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Is Bobby Valentine lying, "misremembering", or does he think we're just plain stupid

Oct 24, 2012|

Bobby Valentine did his first interview since being let go as manager of the Boston Red Sox and contradicted many things he stated throughout the season. We break them down, fact check them, and point out where Bobby is flat out wrong or lying.

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Wish to show that was last night. -- was beautiful was enough. While -- Colorado a movie mister Washington Auburn -- -- -- and -- -- Bobby Valentine -- hey that's a show for -- with Bob -- that's an entertainment. It just keeps on giving and giving and giving and giving you know what Bobby Valentine. Must've done something right. Because Bob -- If he's not the best sports interviewer are there is -- -- -- -- -- Joseph is our bottle top three carry. Under the power rankings are an interviewer you gotta have Bobby Kostis and adapter. And the -- that they Bobby Valentine and that's been doing something right. -- cost as easily. Easily -- caught a good trip them up on a couple of things where where Bobby flat out lied. He likes about. A few times. Real or here's why it's already missed remember I was just gonna say because I was watching that thing play out animus. For the interview. Just this remember us -- remember because. None of it came down the way Bobby described it last night and by the way. The three envelope story all it's the old this banquet joke here it's this. It's like 3040 years old -- is bringing out later Bob Hope but Hillary you have thrown under sixty. Unbelievable. It's just absolutely. Unbelievable. And I can't get the feeling now. It's funny gives them listen we've got support unless -- economic downturn has support here the F support. That based not on what he said overall. But the specific thing he said about David Ortiz Wear. Out. Quicker as a team did a -- Etiquette of plate and he didn't play right. At what point -- what Michael yeah -- want OK so people there are people here who agree. With that point. From Bobby about so why didn't what -- you wanna -- Twilight -- when it actually. Address that point with them right after the trade was. Or where you caught him. -- basically that acquitted mighty practically says. He basically said we were told was about anymore. Now did not say that now I. About the better about that doctor about the make this point. I must tell you a better point you should make you're -- not about that your point was going to be he got upset review. For calling. Him. -- When all of a cool and hydrated but but he he felt like you were going in that direction and asking -- question and you know it is saying -- -- checked out in that direction that's okay. Because he has done the same thing now or do they do the same thing with Youkilis and April at the same thing last I'd like basically called David Ortiz equipment not call. Where did I ask a question. About whether he had checked out and by the way it turns out now. It goes on television last night with Bob Costas and basically said they all checked out everything changed after the trade. And that was the point that I was bringing up to with the trade everything else. You don't just throw in the towel and basically last night. Didn't ask the question. He basically said David Ortiz. Quit checked out. Unbelievable. Admit it it and are very. You know I was there at which -- written about -- That do you like six just a little comparison to what I want somebody and -- -- that's -- that a comic strip her literary. I take a lot David Ortiz is that comic strip guy right now I guarantee he said on his couch watched an -- -- that's right punch out. While I was just. I asked yesterday if he's gonna name names represents anything he did edited. And it got -- got wrong at all wrong he said when I'm on this -- -- -- he was don't want to vaulted all the little burst of but -- after the fact tweeted out that never happened and suddenly. Bobby is now used in Brooks who was trying to bail Bob yelled as he wanted to beat the team -- right he's now using now Brooks 28. As -- was only one problem on your the one that was fueled the Stew or a couple of times. Did it first and radio. In the head and his press conference with the media later that night that ownership parent says that mr. You know they heard. That a game when. Hurts someone from them on actually on a tip that they heard that wing will middle Brooks. Made two -- and a game. And he came off the field. Then got in a dugout I said nice inning will. The end that may be that upset them. You know Nellie didn't take it further and find out that after the game went over the -- locker. The end you know I was trying to be light at the time of the nice inning and went over to his locker -- told about. My experience of making three years of being booed off the field and -- being thrown from the Dodgers stadium. The end of you know to be dodging them as a got into the into the dugout so. You know the if you could deal with part of the story then. Believe me it's not. The Steelers are so he said he was trying to be like with the