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Ryder calls Mikey a dumb basketball fan

Oct 24, 2012|

Yup, Ryder throws the gauntlet down and questions Mikeys basketball intelligence.

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I edit text -- it says Ray Allen took half the -- because there's no state income tax in Florida. Hey you know that's true on an analytical thing a lot of athletes lob play then you get the whether you get the beautiful women he had no state income tax. You know the fighting is. I noted there -- certain government leaders think of the wealthy should pay more world. And I understand that theory. But I I -- I notice that none of the wealthy people ever volunteered whether they're Democrat or Republican to pay more taxes they don't volunteer. It you shouldn't they just say we don't want. I'm gonna volunteer another 10% of -- -- president's. Yeah they're good Americans yes but they're not good at -- and I. The president not good American -- -- -- All the wanna. See. Here but yeah. Hey I go about an. About a terrific Margaret and I mean you have an apple brought to see once. But what I mean a lot of people understand that one what did you -- down -- -- who want to name epic game that they wanted to try to separate from them where. Can give you. It would mean that they can and cannot go -- without -- Ask your question if -- if you had to mention one of the Big Three trade. Who'd be the one you'd pick. -- and what are like you know what he should understand and all these guys understand Hampshire peers understand look we deal -- -- and I don't have a problem with this either. Danny Danny Ainge -- loves to talk about potential trades and loves to talk to teams about it is his job to do that -- and he's also. Have a good point -- -- and there and you know that I would. It's gotten that it went so quick to pick up an appointment and it and looked accurate and yet that anybody. Yeah W where people would like great because -- -- want to get switched. What do you got the bit about what they took. Well you know the object you know you when you when you get guys on your team you're hoping that they have the same attitude major franchises -- fans and that is to win winning is what counts. That's supposed to. The other thing ordered that the -- that I'd been darkened -- diplomat who got a little out of okay. We have really helped the opinion that I could stay on the team will give give it a money you'll have an opportunity just thought if you can -- everybody -- -- uncle and -- some. Well you don't want to. Assumed -- Doc Rivers is savvy enough to know that the players playing really well he's going to start and he should start this whole thing is still minors but you know what -- -- -- -- to -- go to Miami -- represents two things first of -- it's I think it's the lazy way to go after -- if -- -- -- going -- or. And I agree or do my job but again this topic that we're gonna -- -- -- our okay this agency mortgage agent they talked about trading visit would probably every play -- multiple says. What ever got a lot of the topic what you wanted Ahmed look at data that I ultimately -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Racing are all right. I'd ever single Celtics -- with the exception of Kevin Garnett -- -- I've -- trade rumors about including -- on round it was pretty obvious it's very common in the in the world of salary caps and and free agency it just well it's common with Danny -- because he is this -- -- trader -- for it for a nickname but. The you know the other part of this is this is so minor what Ray Allen did last year were decided in soaking now if you consider. NBA in what goes on in the NBA with a lot of these players I mean Andrew Bynum. Last year and the lakers was complaining all the time I made -- there's there's guys that do it -- on the team I'll give Ray Allen credit. I'm -- result income played a little bit behind the scenes but didn't do them much publicly that you want to you know against Celtics fans might be cut from a little different cloth than the rest of the NBA fans because of what has been prioritized when he can tell you as anybody throughout the history of this franchise. Had to do with winning less than. Individuals. Money and all that other stuff that did that in sometimes the NBA's -- well not what I'm saying in his and forget about the uniform forget about the team. I mean the NBA has players bitch and complain and on just about every team. At certain points but that way that hasn't been Ray Allen and that's our -- at that and if somebody bitches and complains we can bitch and complain about them. Guess before the white Hampshire poll this would have been glad to be traded to either rallied to write out you know again -- people grow -- went up to look at as this one individual instance with Ray Allen on this team and that team. If -- of why he's making those choices while he's saying what he's saying. And and how that reflects on the rest of the franchise I think unfairly. All right so boil this down. To me one more time in your opinion you know you're against Ray Allen this whole scenario because. I had 25 words the last sort of very -- Gillette. The team he chose to go to locate two to enhance his role and I don't think it's going to be enhanced by by very much if anything at all. As far as what he actually does contribute. A go directly from this team to their arch rival that's part of it. Secondly. To opening his mouth now all of a sudden now he's out of Miami Heat now all of a sudden he's taken shots. At the Boston Celtics who by the way -- him momentarily. Twice as much as the Miami do you think. He's doing this on his own. Are we don't know prompted by the question seems -- character he he's got a question of the players around him as well when he's Smart not to -- to a more diplomatic way right or or you know he's not given the lie about it either he can say what I want. I -- championship. Right here for the rank but but what a lot about -- yeah. At least it with the way he's painting the picture of how he how his demise in Boston happen. Because all they didn't want me or or they were gonna trade me or was it is this decision by Boston talk to them don't talk to me. -- like you're gonna stay here you want to stay here desperately. -- jump for half the money to go to Miami to play -- all those superstars. And get a ring and he ran his age I Campbell OK but what is -- a lot of rising on. Want to send their spend a year drastic -- with the Milwaukee Bucks in Memphis Grizzlies