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Greg Bedard: Patriots need to reevaluate the secondary

Oct 24, 2012|

The Globe’s NFL Writer Greg Bedard joined D&C to chat about how badly the Patriots secondary played against the Jets and what goes into the Patriots defensive scheming. Greg touches on why the defense doesn’t blitz, if there is anyone who’s looked good in the secondary, and what potential does the secondary have to turn things around. He also mentions the importance of statistics, especially regarding line play, and explains how he breaks down film and grades players performances.

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Wednesday with Dennis and Callahan means number of things and perhaps most importantly it means our weekly visit with Greg -- the football writer NFL. Football -- for the Boston Globe he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE he's early today because why Greg Bedard -- early today. -- -- nice -- up your flight. Eat and what time major alarm -- this morning. Ball or welcome to our world my friend -- -- got a little -- and on and I don't wanna do. Everything here I'm reading your -- on football column today. And it's a must read on and on a number of levels not least of which you -- your grating is in there. But if if people are stat -- if if they enjoy build James on baseball they will enjoy this -- -- just a couple of paragraphs here very quickly -- with -- in the have a couple questions for you. Talking about the pass rush and they were generating it on Sanchez even though he dropped back 48 times. Seven games the patriots at 72 total pressures in 292. Drop backs which is 24 point 7%. Seven games in 2011 the patriots at 85 in 311 that's when he seven point 3%. You want to say it's no wonder they're on pace for 87 pass plays of more than twenty yards or more. Numbers numbers and more numbers but my guess is reading this you enjoy doing your own taxes and balancing your -- technically not a pure numbers guy. Good thing here is that he number mantra that. Are my wife used to work -- an accounting -- and like anything financial related effort which. There's certain I like simple -- This is Matt that I can I can do anything beyond. Adding and averaging and abiding. I'm not good. It just briefly not one to dwell on this but but what -- the process how you glean all these facts I understand that some of it comes you know through the Internet been in terms of observations of pressures and percentages all these numbers the -- numbers we have. How did you acquire all those. What are you I -- a lot of what Altman it. Doesn't Milwaukee journal sentinel -- -- -- kind of pioneered this I mean he has number Packers go back. Two like. You know even before Oprah are and you know its CE so it's it's pretty neat. They each game you know work for two Bryan Bulaga right tackle you know -- force acts which most good. You know twelve years for Packers you know I would love to -- that appointment right now back to 2010 like you get to 2009. At some point that -- -- back electoral but -- basically it should you know it's -- -- I'm you know. Personable. -- definition of certain things aren't aren't. -- each play. -- spreadsheet that I rate to a bunch different categories and I try to. I try to. I -- -- -- -- much -- like ten and I think you know there are certain very important -- right think football statistics are short. A big one of the big things is this for one play on both sides and that's you know everybody looks so actually I just think that's. -- -- measure how much good on for a variety of well -- I think that once. If you can if you -- -- -- in this discourse back department. You know it's terrible view as a coach over the years you know big east team. But I I do -- they keep on the like they look for. How many times that they -- the quarterback how many times they move marked the spot. Have to get a look to a different read on things like that's I I kind of accumulate them myself and and I. You know -- sort of the database that. I can. -- keep going back to him and that's about it today at a army had a -- this pattern tablets and it wanted to know where the past twelve I. It doesn't -- it's been that good but it you know you can't really. Say that unless you know and now we know army you know you go back to 2010. They were getting pressures on basically one of every -- drop. Now it's one of our -- war and that's not good enough and I think that's a huge reason I'm wired. The -- defense has. -- got worse. Every year. Greg and we talked about this Monday I guess my eyes didn't deceive me they did not. Send an extra rusher they did not blitz Sanchez you've got to 8% of the snaps they blitzed Sanchez. Tell me why not I don't understand why he wouldn't pressure Sanchez he seem like he was begging to be blitzed back there and they just didn't do. Well I think it's it is those -- -- checks come in Washington the -- say that but you observer improve on and off. You can pretty much bank armed that the number one and tournament Q1. Completely failed at the other thing is. -- play the percentages. They want to. Take away which are good that. They want to make quarterbacks especially ones that are accurate or not they want them. I have to roll passes that