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Reaction to Bobby Valentine's interview with Bob Costas

Oct 24, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about Bobby Valentine's interview with Bob Costas during which he claimed that he never said "nice inning Will" to Middlebrooks, and that David Ortiz quit on the team after not winning the race. The guys talk about how Bobby has constantly contradicted himself throughout the entire season and beyond.

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Well I don't unfortunate -- this was a one time appearance. -- get those. Those artists those musicians. Pick your favorite. Patient performance -- it. I don't think we got that from Bobby Valentine last night I get the feeling there's going to be some return. Bobby Valentine this is not going to be a one -- all linked with -- -- -- now Bob -- it might be the most comfortable. Like I'm not sure the next guy he sits down with his get a massage and by the way Bob Costas did for 24 minutes last night. That's a Costas did you gotta do certain things that to get certain interviews it's it's part of the business but it was obvious last night. Bob Costas was not going to be. Aggressive towards Bobby Valentine it was not going to be a one time only performance -- care what you said during the cross Bobby -- stay in our lives -- he is staying in a live next cup. I know I meant the dumb watching this tour's all right just literally just. Mostly after hearing John -- earlier net day listen to Bobby Valentine and just you know I was laughing the whole time. An -- still can't believe somebody. I still can't believe that somebody open -- felt that this time. It was the right guy I shocked that this is the right got to manage his team last year. -- in the state this organization was in you just throwing this guy and there's the off I'm just so happy and -- and that -- innocent -- and across realized that -- don't look as good -- that breakdown is ridiculous interview that he had with Bob -- Ridiculous is the word I mentioned this about Bobby Valentine a couple of weeks ago. It stands true he just makes things up and wants them to be true. He wants like -- Bruce almighty when Bruce is given the power to ever thinks happen the way wanted to. That's what Bobby Valentine that's the reality that he is invested in that is the world that he lives in I have no other way to explain it. Other that he wants to wish things to be true or wish things will happen to a certain way or didn't happen a certain way that didn't. My big -- away it was. It took us 78 hours after John -- announcement to start to recognize how ridiculous the Bobby Valentine hiring laws. At the time I wanted to like I set a positive things I cannot have been more wrong. Because he's it was a disaster last year -- was a disaster last night with -- back here playing days -- Bobby Valentine was your manager how would you feel about it -- I'd love it. In that one doesn't go away Joey out once they don't care how. About I don't really care that's fine in February after wash system thinks spring training I liked what they were doing there was red flags. World. But now that just goes to show that give the guy a chance up people just accuse me of making a personal note. Never given -- got a chance -- -- there's a million things -- picture with last night and talk with you guys about -- -- reaction. But the biggest one to me involve third baseman -- of Brooks. Because. There's an incident that happened well I just hear Bobby Valentine talked about incident we talked about four for days this is what Bob Costas about the let's call he will -- Brooks incident during the season. Well just because -- in the ditch fact checking areas where I tested the big debates at all. I don't think that they -- will ever happen. The thing with well. How would you explain the thing from well some -- turned on some -- travel into the area. It was him giving a story to the big show. With -- Norway and Michael way to hasn't made up by it. By the media the media interest to the story out there that he refuted the thing with will little -- is a story Bobby Valentine told first person. What volunteer wasn't harassed about it was on the big show at Fenway Park and it. Offered up an admission about a story about him in middle Brooks in the Red Sox front office. Better back like that ownership -- up and said that. You know they heard. That a game when. Hurts someone from them on actually on that but they heard that wing will little Brooks. Made two years in a game. And he came off the field. Then got in a dugout I said nice inning will. The end that may be that upset them. You know -- didn't take it further and find out that after the game went over the -- locker the end. You know I was trying to be light at the time of the nice inning and I went over to his locker I told about. My experience of making three years of being booed off the field and Christians being thrown from the Dodgers stadium. The end -- you know would be dodging them as a got into the into the dugout so. You know. Believe me it's not. The -- So we dealt with the Davis all the stories right he gave us everything. That happened. Right even even to a point of would upset him was that they didn't tell the whole story in the whole story was that he went in the clubhouse after the game talked to will -- Brooks. And describe this scenario Oden LA with as far as the fact finding world that orange right now. A lot of people and a median it's been in covering this team. That never existed -- situation you talked about three errors innings going seat cushions and LA never happened. But that's not you know just don't forget about that apparently he went on told the whole story didn't you wanna give -- the whole story. It tells Bob cost that it never happened. Unprovoked. Volunteered that stores asked a question about the communication -- is how the things are going. And he gave up that story the first on the story was told was polled by Bobby Valentine. And the