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Bobby V is carried away with his own rhetoric

Oct 24, 2012|

D&C compare and contrast comments Bobby Valentine made during the season to his remarks from his interview on Costas Tonight. They question if Bobby V really knows what he’s talking about, why he thought he could get away with lying, and if he threw David Ortiz under the bus on his way out the door.

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Wind club we've been lost his job with the Red Sox he was pretty obsessed. About it -- -- -- but he's not worried because John Dennis is suffered in the position on the Dennis and Callahan morning -- -- you seen -- always wanted someone on the staff he could really go and it was in the morning. If you Reagan and now. And Bobby's already promised Jerry this will show up early version Oprah Show up at 330 or -- every day. The way he said he doesn't mind dealing with DNC's producers. -- Deep below and doesn't even care -- the audience doesn't like him there are lots of them seriously -- doesn't care that he lost that managerial gig I don't care who is sick of holding press conferences anyway and that really good car and now he won't have to travel -- -- -- coliseum. So don't worry about Bobby losing his job with the Red Sox now deacon Jones DNC let's go to your parents. However I must say for Bobby to be here he's gonna have to beat out and repeat. Or Jim or Mikey or any help we -- to right this is not -- to be given no bitterness about gets them. Big stars lined up for -- cute too yeah you know give everyone's gonna get a chance. We can't reveal who they are gonna wait. Donald Trump's gonna reveal at noon. And it's definitely a sin out -- the other big bombshell that -- cut today yes -- -- -- I think -- says all the predictions he's read and -- wrong -- and -- boy coming inextricably it is part of a good that's that would be good what. -- Rangers for -- us look at that second. Hole. For us personally on a mile he's gonna attack us because I'm all for he must need to work is. He's a big big name. Who sees isolated that Boone Pickens -- don't -- -- -- me. A lot in the -- ago. Yeah that's anyone's ever smoked open that boot before. Back. At a at. A -- talking about that reality and perception and and and and fantasy I think we saw a demonstration of this we take you back to October 3. It was Bobby Valentine's exit interview with the big show Glenn and Michael. And he gave two answers in succession. That was so stunning Michael and blended and know exactly what to say to but starting. And notable here's what's on October 3 importantly judge the reason we're playing it is the same question was asked of him last night. By Bob Costas and I'm pretty sure less my eyes and ears are deceiving me. The answer was different -- October 3 on the big show Bobby Valentine do you feel -- the coaching staff from the people around you. Had been loyalty during the course of the season. Now. -- -- yes but it still let's put it still. So do you feel that some of these guys on the staff of undermined -- at times. Couldn't be more clear clear as a bell couldn't be more definitive couldn't be. -- simpler. Than a minute yes so last night Bob Costas. Poses the very same question to Bobby Valentine you didn't have your guys and you said at one point you felt like you were undermined found by the coach and someone senator. As it may be -- just not. This area -- about you know what coaches or the -- your communication line. You're attitude filters down to the players through the coaches and their attitudes that are questions that are. There are times distress silt or all through the colleges and I just think we had since net snags that the winds weren't slowing the winning issue. Short version Bob Costas where you undermine well somebody said that I said may may be okay. She. Passed a Mulligan on that I I. Thought he would -- and last night because that's what he does sometimes. And sometimes it's deliberate he takes a shot at somebody and he knows it's gonna leave a mark or will resonate other times. He just steps and I don't think he meant the -- -- going to be that big a deal it was he should've known better. But last night. I think he went in there no not necessarily look at. It is for the -- up much from right out. But he has this tendency. To just get carried away with the zone and importance. His own rhetoric good word and -- it's just stocks make and stuff up. And somehow I guess he's got nowhere with a long term -- and believe we can't check. -- like -- and nobody knows we can't even said we -- the fact checking era. And what's your point Jerry he can't help himself he used to get away with these stupid little eyes or Gibbs. Like they threw seat cushions that mean in LA just because when rich fact checking areas. The fact he says with a state like. Because you're gonna check my facts you're gonna find out the bottom line but just because someone doesn't mean I'm not on the proof. Now he turns his attention and this is the first thing everybody heard yesterday as a preview from NBC sports was the comment about David Ortiz now. Whether you believe it or not whether you whether you think he's correct or not that David didn't try hard enough once the tradable Los Angeles was made it was clear the Red Sox had sort of waved the white flag and David shut it down. That as it may. No manager no coach no management person would ever say that about one of their high profile players Hollywood set about one -- low profile players but beyond that. This takes a little subtle listening. Listen to the -- we talk about David being hurt. And how long they thought he was going to be down for -- This was this was as much a slap in David's face as I was saying he quit on the Red Sox after they made the trade to Los Angeles. You know long -- that trade there is an understanding that winning wasn't going to be -- priority you know that we have had to go through. You know just go through this thing and CEO we have so. I just about then did it was. The message was given -- at least to Mateen you know David came back to Ortiz stayed there -- came back Esther in -- spent about six weeks. And disable us we thought it was going to be only week -- and you get two hits. First two times -- drove it a couple of runs we're off to the races and then he realized that it. You know this trade meant that we are not gonna. Run this race we're -- -- finish the race properly and then he decided not play anymore and if they get that time you know loose. It was all downhill from -- That makes you clueless comments in April seem mild and this was a guy who weak spot works fairly supportive. Hello -- titan who did not bad -- -- did not as far as we knew -- maybe this is payback for David walking out of a meeting at some point yeah yeah. Could be or maybe he just thinks he could have played and one helped them win a few more games. Decide shouted out of it like Ortiz wanted to show that now I don't that is if we had a contract long term you'd say yeah maybe just wanted to show that that didn't care but the team -- -- year. But he was playing for his next contract you -- another lie and and it is