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Sandoval has the greatest single baseball hitting performance in World Series history

Oct 25, 2012|

Dale joins Gerry and begins the show to react to Justin Verlander’s struggles and Pablo Sandoval’s impressive performance in Game 1 of the World Series and the continuance of Bobby V’s media tour. The guys discuss just how historic Sandoval’s domination was while questioning why Bobby V thinks he’s the most interesting man in the room at all times and try to explain why he’s so insecure.

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I was channeling my inner Gerry Callahan last night touch you'd like this as as I'm sit on the couch. Watch in the World Series game and it's like 11 o'clock. Eight games earlier I was gambling my elbow at -- capitalized job of jamming much of the action and too early on family hour right now and. And over pretty early although -- -- quick -- and I think it was like the eight inning and went to business and the way this game going -- wake up in the targets and when 98. You know they're -- it's like I was afraid of what my prediction before we get -- -- that's gamma prediction I didn't give one for the series we didn't Macomb we can do it now he has one. I predict the tigers win in six. I predict sound of Lagos two for nineteen the rest. And I'm going what the upside down world -- I'm going with the the European George Costanza in a reverse our blog. Opposite day whatever you think is gonna happen now is it when you can knock. Justin Verlander around like they did last that a team that can't it doesn't have a lot of hitters just make early and look like. John -- been. Why don't think there's going to be -- innings and hold -- -- now I'd love the analysis of tonight's match up and you know Fister -- bum Gardner in this and righty righty and lefty and all that well what does that matter when they did to -- what they did last night. Only part I would have gone -- had a habits here we have 24 hours ago we were talking about game one it was coming up tonight. I would have said so often you see it happen where the team that's been sitting around him as a hard time getting back into it in the team that's been you know battling along. Probably has a bit of an advantage it is an interesting little statistical tidbit here. This is the fourth time weary team that swept the LCS series was playing a team. That had gone seven games in their LCS series this the fourth time it's happened. All three previous times the team that swept the LCS lost the World Series. And then I would've said dale Justin Verlander is gone I. Go but and I -- and said Jerry just the Atlantic yet when a World Series game. I was I would say did you see him in the LC SC a -- year -- a confident look to see -- seven -- -- -- his previous seven and he wanted to giants are dead last in home runs and a major -- the giants hit a 103 home runs. Which is about the same as Barry Bonds at one year I'm pretty sure an end and it was just such a mismatch Tito doesn't belong out there on the same it would Verlander. And yet what happens that's what happens if that ball doesn't arm with two outs off the third base bag it's a routine play. Changes the -- I could Cheney's old -- America that game it was unbelievable heat weird wacky which makes you think. That the giants have little going on right again destiny on -- Odom doesn't go you know and always argued two strippers between -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it does look like they got at all going on right and can't lose. That's why the -- that's when the tigers and when the singers and you'll look back and say that game was and the ball hit three bombs. Was in this Ceres was at that. -- broken ago called to was gonna happen it's funny BK is. -- had two guys and again last night I mean they have eyes -- the guys have been getting all along. Although as long as they get Barry Zito in the lineup if they're gonna get some additional RBIs as an it wasn't quite the Super Bowl like quite -- The bowl game buildup because you don't have time for that watched you heard. We talked to Curt Schilling news is good analyst is anyone right now. Even he. Curt Schilling was in -- of Verlander and he says always says is the best -- plan and he says it's. There is no he can close and everybody in -- nods in agreement you know Francona and and -- and gravity and you know you name busters and Jeff Patterson and you name all the guys who really immersed in this are saying. This has been used to pitching right. -- you leave my period trying to win an ON LCS. They just want three in a row one in six straight elimination game three in a row. Where there were the rules -- the windows or backs against the wall and eliminate elimination games. He uses bullpen and -- and thrown anyone that timlin to right you know it's a coming -- the middle of the game. Aunts and yet they weren't too tired they weren't -- them over used at least didn't -- Maybe that factors in later in the -- I wonder if if at any other time. Jim Leland career in Detroit or any