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Buster Olney, ESPN, on Bobby V's comments to Bob Costas and Farrell as Sox manager

Oct 24, 2012|

Buster Olney gives his reaction to Bobby Valentine's recent interview with Bob Costas and whether or not Valentine was telling the truth about Ortiz quitting on the team. Buster also shares his thoughts on the Sox recent managerial acquisition and what it means to have Farrell back in a Red Sox uniform.

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Back get a Butler not 837 WEEI Tom. From Gillette as the patriots I get said they had to London for there. Game across the pond St. Louis Rams again -- patriots top the hour 1 o'clock. Greg Bedard a very interesting story today at a Boston Globe about this patriot defense and where some of the blame. Needs to go all the points they've given up on the issues they've animal talk. -- patriots final hour of the -- will talk -- -- with a 21777979837. Game one of the World Series tonight. ESPN I'll be all over Basra only talked about his column today. All talked about a story in the ESPN magazine. This week regarding the some managers who might have. Had trouble dealing with social media here in 2012 guys like Bobby Valentine and Ozzie Guillen and joining us are separate Cisco. Is ESPN's buster only on the AT&T hotline. Up buster fair to say war all that surprised that Bobby V started a lob some bombs back in the Red Sox last night Bob Costas. Now and I think it'll continue. You know it it's clear that. You know Bobby was not happy with how it ended any qualified everything by saying. You know it's it's my fault I actually done a better job but then -- also in the same breath. I'm not hesitate to take shots that -- different people this thing I'm going to be carried about. Is whether or not David Ortiz and others fire back or if they take you know like we know that if you get into this with Bobby. He's always going to be -- wanted to get the last word in the David Ortiz I thought the entire year. Really he could've done incredible damage to Bobby and and clearly he disagreed with him on some issues and he was in the middle of the the thing with Michael -- and spring training. And he held back. I am really really very fascinated to see whether or not he and others decided. You know to go back about a year they say you know what he's not a manager anymore no pointing no continuing us. Obviously were in this business Selig this year reaction but. This is up to me it's not a goal it's just it's over with you move on there's some stability there's a professional now in town. Now I'm just here's what's next do you think for for Bobby Valentine and you know I don't think he can manage again. DC impact that it ESPN I know you're over there as well. I don't know and that's one of the until you can back in the at. You know I always feel a little weird situation could hear you know a colleague with stumble like Terry Francona it's the question in the same way. I haven't put that question anyone -- ESPN because you don't want to make it seem like it's a leading question are you trying to find something outer. But -- anybody has an opinion and opinion that we do well. I don't know -- I haven't spoke with Bobby I don't know what Bobby wants you know -- Bobby. Really one of managing I don't think there's any chance anyone will hire me as a manager again buddies that. Is it -- wanna pursue something in Japan I have no idea. He certainly can have a lot of time to think about it the same way as the -- it. -- only ESP and the guy they bring in here you know it's it's a 180 -- we talked to John Ferrell yesterday and he is comes across the guy who. Commands respect he just south much more managerial I'm curious. The way it went down and Toronto in Gaza -- be scaled Greg's on who played there. Critical the way that maybe he managed some guys T do you feel like those work. Actual issues the team dealt with there was that veteran players and guy who did play may be upset that younger players were getting an opportunity there with the blue jays. That's one of those ones I don't think you can really. Know for sure militia around -- every day. I can tell you that some people but it on more -- held at him. Handle this situation very well that he didn't engage is well down the stretch. And -- a week we've given Alex Koppel at the Toronto general manager a lot of credit the last two years for. Acquiring guys who were dumped were talented but were dumped by other teams. This because of the issues with personality. You know Brett Lawrie who told off the Milwaukee general manager Doug Melvin on the phone when doesn't ask him to do something. And then the brewers traded him you know that Colby Rasmus who had problems with the cardinals organization. You know Yunel Escobar who does have very good reputation -- wanted to -- tell me that he's one of the worst teammate he ever had that's the collection of players they had there. You know that the group that John Carroll had to deal with was -- -- unworkable group. And -- you know I don't know and getting to it he's John -- is gonna be better suited to deal with a group of players where the leaders summit lake Dustin. Pedroia. Jon Lester David -- people who know him I -- I I I do think that this can be situation where John -- comes back he's probably gonna run. Into -- sport spring training complex in Fort Myers. And had given them giving players the big -- say they've got to get to be with you guys and about the players will be running right Adam as well -- this -- And and and and a what what makes John Ferrell different when you look at the managers pitching coaches turned manages not to -- and had success in your mind what makes him. Different than those guys and how to be successful here. You know I'll defer to people I spoke with -- -- -- -- naked gun barrels one of the few people in sports where he basically in baseball who could do any job. He could be a general manager he could be farm director of the way that he was with the Indians he could be a manager. He knows all parts of