as as as bad as itself the music we body's gonna be just a week. Which is saying David you have no heart along and get back. Did you think -- -- -- week I didn't know to -- said that what did not look good when they say they get a boat this weakness that's my -- I thought. -- I was sort of social day after it happened I said he was done I because I saw he -- -- first race after those targets a -- there's just no way right maybe maybe he could kinship. In -- you know if if it was absolutely necessary. But it might when I saw that a lot of other people. There was no way he was going back after other way if he came back and healthy in hit what -- they went 71 yeah. 72. At the -- most. You really think that cost you. You're you're job probably now about starting pitcher will be down for nothing in the first now we go to the three envelopes story and Jerry. Google three envelopes story and came up with it how many this morning's weather Manila and 27 million hits -- real humble and all cut him in weeks of the two original joke I believe was about it's Joseph Stalin Khrushchev. On cruise -- you know the balance of power the shifting of power is what you do transfer anemic three envelopes. Then we looked up and they said the same thing when Valentine took over Francona. So it's just the cute silly hat which is. Fine. Banquet server banks little or get information and it sounds like it annually laughed -- it and it's a funny one -- one liner but it's kind of a you know cute but hired. Banquet line. And Bobby tells it and that's fine. -- bought Costa says was a bank line or did you really do listen carefully to -- response when he had a chance not to lie Gordon said. Or Nicholas left. The -- -- -- quickly you know you want John -- you Campbell's -- three envelopes that are in the in the orchestra and want is contained in these mystery albums. We -- first -- quickly just says -- you know things go wrong at the beginning just blame everything on me. You know and then the second one you know things are still gone bad. In July. Attitude toward the end of season opener symbol open when you open Elena says hey -- and -- that the system that we don't have enough of players and can we get more players available in and then the third -- says in a year and a half do you -- speaking the way I did open December low end. There it says Stein who make up three envelopes. Look at it a bit. So it's the only advice I -- -- -- banquet material are no problems really in the not does that take analyst there. There there I kinda left the -- via. Hi I could easily be said that YE. It's obviously. Not true we didn't leave -- envelopes obviously is just joke right. But he can't leave it at that yet it's it's like. The in the mill -- story I was every month this last night and the middle Brooke's story and looked it up this morning. Emanated from him correct. It wasn't a second hand -- some of that did you really do this the middle Brooklyn. He started -- and it wasn't even and captured to a question where he got drawn into it he volunteered the information on the big show to make the owners seem medals. Correct that in fact -- only should speak up and said that. You know they heard. That a game when. Hurts someone from them on actually on a tip that they heard that wing will little Brooks. Made two years in a game. And he came off the field. -- guided dugout I said nice inning will. That's him with the big show right right correct and pierce hit at a point and not at that point. -- by saying ownership heard the I said this to him there's plausible that liability you could say that he said they heard. But it really didn't happen and by the -- what do we do the next team they do you know we defended Bobby we said that's ridiculous it's not that. Egregious incendiary right of the owners really had a problem with that and we found. Fault with the owners with Henry I guess Lucchino -- For being so metal some right stick in their noses in where it doesn't belong so all of the Santa Barbara so the following day the media pregame gathers and Bobby's office to ask him about the will -- Brooke's story that he volunteered to the big show of the day before and notice how definitive this response is and you're reading from Gordon -- its story. Today. But he went back and look that up. Here is Bobby the next day middle Brooks came into the dugout and he made a couple of errors and I said nice inning kid. Quote I thought -- establish a relationship with him or I could say something like that to him kind of smile relax him a little. Maybe grimaced I don't know somebody overheard it and decided that it was a very dreadful thing for a manager to ever sent to a young player. And decided to repeated a few times and it was a dreadful thing what's the date on that posting. This is -- in the wrote this today but he went back and look that up this any any but he wrote. That he. Appeared on. But what was the date on the big show October 3 there's. Now -- -- -- always -- August August 1 August 1 so this was August 2 in there with the media. At the park the next day -- he volunteered to big goal one day he says in great deep to jail. All the story unfolded and that it happened the next day and last night on Bob Costas he said it never happened. Well just because -- in the -- fact checking areas where I tested the big debates at all. I don't think that they will will ever happen because he told me he didn't remember it. And I didn't remember so I don't think that program I remember who could ambulance was absolutely. -- -- I didn't remember Maria and neither will will tweeted -- middle books between you know that never happened. So I guess I believe middle Brooks which makes me wonder about this lunatic. Even more he made that story up on a on it but evident that we colas with it was a Wednesday right. On Wednesday elaborated on -- in detail on Thursday and added this. Valentine and then related the story. Ohio as a young player he made three errors in the game on seat cushion night at Dodger Stadium. And the fans -- seat cushions at him. A newspaper account in the LA times of that game in question. Made no mention of seat cushion night or anything. Being thrown at Bobby Valentine. I think the word is metal mania we just can't help yourself making a story just because when -- fact checking here. He's making up a story about what he said the middle Brooks to make the onus some medals Medicare. -- Saturday Night Live care for the developmentally -- That's that's that's -- it -- or liar liar and you know in there and movies about these. Apple wants to help illogical people -- this stuff. Again I I don't. And I -- like guests told early exit. Among mother told his little connected to one line owns inevitably begin I was a little kid nice -- -- a better not lie. Or normal ever believe me again might it worked it was very effective. But if I were gonna -- I would say -- for a big one you know. Like when you render after 15 title cornfield in a little honey honey she's just friends coming up I waste it on bleed -- seat cushion. Sky is not just unstable more your phone calls Dennis and Callahan -- it.

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