nice -- thing so personal he said. He said -- not only did he say it unless they're didn't say then he would just impossible to say that yes live -- to middle Brooks afterwards and that. That is. -- There in the dugout. I played in my. -- and a. I've made three errors and I got booed at a -- stadium okay you this whole story. He told that story about -- and they that and he said it then on the radio that was at Fenway on vacation days surprise surprise something that Richard -- I think you're missing quite enough to not not -- I'd never miss Bobby. Not you there's a lot of credit if if oh yeah he's headed down a little you're turning this around -- an outdoor locations -- -- referendum has got to balance that you got a -- now looking very good until now -- the fact is -- good news of the by the -- by 430. -- -- worked just a few weeks a year. Illinois edit edit the radio interview and added about an hour later. With the media in the last night he never -- Here's the problem when you're one of those guys and I am proud of the Red Sox. Management and the ownership -- -- this one out from from day 100 enough for you this question. Because I think we kind of figured it out very early on in the process here. When you. Start to make things. And you continue to make things up you forget. What was. Actual truth. And what was the little. Think you made out. So now it all becomes reality to you and what you try to go back. And reference it you're not sure whether you're referencing the truth or you're referencing. What you. -- about the true and that's what Bobby -- And so he doesn't in his mind. He doesn't remember. What the troops ones as opposed to what the the least penalized. Because to Bobby. It's all confusing. Is he's given so many stories out there that thing kind of becomes a total mess. -- are -- -- yesterday before we knew what Bobby was gonna say an idea he sees some that I know who was going to be the target. Whether it's going to be John Henry Larry Lucchino word. David were totally don't know and hold. Loves Larry Wright loves John loves Tommy Warner -- okay loves those ya know why he loves those got -- And it paid -- debt payoff. Any saying nice things about it because that's probably the one place he feels. He can be victimized -- who knows maybe they're paying a monthly here maybe depending on the amount a biweekly who knows maybe there's some type of clause where they can. Well let payment -- who's gonna be nice to them that was pretty obvious right from the open of that -- well you said yesterday. That David Ortiz that you know and feel like it was a Smart move. Give David Ortiz to your contract that that's fine and that he can go you -- -- that debate out there. Which he never said David Ortiz you've got David Ortiz quitter do you think all right I think. David Ortiz quit last year. Within Achilles no I think he's got an Achilles injury -- now I -- -- I will also yeah. Editor -- freeagent a guy who -- who who. Talks incessantly. About this contract and how he should be taken care of he's got a lot of things here he's one of the best players in the game. So a guy who wants a new contract and is having. A spectacular season. You don't want the clock to stop in ninety games I think he wants to play. 145150. Show people that he can still get it done and boost those numbers he had 23 home runs in ninety games. I think he'd like to make his case of being at thirty home run guy 3100. -- -- makes for better payday Desmond. Yeah it is not as bad even in a miserable season he thinks we're not going to the playoffs. Isn't it in his best interest to keep playing. Just for the -- felt its purpose of building the number absolutely and one thing also is the same thing I should not -- which is you know is unusual for me. I felt that he did not think he could come back a 100%. And if he didn't come back a 100% you can only played fifty or 60%. He might look bad up there. And therefore it may her he has market value. In the free agency because teams -- recipients are all -- washed up he's washed up what is happen. By plane ninety games and playing at such a high level. And then not being able to combat from this injury it leaves the door opened teams to say. Once he clears up securely -- we -- just they would people were were arguing with me sick until you account or what what he was the first two games I think you play these. And holds up his market value but you're right it would have been the best case scenario for him would have been for him to come back and play at a high level. -- level at but it is probably incapable of doing economic I'll take you want as well you know it. Your your probably right but even even in that case. If you look at it that way where he came back and can play at -- high level. Bobby story breaks down -- because when he came back. For that game. Yankee game. There's numbers didn't go to well. So is it that the one game played. And heads back to the DL he was two for four. Sort of second hurt the average too much as. It it I just don't understand why there's so many other guys. We could have attacked. -- -- Get a jump on them and and I think what had a lot of support and