are the lowest percentage possible so well you know when you're when you're going up against a guy like Skechers. Who it Belcher who got -- and you know you could say this about -- on the party on the court action this week saying that over the course of the game is it. It as long as -- he doesn't turn the ball over and the opponent have to drive. Eight yards and I'm keeping it over the course of the game. -- The other team is gonna make enough mistakes that it will enable here's. Team with Tom Brady at quarterback to win the game and that you don't work. 75% of the time it works out that way and so I think you know you look at it and say well look what's changed all. Why would you you can watch -- you take an action guy -- covered while would you give him Morse based approach to. Were futures dropped -- in the coverage at some point in time he's gonna make you make mistake and he did that double park on Sunday and -- the -- Well if if Stephen Hill makes that catch that probably don't win this game it seemed to me. He's not a good decision maker Sanchez he's not quick on his feet. Put a little extra pressure on him and he would give it up panel like he did at the end you know he would fumble he would -- -- and and you wouldn't have to go to overtime. New I mean you know and he can make that argument and it's very much a I think it's it's boomer botched Condo bought the -- For a long time on the backs weren't accurate. Where they ought to passing offenses were kind of he elementary. I I think that you know when Belichick was coming up an eighty's -- ninety's I think that that works very well. Actually had really good players up I think it will request but is especially in today's game we see that look it's the same block that they Deborah Russell Wilson Seattle. I mean aren't you people Belichick you know you'd get. You know he'd be concluding X amount passes. Within like 1015 yards but you don't eat apt to attempt. And down -- rose. They'll chuckle say yeah all they -- every every day and it didn't work well at almost. But when Wilson and and Fitzpatrick before -- and Sanchez after him who by the way I've been through for 84 yards against Indianapolis -- 320 indicate who would you stop -- -- -- -- -- -- -- outside help to get out and at and 300 -- 28 against the patriots at some point if -- Bill Belichick don't have to reexamine that core philosophy Greg. I think so I think in today's game because the quarterbacks or are so much better coming out of the culture and I think that. That has no problem but you know for the patriots it's only it's really only happening. In the biggest gains and I I think. I think part of it is philosophy. Has hurt the -- -- in the beginning I reacting to work so that means it's content -- the course of the sixteen people and -- -- rounds of the playoffs I mean it works wonders. Especially NN. I'd -- you know he knows he -- a number eighty. And he knows yet that -- so that's part of the reason I mean culture -- yelled put pressure had built there's the but when you're worried about those stats but again it just worry about getting a W at the end of the day and while the defense is not good. Against the -- They it was going up the and that's really all bill belt air to. Give it wasn't up to win against Seattle and and let me ask you this if -- -- assessment is true the Bill Belichick is reluctant to -- mediocre or less than me less than mediocre quarterbacks because he thinks at some point they will self destruct. Should we then. Opposite side of that coin assumed that against some good quarterbacks I don't want to put Andrew Luck into that category yet or not match job down the road he'll blitz them more than I did these guys we just mentioned. Well it just depends on him mom. Trying to all sort Trent -- But I apps for the this year. Peyton Manning you lists. Stir -- put 70% of the time. The only got a bit more -- Russell Wilson and I think that I had to do the -- circumstances are pretty Yeltsin and men -- pigment 70% of the cot. Now have a lot early in the game in the make called -- off rent their -- while. -- but yeah I think. You know the better quarterbacks to -- debate going. That you know look at -- -- about it it's -- you know a lot of content just about. Let's break I got it in quickly on the ball off because we don't wanna sit back there and threw the ball downfield so I think that's the case where a guy like Manning is that. You know they want speed in my office. As quickly as possible so that he's not sit back there. You gave the secondary two stars out of five and and pointed out all the mistakes that made in the penalties on Ras I Dowling in the times Eric and was being. Was is there anything promising back -- Greg is there anything you'd like from this defensive backfield. I I couldn't find much all of them orders play safety. -- you know I mean it was pretty much and and we saw last year work. It's not like he's being old regrets any credible -- lack of defense but. You know I thought he did pretty good job I did like some of the stuff in and covered that they were doing. Which it's you do something they're gonna have to -- and figure out whether good -- -- out because. The last year they tried to play what we saw the other game they've played to -- cover