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Tuesday, October 23rd Whiner Line

Oct 23, 2012|

Somebody call social services!

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My view as an excuse music pressed and pressed the wind like this aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox -- This -- discretionary box. Morris. And now those -- your line. You do get the impression that maybe you've kind of checked out if you checked out of this. But an embarrassing things you know barbaric butcher written amount -- code itself. Like I doubt and now -- found out because you're late bet the ball game last week. There certainly are because whoever wrote that know what happened. They know who that might I would go deeper understanding that well these these newsletters -- will -- WEEI. Who all airlines. Should apologize we've -- saying there -- extremely -- not play I want to wait wait. Hey Richard delayed in traffic builders -- bid vocal and I would say don't do not boy bill. Dial 6177793535. Period. Think that one of these days confident. People were saying hey why you -- border guard you don't Joseph Manning gets better every day -- work hard. Just for the record low lying airlines. That road that are plagued by ignoring the that really don't disagree are. In this piece it was -- -- all of the global wrote it. Did you really. That's really embarrassing nick and now clearly gonna gonna do go around the club out literally everywhere for a couple hours I show up at 3:34. O'clock everyday. Joseph yeah. Each game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matt can. You want that I can show finalist powered by AT&T WEEI lavish event -- the -- -- to graduate Blackberry device. Brought to you why. AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up ten. Faster and then three GAT and T concise and I rethink possible people ask you what are we talking about -- -- with -- that it. Arrested for -- last night in Illinois allegedly drove his truck. Into the middle of a cornfield. Where what what what town was as if he were -- What -- that this new Lenox is that the US new Linux is sort of acorn feels right around immediately don't like they found that. They found vodka there in the car ball in the very good at. I -- -- -- frank can you pull off into a corn field. And to start dream about it. Not a hundred I was on back outside of the -- I got to play here outside of your good that would be my defend its I drove the call ethanol I wasn't under the influence -- Here I'm not make -- -- director. Of the -- officer. This is better than anyone he sidebars. Corn it's. A stalker that's -- you're up it's been. -- -- And customer Batman and -- I think it would have been mad men is. -- how many bad bone did you have to -- And I kind of didn't competitiveness and hands without you know until that point. Pretty -- -- Something in Atlanta. And that I've never taken root of global -- on our network mister sort of sound so nice -- that them. -- pleased about that sounds nice. You know it's Italy's. It would. Be nice if if you could. Have you tell you -- instead of tell me -- want you to sleep go to these nice little extra cash. My wife tells you want. I thought OK I want to force one -- more every day now I'd like to thank you for everything you have. Had a never had a room and several. That definitely red -- -- important aspect now. You know I really really tried with a -- -- -- -- morning. But -- bombs that immediate pay more on and man somebody's gonna have to clean up those seeds went out -- the Buick dot. And -- in defense they like him he's. -- precious little they -- election. A lot. I think it's John and charge and Yankee fan could feel table moving when -- -- is on the treatment or else judges table. We saw at the Super Bowl in Tampa desperate to overweight -- you'll persist. Well what was it parliament powdered -- -- All. It. I've been under the influence. A cocaine on the mile. As the president. And today you ever think of veteran I have to correct. The Marines still doing news enact. And we used them so we have Derek -- And that takes a if they do use -- senator realized because I thought it was pretty funny line -- Later on I found out they actually still use you know admit admit by the -- probably knows they don't use horses. Military. -- says. It. Pretty. -- -- -- -- -- And -- met -- sauce CA. She iRobot present. Would it be leading candidate tallest president ever and -- it was 64 and a half element is an obvious stretch president for -- he dossier certainly deserves can you imagine during. Every debate whether to debate on foreign policy domestic affairs he would spend it to the perspective of the club -- He'd have a club answer to that's what do you think club guy. So young people he would have the he would dominate. The of the 125 vote below -- -- -- -- that they get a little boy English and I was almost hoping to Joseph Biden we camera on the court and he -- studies and smiles but my friend right I don't couple Brad lighten up leveled it up to talk. Yeah yeah. And let unbelievable for -- -- nationally fourteen hits in the series prime. You see Michael just answered the guys that the moments of Marco but she sounded a little like Paula -- in my -- right Arafat -- -- it. First. Hey Red Sox Nation I would -- -- -- -- rove weighed more then. It was really aren't what they problem of out of our pockets but broad MVPs and actually divisional series. Great work that could well what a great trade you know what -- weren't -- -- -- -- -- it was a driver in the minor -- Another wonderful choice by the great that but what. And salary dump -- -- nobody was thinking about Marco he wasn't traded to separatists there weren't thinking about him when he was Iraqi. Except Cisco doesn't think they pick up guys value is. He sent or low and they can play them back into society of great people -- -- cholera. But you're