maybe -- even have a legitimate case I don't I don't think this is one. Here's where I agree with you with Bob Costas you'll Bob -- the -- is that that I know. Would have taken that -- oh my god he just threw one of the best players on the team under the boss. -- following up right now so basically you're telling me. That they that -- quit on the team right that's the follow. You wanna engage him and get him to say more I will tell you that's it you're right. Nobody better than that cost. The sand dust on independents. Follow ups on the stand up if it's not even the old Bob he likes spot the current like Bob got the man you like this like Bobbie that we like spot. Now what. He likes Bobby and so he did not want to follow up because he had an up. Maturity their last night. They're really throw Bobby up against the wall and he did not do -- say that here's what it does open up the dual. And Bobby probably has got to shaky track record so people are gonna have trouble. Believing his position because as I said -- so many fibs year before. And you know misstatements made by Bobby even when he goes back and tries to tell you what he said before. I mean as he calls later as he called and he -- correctly called it the fact checking society right now. Get away with -- scrapped forty years ago you can't get away with that right now with everybody's got everything on recording on transcripts. That you you can get away what we're seeing in the presidential election. The you have a debate. And then you have the fact it is all over fifteen different points and they don't all women are six minutes of the of the to it you can't get away -- anymore but. In the situation the one thing I would -- the perception out there. You would have to look at this if Bobby is telling the truth that maybe the reason the Red Sox are willing to give a two year deal David Ortiz. They know he's not. Really injured they. The Achilles is not a real problem he got frustrated with Bobby David did -- get frustrated but the fact that they weren't gonna compete anymore but that's my concern -- -- right. I'm curious. But he's right does not concern you even more in that might have a shaky team next year. What's how David got so you don't you're not going to be that all the fourteen not gonna be -- seventeen and another big deal sixteen. But okay -- expanded even more if he's right. If in if you agree with -- right he's right if you agree -- Bobby ground. Now Natalie do you think David Ortiz equator. You think his bosses are morons. That's it. Why would you. Willingly. Go into a two year contract. That would just at 37 year old player at 37 year old quitter. Did it on purpose you know we quit you gonna get my contract so if you if you are you willing to make that statement make that leap. David Ortiz a -- you also go to the next level that his bosses are morons in the do when he cannot answer that with a question you'll give a quick and I just a little question. Then. What led the management team and the ownership. Of calm to the conclusion of the end of the -- indeed due 2011 season. What they needed is a guy who was gonna discipline. The clubhouse change the culture and it led them a body blow. It's a great little -- we come to the inclusion if they're great and is evident by then bring back John Farrell. They have pretty much admitted that they made a major mistake screwed it up in this identify what their problems -- Lagged body it is a good question Angela you. Identified so give him an hour and a half -- changed -- and we're gonna play some of the tapes back and forth. Of what -- at last. And the and the fact that he missed remembered because we have him actually saying these things including interviews he did with -- us. In which he got. -- last night wrong last but I take a lot he's gonna be great on the banquet circuit because he's gonna have puzzle -- jokes. From thirty and forty years ago and I'm sure gonna dazzled people not to treat every envelope or -- -- -- over the three envelope and our recently but I. Car that the real problem territory the Bob Hope -- funny yeah -- ended up and never -- not grab what was that great yeah. Yeah -- the only music the only way as -- hit it -- When Bob Hope used to hide those golf but it adds up to like it was too it's a -- and please and any have the all American team come by in the states of the -- -- body -- to Michael is that it I would think that would help. I would money as a kid I would watch some of those in the US so. You know entertainment things and I got a only only because he would take great looking women out there on the stage with you would never hide the lack of a comedic value president -- tell you don't like apple why now Paul. It was just -- -- His delivery was bad jokes from. -- As actors through OK let's do good get let's do retro. A comedian hear many critics were to -- -- Place not a competition but a lot Don Rickles vs Bob all. I -- I'd take a break we're gonna it's only -- 92 break in -- opening a peaceful lives and let let you talk about Red Sox. Actually come to the conclusion. That this guy was going to straighten out problems from September 2000. You don't made