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How many people will cheer Ray Allen in Boston

Oct 24, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are talking about Ray Allen and whether his comments should have any bearing on whether Celtics fans cheer for him when he returns to the Garden with the Miami Heat.

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Well how when he got a program or do we have a show here White House. Absolutely. Writer says yes Lanny what -- UN. On the Ray Allen thing -- anything well yeah yes and then Amanda Cali and I assume that's the spears. Running exit a house 61777979. 37. A lot of calls about Ray Allen we'll get to -- problem. Not somebody about Bobby Valentine today. It's always something that used to -- something else right now do you think so. But Ray Allen that was surprise also this weird story this Warren Moon thing with Cam Newton you know defending him as saying it to his -- the criticism of of Cam Newton is racist. What are your thoughts on that that we're past that week. Well I would hope I thought we were past that I -- this well why is that entering into a conversation well because what he's saying is that every time. The black quarterback has taken in consideration. Especially when -- Slump and a little bit right as -- had a bad week and he's been little in the -- -- so far that he's been immature you know comments and his body language on the sidelines right he's like -- only two years but he's always compared to another black quarterback Michael I don't like him who genetic apparent. Well ask Vince young and have compared him to do well let's first because I couldn't most recent one right. And you know the other guys don't get that kind of you know flat known compare its in notes that -- Detroit who's not having a good idea right right now he's he's skating and terms and a national army people and you know he's recognizes haven't bad season don't know what compares him divisions yeah. All day holiday would even be the same style rifle like -- start my my point my point years that. He's saying he's accusing the people who were criticizing Cam Newton for obviously one in five seasons so far. Because they if they compare him to Vince Young. Then their racists. Is that. -- possibly be -- Well I'm -- color rise since that's a lot of gray area right -- but I think guys know what he means go right in and he also. And in it probably is gone back -- own personal situation where was difficult. The break in his black quarterback the end of -- -- -- there was in the CF fell for -- the Canadian Football League but they also went on to say when he -- when he years ago -- reminds him more of -- Ben Roethlisberger -- allowed -- to run better. Yeah marchment well I mean they're all quarterbacks right is his slightly right I don't I just don't understand where where you can surmise that there is a racist underlying current. When you're when you're talking about sports. You know it's very difficult in the world of sports. It doesn't matter if it's the NFL and the NBA. -- 70% -- other players are black. Stroke so I mean I bet. If you compare players to players in the NBA it's more 85%. -- -- so how do you not -- -- -- -- mid putt. That is why -- you saying you know failing. And certainly Kim knew discourage young and -- bright bright. Failing at the moment quarterbacks if he's black. Is gonna competed to another filming a black quarterback and suppose they you know. The -- of our quarterback Cameron you know a bad day a year or something like that who's white. They don't say love -- is just like Jay Cutler three years ago something like -- I mean. I don't know I'd I'd read the whole I I think a lot of money I just don't buy it. I don't I did there's racism involved -- -- -- an obvious you know parallel between that. You know between two guys. Like there might be if there happen to be too white running backs which there aren't. South you know anyway so well here is -- -- -- another -- not -- John Reagan that's about it -- its sports for guys say cam Newton's I think that'd -- soaking right now because while things are going well but he's used to things going while he was so successful and Robert had burst onto the scene trying to NFL. -- and you know make a lot of money and thought it was going to be easy in ice with a bad team. And it's certainly not all his fault. You know and that I don't hear people mentioning it you know any anything. Beyond. -- -- play on the field when it comes to these comparisons I don't I don't while -- -- tiger about it I mean a lot of the talk is about himself in which he has been soaking and some of the strange press got yeah. It's like moon over Miami guys up and down led to -- name Ray Allen. -- -- That happens that's already look at and now we're gonna get -- complete take on this Ray Allen thing -- when he as well as our callers six front 77797. 