two man under the so this is say this is now the the kind of orders. In the NFL in the patriot stronger -- start last year except the problems there were terrible man covers the bailout and go to the home. Into the point where at the embassies and they were able to a little bit more man. It may play man can be successful or even would have changed the big plate got march. I'm not so sure and then back into the map that. They're gonna talk a lot. Greg something I've heard and read the last couple weeks seems to be involved say Alfonso Denard has a lot of potential there are some upside to this kid do you agree with that. Yes absolutely I thought he played. Very well the previous week a bomb. You know I think there are concerns and you concede on the field you know the more that he's playing at its chips. I think there's there's the concern about him as is. You know will give them. As he dared not with the mental side of the game as a rookie. Be mature enough to deal with these things -- I -- first physical talent I don't think there's any question. That the QB you'd be a player got a little extra work but you know he's got a good vertically UPS's. You know ball -- that the patriots simply don't have. So I think yeah he does have a lot until but I think there's. He's got a long way to go when he can get a -- at him bought cute pretty was exposed a lot against the jets. In a variety of different areas -- Was everyone's question where's rats I Dowling answered on Sunday and the answer is KP can't play. -- -- Yeah I mean it's just. It is. You know -- -- It's it's going to be increasingly frustrating come to the coaching staff that he just can't stay healthy and I think this is one of those when her. You know I. Hit a -- you know we got in injury prone or -- got a comment button and the dog house and don't think is gonna help at all. -- a bomb at -- Jeff Fisher I look at this paid his team and I say. I am by nine I'm not gonna go my horse Stephen Jackson I'm gonna give a break here among the beacon blitz pickup or that you have to do that you know pick -- the blitz. Think the week off I'm thrown deep Sam Bradford -- at the go -- what was the flaw that. Greg or do you expect to see that. Because I think I think -- Jackson and is back -- means skipping electric out of two back system. Right now -- drink -- -- center and I thought that the jets. I'd under the -- as the game went on -- all increasingly well against the patriots. You know the craters bigger job at a bunch of -- runs for one yarder last. It did and I were there. They're really nice job. You know you're there lot numbers on the spot but they're really. Out of balancing being element of the patriots I thought they had the patriots and -- fuels. Current portion right into essentially an all all principal and I think it would be -- state. For the rams just to say you know we're not gonna run the ball to Stephen Jackson. -- darn good news console but the rookie behind him. Is really explosive and good change of pace back and they've they've increasingly not a very good job. The C. They Gregg -- shepherded this morning ask you about you know Gregory Chung played together or not that is going to be kind of a magic -- waved and that's going to be the deal and all -- defensive backfield problems. -- assuming a position many times this year but. I do think they will be better. With Gregory and -- if hopefully they play on Sunday in London. And I'd I would -- debt. Good the X-Factor for me before Gregory went out this injury I'm in buffalo. How much of his play in that team and a little bit before that had to do with him being beat up because. He wasn't accurate for a guy hurt in -- troop and equipment because the vendor we don't know. Chong. You know I just know what it just looks steps. Me this year normal injury related to pull out these features that we hear about this season guys were playing or it -- make. Had a torn ACL -- hearing about it we all wonder you know retarded last year. You know he's not playing this thing and some people brought up boy got paid big money and that's why you not playing well I I never so that I just I -- curious and now we now or -- you know I ever called Chong -- Gregory. Yeah burger -- but I think they're average or batsmen in. Think average at best does help. You know. I think I think they're gonna need to reevaluate its position on this season and and -- some fundamental changes. One of those positions that they double C. Brett you know achievement and. Leaders are Greg the world -- -- knows the globe -- you -- London first class or private aviation this morning. Coach all the way beyond what actor middle seat -- Normalcy you have. All right say they fly talked this week enjoy London enjoy the game we'll talk to next Wednesday Greg. -- don't get back Greg Bedard AT&T ally AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T -- you know possible and number of people. That the soft on this but will we give back we'll tell you. But the really funny story Bobby Valentine told when he got hired and set down with Terry Francona yes we'll tell you what Bobby said Terry left him. In the top drawer of the desk and will middle -- chimes in on Twitter that straight ahead.

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