the trade there is an understanding that winning wasn't going to be. Priority you know that we have had to go through. You know just go through this thing and CO we have so. I just about then did it was. The message was given at least to Mateen you know David came back -- Ortiz stayed there -- came back Chester in -- spent about six weeks. And disable us we thought it was going to be only it week. And you get two hits for -- two times -- drove it a couple runs we're off to the races and then he realized that it you know this trade meant that we -- not gonna. Run this race where I didn't finish the race properly and then he decided not play anymore and that they get that time you know loose. It was all downhill from there. Might be able to come back amateur with the treatment will be an -- Any recovery process you know David wants to do with this team. It's gonna continue what he's done all years in that's been a major contributor. Checking -- out. There. Awesome election politics -- O'Leary's Gilbert Godfrey is funny you and Bob Hope. Even Joseph Biden doesn't lasted Bobble -- Gilbert operatives -- heard of it is. The bubble you know Tibetans of Bob Hope Bob -- -- those guys. It's like a neighbor neighbor you have posters. A good does -- advocate this position not that funny. Friendly it's what you laughed because your neighbor. And Andy's older. And you just -- and smile which favored you want to get up on stage in anything you for an -- What and Sampras -- pay at the table. We had -- okay about it time people my generation didn't have to that point. It was it's all over -- would your generally -- my generation didn't enjoy it not talking. How many people I can't figure anybody my age who actually played the Bob Hope. -- -- -- Here again. The football bowl games Iran purity -- -- to -- it used to be approachable today in the Dallas the sugar growers. Even the -- people flushing New York. Great stuff guys. -- And it's really nice neighbor. You have a cup of coffee. With this guy he's if this were Bobby Kennedy and gotten to -- -- we can't even help himself -- Google search of the three envelope jail. And you'll come up with at least a 150 times it's been used in the past not by the way in the last forty years. Equals C and all over the place telling you -- that's -- old Bob Hope joke and his here's where where where he he ruins it forms. It began when Bob says -- is a -- a joke. Or is that for real at that point you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and that people laugh it's okay Bobby is trying to be humorous. Can't help itself. Invented the rough period but the three apple up joked yeah actually said. No I really left -- do you believe you left the envelopes I don't you think yeah. Buck believes Bob Hope it's funny about your bucket like does your buck like -- -- hope our collection. Period we're all the bowl games and public Christmas dinner at your husband plays a large crowds at halftime entertainment and. Where it was humid climates. But. -- -- -- That's he that's -- god. The story all of joke it's it's cool. Keep rehashing like -- When he was down doing -- -- if you want to sort of -- Bob Hope. I'm pretty tired I'm using it is an example you know that's what Bobby Douglas. A football freak ever get -- Last year the damage doctors had to say grace I called inaudible grabbed the Turkey and ran. I take. We can't do this. And it you're driving people away your right now -- drive. People -- going to the Disney Channel right now objective -- it. Clap. We got a beautiful -- and talk about battalions. Of why don't you just say OK you got mystery envelope joke that I didn't. It didn't. Mom. And Bobby I if all goes we go here at a big -- a -- And let's talk a little bit about it we'll get into some football patriots. I'm heading out to London this weekend we'll talk about a bunch of other stuff is his Jeff -- what's up. -- -- You know I I I got it. A lot OK -- you -- credit. You back here. You know -- went out about -- -- I put you up I look at it. The cut -- I actually should be aware. I think -- higher. Al. And I got out early you don't go. Get back and it was an act which. You know. A bit but you. Is the problem. The general manager. Larry Allen and -- Well here though is running it. You know that it an -- but it. The -- I should go -- You know really. It is. Now it out 181. Outlet you need to do it -- -- -- it it. It that way. Larry. What say Jeff you're happy he deftly got one and I think they'll -- him. Elsewhere and was that was the one -- because. They didn't have permission. Again John Farrell Jon admitted that at the -- and John they want him a year ago Jessica pulled eastern with a little. Oh I think the clocks are we talking about yesterday it's -- so the opera would you yeah you're gonna get a echo but I think the clock starts which started yesterday. Would that Jerry did is it began just began to start win. He got rid of some of those contracts -- some flexibility as general manager. Josh Beckett contracts and attitude Josh Beckett. -- Gonzales Carl Crawford now. Everett of Bobby Valentine it would have been a red flag of Bobby Valentine and come back to that would