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Wednesday, October 24th Whiner Line

Oct 24, 2012|

We're talking Sleaze-Ball!

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My view is excusing views expressed and pressed the point in my knees aren't buying ET TE Chris -- This is discretionary box. -- -- And now I know you weren't your line. People always look guys you like we are winding up which you know both things. And the bottom line every women on the sand is it will play one life. You had a goal and it's now the -- -- -- kids you know bad boy am I -- 40 I don't know forty. I'm you know what you want afforded a forty who are very negative about the things that you and again. WEEI. Laurel near lives. I got to come in every year hundreds -- the -- in just click here to announce. But I don't think -- for myself and more more more -- Dial 6177793535. And imagine that there were suspect and I'm glad good bodega and I am the problem when -- -- To go on there whiner line I think that martyrs and those things here. And the most what have we hit the Moses -- guys they can they mean and now. NB a bottle of record before. -- -- To follow signs that WEE nine so it's. I -- hasn't sunk in that I don't think whoever the old. Whiner line. What he had broken equipment -- I think in my hands and Mikey come -- happened yesterday you know -- squadron area back from people who smoke or smoke in his I don't know -- -- sign every night -- waste area. I went there last night and I thought that was detention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Idea I was able to weasel my way in through security because they know me. Yeah but that was weird -- my strength I was like incredible. And it was cool. As you idolize my eighteenth CWG I'd love it's available in Iraq and Iran Drudge black device brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to yes it is muscle. Faster three GE -- -- And I have big no I didn't want you know. Going to be covered about all we ever thought -- -- -- -- Getting. And what. The rumors. Zealots alleyway streets this about it you know don't take. Similar yeah that's -- why. Body language they call -- putting spotted Dick and -- -- Bobby Dick. Of the -- they are they get there are here to America. -- I -- a lot of rock girl. And it's what it's it's it's putting it's. It's wrapped body reloaded it. Everything that's -- Italian British and I'll start -- you don't want my -- my serve in the manual that I don't pass I think I'll get the deeply sorry I don't know why a lot of political restaurant -- The -- Chinese restaurant in the left is out to leopards have they do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Many varieties. -- back out of the big doll collection. -- -- Thanks for asking a little too warm but. Maybe next week we -- idea knowing what -- it will be on two point. Trending away excuse not to -- in our corner from remarks on all of next week is here how we -- Unfortunately thanks for mine says this this is when Fred. Brings these stupid ass Chile asks us asks watch out -- was always like political -- -- dressed like his big birds. -- -- A -- Bologna at the red spot problem but now. You know what he had me -- that I've had a good car and going out there have been -- -- it up guys. And -- and got everything doesn't make every day you gotta get a mention Lou districts in the country to. When we get to that point -- fixes the country the red zone fact checker. I'm sure we finish -- I want to school I'm -- I don't know what the Framingham and others there's a school where does something. Wimbledon Islam something. Message to all of my critics are quite apparent things go but they'd -- -- I'm gonna have by what. -- always know what that committee that I have well it will ever come in due course we don't need you and effect. I'm very happy that I backed I would bet that you -- it came out. Yeah I. And that. And so we apologized Angela yesterday Angela you're great dad obviously yesterday I actually actually think it was a big mistake when we actually brought -- -- -- -- the Atlantic is it's given five more days of warrants now how -- how I'm going to -- -- how can he control. Does the sex of the child that I don't have far more boycott how does he know that. China did you did you did. This. -- natural -- Regardless I was hurt I was I met a couple of lines of them are a NASA like my a -- like Elijah next program. I don't know about anybody else. And let Billy -- come on now I just turned out of -- volume of plays Dan -- of our strategic. And is still -- and he's. Teaching this class. It's. Andy adherents are you do you watch the show regularly is that there was flipping through the channel show you -- -- -- assure you more. And I mean don't don't look at them at all. Don't talk publicly people felt. No hope Bob look at what went Bob about Cabrera. This clip out all the hostility if you don't -- -- and if you feel bad. Would argue. Because I thought it would offer or what what -- they have of friendship camaraderie but that could you'll go about. How you can edit it won't. -- guys