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Bobby strikes again! Now he contradicts what he said LAST NIGHT

Oct 24, 2012|

Bobby Valentine went on 790AM in Miami with Dan Lebetard and is changing his stories yet again. This time, he's directly contradicting things he said just last night with Bob Costas! Oh Bobby!

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Do you feel that the coaching staff from the people around you. Have been loyalty during the course of the season. Now. -- Where. Are you so you feel that some of these guys on the staff of undermined -- at times yet. You said on Boston radio station -- when asked a question you said do you feel like your coaches have been loyal to you and your answer. What. It. Remain appearing on a -- elevenths our show today may need his dad to help mall at this point and last night -- -- last night blobby. Mr. remembered that interview because he was asked that question by Bob Costas from which Kostis said to him. You knew you were asked whether you your coaches and undermine you when you say yes he's phenomenal I was asked the question. But I said maybe he didn't say maybe there was no hesitation which yes -- know taking a breath thinking about it for for a second it was. It was none of that I don't know what do you during the course of the season. -- I mean there is clear it anymore so he's gala the dark today -- dark obviously estimate follow up. About basically saying last night with Bob Costas that David Ortiz. Quit because he didn't think the team had a chance. Wants to -- follows it up here yesterday on Bob Costas show. That you felt like David Ortiz. Wasn't playing for you at the end kind of gave up on the season are. Didn't say that that what that commitment that jet recruitment tour and people home the message that. It's a David Cano played. And English an Achilles tendon that was questionable and he is going to give up. And her situation where he might be injured and give up -- -- his career by being injured. Point -- to treat it in order a. You know it was documented that we're not going to try to win the championship. That -- didn't. David felt that there is no reason to risk his career and I agree totally that. And I'm well yeah. That did get picked up -- guy. It got what he -- on Kostis. On the. I never should he keep up that's for somebody else are encouraged any quit. But for somebody else that I should expect he came out yet to hit the struck out waste and really did a Great Britain -- If they catch it has joined us here this is this is what he does. Passive aggressive the classic passive -- You don't need to trade there is an understanding that winning wasn't going to be -- priority you know that we have had to go through. You know just go through this thing and CEO we have so. I just about then -- it was. The message was given at least to Mateen you know David came back to Ortiz stayed there -- came back after -- -- spent about six weeks. And disable us we thought it was going to be only week. And you get two -- -- -- two times job drove it a couple of runs we're off to the races and then he realized that it you know this trade meant that we are not gonna. Run this race we're -- -- finish the race properly and then he decided not play anymore and if they get that time you know loose. It was all downhill from. See that's the problem in this fact checking society. What do they fact checked Jim -- Mine are due out this I mean I -- -- interviewed us at 10 o'clock like that it might have been recorded earlier I'm yesterday. A little over twenty our leader don't you don't -- leads you. At that point leads into the water. And then all of them have. -- why you hear me that's what somebody else are -- said he quit. That -- somebody else I should look better -- -- -- yet to be stripped out late and really played it that's the. Well said. Senate. Which is talking about her out of now he's reading it. All over the the Internet all over newspapers all over ESPN he's seeing these quotes but he thinks it's somebody else. Is it simple well. -- them. Parallel I thought he had a job. Bagel -- of the trade is that McCain. Eventually John Ferrell and managed there in many game available late this became rather inevitable that. Or when I left that he became Villanova and all Kirk. You know I just. Don't think that there are getting better result in any major. Catastrophe -- it. I will say this normally the Red Sox have to go out there and drop bombs. When you go back to OK we've seen it before he was taking pills and it was a -- which should extra crap are there as you're going out the door. If you're Larry Lucchino your John Henry -- the -- over there is an action to doing. Obvious kill himself in the White House we don't have the top of the drug and blogs up there don't at all points. So what he's saying there in this interview. With -- -- that it's clear. It was clear to him the John Farrell was the guy you never became available. The trade reform. So it is does he think that that it was inevitable and he has a word inevitable he did. But John -- Though he never was comfortable. Because it was just of just a matter of time that John Ferrero was going to be the manager. I'll tell -- Bobby Valentine would still be the man if they were a good team. Even with all his quirks than even with all of his re writing and revising. If they won 99192. Games he's still be the match can you imagine and I did have -- cell I call they're out to get me and they David Ortiz quit and or didn't quit. They wanted John Farrell if you win games not this is an issue. Taking a beating in the media all of -- -- that he mentions. All the slights against him would be irrelevant. Could you didn't have your guys and you said at one point you felt like you were undermined. Found on the coach and settlements and then you. The people around. Had been loyalty different courses these. -- -- Go there ought to part with. These guys think they were trying to undermine yet. Yes yeah no hesitation I don't -- and I -- -- -- yeah yeah. So you feel that some of these guys on the staff of undermine do you. It I was maybe so -- on May be able. Bubble meld those little well may be in it. Yes yes no. I don't. It's that simple yet certain. Believable if you're you're gonna write books. To read a book would -- -- Chapter two would contradict job there -- -- the three were captured up at 