have been general manager's suggestion that would come from the ownership. So got Valentine out of the contract out and got his guy and the guy won it last year so now it is fair absolutely fair to judge. -- -- and general manager. From this moment. No I think then right now are going forward it's all on them. There's no question about it he's going to be judged on what he does with this roster going forward because he got his -- but it takes to question like. If originally last year your intention was to go get John -- you ask permission to run of the night. How do you come to the conclusion. That. This is your guide -- be featured in an oppressed. They said when asked the question I keep on bringing this up because. It startled me when I when I think about it. How are you going to change the culture of the clubhouse and the answer was we just didn't we hired Bobby bound to not even the great Bobby. On his baseball all moves and decisions of course this isn't that hasn't even. Coming up -- laid out Lakeland they are right. They did change the culture of the LaRoche right they changed it made it worse. So they date that was absolutely a correct statement. Is not the statement they admit how you military to -- a better idea what John Ferrell. And then a day a week or two weeks later suddenly come to the conclusion that Bobby don't get if you if you want going after Jonbenet or they weren't on the same page and an aspirin it's it's evident. -- have a general manager who thought we need one type -- guy year he had ownership. Upper management thinking that we have to have another kind of guy here in so Juan citizen and burn -- a year later. That collectively they're all going along with a -- -- -- you know one. Everybody makes mistakes and make a mistake. Own. You know make it again -- it would be more concerning if they said. Well we pick Bobby Valentine last year. It was a disaster let's jump back in again not allow bin the pick the next manager we're gonna do it again. At least they have the goods edged back up. And let the general manager the manager I wouldn't beat you with a good. Technical expertise. It's his car you idiots here as they sync system allows him to talk hands free car and your voice comes. What doesn't work on her idiotic what is up towards great technology but it doesn't translate what's gonna work on the show and you're going to be a we're good friends listening to -- I'm glad he's safe driver Andy and teammates and what we were able to hear his point and I just kind of good what I wish you could stay on -- we're just gonna have a conversely I wouldn't want to get credible but lost our technology here -- from 1986 so it's really compatible with. I'd take a lot what our technology was in Bob Hope being. Him and I -- -- here to show WEEI. All. Called and -- how we got a difficult. Yeah you're playing a block all jokes were almost as bad teacher interviewed during the he's about. Pilot you know probably majority of your Q do you -- around the time and at no more. Let me ask you this if they were such a joke what did you listen every week. The see how bad. I get -- -- from what I need that. -- mr. in the seat and the district of the only thing anybody's gonna take it to you weren't that you got -- Punched in the know. Who I don't doubt that you find out who bought it at breakfast who went to Seattle. And the and the music has brought -- -- -- browser. But it's the right. Finally when he finally related -- and remember -- that we brought under the -- -- -- the backing anybody know it kept under an outlet and fortunately they were the most. Pouring it used during the year during the I don't know polity do you. Why ask you this list as -- They were different there's no question about I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that they were the greatest interviews on the world. But they -- like a somebody wait for a car crash at a at a NASCAR event I look at people -- tuning -- like you -- every week. Because they -- so unpredictable because usually ask a question you get. The standard answers they sit and explain to these guys this is how you answer this question -- is vague as you possibly get in those interviews. People listen trust us the research shows that people listen you don't watch because they weren't sure what he was gonna do or say next. No -- that black sit this one which he was tired or no great that you're supposed to be that charismatic in and that it. He loves the calamity like night and the camera was the most it was -- boring book or hectic and we expected at -- -- that we are eager to -- -- tapes. -- -- we're done about that subject talking -- you know -- it to Buick and you bring up stuff like all -- when we get to -- You know we shouldn't dot net so we -- about an you never really went into it. You can't stop that unit up after the fact that would make better questions when you -- All right I gotta tell you I respectively disagree with you I think we asked him questions we asked difficult questions. And I think in many cases when you ask some of these guys typical questions they give you stock answers or a case of others they don't answer it at