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Mark Schlereth: Baffled at the way the Patriots have played

Oct 24, 2012|

ESPN NFL analyst Mark Schlereth joined Dino & Gerry to discuss why the Patriots haven’t been able to put it all together this season and how the Patriots need to fix their defense. He also chats about why the Pats secondary keeps taking a beating, where the blame should be placed regarding the Patriots struggles, if the AFC came down to the Patriots and Texans, and how the no-huddle effects offensive linemen.

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We don't have a bottle lot of what we do we always enjoy our conversations with the ESPN's outstanding. NFL football analyst Marshal -- three time Super Bowl champion -- -- joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT 8 morning mark how aria. Are there weren't on great. I had to start -- baseball this this must be difficult for dad but not nearly as difficult for your your son -- who who is on the tigers' roster but all of the actor -- trees he's on the DL. Up deficits under can just sit there and watch what's gonna and start to unfold tonight. Well I mean it's it's debacle it's difficult for -- family goes. Any time you get a seat to that level obviously. It has been an investment and that minute the family go on routes and obviously it's extremely difficult on -- -- Are that are brought to -- you wanna see him get the live out his childhood period. And -- front how wealthy he is to go to the World Series as it is a problem all of that the setting nature but there's that he do about it only Guerrier that's the way it has. It's certainly disappointing there's no question about that. Forgive me for not knowing the nature of the injury what is it and how's he doing in his rehab mark. No I agree that your shoulder he's got a little terror network up and down. Eight bit and actually spring training trying to -- through it all on the beginning of the season and then more on the ballot. Came back in August try to -- fact that the roster. Flared up again and so essentially is -- shut down and an eight still a lot better now but. It is one of those -- that we've seen about three different doctors and all and say don't do -- on this one of those they've just been out on down -- The ball if you manage it well you. Which would be so I think you ever tried any Major League -- shoulder everyone what -- -- there'll ever so it's whether it's. I'll problematic or not and obviously dispute that was problematic most of the -- Pay your estimation -- -- do -- lender and Cabrera provide too much of a challenge for a for the giants in this in this series. I think all things being equal it say if it vote eight and started an -- that they'll run time off. Then I think yes it would be too much challenge but I just know so much about baseball from the standpoint of rhythm and timing. And all those things that are so important to game that you play every day when you -- out think even even this small amount. It. Lack of balance if you will especially hitters. Or -- really stunned me a line up so. That's the support that scares you know obviously we got a horse like her letter on the mound. Are you might believe it yourself back into. Back into rhythm offensively -- -- the East Coast and they're actors are all scoreboards at all. All for me no umbrage of the tigers obviously are hoping that that's the case but it always makes Miller. Is when you're out all the eyeball on the tigers did because you won't get out single open -- a. I just curious mark do you do you take any of the blame for your son trying to pitch through the pain that he they grow up watching dad play through every kind of injury and play through all that pain and say I can do that. Yet yeah that -- this I mean. It's it's probably finish where apparently first. Yeah he did it manually -- -- like out argued through it will be okay -- there they -- -- -- down. And that it is I got to -- sort of war so yeah out they are big on blame both sound itself told us so will be -- you know have figured out. Did he get that spraying the champagne and all that after the a division title after the pennant. I -- I might -- last year that it after the -- he had and then obviously they've lost in the ALCS to effect last year but this year he's been. I actually been endeavor rehab and so. So he's been better rehab and it worked with some mechanics coaches and things of that nature so. Yeah he's not even true right now or go there this weekend and check out this series controller tried there -- so there and Monday. And Marco let's let's switch to football for a while here what has been in your estimation the most interesting the most compelling story the first ball almost the first half of this NFL regular season. What stands out in your mind. -- And they -- say Americans are so many -- that you look at like. How how bad they -- seen struggling right now I need is huge ego out uttered. And one of those teams got blown away by one went exit -- on the on the Baltimore Ravens so. You just look at the AFC in general. You know I keep waiting for somebody to make the statement. You've got to do it the patriots you know I thought. And I really did I know it's it's divisional rival and I know the matchup. Greg -- matched up well. He offensively is seen this blog with in the pages but I really thought that point -- -- what law right in in Foxborough last week it. -- announced artists -- located under estimate suggests. And the lack of outposts in -- our estimate the patriots and the -- south that there is an. I'm not sure I'm not -- sit Erica about all the that nobody else -- and at what at what point. There's the kind of the switched it flip if you will and I don't operate come out there are -- women athletes are all part against that. But still you look at the -- it. They're gonna -- they're gonna figured out a pension because they always seem cute so that is the AFC in general has been for let in off a little bit -- Will as far as a patron to concern in the spotlight shines on and the finger points to the horrible defensive secondary that -- allowed I believe 39 passes already. A more than twenty yards in this season if you -- -- offensive coordinator mark where have. Generic of any patriot opponent would you be salivating at the prospect of going up against this. -- inept patriots secondary. Well you know obviously want take you take shots and make great plays and you know one thing about that is that there's been sick a lot of the game and I get that that's that's -- -- -- out whenever the world -- There's this symbiotic relationship between. That it's and coverages and -- -- the better outlook should make it much better BP it. So they -- they -- and it and we sit there -- veto on the big way. A little bit big plays agency you're gonna park system basically the same time got to look at and say OK guys we've got to do much better job -- Of getting people for that fracturing harassing him. And they -- no wind at all throw it and acts of that the war lacking in as well so. There's plenty of blame to go around. Any time