti-Valentine. Gordon gives his reaction to Bobby Valentine’s interview with Bob Costas and discusses what Bobby Valentine’s role in the Sox downfall was, how was it possible ownership didn’t see the Valentine we saw all season when they interviewed him, and who he’ll take down next. He also chats about why Bobby V feels like he needs to lie all the time, will Ortiz get his rumored 2-year contract, what would Ortiz get on the open market, and when will he respond to Valentine.

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Sort of a delayed start to our number 3-D NC dale Arnold and for John Dennis Gerry Callahan is here -- Shepperd is here. Talk a little baseball right now and joining us from ESPN boston.com. Is a Kourtney take -- how aria. How do well they'll -- -- time. I'm not too much and try to figure out. What Bobby Valentine's end game is 'cause I can't figure out what the hell he's trying to do here. Eighty do you think there may be just a little bit of Bobby critiques that are sitting in on yawkey way to fewer parents. Yesterday. My colleague Joseph McDonald take -- -- hundred off about twenty well. It it's incredible to me that that Bobby was able to upstage. John -- -- but maybe I should have been surprised you know. I said the a little while ago Gordon that the there in the Red Sox brass the owners had a mixed emotions. After the at the end of that day because state and weren't happy that Bobby -- did that interview on that day. To upstage -- -- but in the end you look at that and Valentine you look at their families and god thank god we made this switch thank god we made this change because. I could put what you saw from Farrell was like the anti Valentine the antidote to what Valentine brought to this team for years. Yeah it and I think that's why you're hearing such across supported goose yet don't from the players. Who already. Spoken out publicly about about Gerald higher. Here they he. Had so many of the self created dramas. Why -- kind of goes simply won't exist. Next year and will that translate into more weight while. It certainly get a trade related to more than 69 and again you know it's very typical. Thing you know I think people think. Where and when you criticize Bobby you're seen -- it was last season was all its all I don't think anybody's saying well. But the reality is. What he -- -- contributing factor and let this thing spin out of control console. Right in yen in the sixty -- important because you know if they didn't bring invalid that if they've broadened and brought in Gene Lamont her. Or repeat Mac and you know all we're just worried they'll sway him. They wouldn't -- won the world there wouldn't be in the World Series right now Gordon but there's no way they would go on 69 and 93 there's no way they would no one. In a 78 games -- -- he was a disaster and we have to remember that day I got to ask this though dale. -- asked this question a little while ago we watched that interview with Kostis. And we of the cement then they. Sat with that guy less than a year ago Gordon and said he's the answer here he's our guy how how is that possible. Well it and that's that's what's amazing and reported -- -- -- Lucchino -- about. John -- Tuesday the exact words. -- yard Henry says about Bobby Valentine last December you know the right guy at the right time for the right job. Any turned out to be anything but in in. Are between the police say how is it possible to use sat down with which we Barbie. I mean he can he can be fair to persuade and he can be very charming. You you think about he about the reputation of him being this baseball abide. You know. -- Strategic at all retreated strategists and if you buy into all of that. In -- you say well you know we need to change -- culture here in -- after the disaster of of September 2011. And then and you ignore all red flag and everybody else was putting up about this guy -- -- accepted you know. Here's a reason that. I think well part in these other places -- know it is in hindsight I'm wondering what Steve Phillips the -- general manager. I -- sort they've got sites such a pass. Last year when talking about what went big disintegrated in New York. You know no where and when I see in and I thought it was pretty noticeable that he didn't mention -- Jerry and that -- interview when he was what he was lately outrage to the orders and all that not -- not -- mention. -- -- I think yeah after I read your colleague John McDonald's -- on ESPN boston.com with Tim Bogart I said on the air today I started out the the show by saying I think -- Tim Bogart an apology. Because I bought some of the stuff Bobby Valentine was selling. I I bought the fact that there were coaches undermining him I thought Tim Bogart was one album and after I red ball Gary's piece I believe him and not Bobby Valentine. You're in and I suspect yelled at that Bogart be the kind of guy ears. Held -- fire arm -- a lot of disk you know that he could have gone into. Chapter and verse -- immediate. Eight is so much more you know. Accusation but if you wanna play that game in in. I do Mitchell spotted you guys said that it really started. Almost from the first week of spring training you know this whole abuse this incident and then -- -- Almost walking in that cost this interview that the players would come in and talk to about it -- saying hey you know you're in it I'm gonna try it. To create some try to report with this group. You know this is a chance for me to build some trucks and all and it ended -- he went exactly the opposite route. But you know I also have a sense that that body you know details from the -- our commitment from Bobbie I I suspect. That he probably has. More targets in mind that you like to what I -- take out and the I don't think he's gonna go quietly into the night. Now and hasn't yet but thanks to people like you Gordon in the fact checking a district we now know the guys. That we we went through a litany of lies in the Kostis and you won fifteen minute interview. And -- or you know a dozen were doctors and and people like you're just getting online look and an up and said what do you know there was no seat cushion night. He didn't make it didn't make free -- they didn't throw seat cushions that him he'd just made up possible could just throw seat cushion actually on -- feel -- -- ten rows back channel pixel. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it was you know I can't be late -- that called a buddy of -- look you know you go back in your archives and and I gave that -- -- -- that there are being made repairs and and a sure happy you know he sent me this story -- is Cyril mentioned and here not been. And that's touching art and what he did that to. But and I think like third -- leaving. Envelopes. Will cost and same story he told last November. Pitino at the winter meetings went what you first. When he was sparked by Turkey goes like that -- told -- -- eating. A story in any technical caught on August currently three double there applaud the. We think will make up Jon Farrell's coaching staff here we believed -- look below is likely going to be the bench coach. All of the rest of the staff play out here. -- total -- will be the bench coach that's that's. I mean I haven't officially announce that bad but bad as being confirmed. -- and in the bullets could choice. In this organization managed our -- you know young energetic. -- will be good man. The pitching coach courses it's going to be that big hire here in -- Beatrice -- Because obviously -- expertise is it pitching. You know whether he would go getting guy. -- who has his own theory open to ideas and programs like a Rick Peterson who worked wonders with that Baltimore pitching staff. As -- -- apparently coordinated this year or whether he'll he'll. Promote a guy like -- so -- pot -- pocket who I think would gut. I appear at 88 could emissary. Between the players and sell it and and applied stole ideas to the pitching program. In addition. -- -- -- -- So. You know debate coaches and and you know that this again the funny thing is I think. I think coaches play an important role I I do think that they're the guys who who do disseminate the message. From the manager and can act -- go -- and what's great coach it's a shame they locks. I think he probably had a good relationship I know he had a good relationship with Maryland and and and would have been a good -- here. You'll be great they could bring back chili Davis and they had a Pawtucket did a terrific job. I would Oakland. This year is batting -- but I don't see that happening so. You know and not any names that circus yet and I would think within a week or so that -- -- beat. Don't quote him well on its. Briefly and I'll I'll get out of way here is Brian Butterfield going to be among them because I think he'd walk here. Yet it. Just so he could go to that patriot games more easily it's September exact you could easily use taxpayer. Butterfield -- great reputation. It wouldn't shock me at all he can't get a -- gave permission to all of their -- To look elsewhere. -- regard YouTube culture is another possibility so yeah I would expect he'll still be guys from from my trial and additional well it has girlfriend were what. What is the next order of business which -- is -- David Ortiz will there be a two year deal for Ortiz. In in the works here any -- -- Yeah I was told that the two years have been agreed on already -- that yes while that's that's that's happening. For that kind of for the didn't -- the -- kind of money like 121415. Million per year. Yeah I you know I think -- Ortiz would like. In the neighborhood of two years 25 million I think in the end the deal will be left and because. While while David will will benefit from the from the security of having -- second year. He also should be realistic I think that he wouldn't yet. Those kind of dollars on the open market. But remember it if he if he gets -- had to make a qualifying opportunism. It would be in the neighborhood of of of justice thirteen million. Or taxis and so your acting on another another year. In and you figured the average is going to be somewhere. I would I would imagine will be somewhere in the eleven million dollar range and 211 million dollar range in the end. In -- you know when when you think of the parade of players guys that get Ortiz has seen come into the mark and get paid mega bucks did not deliver on that money. I really don't have a problem with them aren't taking a you -- taking a risk that they could they help the for two years. It in this community it's almost. You know I think credit spreading out of all a million dollar a year older. Over the over the -- -- career. Lord what -- what a few walk the walk will lead the market -- you wouldn't get anywhere anywhere close to. -- well. I think he would get a two year deal somewhere I think somebody who might give him two years but at Wal-Mart. Being human is page you're probably -- kind of like Eddie Guerrero -- you know 89 million dollars. So open you know Portuguese as -- That it came to this market this club -- I think transcends the market I really do. We could have done Gordon though with you know one year with a vesting option something it. And I went there are ways around there are ways around it. Yeah I think that probably would be the optimum way of approaching your -- a year would have casting. Because sending that team gets some protection. Are true but you know people -- going to be -- writing pieces. Professional obituary -- for the last three warriors you know every time we ought to brutal start. You know that these -- narrative was that did he finally you know not too old -- repeat a productive player well. You know you look at -- American leagues separate and and you look at the year what's happening. This past season. Where he was on pace -- its first -- -- and that's what goes up and you know it there's no reason to suggest. That he couldn't continue to put some pretty good numbers in in two years and in today's environment. -- -- -- C'mon guys it that there could come close to say the five years the Yankees are still on the vote for Iraq. When is David Ortiz gonna respond to what Bobby Valentine said Bob Costas. Are you know you know he's got to be just -- and at the bit to do so I think. That night the interview I'm sure we were the only ones who reached out to David -- and it was hard Kucera. His agent who responded it and I think. Part of