thinking about and I don't know about it here. Good numbers. C.'s good numbers. Bob don't know why didn't like you. And -- message. Yes or no question to get a phone from AT&T rethink possible Saturday -- so don't. Although there's days after mark group could go to -- of the NLCS. MVP. I Kirk they're red book for a great. It will not what is I cannot. All of that Bennett former Italian premier toy is that it's about being known as big car. Of -- and all I'm doing well until the first Kurds who might Adam much more often my -- You're taught how to Larry asked I -- brought a warmer and he will be OK I -- bowl like you and all the pace of -- burden labor. And that that. Mocking your socks and not be non -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it didn't mind I don't know what he has I'm getting confused by this dude. They pick out you'd think that Bob Bratton. Part of -- caucuses tomorrow night. And -- and -- you watch and I are very respectful interview on our way now what is it do you think he says anything oh here. Don't be respectful but do you think he talked -- yeah. Shot -- he -- take some shots that's what you think it's gonna take some shots my prediction here's. It's gonna take a shot at you know you'll be apart output moral of Mikey I don't like to bet yes -- you -- you whatever in this. Bob Costas will take a shot and then or wait either directly by column -- him by name or some veiled reference interview really mean Bob -- -- Bobby Valentine will take a shot go analysts and wanted them like -- some Angel or something that's exotic you know I'm gonna come up tonight. -- -- -- -- -- It does now a man inside information. Well I can help it would things are -- do you. -- is accelerating through. And one of them definitely welcomed -- models and data wasn't cold enough in daily studio -- oh. It was a bigger charities and the jedi don't just mean -- issue head on Janet and bill -- of glasses to shoot very sexy. But those glasses on a sports agreement. That's at a given moment I don't doesn't know what the -- -- they did go. But it got it you don't make it out of. And men of greater checks and again now. And then. There'll texting and how these people multitask. Associated to a traffic on channel seven now Bob's -- -- Multitask you watch channel seven deal. That was most talented kids most talented man in the mean no question -- -- -- our dossier changed weather sports players who walked pharma reports drivers struck right court. Wondering red. I thought bill would put any of that country. What the Red Sox beat the World Series all the furniture industry -- And that -- It's a double look. If I -- them next year that deal changed oh I have yeah I would double about I think I got the players who can. I'd say your house full of furniture and then neighbor's -- -- president -- hit that sign Elena -- you would have known. Aggressive and give support report dot com. Wow why it's we talked about -- now. -- that correct and -- America. All of the tree and I think and. And that Brazil on you know actually in Kansas anymore Dorothy you're an illegal. Aren't you tired of running around in cornfield bill won't know thoroughbred. Tried -- and work and it. America course I have the curtain call on. -- -- I said Jeff -- was placed under arrest and yes they said that they found and then the vodka bottle in the vehicle no mix it not just save public attitude right amazes all of model somewhere else and yeah I was gonna ask you do you just. Drink vodka or straight I don't argue that an exit this. -- -- -- -- -- I don't drink vodka but generally this people on this Laurie can ask about her gently. Find they'll fire from Marcia Clark if China does his research I don't holes carry him. Again it was that big check and that is why alive while. They. Do you. And also that he. -- -- -- partners. But what are these are from the department of social sort of -- and I am here to walk here. That I bought by over fifty warned. Quality -- -- from Everett yeah. Thank you. And that that department of social services now coma whiner line guarantee pretty impressive. Hey we're calling it a maverick. All time. May sound like a bad Bob you're great really really -- -- I got up I didn't push him away from me. -- Obama probably be quiet. You guys -- -- -- -- me a thousand pack. It's and you know it. And as jumpstart your great dad now executed Thomas set up an impersonal and usually -- -- can't answer to better their playbook you know I am still. Next time put Nickelodeon on first for the kids and then go to the phone call to the nation Gibson was Lewis. Sued apple is not quite a lot of Bob Michael and I don't know -- like -- are not considered an excellent. -- -- The Yankee. I'm. People would pick and it can be. And that they had that act as rapid pace but not back -- -- About half step and had an apple felt at that point that it takes out a package that I look at apple though because and -- -- anything. I'm looking back it's going to be just as bad as this epic epic that and it. Little pause of that laugh she gives. Her. You guys like what you went yeah that's awesome bottle where it's don't cross but that's so it went all along our library and on that. Modern art his name is in -- that's right that's beautiful portrait that that's gonna be sworn into corn field Illinois. It was -- -- Scott. About us. The return -- that's -- there but there is drinkers not their barker and cranberry rock it was just like magic to talk about it has always on you and I you guys have done tons of stuff with great sponsors of the years. Have you ever had your name inscribed on the block a bottle of isn't -- the right names inscribed over this country now and then released. Allen followed numbers aside all. Right Cheryl -- a lot of -- but AT&T AT&T -- LTV. -- ten times faster three GE T. Think -- ball.

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