937 I I just a bullet out of this because I'm the only UConn fan. Brenda Jim Calhoun is admired who work he's done all a lot of the players and commodity UConn program have been tremendous professionals. Who carried themselves X extremely well and very likable -- Ray Allen up to. This moment now this is personal other people around the country might not say it but for Celtics fans. They have to when they judge his move -- they have to look at. Not only the fact these -- for half the money which indicates how how badly wanna get away from the situation and beat. The fact he's going to the arch rivals. Right well I you know I've been here in on the discussion experience and you guys both make great cases good point. Where right highways -- -- on this and I was just thinking about this because they hadn't gone in me wise -- you know doing this again I know it's. But you say why's he saying the number one. He's been fast and he's answering we always talk about you know athletes given have been our audiences -- you know skirt the depressed entirely right at least his guys instinct quite well and he's -- now he's not bringing it up when you're in the locker my shares as -- he's not gonna bring up all of this problem -- -- he's there. Imus and it caused more problems now we know what he's out of Miami what's -- gonna say wise with the subject I want out of here that would have been put out diligent than anything -- this thing in a way that is inaccurate -- I'm not social but I think this because it's in what's inaccurate the only fresh thought I could come up with is that I think Graham he's got -- -- like all right I'll do I have no problem with that right. But I really think. That he 91 ballot how -- or agree to agree on Donald so all right so his legacy if it's that -- -- -- OK but I think. He thought. Jolie's last its contract with last year in the NBA who's going to be with the Celtics and who's gonna make twenty million every year. I really believe that now that I think about really yes -- only do I I cut you know I think he thinks. That he was gonna be eighteen to twenty right to the end because he's Ray Allen OK and he has the unique talent. Right right I don't know it's actually is that gonna laugh. Forever at age 37 and is there nothing that. And it does he have no respect for all the he built here as a champion and has a rip their reputations as part of the. He does real lack and that's why he's so yes what he has the way he thinks illustrated -- aims at dot -- is what our genre I know. State Street nobody treated Ray Allen not respect not happy then what it is right. Well via Big -- but he really ego taken over yet you really think letting you know are you talking about. When he first signed on with the -- you're talking about. When he was hitting free agency this year. This is no Wayne -- is make an 1820 million dollars -- sand habit I think he thought he is gonna make big money he would never be like put this -- -- -- 33 million is that a six million to prove a point I mean now well obviously. He's in the Miami situation now his own dueling pretty much. But I don't think he avatar is gonna come to this. I thought that he he's going to be a high price ticket high price play till this last season. Which is only a couple of years away so. You know it's not impossible like not I don't I don't my -- I. Asked if that's not the case he's doing battle -- he went from twenty to ten and its intent to six but known out six I'll take three right you know elsewhere. We allow the money was that the factor in the issue syrup pat mash -- -- I. I don't you know you don't. Already built into this you know the workplace and I have to rework everything I don't think I think happily -- fair about something cute that you that the coaches. Not having every Bradley shock doctrine is you know against the guy minutes. Everybody in that team and it gives indicate it to be more so this year. But -- let me ask you guys question how many minutes do you think ray -- an average game in Miami. I think it depends on how they the game goes and you know the match yes but I when he climbed thirty weaken around while I don't know of the book after a bit tight angle in the game. 22 point three minutes again OK and I -- and adults. Habitat tax thing about a 45 minutes that what do you think less or more than two and then twenty -- again. Let I think -- didn't want to come into the finally got to close tocchet. Yes and that's a big part of it Joseph. Look our candidate -- well anyways yeah they always he's getting close. Shed their label all of us yesterday improve on a shooting LeBron as the one part of his game and -- yeah that's cleared. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- guess. Rate you know and hit clutch shots and and some can do it and most can't meant to basic an exception and by Johnson the -- Started to show I look at it go back and look at the the last two series of right now I don't play -- and you know whether it's drive into the open and that's a thing. LeBron geeks that you know he can beach from outside a little bit better and you can just Julia. On the move a single digit Miami Heat ever have a problem with the who's gonna take all their shots I mean they pretty much have that wrapped up don't -- -- -- for a until they want it last year and even then there's a question yeah okay. Not because the partially your parents rounds knock it gives me shots this years ago last year. Probably not allow it is not his his and he he got drunk lashing at the united they're gonna shrinks the more well I don't LB about this criminal get. He'll get his close to ten -- -- -- we're gonna find out exactly how many shots he took -- you know that's the number John that's a hundred on number -- how many shots total or how many attempts per game how many shots -- Shots total but our guys if he doesn't get released -- the -- If -- -- get at least ten shots with the heat why would they bring them is gonna get attention that Muslims and Sammy that's probably an animal that's always our average of the sufferers of his roles been reduced today don't want -- defensive stopper they want him shooting the ball he's on the flow -- it.

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