other time he said he used five pitchers in Justin Verlander -- Good question is are for you and picture that he dale -- -- -- in baseball guys they can look that you know and it's one of those meaningless if it won't mean if you haven't seen it. It was simply if you didn't see it and there was of things going on in this in. Don't the World Series seems like on the second biggest event president. Look at that you look at ratings look at the ratings the numbers. I mean that the the last. Show where those two guys that skinny guy. Debates the other got used to be around the governor. -- Going up against the playoff -- good point. And and we're sixty million -- ball sixty million viewers liked that one may be fifteen. Maybe twenty at its peak. Even that not even that so maybe one every went head to head for -- like 61. And right there's no competition last night and it's the World Series. It's kind of a marquee matchup against San Francisco Detroit you get the Triple Crown winner and you get the you know on the -- yeah Verlander and -- Zito was kind of interesting but. The numbers. In the super ball gets 1101000115. Million. This this'll probably get fifteen million this get a hundred million fewer viewers. Then the league World Series but here's what you missed if you went to -- he's that you missed. The greatest single hitting performance in baseball history. The greatest single inning performance in baseball history IIQ -- you know make this case I mean I was impressed by you -- all coming topic. Well you'd get a fourth home instead of put that in the World Series never happened -- it's ever happened and you know and and like I said baseball guys look this stuff up. Jayson stark is the best that it in a look and stuff but the drug but it. In some kind of perspective this was the 625. World Series game. If history 625. Only three other men I've ever done what he did yesterday hit three home runs of the game. Big roof it is twice Reggie Jackson. Albert Pujols yeah that's it that's except for Reggie if I remember correctly I think he did it I'm -- consecutive pitches yeah. But he didn't hit a single and go four for four didn't have. Went to parties in a thirteen. Total bases. And and and also he was Reggie Jackson he was named -- -- pools. A -- got to give points. For the fact that this is a guy who's five and 275. Pound button load. Who wasn't even didn't even play well. Didn't start in 2010 elect the new negative just the total. -- He's the first man ever to launch is three home runs in his first three plate appearances of the game. In two answers first guy ever to do. At a little degree of -- product on the first got out. And actually pitched -- pretty effectively. Because O'Leary had a all of a little more and he -- chased it now and we've data and and it was just off you -- -- off. They've been 2200 games in AT&T park including post season games. Only one other times ago I hit three home runs in that park in the game 12200. Games Kevin Elster. It's in it's not Barry Bonds -- that's a good point juveniles to the first game ever played April 11 2000. So the play 2200. Games in that ballpark. And one other guy hasn't happened in twelve and a half years it's just amazing. Amazing stuff. He did all in the first five innings of the game. In the first five innings of the game. Check this bill and -- he hit more home runs. More. More World Series home runs than Willie Mays Willie McCovey Linda so that it will Clark Jack Clark Matt Williams Jeff -- -- my eyes and Bobby Thompson. Hit an all their World Series combined. And we'll send the ball in five innings and against Justin Verlander hit more World Series home runs. That all those guys including Mays McCovey. And Bobby Thompson combined. If it and and it just. If you can't put it to you can't which veteran he can't grasp -- Pablo Sandoval with a nickname of a comic cartoon character guy with a probably who's probably in the worst shape of any position player. Alternate opposition. I was wondering how you relieving Matt Albers out of it wouldn't -- -- -- -- Matt Albers vs Pablo standalone forty yard dash he give it to sound oh yeah. And -- -- eight. True but pitchers run all the time you've seen it pops beauty Matt Albers runs all the time they don't run fast but they run -- apparently not much yet. The point but. Look at mean. Tony Gwynn Chris -- We're great it was great era obviously and they were urges big blows -- told the story of Watkins in the ego bloggers almost one time. Stop them. -- Guy who was not right in the head and wondered just big fat floats -- each candidate. And the known Tony about it in the Chris. When all -- Had to be 300 pounds and just and you know mean and it. It was probably as we have got skinny would not in the same -- Well at all right now would have been. I I didn't get a chance. I've only read about. This stuff I haven't I haven't actually party yet. But the Bobbie -- resurrection tour doesn't seem to be going very well a I didn't hear him with them lemon -- I've read what he said right I got a -- two I mean I didn't I haven't actually heard it