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Tom Curran, CSNNE, on the Patriots trip to London

Oct 24, 2012|

As the Patriots get set to head to London, Tom Curran joins Mut and Merloni to give the latest from Foxboro.

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And then. -- -- TT tech slide 85850. And has it right fire -- the -- -- all handled he's Tommy current Comcast sports net joins us every single Wednesday. Know all his -- doctors. All Wes Welker is here doctor doctor Robert Leonard is he always bring -- our show is the one that was the flight out but he had -- over -- -- to the site's top maker. You know after a statement. Tomorrow -- little -- will be off -- o'clock. -- into the afternoon much what is it. Are. You liquor fueled their dominant Larry. There in London. And our copyright and not turn right and a -- bought it in. LB impaired by. Whatever I think 11 o'clock our time we have an article and I -- much 8 o'clock to European patent and local baby. Your bad -- now you're over their today heard Brady's comments in general. Is this team excited to make this trip forty get the feeling that. They'd rather -- go to Saint Louis this game. Well I think there's you know the reality is much that they're going sort think that there are embracing the fact that hey we gotta go anyway so. Might as well embrace it and I think you know they can probably. Put her up a little who boot to a whatever it is over there -- tickets -- team. When it has been. Under some -- to scrutiny. I'm to have an opportunity to get together built in chemistry and and -- alluded to that today you also alluded to a little bit of the metal toughness. And I think that when you look at what this team's been through. And it's up and put -- try to put it in simple very close games he's gone through a lot of adversity I think on the field. And it's gone through a lot of difficult strictures of travel. I think this team they've gone through a fair amount in its first what will be eight weeks. Of the season that. Hopefully they can gather some mental part the part because they have gone through so. Could afford three right now atop the AFC east and it's like in my in my gonna go and every single week waiting for the steam for something to just. Click or will what what is this team right now on your -- I think it's a flawed in that still trying to find out what works best. Bill ought to go would have really believe that we were at the same spot last year will where they have such difficulties up in the past they ended -- allowing. And the second greatest yards and -- L history. Throwing yards so I think it would really and that is what we were last year when you watch this in an observer team. And I think it's gonna take more than one -- put -- wants to stay cool or a one and then it all they do. Korean political -- a few years ago in 2009 everybody thought they beat -- 2000 night. Because remember when they had to fix things look so good. And that wasn't the case I think -- particularly well against Saint Louis and hold them under twenty points and went in book action. We will need more evidence. To prove that there on the right track but. I would be more optimistic than pessimistic that eventually they will find the right track compete and will be -- -- -- it is right now. You know I think that's the frustrating part is that we we are where we were last year and I think a lot of people thought that maybe there would be some improvement with the secondary the differences the record. You know and afford three because they've made mistakes that would have you seen this team make and that's the one thing I'm concerned with that. And they have improved and expect to see improvements on this guy especially in a secondary. With a ripped into his politically keeps. Improvement as she's more -- But let's that it gets back up quarterbacks though it an NFL. Well last year as he went on a date it will again. -- quickly well in Super Bowl against Eli Manning who lose it'll Opel board followed -- -- -- the second -- -- it. They played well on that game they played well in the AFC championship game. He's got so. No they approved. Relative to other it was at the beginning -- -- -- improvement right now this is the defense that's exactly back to where was last circuit buffalo when they lost up there. And we haven't in the side of the group. So that's why I think that they didn't have their feet held -- fire weather people out scheme it lack of what's more the so battled back again. And you have to really look at it okay whose coach in the secondary. Why -- these players unable to -- And what exactly is not a -- able to lose a guy that was in charge of the safety glass here now -- you we'll -- lieutenant -- the defense. If you that bad at delegating what you want to different people in the secondary to do. And you know. I think that. People -- which indicated it together what they saw last year when. We believed. That it would be better so what are the answers. I think -- -- and finding what they do well unfortunately that they don't have -- shut -- quarterback in the best quarterback that probably also the best seat. See that's where I'm going next because you talk about trying to figure out what they do best is what -- the forty does best Tom. Place safety for the England patriots. No question -- the reason I believe it but that's accurate but it's because you watch how well he moved. -- the ball when he's -- it okay I'm back. Are built to turn quickly. And pal Eric in the that the speed. A typically but he's he's which we call more sticky or that he can get up -- it -- stick close to someone and you can turn quickly. Look what he's built. Is better suited for the back into the -- cents. To be -- operate quality like at center fielder. And -- support here. He's not afraid to stick to cease their on the running vote patriots defensive backs that speaks well. I think 22 to go ahead making it the running. I just think that you would cover up a lot of ills and we see them -- many in -- Atlanta last year the efforts on our part be late for. But he knew what he was supposed to do. It we couldn't get there -- -- that debacle we can get to those bought apple -- but if you watched game after game. Get the spot where you're playing cover two. Behind the corner when cornered and beaten in his firm policy aside -- They don't have anyone who can get here regularly. So that if the -- doesn't block that got. -- 48 yard reception down but what is acceptable who can get their -- here. That's obvious that it Braylon has a lot of talent we talked to Troy Brown he felt that after that easy drop early on -- gain the need to sort of this appeared to maybe some questioning