Boris now you know so I mean I'm. -- I think it's it's -- then we'll make in it and only night as though he played here. I'm more curious. I'm all the that he can talk about that every day until opening night in the first time accountable arteries. Miami has more characteristic of their guys talk like that the -- be Celtic player. Talk like that. I'll tell you what if you work -- Perkins wasn't always out about his service oriented community and fears that support our blood well. It -- -- -- -- -- wants it right we have to do you always complain when guys goes so why did he have to go to the Miami -- tell me why he's starting thinking about it lakers take about how many times we have to lay out the reasons why. That he you know whether you said the climate no way it was all right he. He'd do -- it's much easier for him to go down there in a different setting you come off the bench and it was here and it bruised his ego he doesn't get along with -- -- on Rondo right. All right I know what here's hoping he gets gets along with the Dwyane Wade know those other in Ramadan is an attitude he felt like he could win a ring me he likes the you know the you -- -- choices golf and other things down there in my you know -- made a ton of money -- not struggling financially it's not just about the -- there's about ten different. -- reason why if it was 3233. Years old and had you know a lot more playing time we'd be a lot more upset number one. Number two jet Danny Danny could see this comment it is exactly sit on his bats are not an -- K with a people just sitting up giving a standing over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had an idea that you know these -- dumps him yes he's already. Let's go to Tony in stores Connecticut Tony. I don't Mikey Tony Abbott dumb basketball stand that's a writer says some of -- but he just said it. Cowboys cowboys always just have a different viewpoint had traders and let's let's play nice. Wish I was as Smart as writer and hopefully be -- -- players I have to go ahead talk doesn't go exactly did they show you -- -- got problems we're both -- I don't talk. Now picked up like I appreciate it. The couple point I mean -- -- you know I'm from sort. In -- -- this area or twenty years now and then just add a little insight right Allen ever in the only. You know -- appropriate now that kind of dog or Allen to bring this up I would you ought to. Out of the -- about it during the its -- glory days and everything. Well you know when he was. I believe was a sophomore. I believe that was in 94. Is that correct making. It's about right 394 -- yeah I think so because he left -- 95 when they believe lost UCLA at whatever. And I remember. Hearing story and actually seeing itself being in driving around in brand new BMWs. Around campus. In sidelined in the wonderful city it will manic and everything else he can come from very -- -- gambling however deputy get that money. How is this different then most college yes it was an agent. Before he left school. And yeah but what does that this is aren't that great Derek -- he probably the individual. That he had. He's about Ray Allen. And every player in the league is about -- -- pretty much pretty much pretty selfish league and I don't you know some guys that just you know. Ever -- and you know every held controversy and you don't use -- a citizen I get it out there's none of in the NBA like. Loyalty absolute currency bought -- to a community there there are all weather go where the money goes where they wanna live I was -- think they get a movie contract how is that different in the NBA than any other sport. Well I think there is a degree of loyalty of more sort of sports and I really do. And it includes what sport Mikey Welsh football hockey baseball I think compared to basketball yes I -- I looked -- a -- -- -- -- teams did she actually felt. What out of any of the major sport I would say yes to the NFL not the baseball I wouldn't necessarily set up well let's unless all the time -- -- get all the baseball players right through history and write your car -- you look at their act Korea's and how many teams you Tyler Shaq. This baseball players played at 345. More teams into all of it played on right now. How fat -- soccer player effect right and why. And why did it makes I'm not saying it doesn't exist adverse scenario -- players to play is that can control your destiny let's say in baseball right in the ones that are really regulate Josh Hamilton I was I was gonna make a lot of money may be you know damaged goods whenever right yeah but and so -- may play for 23 more teams right. Guys Beckett trade a lot like -- -- and -- -- -- to fourteenth for Y because the teams that play forget upon him. We don't need you anymore when I make money I have to be loyal to them. What will write but I mean it is what I'm saying is I'm using I'm not comparing apples and oranges here and in such a way out of saint within that they're. If you're if you're in a place for 45 years you've done stuff they get some history here you -- championship. You have some kind of camaraderie. With your teammates or chemistry that's been ongoing for 45 or six years. I I think it's. Something that's gone by the -- Wanted to know what it is is you know it might want to -- the highlighted this with the NBA in my opinion all right we will. You've got less players you've got to start the superstars is so visible you're gonna hear about them even more and more I mean -- Dwight -- an error which was absolutely spoiled selfish spoiled and I agree with you Mike yes and is no question about it. We hear about these guys more because there's less players and and it's really it's a superstars -- it's LeBron dictating his. Complete future in the future to franchises. Based on. You know this big gigantic. Ego like broken of zone. You might know that yet. Okay yeah I mean. They imparted. Well loyalty because I really like you're saying there really is no loyalty now the next point but I gonna wanna make. Regarding and you kind of get it he he kind of -- they know what. I can keep going Tony here we got a commercial break we're already over the time here and even on Ford have minutes and you got another point to make some may be called back to -- -- like that -- of that -- about eight -- Eight to cut -- but we got to commercial all right and this commercial this next commercial -- happen to know every penny the station gas from this next commercials going right directly to John Ryder.

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