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Rob Ninkovich: The Sanchez hit and sack were legal

Oct 25, 2012|

Patriots Defensive End Rob Ninkovich joined Dale & Gerry to talk about how the Patriots have prepared for taking on the Rams over in London and his role in the game clinching play vs. the Jets. He also touches on which side of the ball has the advantage playing at Wembley Stadium, if he’ll have time to sightsee while in London, and why they don’t blitz more.

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Joining us right now and help us preview the patriots game in. London at Wembley Stadium against St. Louis Rams New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich Roberts -- Gerri how aria. -- -- your -- great got lots of movies for your computer I mean lots of things to watch on this flight over tonight. How responsibly he would get better. 7 AM there are he got -- ignore you know. I am guessing -- Well I'm guessing the way the patriots you know prepare everything. They probably RD giving you guys lectures and talks on this is what you have to do to get ready for this I -- and the Red Sox went to Tokyo. They did the same sort of thing if you sleep here you try to stay awake there is have they given you all the information to prepare you for this as well. The other Merkel are so operator like for our little. Figured out how of the -- -- do it -- to -- as -- what you terrible plane. And then if they're not OPEC as we -- they the year your body your natural clock since the -- but it senator. Eric you -- Did you and do it right the last time I mean did you go sightseeing did you get distracted at all I know you guys kicked ass and and his role. They when I was you know seven -- Miami. Elect our first charter donors who moved to different borders with the week at the -- an -- time. I really didn't see much either so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today I mean and Brady talked about being invited to whatever his fan fest all their debate try the try to pull you in all different directions and -- come see this or come meet these people do you have a chance to go. You know lot of big banner Buckingham Palace or any of that. Not radar maybe Friday we'll have a couple hours are dated. And you walk though it but you know -- -- -- And I looked out his district so on the occasion now. I'm always curious about playing at Wembley Stadium and you had the opportunity to do this. It is not built for athletes the size of NFL players and the at the turf there I understand is is built for soccer it's not built for football it as as makes complete sense. Did you find it it was it was okay. To play on that surface or did you find it it was difficult. It was pretty slick no. Already. Build a -- there are sparse are also not really sick at all. Or get through our Google also would roll -- out faster. But. You know the last couple that played there. You have but it all virtual lock that and so to see its -- -- it almost sounds like it it's like if you're playing under rainy or snowy conditions here. That the offense has the advantage on a surface like that is that accurate. Yeah I mean when you know you're gonna cut -- the lot -- -- knows the guys are trying to tackle you know cut your honor this. You make you react off what you don't so. You know is there any type -- preserve the office but we're a little bit -- orders -- since the. They can you explain some new us -- we -- that we talked about this. A lot this week you guys don't blitz much and the number the unofficial number was 8% of the snaps against the jets. You blitzed why is that they expecting you guys than -- -- The front Ford and put the pressure on we know help do you think. You see so elders. That's not necessarily always the best thing you know appear purple -- that. Was a lot you know. It's over and help them -- because -- funeral in different types in the air of a few more greens. Insert can't throw off so. Note I do everything we Iran knows the trial when the games so not a thinker. No. Blitzing -- coverage you're here -- used as charted the Soviet. Jermaine Cunningham got to Mark Sanchez around the legs you were able to finish off the play with the strip sack in the fumble recovery. We try to get up to run whether there were you just trying to get -- were celebrating. Oh did try it out in a barometer but he the I didn't realize that no it's such it's so that -- getting up -- -- -- you know or yogurt Robert. -- take all victories but so backed down you know what. My initial reaction was -- game Goldberg got the ball you know. So I was just Alex's. You know hey you're down. But yeah I mean -- is so great. Some people are a little confused because of the way quarterbacks are protected somebody said to me after the play on Sunday will. Cunningham hit him down around -- the legs that's illegal isn't it but you can tackle a guy their right. -- and -- that only. Barrow our news it legal virtue launchers so Berger who has neither ankles you know. If you all of that the -- a blocker on your back at the illegal oil but. You know you can't just do currently -- and it. Against currency. A few years back to -- -- -- Pollard you know -- at -- like that apparently. And led to the new rule a before that you go get ready for the trip Republican -- do you know exactly where. The cornfield is were Carlton Fisk ended up pass and out of the wheel -- and take a little bit of trouble. Nor are a murderer. It's in Lenox. I would do it you're shore yet you love the cornfields there. -- -- Is that we used like a parking with a high school prom date. -- expect. You know it's. You're actually there's it's -- a lot of the -- that it was burgers that are lot of forms not now but you'd feel way more out of it. Did the jury deep -- -- did you live there armed. No I know I'm never mattered you know over the span that I've never met. Rob enjoy the trip over there as you said it is a business trip in this team nine needs to sort of keep things going here is the St. Louis Rams with the opposition. We wish the best of luck and appreciate taken the time. Here take care that is a patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich our conversation with Roberts brought to buy out -- dental. And by one states. Paused for dramatic effect -- and then leave little. Take -- -- states that's a lot of guys have -- penny but I didn't like of one State's take quick break we'll give back to the calls the -- the other side. -- its daily and for Dino Jerry's here Pete -- here Sports Radio W media.

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