54. Zaps. You know what it would be you know it would be it would be a repeat of Barkley. Has misquoted. In his own autobiography. Quote shall we would have happened all -- -- step down then we'll come out. Percent. Percent at about there and about. This is priceless I've got it Bobby would be better served right now it's the not say anything really not say anything I just met in Boston a man. I'm doing all that. Did my went one of the first things. One of the reasons I came Gandhi or writing that's what are. Right away it was first vote early on I. -- first and I read from you with the peace I think it was that important 2014. And when. -- -- -- the -- get great trade don't mind that it raises. It is you know he had a lot. And you were upset in the book and the article that I had out there read you that you. Garden was their nannies. And there's many had no law that aren't as many of them and one of the year. And then there's and there's no market -- in her. Argument that article do all I do -- and I remember that and I would think like everybody came on June -- writing has actually added that human element it was pitched. You know I'm an immigrant from then on I tried to read a letter that he wrote. I'm well thank you thank you for saying that no words about. I don't visible I don't -- weight work but -- only about you know before it -- there but. I actually appreciate that thank you for -- you wait for the but then -- -- Q thank you for remembering that article that was about you're absolutely right by eight or nine years ago. Yeah. Well and ended with a bit -- are very happy that you're position Andre Allen a little bit. We I appreciate that but I I just I wonder why you're criticizing. Ray Allen continued kind of in the same boat and that Nomar wouldn't bet on it not -- not being on the same -- of that he doesn't -- and stardom in the market but. You know he's still a guy who you know he wanted to stay here and you know. And that sound bites you know if you feel like any loans. Maybe made that you know and I won't need immediate terrified. Well let me just say there -- bigger question -- -- just a two or three during to a three. Number one my position that a lot of things in my outlook on a lot of things are different. Then they were in 2004. Niceties of full of flaws so I would I would hope so I would hope my opinions. How evolved. I hope. -- analyze information in the last eight or nine years but the other thing is I don't think Ray Allen is in the same position. As Nomar Nomar. Was traded. Our Ray Allen had he was a free agent. Who had more money on the table in Boston that he did in Miami and if he wanted to stay. They wanted to have them and if you signed a contract. He's in Boston not Miami so I think it's a little different you know Nomar. -- -- said he wanted to stay but people behind the scenes that -- not so much he's he's he's an actor he's telling you one thing but he saying another thing behind the scenes. And they finally traded him that at the deadline and he went to Chicago so I think that's different. And I tell it. It's a huge difference you know what is a neutral observer who didn't. Right I don't think there's any comparison to the deal. Nomar was traded away because at that time the team was struggling in that summer. A team that many people expected to win certainly the American League was strong run billing. And one of the reasons was defensively they were more. At shortstop and we're having difficulty at first baseman Mientkiewicz to get Cabrera so the ball club traded him away even though he might of wanted to stay. There's some dispute as to whether he turned down a four year deal of sixty million -- was never offered. -- we get that's -- that's our primary another. Glenn Glenn brings up another difference that I hadn't thought of thank you -- very much the other differences. -- teammates. Wanted him here right Nomar teammates at that point at that point win in July they said OK forget it you know -- it and -- Eight of them are adopted and before that -- -- -- yet and anyone. As dark as buddies -- could ever -- spring training that year. Kevin Millar was there no -- in and count and als watching gentlemen are tried as they you know. I'm I'm entered the interest to see how you try to talk your way out of this mess because this is. Got to do some dancing here he's going up to Nomar is that you know how the media you don't hobby do you know they try to. They try to frame the discussion -- and Nomar is going. Yes whatever casino. This is Kevin -- thought this could it was a done done a deal right and then you're gonna have A-Rod as a teammate and lo and behold in February here comes Nomar no -- its. At least he's given -- are in Fort Myers. MI Lar is trying to make good on it. It was to I don't see any comparison although -- wake of the needed defense to their pitching was. Getting beaten up a little bit because. They were giving extra at -- because of their defense at two different positions. And both of these guys really good defense suppliers so in this case. The Celtics wanted Ray Allen they offered him. Double what the team he eventually went to offered him. The only difference was. Re envision that he was going to be a starter playing 38 minutes and they envision him as a guy coming off the bench because they like to use. -- smaller quicker. Defensive minded wrestling guards to be able to establish a certain temple in the game -- -- -- would come off the bench and ray of light up and do what he does best reporters. And he said I don't want that role and he decided on taking half the money and go to their chief bribery -- -- is a huge difference. There's a huge difference in how -- this. Note this article that we're talking about today are Ray Allen brings up that trade that was on the table of Phoenix all in peaceful. Boeing I don't like to treat. Get a got lucky on that -- like that trade mart stock Amare Stoudemire. Leandro Barbosa. And a fourteen to pick for Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo don't like -- -- literally at the beginning of this article. It says Miami Heat reserve guard Ray Allen so after saying he doesn't want to come off the bench I like that role. Which still is a reserve guard. The Miami Heat did play a lot of guys at a pre season just like he would be a reserve guard here pitchers to.

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