who brought you. I had a call us. Got no color are you seeing these little magazines. If you need to do some sort of the MacBook and the -- -- dot com you can come up like Libya and that just some argument about more Leon Muslim men. What. But he won't until tomorrow bode well then just -- -- -- Public debt code that might do when you're good. At remembering my act and by Robert. And -- do you feel that the coaching staff and the people around you have been loyalty different courses but now. So do you feel that some of these guys on the staff that undermines -- with times. -- this -- have a problem if you tell the truth about I passed. I feel like it is -- a future that's right records dollar. Well dressed nearest cell and there aren't -- -- -- tropical -- around. Well leftist candidate that you would Bob Costas that nobody contacted. But whatever that -- -- -- -- bit. -- -- Well played on this and haven't played as bad. All of our participants than like the -- Got arrested and quite an alternative reality I can't believe it's I want that way everybody would -- to guide me. That -- And the message. That's true. -- no doubt about it outside the problem and said that he tells our payroll. And right it was do you think that the rest progress does not already skipped. And that message. He believes it doesn't mean I believe it at the time he believes it then of course 44 hours later he doesn't even remember when presented with the facts. Or 45. Why did call Michael. -- Bob why else whether that's kind of -- I don't know while Bobby Valentine always somebody who visited. And yeah do you call me a flip flop artist. -- must boldly go where you'll regret knowing it was when the guy was I was resigning your article from. And you flip flopped that completely yours yet new information that -- Went present that would Norfolk city -- flop it is journalist Bob do I understood there's a good job of doing that probably don't but I doubt very Smart I guess things change -- -- -- -- -- -- Not a setup -- so -- what got what back you know. I don't my. When it back of the court -- Now I don't have -- -- the -- pick one -- -- -- I'm gonna be dormant on the pick -- -- yeah. General and -- gone -- -- you know government she she government she she's -- she will she. She looked that's what -- I don't re just curious I've never -- this -- -- matter but I didn't ask you. Have to be tough road for. We have Libya showed she'd -- -- points. It is yet to -- when he was awesome on the show. Wendy was announced she would go right back it cause you great some -- -- already -- because -- catalyst. Ago when it's public radio when he was when he was Austin. You can talk. Simple step. Up the only member of the media but I had ever. But it up now. And men like that let -- deal that show but elated as cal beat looks. Please don't -- at all hours. And I know how he smells and I know what he winners we know better than anybody. Around here. What -- I haven't that it. That and pretty. And contrary to popular belief. Problem Britain's political team can have much. And that message. And how he's doing today. Fielding calls you -- -- radio all over the country. Captain -- hey guys good call there probably by people really about the title. We. Got caught -- -- that. Number had been no I don't want to watch it. I'm not -- -- and paid one. -- won't want and let them do. Break. And now. The worst part of the -- is that we see some of these -- the years have not been good to grow this. You're looking at the region bunch and he's OK I -- -- he spent eight hours and -- -- Bob looked at Jack. We. Like -- got darker cleaned up for the photo I haven't. Thank you -- 65. I mean it's not young. -- You know I am glad. And you. And and it cost about is that as good as that classic don't throw Curt Young in the draft yeah. But we're gonna be changed in the next. Number -- -- I don't know developments this all -- -- more home it was to memorize those signs -- city fifty just that. Commitment these people -- -- you guys correct. My -- -- you didn't you -- no longer with them. Want -- -- both -- we have more bad. All of we've got to hand or upgrade. Old girlfriend. Can't hurt because he had. -- -- OK guys. I I'm gonna why don't -- dogs but they bite that spelled with one man and I won't be ready on your show tomorrow. Hey it's good field Sports Radio. And that message. I'm like now I can't I mean on dominant I the first wife found out he's a fake he's not even Russian. -- percent -- -- -- them a fraud because of fried. John Henry is gone and done it output girl at -- -- and -- -- is left with is -- race. He went on NBC to state his case he still wouldn't touch click or right right -- pitch ground base what pockets we. Charlie I'm like yeah. Watch out he's got a plus. He's -- coaches and under his. Only -- Go back to -- They need a new town Breyer. My favorite artist of all time national -- -- marred by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE. Let's bring it up to ten times faster than three GT NT Rory thing possible.

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