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Yankees fans are sensitive

Oct 24, 2012|

Mikey gets under another Yankee fans skin, the amazing thing is, he was talking about Ray Allen the whole time.

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To do one thing about me is -- I'm good it. Keep my cool and you know when I go treadmill run ministry or Mumbai or whatever it may be I have Sony either motivations. And you know it doesn't. You know whether you're on the road at home you know older young light I wanna beat you no matter what it is not find some way to get some type of event on these so. That's always gonna exist to me no matter what so just some of Florida -- because even if we played -- -- on opening night out on the fun. Something about gonna wanna beat them beat the bad. I -- -- how you look at a Miami -- -- -- -- Boston Garden resolute disingenuous Arctic grad beat the Celtics in overnight in Atlanta yeah I would say so at at at at will see at a Tuesday -- we don't have to wait too long now. And around the text says John writer do you know that Brooklyn is actually on Long Island well this is in reference to the islanders move at a Brooklyn that's right. Another Texas is -- on this they were better now without him ray Allen's bum. On the other guy says nothing parts better than meatloaf which I don't know what that means when I read it anyway. From Connecticut screw Ray Allen a traitor no matter which way you look at it a sour grapes baby. Also from Connecticut. To the caller who mentioned Ray Allen driving BMW's -- on the campus he worked at Champaign should be in Mansfield in the sales department while going to school. He wasn't riding in boosters cars are riding on money from an agent that's Kimball. Check in and from the UConn country aren't. Plus he was say he was in a big movie revolving around all that that goes on in college basketball recruiting he got game yep and now we know he got ego to. Let's go to Eric in most of them due process -- Rochester, New Hampshire. -- But it time caller or I'm calling wouldn't be. Able aura the PR game. Indelicate. And said that nine I gotta say it again. A look back it then yeah I'd and memory it is appeared in here. On the security anywhere near the border forget about it. It's -- -- it's no difference if it goes it goes right along with European -- or grand. Yet but a couple years Virginia Beach a year -- Columbus in the big thing that's only reality to -- all over the place at Aetna. Realize that their lack of support but. And in other parts of the country and in heat at target -- ticket think the biggest -- that -- you know that energy that program here with -- been. They point to meet you back out there. You know I had that you expect that all the time. I've -- to -- on from 7 o'clock in the morning until I mean about how -- -- -- -- I want as quickly on -- on down on time now. I wasn't. Entirely wrapped up in this in the rent off this evening and there were. I want to live what a shocker. You're not alone. -- I got a look at my watch by it. Didn't path I was kind of look at them they get back what I hated apartheid and in -- -- I like -- aren't -- end up. In the position he gave an organization like the stock. Down. Always like watching it on baseball and immediate -- -- buy it. -- -- -- Dumbfounded. As Howell. -- somebody. Like. Am right ended up with a big big -- and they blow it -- It was a mistake that they know -- he knows it we know it and the team new app. It admitted that. It is unfortunately you -- and can. It -- that probably direct a they got to get away from this man did you stuff right army stressed it was frank Conner and what happened -- that last month right on now who they and a Hayat is Bobby Valentine a lot -- from spring training and on it was like controversy. -- mistake he last year. And now you know Farrell and you see the right guy like how well is anyone now. Out of that -- the right guy you see some depth analysis it's what -- less safe to stay mistakes were made them. -- end and how the girl look at work out you know we're gonna find out I think I think I think little lonely. That Tibet when. You know you saw you the doctor Earl came on after the and -- and you don't release it's something the fact that he added that it again today that. You know what a different -- different feeling you. Yes -- from last year's press conference -- Bobby Valentine and issues John -- yet totally 100%. Opposite yeah. What what that would carpet that over an hour that you would be begun talking with Lori. Africa. That they're all I -- literally -- -- back in it then okay. Now now we're going yeah you got back on the right track yeah now now I feel like I want you can bet you know climate and -- No regrets I've got to do is invest some money it's a new new and different players Erica we'll all be back on the same page thank you for the call in another New Hampshire caller is Jimmie he's in New Hampshire to Jimmy. Yeah yeah I -- Mikey. Yeah or know more about how do you guys get our parent connect Yankee group that -- -- -- thinking while hiking we have every right to do that -- Yeah regular reason why well because who first saw you don't Yankee fans -- the Red Sox. McNamara darkening your right now war. Know you -- going to be tough guy. All I don't I want -- problem tough -- and get our job mattered top guy aren't you might not okay why Jolie again tonight. All -- -- high IQ loser. To give many time. Pro am role. 617779793. I haven't I wanted that I had no patience for that tonight I wondered why we you know we could rip the Yankees right we can do what ever the bleak we want. Yes -- yes weekend. And that's a good feeling and it's your show Euro dollar he says -- you get off fashion yet ol' ball coach used. Is just to go to George I it was. I just let -- go to you'll get caught. I received daily -- after secure rate tricks that the ghostly frank from Gloucester screw yourself crowned this.

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