some mental toughness that we talk about fragile guy here. We're talking about a guy who is absolutely. I hope tender mentally but he is thicker and he's a guy get here it is and pit stop and I think it sure -- that game. And I think he -- and resignation. And an unwillingness to fight -- On a couple of different passes from Tom Brady down that might be tried to be tried to feature. I mean when you go to a game in Europe coordinators as we're gonna feed you when it came out -- he's not nine. And trying to -- people and you can't answer the bell I think -- quality. We want you to this and it -- the effort we're gonna get. And I I don't it is sealed off. Well there was one play liberation were probably 810 yards out like well what but the entire. First second and affluent. Trying to puke. Might be providing might have been Kyle Wilson why. This topic get off the line this guy he's so unfortunately when he did finally get a little more aggressive this -- the justices -- and here. But Napoli Italy look old or old that look -- -- current Comcast sports joining us the guys started game Shane Vereen has been MIA and then also gets a start and -- with 1718. Opportunities on the field against the patriots is Xena positioned Tom where. He's jumped up here lib and is depth chart may be competing with Steven Ridley to get the the league carries in this Patriots offense. I think it's gonna be week to week he could have. To that we -- that we could have when NATO and I think that. In some ways but that ends up being party patriots problem offensively when it -- to a solution or situation at the end of the game where they -- -- it will look what's been -- all they would. Who -- we go to that really works all the time. They have so many different weapons so many different but they're pushing. If it's like the all that talent. But it also makes you know. When the game's on the line. This is -- that we know right CK two we know -- -- -- -- does -- have enough experience rising to the occasion that the game aren't knowledge pummeled the last time. So we're gonna -- -- maybe this week until the guy with the game on the line. Any network in Mecca. Or -- and Aaron Hernandez worked across computer create a -- and shown zero in the fourth quarter is going to be well aren't going to be gronkowski and sometimes. That's not bad. It's just have a couple of guys who you know your Brett Butler. Always criticized the secondary an awful lot of that for some time now but W -- this front seven or is this just the scheme that builders for the uses. The blitzer put pressure on quarterbacks. I think -- I think you're very good front -- I think that you know you can probably what struck -- upload mutual. -- brands like salt and they just don't like that their patrol boat that second level. First level and in coverage. I think that. Bill Belichick's philosophy. Lou is really rooted in -- routine currently down field so they're never gonna give you more assistance and we you look at. Any single running play in a single passing play this for guys. Rushing against. And keep a tight and then. It's four guys rushing and six at some point you gotta try and say. We're -- trying to get some -- current take you to a and that's where this team is super cute he comes -- -- -- -- -- last night American view from the quickness and he says that's not. All on the secondary. I could pick they got talent up front -- in the -- twelfth fumbles. This year and recovered a weapon and -- thirteen recovered eleven -- You get the power -- -- your front seven to recap. Abdul. Well that's one of saying using it to you and your Bradford Hampshire Fisher this that they're going OK this team does not blitz. They ought to give adjustment for watching the patriots came out and let's to have a lot of them. And it would even be prepared for that just chose something different once in a while. -- could not be more immigrants. Picture typically out -- what they need to do. But it -- color that the Bill Belichick until philosophy of allowing -- team -- chunks. Aren't you and to run the risk of -- -- -- outlook and knows what he's that's. So that that would be my reaction. Well screw. -- get even though protecting against the big shot to get them anyway. So the answers sports Belichick is a reminder except that it the other data -- -- Gordon Michael. You really have to decide is it gonna get better what we're doing. Right now do we have to switch entirely apparently fears of a mind that. It's going to get better what you don't. Last month for me involving the rams here let's talk about their head coach Jeff Fisher is he in the Tommy Curran. Top five head coaches National Football League top ten where does he fit. That you would absolutely be -- -- and then and probably you know in the in the top five. When you look at oh. He can build a program can get in the plan's specifics style. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Billy Butler coach during his tenure in Tennessee. It built the program he had the misfortune of being in the same division as Peyton Manning for a long time but when you look how quickly this people who ran in developing an identity. And how hard they play. And the Ecstasy it was which is reminiscent of those great titans teams. You see nobody -- -- testing team and I think. -- -- -- is that it is one of the guys to justice which would bring important city in. And that's a player who really. It emblematic of what officials want. Pain and -- triangle against it and that's going to be the great -- that we can Brady mentioned you know the undrafted. Wes Welker again at seven property corporate picking guys like pat. Compete extremely hard. And I think that this will be -- interest -- -- -- -- -- -- because this is going to be one of them typical -- of what -- pretty stupid look at our bureau. Do the folks in England no you referred to miss an -- tooth parts you're. -- -- that look nice yeah and go to get my general principles -- it's -- -- kind. Of side everybody would pollute mangled chopper pop up on the children sick. I'm open to -- I beg of you Tom -- very impressed he's a big man can res 28 lines of fourteen page -- issues CSN any. -- on -- travel sable watched -- -- tapes quick -- tomorrow we'll talk connects. We're all right -- and he didn't refer to them as. Now angle to -- please get over its. And saying -- and Obama never next time and Obama Bob and Greg and all your phone call 6177797937. And Wednesday that means we take a look. Joe's our balanced power rankings for the -- National Football League and -- When you're in Tanzania and it's good to be -- I -- become a famous rapper Eagles win the as a --

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