deep -- there's pretty good right he came in. Nice -- will. I went back to after his locker and talk to him. There's lefty till we thought the story might be true and if if you somehow if you're thinking okay Lee may have gotten a little bit out of his element. -- -- the big show it's over their Fenway Park little animated maybe maybe he just. Developed a story that was the only -- mentioned. Couple hours later. Valentine's sits down with the media. In the Red Sox. Press briefing prior to that game. Instead of squashing the story there and maybe saying it didn't happen he again goes into ridiculous detail. Three hours after the first and he volunteered the story. Of what happened between he will that brought. Us. Licences in. An earlier state. So. Whatever. I do reverend. If you need -- don't because it is just that you guys made -- -- intensity. They ended -- players that I -- niceties and I had the status of relationship with the weights or something like that you. That's. Relaxed it was. Maybe yours I don't somebody overheard it and decided that it was very. Tressel played for managers and design and that is because -- open. A better person and go to the letter written that you minute live well that's the game is pleased. Three years in the game and I just wanted to win so guys. That is what movement of this deal. Through you get through it and create -- experience. And I don't think that will has been. -- -- -- -- -- So for a second time in one day. He told a story about Wilma -- nice inning -- back to his locker. I think the keel so to speak in facts I tested the debates at all. I don't think that they will will ever happen. -- twice now he's told the story. The first time he was upset. You know because people didn't take the story further and talk about affect the I went -- after the game -- talk about an actual something that happened. Become depressed before talking about it again. It strange thing -- that last night. After this woman -- state the border. And says he tweets out he's right never happened just to set things straight -- minutes -- dances I said that months ago. Donated here's the -- within a month ago it Wilma brought calm whether it happened. Or nine. What does Bobby talking about if it never happened. Why -- -- -- in the first place if it never happened wise clarifying it. The very next day. Right to the media. And giving details. Of exactly what happened. During that day and we gave it. I don't know -- ask -- that too -- but cigars. Supposed to that they -- -- -- I don't pay you for. Let us. It was also ridiculous so long. You just asked the question where -- the story come I can't explain why all of a sudden. He saying last night didn't happen because much will Brooke says it didn't between now last night. Rob -- agree -- W dot com and he says that the deal. Is quoted -- -- Brooks tried to defuse the situation on Twitter by saying it didn't happen. I'm the reality was according to rob awarded to pass the -- the clubhouse the days following the June 17 incident it's just such an exchange. Actually did take. So rob is in there he heard the stories did indeed did happen after June 17 adding that Brooks in a way is trying to. Defending manager they gave him an opportunity. -- is gone above and beyond how good of young players again last night hospice. During the back -- for 24 minutes that he's a good player. I think with Brooks as watts is a guy game a shot maybe it's -- pressure but. -- Right and note I either way it's up last night after saying. Two months ago this is what happened -- field to a -- Ego that's linking them back with their there's an ego involved -- where he believes in peace as. Comes true it's like either way it's just it's just awed right nice inning. If -- -- about it is that we think what they're trying to make an error in front of all these people in all. Forget that. Yeah if it did David did indeed happen. Right for him to come out and -- announce -- that even happened after spending an entire day giving as detailed information. But what happened but in the dugout what happened after the game. What happened what happened to him in the past against an awful lot of deep jail. A story that. That didn't happen like it. The original point that he told the -- that story we all agreed was to let everybody inside his world -- -- the let everybody realize that he's dealing with. -- sensitive team. And ownership that has the players' backs and not hands. But he couldn't help himself and just continued and if he mated up. Go to a pretty deep -- Bly ending detailed story that would like goal at this let's just run with that. It's just the whole thing is just extremely -- The say the least but consistent I think it was George Cassandra seldom caught. My own level -- very famously in Steinfeld. That's her body balance and his right now and again it immediately ego. And as I'll watch it -- last night the first take away was a fairly high -- the second was this. How the hell did those players deal would back guy for 789 months. Because during an interview with Bob Costas which was softball. City. From the host. He was backtracking and different things he said and -- plenty of people on the boss. And I thought made an ass out of himself and he was not the only guy made mistakes right this is about or most but as you're watching that last night if you're the -- back today for months. Just imagine you deal with that -- leader for 789 months that's the guy leading -- Did you try to compete for a 162 games. I don't know how they didn't and I'll not be shot is more this stuff comes Marcus body's not done and the players are not going to be done once this offseason begins. We get your reaction 6177797937. Is the new phone number 61777979. B 37. It was not the only thing he said yesterday. That you raised an eyebrow about annual back and look the goal wells that really howl went down we get your phone calls and moral pick and through Bobby these lies ninety seconds.

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