all. They tell you they prepare Saint -- on on Sunday they stayed away from it. It was Bobby's answers. That may date -- think so -- relative. What Paula give you this OK. And obviously that's -- in and that it would be fairly harmless atlas and everything had to say. There are times that this is the way I look at all interviews -- its an abuse. -- for an article your writing or an interview for. Our radio on radio. You look at it and you try to you think about any anything that you may have missed or follow up that you may have missed. And I just think that if you if you're honest about it you'd really in perspective it makes you better for the next -- so maybe it. I'm I'm I'm guilty of this -- -- on the air. On the and I missed that well or I should ask that follow it and think quickly enough. I don't think that was happening in every week I'm I'm sure to happen a couple times -- edit. A lot. -- salute at apple only dole but that Kerry used to BI -- -- at the -- and it likely you. A lot of shortcuts on and on number but yet you know -- -- It went it would build a liberal want an end here some guy is still expects it will -- -- That. Last part well. And you get a good job -- you know your connector yet. I would think I would think we're we're we're we're gonna we're going to do because they switched over. A couple of years ago that the the manager interview. -- -- afternoon -- so we don't order that's right we did at Wednesday's the last couple years with Tito when you're right. It was done that day with that dale and whoever that level again analyst. And then they switched it over to its afternoon -- -- might be referred to because this happened a couple times. Where we talked to Bobby to 35 in the afternoon he would give us a specific answer to question. And then he would sit down and addressed the other media at 4 o'clock and that we would find out that he gave a totally different answer. The exact same question that happened a few dare in which you and I had a conversation of the 4 o'clock hour. Talking about that question. On the -- well he was. OK but but but at this. I think if you have a weekly if you have weekly interviews with somebody whether it's over the course of the six or seven years. Like we have with Tito or a year what -- Bobby Valentine. I think they're good when you can get a sense of who somebody. Eventually you can you can get you get a portrait of a profile of who they are. What Tito I think people have a sense of Tito is essentially maybe some surprises him maybe some things about his upbringing that you're not sure -- -- -- some things he did as a player you or you're aware of essentially you had to say. This is -- Terry Francona is he will answer this type question he won't answer that this will make him -- this will upset because it. Curt Schilling in the morning -- lumber freedom. Got a sense of who Curt Schilling. In a year. You got a sense. Of why Bobby Valentine did not work here in the very beginning and I am as guilty as anybody in the very beginning when -- it. This is not going well Bobbie this is bad players Iran Iraq. I didn't know what he's talking no actually we shall we a chilling on the air if you remember during that period and you he will go back and forth about and -- -- Funny how do you say this is not gonna work its February it's march you know you don't know give the guy a chance. At that point I had no idea. What he was talking about now anybody who was in the same position that I was giving -- a chance this -- works out I think you understand. Why Bobby Valentine. Did not work personality wise and a lot of it was through these interviews you can just figured out of that kind of. No of course general in the thing is and I I think you would agree to this. There was never -- that this question asked of the many times did you guys get into with Bobby at all that he gets fiery off the air now. And we were doing -- many weeks why would Bobby over Fenway Park. And I don't pick in America to appoint you remembered it again at that point. I think that it's time we don't know yet friendly exchange even after the interviews with the it got a little bit. Even after the interview we were talking and and and it seemed to be. It seemed to be far. I almost think Bobby knew. At times that he edit that was a perform. That he had to go up there and perform a little bit because he had to be the guy who invented directly at -- be -- And it was about yet. And -- of the thing was over. An op -- situation I'm sure you have that as well that you had a Buick like and you present with some questions and many interviews over. Are they actually a place you go right to keep our goal line and it gets real nasty -- why did you you know sandbagged me like that. We never had that with -- not a fact after the interview we did. Where he did throw that you know if I would Arab the punch you in the face Bobby and I had a conversation and it could have been more more pleasant. And you know he wanted to make sure that that I knew that he didn't really -- which I know we didn't really mean it was pissed off about the whole situation.

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