now I watched all of the -- thing couple nights ago all 24 minutes of it. And I heard you guys talking about it extensively yesterday didn't disagree with anything -- about it. And I know it's gonna sound more dramatic and I intended that to sound but I'm I'm really dead serious. It's something going on here with him I said that -- guys -- And I don't not only. I try to set -- -- -- alzheimer's well I don't mean that that dramatic and I'm not cried out there. Is this some pathological for yes. That's the word and he's from if Romania and -- know you made that I like it though he cannot help and so I suppose it could. But he thinks he can tell any anyone anything and will -- because it's work that way for years it's got to where he is. He's just a pathological liar well just because when -- fact checking areas that was one of the funniest books. The Lemond and the fact checking ear like you're gonna check this stuff at this stuff I'm -- against the what you actually get that -- kicked. And when you check it you realize it just makes up as he goes along about the way we. Know this we realize this late in the game. He was talking all year long trying to explain things -- stories. Look back it made it all up all the relevant. We said the shares that you believe. The story about the French tourists in the Ambrose it ran him off the road this was the last series in new York and right in the ditch. And we were wondering that does that sound incredible like umbrellas and the appeal -- wiped out I mean he just made it up. There are people who do that who just you. I don't know if you've ever known anyone like dale -- I mentioned at all no I -- I've I've. I have a friend a sick kid -- -- make it happen he knew it everyone knew it we just. Even if it was a good story to abolish it. It's it's an insecurity would you say that you all actually you don't think your interesting enough and I said this is them into Pia and Dino. Everyone always use that term the smartest in the room which is laughable unless he's in on both -- notes the about that is the smartest men and any room anymore. Now that I watched from up close. But he thinks it's more than he thinks I'm the most interesting man I know I am the most interesting a sack yet as -- -- -- right -- the dissect he's got he thinks which does she get the ballroom dance and in the wrapped in the you know speaking Japanese and ride his bike into a ditch and all that he thinks he's the most fascinating guy in the room. And he wants to make sure you know it's so he says things like you know I left three envelopes in the draw it's when in -- -- do what he does he he does. He makes it up. It's. The live up to this reputation. He's the most fast you've been with people who do that. I I got to admit I spent much of the season and dragon on Tim -- are a little bit because I. I've bought I bought into the idea that Tim Bogart was one of those people. Who helped undermine Bobby Valentine I don't Tim Bogart apology. Yeah based on what I've heard the last couple of days. I now all Tim Bogart apology. What -- well I mean didn't he gaps while I I never thought he was indeed an issue I thought all along he was kitten railroaded by Bobby Valentine here. When you're off taking care of a sick child. And the guy that is technically your immediate superior says that -- off on vacation. Right you know sorry you're off the hook is that time that those are. By words in any absolute in any walk of life that your take accuracy cute he's always on vacation. 00 I didn't mean Asian. Expert -- he thinks he's smarter than we and we're gonna believe all that stuff because. You know what before the fact checking year and a appearances there is there but. We went through Gordon needs thing on this week are best friends drove in the seat cushions that Minnelli and and and yeah it's just goes back and looks at. Coast to the LA times on that you think there was nobody Google. If he does not hold -- sir nexus he noted there. Daley doesn't though he didn't. And that's another reason the game past but about the game in the world passed them by ten years ago. 1520 years ago. He could just -- with impunity and -- -- -- out. He's been fascinating -- They go back to their computers like in the and they include LA times you know that that week and month. -- seat cushion right. We will listen together because I haven't heard some of the things that he said to Dan -- tart. So -- I would get to hear them at the exact same time together believe it or not he took Kostis thing. Even further because guess what. Didn't impugn David Ortiz in his attempt to combat it was it was just let the cards father in -- and what. Let's hope not we'll get to that just -- to get to your calls as well Rob Ninkovich will join us patriots are headed for London later on today. The -- or mentioned court -- will join us a little bit later Ronald talks in baseball with him. It's ID NC -- Dino is off today galas inferred all right John Gerry Callahan is here Pete shepherds over my shoulder Sports Radio W media.

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