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Do you view Ray Allen as a traitor

Oct 24, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are discussing the circumstances surrounding Ray Allen's choice to join the Miami Heat and whether he turned his back on the Celtics.

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Yes or read less than outside you know smoking like -- back in and pull the door handle and I remember I was Syria OK yes please see you know they fixed it. So or anybody who wants to go down there they can do that now. Happy to say and now and it's good news that it -- -- that charge my count either. That's important that's more important how you get those -- for new door handles costs when -- strong design and you were awful lot of Dorian that workout regiment at new -- regiment that Hungarian founder -- constantly just break indoors and it's federal government and just use my own natural. Incredible strength. We have a -- full program tonight we're happy says and it's been a rarity over the last 63 months but we have one tonight and that's good. Tomorrow night. We will have a one hour program and then you another one hour program follows our one hour program. And then and no longer program yet the game. And then a real long program right for -- -- and I thought boy that's for tomorrow and above to make phone calls in front stuff from unit by the way I -- just throw does throw out right now. This whole Ray Allen situated. It is just ridiculous. I think it's it's -- it's crazy why why is he talking now. Why sensitive might -- or is this sensitive what about it he chose to leave. I make my they offered more money day twice as much. When you when they roughly twice as much money in the futures and other team a -- half as much money that's not an insult. That's your choice. That's you picking the gig that you want he feels. Like he's been dis respected over the years how -- all the trade tonight getting sent to Memphis extender. A disconnect garage out Rondo not distorting and Avery Bradley's starting in his place. So that's his feeling sorry -- -- -- and sees himself in will be a hall of Famer okay series disrespect is of any disrespect himself. By -- we doing to insulting things a taking half as much money. And beat going in division rivalry. Going to the the well they're not the same division I mean congress right content area right yeah it in other words. Adding insult interior. And and the other thing is. Yeah I think he's acting as though he maybe thinks -- Do you think he's a 100% of what used to be you know -- are always critical problems. Medical problems he's got he's he's a little up there in age and you know there's great three point shooter as he is and always was and always will be. Now there comes -- time your life where you just -- and by the way if you're. You're free agent. So if there's people out there who believe as you do. If you can do all that then why -- they offer more money well you know what he's been holding all of this stuff then obviously as time with the Celtics. Mean you heard whispers of this but now it doesn't have to be held accountable he doesn't have to have Kevin Garnett. Or idea the other Celtics players namely Garnett. Say what the hell's going on here why why are you talking about this to reporters or anyone else it is and now we can just go down their Miami that day. They like him down there they wanted him down there they were. And turn it didn't want -- here during the they did want him here but. During. So playoffs are right that he players can't stand Garnett Rondo these guys -- they respect him but -- back to sanity of a Ray Allen because they wanted him down there. Okay Britain but my point is that you know. They wanted to down there and and we wanted to hear. Right so let's really kind of even isn't -- what isn't even is the money. It is and but he just felt they -- to the point where -- so much disrespect and guys made a -- -- been good with his money I mean I. Look you know you would think that a place that wants you back in is gonna give you double the money you'd stick around but I guess it's got to the point where. He couldn't coexist with -- Rondo. And just felt this respected it didn't wanna come off the bench here. Because you know he's used to being a starting here it's easier for him to come off the bench there especially when you have you look at the lineup -- -- -- To make it look like some committee is what I -- is when -- of opposed to if if he's got these particular issues that make him wanna go to Miami. Say what they are be honest about it. And give us the the complete story as you see it and maybe then we'll understand a series trying to do under these false premises. I don't think anybody's ever understand it. You know it's it's it's all about revenge or whatever he sees as were banned from what -- I think you would have been notably you removed him from. Lifelong you know image of a hall of Famer in this market and other markets where he contributed to several teams throughout his career to to just -- that crap alone. They either don't get into