the team he knows. You know the organization's. And how they operate. I know -- It's been Jerry Kelly first got to know when Ben was this -- -- for the Red Sox and and John Ferrell was the farm director. For the Indians was really impressed with his breadth of knowledge and Wendy -- that brought him over was only to be the pitching coach. He also they've they've brought him over to essentially be the person who instilled. Pitching philosophy. Up and down the organization and I think to the way he carries himself. That's the type of personality that that veteran players respond to a let's face it in this is in the piece that I wrote about eightieth the end. In the magazine last week these guys the old -- Earl Weaver. Firing managers to you'll say things about players try to get -- going. That model just does not work anymore because. You know players will have that stuff pop up on their iPod you'll be hearing from the from family members and friends. And and people asking you know what the heck is going on -- -- managers saying these things in John it certainly never going to be one who who get into that. When you look at the way players reacted to Bobby Valentine -- talk about the social media part of it. When John Ferrell comes in here he's not gonna say much biting the respect -- talk about them. The players running up in the story that the players cheering Grady Little when he was announced as a manager here. It's missing and think it's gonna trust him right possible trust him inherently that. He's not gonna put them in spots that Bobby Valentine put them in this past year where they've got to answer questions for something he said almost on a daily basis. Right and let's -- -- we talked about this site I didn't think that. In a marriage that didn't work between -- -- on the players I think the players. Tended to over react to smaller banks. Where especially after the deal it's incident they didn't given the benefit of the doubt. And still win when Bobby would do something it probably was in the big picture fairly innocuous. The players -- react well to it and it's clear that. John it's gonna have a longer rope until there's some issues something happened. You know let's say that he made a comment about a player. Where he was imprecise to -- with this -- out of that the players presumption is going to be you know what he's trying to detonate. I think yet because John has that history would then they're gonna react to him better and give him for the benefit of the doubt that Bobby ever got. -- we look at this World Series they're up they're announcing a friend Detroit heavy favorite. But you know he never again never can envision before the series -- how the underdog wins but I've gone backward talking about 06 were talking a vote. 07 the Red Sox are involved a Colorado team went seven and no. Before they got to the World Series but had nine days off and it was just the complete mismatch in the World Series. Is that the one concern for the Detroit tiger sort of be more for -- in the back in that -- Yeah I think there's two concerns and that layoff is one. Lee wouldn't make a great point -- yesterday when he spoke with -- -- -- you know in 2006 it was only that we get the layout but they also a terrible weather in Detroit. To the really couldn't to a lot of preparation at that time they actually had to go over to the indoor. Football facility where the lions play. It used to bunting drills. In this time around they've been able would you work the weather's been really good and Detroit they've been outside. So I think that probably helped but the back into the -- is the big issue you know it might not be an issue tonight pitino was. Are lenders starts in -- count is probably a 135. Into the bullpen that would come into play. Let's face it as the tigers begin middle they're not saying out loud and they're closers going to be that Barry hasn't pitched in eleven days. It Joaquin Benoit when he talked to get they say that he's -- basically abandoned him. Now Phil Coke throwing with a comic confident. Alex -- they're catchers said to me that you know he's always a competent guy but he's like he's taken it to another level with a -- -- against the Yankees. But he matchup better against the Yankees get to the left hander in the eighties that's that two left in the lineup. Now if the game's on the line in Buster Posey -- you know underpants LaMarcus to grow. It still Coke is good an option I don't know that that to me is the biggest pitfall. But I look at the giant and it and it normally you'd say about them you know they must've done it was starting pitching starting pitching is really not been that great. In a bomb -- has really struggled and he's gonna start in game two Matt Cain stopped looks absolutely flat and the skeptics spoke with they'd take -- And pitching with some kind of an ailment or maybe he's tired he's not the same. It's amazing what the giants have accomplished despite the fact that pitching is kind of modeled. What a job ever spoke cheap so underrated out they hear nothing our guy he's got his team with six and -- out elimination games did you make a pick buster on record for the series. They forfeit their. Nice video I did not while one we the FB and economic felt stupid plowing or did they pick the -- to beat the Diamondbacks before the year started. And then we reset the policy that the Yankees over the reds. But if you ask me today you know I'd say the tigers in five which means that the bid the giant to probably sweep the series. I -- bus -- -- -- of ESP NEC rent everywhere on TV in his column is especially this week in the magazine. Talk about social media and the Red Sox in a note that the Red Sox got after Bobby September comment about this roster. Buster is always a pleasure enjoy the World Series OK let up on buster only on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T. Rethink possible. I get to update your top the hour we come back on talks of football as he Tim and Bob and Greg and all your phone calls Tom.

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