that -- just because they're in such great sight to this stage of negotiations. But. I suspect you'll want -- -- his contract until the have a few anxious it in the guitar part of -- And this is or he at least publicly. Was one of -- strong supporters here. You know even at the end of the -- and you think you know you can't put this Bobby can't put somebody. In the end and then for work. Proud -- suggests he he. I mean it argued that he would steal money you know. City shut doubt and in when he could have played that's beyond money and and that's that's a pretty -- say the -- -- I've before the -- go Gordon in like thirty seconds who planned first right. I don't short who's jailed -- forced out of this -- who's catching whose. You're hitting coach look at -- pretty good and the clock begins now go. Yeah. We're. I can't see them. Committing fully to OJ glaciers which sort I think he's gonna out to bring in. At least a strong backup in case C Iglesias thing just doesn't work I I think he gets her. First baseman and your guesses -- as -- -- -- right now I mean maybe go on like Napoli and and and have him play. -- -- Outfield you know to -- baucus recording is going to be back armed armed. Pretty certain of that. May -- out of the question is whether or not you move Ellsbury I don't think you -- because he's -- -- isn't great right now outfit that may -- trading deadline deal. Depending on where it -- I think it's notable that. So spoke so highly. By young Lackey clearly he's not going anywhere in any Scott can be like. Pariah. To pick eager to cut their treatment which has. Which is quite transit and I'll -- -- and the interest certainly I don't think ought to altering impact and he incumbent. I think he's come back. Our man they held on a form a unity come and -- they -- Donald dale in the current economy kicked him out the door and they should they should've kicked him out the door but he's -- value. They think he still has the value in in his versatility is rare and I think. They think. For the different manager and coaching. You're gonna be able to all of that readiness in India and check. It was the one guy who had me feeling sorry for Bobby Valentine and. We're good I mean obviously you know what. Some I think it is obvious that where absolutely beyond the pale and unacceptable but I think they believe that he can be Albert in and India. A strong part. They -- called for. Well and the Ortiz deal what's going to be announced since you give us all the details. Yeah I you know there was some hope that it would be done finally. In the because that's not the World Series it would -- carried over the next week. But it's not gonna goal. Beyond this month in in my view I because it could happen any game. Gordon we always appreciate the time I don't think there is an off season for you this winter and baseball you'll be covering the stuff all winner along. Yeah I -- it -- accurate and children thanks Gordon. Arctic Canada scored needs from ESPN boston.com you know. David Ortiz he he might lash out at Bobby -- the elegy and you probably right might have a real real problem Bobby what Valentine said. He should cinema thank you know we should send him a credible owner Gramm because one of the reasons there buckling and paying him twice would get on the open market. Is they need to do something right now right they need a good feel good moment to. The start that the process itself ushering in the Farrell era. And you know he's a good club Oscar good community guy all that stuff which of the teams don't give a damn about -- look at -- -- a DH is 37 and as a bad we'll. Don't think any team would come close to 2220. You're crazy you print and I heard both you guys in your ball right. I have a problem I care. I mean -- they've got lots of money to spend I don't care they spent it on him. And what it -- breaks out breaks down setting upon him money but that I made that argument might David Ortiz and in 22000900. Relative you talk about overpaying. Because you -- And I don't understand the problem. Because this is a new Europe and bought ventured to say they're gonna -- -- -- that are not disciplined and why didn't perform. Yeah well yet didn't perform the second half of the she's 37 with -- Achilles injury what are your realistic option that is the way to ago. Why didn't why because you because it's state you know wide open to you -- have to know Nelson well. I don't know that you do it because you don't have to now because it's the right thing to do a lot of things right right thing to do got a relatives I don't have a problem when it. Because she just like a spouse cannot and that sent the match because he's as good as that and there is that bloody guy that's why you pay him more than any of -- the double right and what it was -- -- -- ever is go. They've -- I've got -- -- and that's right angered over the knock the door I according to Gordon I didn't understand it and I don't under and with him there. He'd be he'd been gone from means that day he took that that that -- from the pitchers out of the dugout and went my way of Cambridge Almeida on that day. Maybe they were looking at the sand I don't blame -- Bobby public to do that to Bobby V to them and really isn't a whole new. Image your perception of a save us because everyone in here nor could stand Bobby V anymore in the sand. Well he was just kind of ahead of the curve always arbitration eligible still right. Believe yet and he's. Versatile. And eighties durable. And their sand he's got value I mean he had his moments. He's got values so that we're gonna edit Bobby had blown his arm out he probably would have decent pitcher so maybe they just think the problems and removed here in new manager Farrell will get the most -- -- -- obviously what this team. In all of this if this pitching staff top to bottom -- like the best in history than barrels -- and explained duke is every guy a look at ego. Well fix some you know. -- is Daniel Bard Bard a Davis Lester balk calls Lackey do. Post here now it'll be all better he'll fix some lecture quick break right back to the calls we'll get right back to would you just supplement its Sports Radio W yeah.

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