it or give us the real. The real deal and end up this whole organizational disrespect being a bit like just say that is his decision. -- you know is that businesses and we meet. But so -- their their vision of business was to pay you twice as much as you as they had to Boris the other team had to. -- doesn't make any sense of -- it's an ego thing Khamenei he wanted to be used to order here I think a lot of it had to do with -- Avery Bradley's starting there was this. And obviously -- the between him -- Rondo all the trade -- which he should be used to -- been dealt a few times a veteran NBA player. Yeah anywhere I'm disappointed -- of congress say that right now and it's too bad and I you know obviously I was gonna boom. When he -- Abu anybody in Miami Heat you know that it with the guys who cares towels that are. Even that kid I mean I can't believe that vicious voicemail he left that did a good job good effort already and a -- I'm really gonna and I ripped him good. I the other story -- on the table today in a big way is Bobby v.'s re emergence as a spasm as of voice. And -- Bob Costas show this guy he's just confused Muslim. It's it's more of the same with him you know five stories going wants Rivera. Bobby count all over the place I did today in the big show they played the interview. We all heard the interview the first time we heard the replays of it -- and we all know what he said many hits on national TV is as you say it was embarrassed looking back and -- -- mean and imagine being a player and says -- what can I tell this guy because I don't know what he's gonna say. Right I agree and how can -- trust someone like that he doesn't -- -- It's just really bizarre situation no shot by you think he manages again anywhere in the -- and never again. Now -- Bobby Valentine will never ever managed in the big leagues again. You can count money can bank them. Com also why you heard about Brooklyn they're going to the -- New York Islanders which is probably long overdue move for them to move. -- of the Nassau mausoleum. But again it's not -- collective dean hunt muscle in until the until 2015 to suspect there are some now. Even if they play next year let's say let's let's assume they don't play hockey this year. Next year in the 2013 Tony fourteen season and they have 3142015. Seized at the plate two full seasons. In a place where they would they're deserting and dead people know it and -- -- an awful situation for them during that period well it comes out of money to me that that. Arena -- one billion dollars. You know what's crazy about that place. What there's hardly any parking around there. So who's going to be alleys parking issues. Wanted to must have thought that we know that there's it's really an issue around there but how do you. How did they must have had that there might they built the place where people gonna park. They have parking -- attached nearby I'll tell you that's from what I read that that's going to be a major issues parking for games for fans. Honors -- maybe are suing people take mass transit and take the trains or whatever but I don't know. That's their problem they can deal with it wants to start -- grocers are playing hockey. While only delegate -- the deal would this season because if that's correct yeah I understand. Bobby V is a text from Connecticut Bobby -- and arrogant insane person he is. He is a baseball fossils and an ass clown. That's kind of sums it up. Our telephone number -- a program tonight at 6177797937. And we're gonna take your calls all on into the -- and he's gonna combine a little bit later on hang -- -- us. Until that it's writer and beat me and writer and you Chris in Worcester. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey -- -- -- does with the reality thing I'm gonna give them the benefit. Just just because you know he. You know he conducted themselves as a classy guy Jiri did a lot to charity values here. And he you know that that is that something was is that you know even -- that it's less than a year after they won -- championship. His name lesbians are on the trading block so. You know I understand you know you have becomes a -- -- I get it but still you know and I'm gonna have a real hard time believing in March hearing again -- not wishing him. The -- is success is it just you know late. Now he's gonna come to Boston year's Celtics fans you're gonna hopefully makes the three pointers against Celtics. Yeah and I hope that LeBron goes eight for 29. So -- hope the raid as well the Celtics when the. Right exactly I am gonna have -- -- them because I mean you know they -- wishes you know I mean. He -- he was the -- you know and that that game against the lakers where we just sort of laid by forty what was even back posts in a hole. Well I don't know what he's not in Korea or did here Ernie played herder and you know the stuff for or you know the way he conducts himself on August issue. I think people are little baffled by the ways the way he says it talked after laughter he didn't talk much he was here he never said negative things about other. Other situated in in this case it's