you're in stroke rate target and get the big play lots and there are. What we we I still think even over the patriots have kind of stumbled here in the first half. They'll winningest division I assume you agree marked a win this division -- used to will walk away with their division. Will you be surprised if it's not New England at Houston or Houston at the wind and the AFC championship in late January. Yeah I can't sit at. Is that to me in -- in that as you guys know. They're they're pretty solid football team they had this book by the Packers but I. The beard doing what I'm not so sure. I think it could be very imperative that they play. -- home games. It's going to be harder mean I think there's a couple of teams that have the potential to beat your. But New England certainly will be there in the end at least be well in library to go win that division. Well obviously bill as they don't rectify their defense has played better on defense all of that there's going to be stroke there. Or give wish your assessment of your old team I think in Denver's gonna win their division to is that. A are we gonna see in in December and January in much better team because. It is so. Is important because they're still learn and play Manning with his weapons and and then the whole -- learned to play together. Will they be dangerous -- other potential Super Bowl team in your mind mark. I I think there's there's always the potentially have a guy like they've Manning. Become a Super Bowl strain arm. If you look at -- you talk -- a weapon yet again you know not only offensively from the standpoint of receivers in on the same page newspaper panic but at our office. I'll Exxon you break the huddle appearance and double -- with meat packages in your and call -- line of -- packages. -- have to be polluted it like for Brett alluded to what looks are being what he says they're running and what plays going to be fall. And so. Are often aren't you aren't scrimmage you'll see the same thing you'll be in that you have 94 brackets say okay. That tape he likes to run away from that state dirt mile stretch in that state is now elect. If he wants -- that this person a man aren't you want check introduces that meant brought. -- -- they -- you're looking you're you're kind of -- a large garbage. So -- quarterback so. You already know what even called it this is the likelihood that we're -- you know one of these Streep plays and then OK now based on the look for an -- on display. Because that's what he calls courses this. It's so it's everybody quick and it together you know that's certainly just listing for the all. You already predetermined your mind that's what we're gonna do now I don't know what will come when it's great now I know -- -- my -- -- want -- you know my hand. Everything and so now it's a lot -- thinking a lot more -- And as -- -- that becomes more. Efficient. In understanding what it because all they're gonna get better and better as the season progressed. Mark do you think there's anybody left in Denver on T able island longing for the Tebow era. With with Peyton Manning now in tune in and control. Are there as yet has accused pellets that are still left the island get a flag. But dug deep in the sand but beyond that know -- most people never produce new football fan than and they see. You know they can it be different than. And so they're pretty excited about what they Amber's got going on right now one. You go through via a murderer -- 00 fault is it that brought those went through the first six -- come out. With a quarterback who was oral book to injure the play and I would -- it all these things will be -- agree. Armed and have a chance and you're really -- better in the in the second apathy and I think the Democrats pretty excited about where they sit. Mark I'd be interested in your -- -- your assessment of the quality of play of young quarterbacks in this league in recent days and months and and you are just like it was in the old days when you have the command -- either hold a clipboard for three years were they -- -- the fire you're gonna struggle for quite some time. Yet that change happen -- thank. Obviously the college team for pressed. All spread all that does that all figure out to do but I think the other big thing but then it happened. In college weaknesses and that it is big business. Then I think what you see is you guys. Were leaving school and at their last game was over there either graduated or. That you say Al albeit at a later time they go to these. Academy you know when there is no RI MG data Florida and they get trained by the -- -- at the world figure playbook and they essentially work from January until. You know CA and so there -- no vacancy. Are. On the facility at the facility. War on that -- plays and they're trying to understand that close -- all and so. I think the preparation standpoint. Of young quarterback should become much better because. Are -- more opportunity to -- guys to really understand and learn at a very early age so. I'll it's different back in the day nobody is that you -- -- -- the train Medea. Com harper right now our rights. People showed viewers who -- forty unit there will hopefully we'll hear out on dot. So it's just totally different you know -- that you idiotic ignorant quarterback I've got an opportunity big event that. Mark final question for me how much has been made not only the defensive secondary to knowing and patriots but the fact that in the fourth quarter they are not at their best 34 to six the patriots have been outscored in the fourth quarter of the last three games. Do what we always say that hurry up offense tires up the defense they can't substitute they are doubting their assignments but I'm wondering is very cold to be eight at the end. -- offensive linemen and the offense also get tired in the fourth quarter of a hurry up game. You know I don't I think that we need dictated -- better I'll think that necessarily. I hope that they offered their delegates are about an eight in the past they know -- -- that they get so much. More taxing on the defense side of the ball. You know my big thing or go to -- though. When you have to run it. In the form an offensive the world you'd have to be good and it's physically dominating. And lineup that they you know were rotted. Yeah no war power we will run a power and you stop that and nick great genes that said that he would finish it lineup that is that. It is that they're always struggle in those situations so to me it's more about Powell spoke ball and it -- out of that. You fast -- hurry up all aspects because the public that they turn it off as they can be very spoke there have been so that but it it -- -- -- Well I can also be one of those things when you get a little out of -- the little out of rhythm. It's hard to yourself back into rhythm running that style and -- March Lara as always good stuff we appreciate the title talk to down the road. Enjoy the World Series site marks Lara joining us on AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible the NC right back with.

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