kind of it just seems out of character yeah -- it's. You know -- is not as baffling to me I don't think. Well you know I think with the emergency. David Bradley to I think he kind of felt like his is spotless -- has barely started developing that three point shot. And now it's kind of like okay 98 you know you have -- they could throw one up every now and then. It -- you start to the heat. Yeah I would I would probably think so I'm where I mean where's the start who's going to be he's gonna start and -- a Dwyane Wade. Not a -- going to be paying your bill -- point but let me point is an actual point -- -- not point. Well you keep it insists he's a national point they can shoot lights out but you can handle Baldwin went but he's knocking out over summer Ray Allen ray. He -- the start from my from Miami chorus. It's easier for him to go to another place and you sit on the bench than to be here and sit on the bench OK yeah and his mind and -- you have Chris Bosh you have. OK now you know yeah our Mario Chalmers will be in there and -- PRI that would. Start I would start. Leon over Mario Chalmers. I mean from what -- just from what I've seen personally Mario Chalmers I would start reality over them. Well he's not that's not the plan right now for -- but it but it and again he did on the same thing he's going to do there here except he would have had. The continuation of of a Celtic career and the the ongoing respect it may -- -- into retirement. -- You know it's it's hard and I am I am ripped apart about it you know and is there's there's part of me that always. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I mean there's I mean I'm my and my personal feelings get in the way of the reality of the situation but I mean -- the real thing that I want to talk about was -- Is it -- and I called. They'd just get ready that this 72 delay -- I called -- -- and a -- Did the idea that you that you pretty much did a wide right I gave -- second. All right is it. Call -- you want to you know so subtle debates are there. We don't want that. I just you know I just find it ironic that that he accuses David Ortiz quitting on -- -- win I think step parties he quit on the scene right around the all star break. Lousy year start of the year restarted Wednesday you know obviously. He got here right from day one it was downhill from from a very low point yet really started after the Youkilis comments in the -- right away which was patriots day in April 11 the rest. Otherwise Montes in a karma I see. And we start show -- a guy who swears that Israel -- -- that weren't easy it is not a swear word. Yeah it's at Richard. A governor maybe you can say that word it's not a swear words are double. Yet we just said -- on during the wanna spotted Dick Regis said yes that's that separate putting the get the river had a candidate a fresh -- and a no one wanted to sort of brought back home but that I know -- -- Monty woody got. A lot of talk about it -- a little bit and also just such and that's really quick our favorite holidays coming up next month Mikey Thanksgiving. Why is that you name. -- it together family quote shall bought it cannot be at all so remind them that we're trying to do -- by presidents -- I gotta -- it or duck it -- can't excel and mr. Duncan that's right deterred deterred market. Earlier I got up -- -- anyway yes. Why did you call today teachers he said well patriot patriot game I think the fertile -- Atlanta honestly the a lot of the debate coincidence but. I think -- it real athletic they're -- they're great receivers. I think they're gonna get our -- our our secondary are actually everybody gives and senators -- -- yet but I think we'll ask guys especially if it catches the I mean I did -- get burned every time are you predicting the rams win. No I'm not I am predicting a really high scoring game that can be close. Thank you encrypt it and -- your ear ripped it out. Is -- on your fantasy team mind you one. -- -- -- -- -- got a -- that I've been looking out for eight where you want guys but now I get it close look at it may be like 34. 31. Like that could happen now the apple out. Alright there's your prediction Monty -- on the record I know you have very special a dog in the hunt their because you have a fantasy member on the team but. The spread -- seven. As it sits right now and we can't even with the time zone changes over there we don't know what it's going to be like over there. You know well there will be will be watching one here and OB 6 o'clock there I think it'll be a high scoring game I agree with that part of what he said. How close I don't know. Bill -- -- rulers are very next caller on the planet Mikey program the award winning planet Mikey show bill. Yeah I'm like it yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Yes. India you guys mention one thing about this unless I missed this I believe that Ray Allen 100 biggest reason politely to Celtic. It is at great point in his career Mikey. Even in the -- 1617. Year perhaps that I am and all the money that you may or as contracts on good old online making 875. Million dollars all the years another 68 million are not gonna mean that much to him. My point is this Mikey he probably feels he has the opportunity. To win a championship with the Miami Heat that he would the Celtics. Well that's that's a tough stretch because they just won the championship this past year and equities got you know all the superstars. -- on my article isn't his decision making us is gonna disconnect with together runs the Celtics and that's Rondo -- and the other part of it is he's gonna get better shots would be the special with the guys out there on the floor. And at this point rate straight in the senate and like he just a few years away for retirement he's -- much money and -- gonna meet. It's -- shipping chips now okay so. Senate that's of totally valid reason for him to do all they did and it you know and it whatever problems -- had here in Boston were totally insurmountable situations. Why does he have to go to on there and out of character opened his mouth and start complaining. About what was going on here as an insult. You know and and and really kind of tell what is it true about. The way this thing went down wasn't a business decision by Boston Celtics to push him out that's -- and what business decision to go to on a Miami it was his choice. But I so why does he have to misrepresented. In a way I think is totally out of character way. Always got mysteries to -- talking amid the latest is the Miami Herald he's talking about a proposed parade. That would have sent him to Phoenix causing problems with -- Rondo. As I was -- he's bringing them up and all that I'm really not sure you might be you are saying earlier -- probably felt a little disrespect that a guy that spent the -- As long as easy and it's our veteran player. On the way he felt he was -- and bought two. And probably is feelings -- -- abide I'm I'm just guessing that. -- -- if it's a list of things all right it's a list of multiple things including all the different trade -- which happened multiple times disconnect with the Rondo and it floated and that and that whole package was him knowing and accepting. What we also knew to be true but Johnny Damon when he went to the Yankees is that you can't go back and you can't. Is he going to Miami is the worst thing -- -- do with respect to -- Boston fans want to. Overseas he's insulting Boston by picking that team is the team to go to he's not thinking about. The fans coarseness in this Mikey he's -- -- ticket and myself that -- away you know it's not like. -- when you have a lot of money -- and out of Miami it's not -- -- you know driving your sports card practices study year Range Rover in the snow it's it's not the worst thing -- take it likes to golf a lot. Figures gonna win a championship get better shots doesn't want to deal with the turmoil here with a or out you know the -- -- -- spoiled rotten. Now so he's Barroso spoil rotten that now he's too -- a lot of other NBA players do it difficult for climate instead of your legacy. And his legacy is tarnished now -- Boston. It is I mean I don't Taylor started oh it's athlete tarnished you can go to Miami from Boston on -- would be tarnished. But it would have been a lot easier Johnny -- Agassi tarnished here involved not to me but OK and he and most people. I made like he was terrific when he was here. Help -- a world that wasn't my question is is is his legacy now it is more money to go there so his -- he's not -- -- in Boston Johnny game. To me it isn't that's my opinion I know it's not yours but I don't feel like his trader a Aaron is in dark. Hello -- Mikey get connotation that the culprit juncture that statement and show your great -- for -- being a total hypocrite when it comes and ran out thank. Why are you like because you're critic -- him. Are not taking the money you're staying in bought in -- side of that equation you criticized regain -- making more money go to New York I don't know. It way to hold a series he was here and he was here in Boston OK he was playing for a team that -- championship. A team that respected him at least on paper twice as much. As Miami financially. I was able to do. And he and by the way it's not like he's anything to prove in the NBA he's got champion a championship. He's due in -- you're you're you're -- I understand that -- that's what makes it bad. That's why that's why it's it's a bad move these guys are not from here all right they didn't grow up in the Greater Boston. Area. -- you know that they don't look at at the same way that fans look at it. And and we might look I understand but they don't say they don't understand they way I know that what else like to what is what it means to -- whatever they had here carved out as their. Boston legacy. And he was a beloved player here he was but it. Actually so he is willing to throw that away in order to go down there and play with LeBron and get another ring that the bottom line here is actually if you take the choice between Ray Allen. Or having Jason Terry Courtney Lee and some of the depth at they have I'll take what they have right now.

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