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Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun: Farrell's tenure in Toronto left a bad taste in fan's mouths

Oct 23, 2012|

We speak with Steve Simmons from the Toronto Sun for his reaction to the John Farrell tenure with the Blue Jays, his departure, and what he will bring to the Red Sox.

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I know our way and holly back here the big show that's John -- announces the manager of the Boston Red Sox at the twelve bill it. He obviously. Gets his way out of Toronto in a deal with since Mike Avila is up there we figured we get to wake up and Toronto so. Simpson Toronto's -- joins us now are you today. Very well. Out pretty well -- things up there in Toronto what's which what's the take yesterday. Well aside from the gloomy weather today kind of to the mood. People -- because. Don't go look and particularly popular figures manager of the blue case. And the two years that you've managed here weren't exactly yours to remember. The so the wonderfully. Everyone -- -- to see him grow I think it was the manner in which it all came down. And the sort of slight. At a time when terminals particularly tender about what's going on sports like in this city. So it just like another blow to big -- at a time where we've probably had too many of them. I do wanna ask your question about Ferrell departing the before I get to that I'm just looking from afar how would think that only. Popular manager in Toronto recently would be -- guests and we -- somebody else on forgetting. Well probably in terms of baseball would be -- the letter appeared at the time he would it was time to say goodbye to him as well. But you know there's been some success -- you know and other teams. This just happens to be absolutely dismal time. You know -- the -- professional -- to play here you know at the same time all of them stink. You know it created the worst sports city in North America right now and and so this is just like. You know this is like another shot. Go after dumped several people have already been killed. -- -- understand that because used every your column in June. Incorrectly -- from wrong you -- -- think John Farrell is particularly. A particularly good manager and the general manager doesn't think he's a particularly good manager. So when you look at it should take me he did you guys a favor if you didn't think he was good in the Red Sox one Adam was the problem. Well I guess I get hit -- hit the -- it it to the perception that comes here he -- trains for the job. You provide them with those training wheels and the moment and that got this goes back a year he would let a year ago it BJ would have allowed him to. So -- what you're providing training wheels. For a team in your own division that you have a rivalry where or you know it's not so much that -- the best at what he does he's going to be successful it's the optics. And the optics are bad guy came here. Somewhat under false pretense it's. To become the manager of the team and almost from the moment he got here was looking to get out. And you know you hear these guys -- thirty jobs in the big leagues at the top jobs to get. No I grew up in Toronto where the Toronto maple -- baseball -- topic -- often argued. It -- Dick Williams went from Toronto to management that talks that would be good think. What we stopped being -- -- up front in the long time ago. So the idea of you know the blue jays and -- -- providing the next guy tricky -- that historically been far better than your team. Doesn't sit well with people. Listen all of that the use that is probably true as he did wanna get out a year ago but it sounds to me and everything that I read over the last few months of the season. Like people were getting sick and tired. Off of him that they didn't think he was a real good manager. So -- YY beat. Stuff. Well you know I'm I'm you know I'm in the back yup I'm not because it if you read my work I've been saying that for awhile. If you were it anyone else's work no one's been saying. So they count hadn't really to treat Asian plate when it comes to baseball -- hadn't really turned on him person -- And the blue jays season was so he'll look injuries that. You know people didn't notice of the chase or running -- that the gains in the real prepared and it wasn't really until late season story that I Britain. Where Omar Vizquel had basically. -- question -- leadership and question here's. There which you know -- semen and the way in which he kind of loop. He thought he ran a really loose ship and allowed way to much to go on in this that he didn't benefit from his leadership. Let me let me ask about that I -- ask you about that Omar -- since you brought it up and apologize for interrupting but I want to get in that this guy. Who's not known as a bitch her and complainer. He has no reason to do it now as he he's taken off into the into the wilderness here at age 45 or whatever. For him to say something like that was extremely surprised -- what he -- why do you think you did. Well here's the point -- let let me let me just explain what happened. It was it was you know escobar's first game back after. Having the slower under his allies after the suspension dispersed in Toronto until my intention was to go and write a column. On Yunel escobar's first game back. So we went to Omar and talk to him quite a bit about you know and about what happened and about the whole situation. And what everybody -- at -- -- to a remain. And asked him about you know what happened this year with the -- frankly I was in the banking it for a peace in on his retirement. A couple days later and all the sudden. I don't think he was prepared and I certainly wouldn't care for what came out of his mouth. He just started talking about. You know the lack of sort of direction that the team -- and how young guys we're getting away with things and there was no real. Policing in the club house and it and I am thinking to myself -- it'll be you know up about all of this is -- so much better. I don't think -- look to create -- storm that eventually happened that led to a a club post meeting that it stated as an apology the strange apology on his part he apologized for what he said. Or the timing of what he said but not for what set. And -- old Curtis Kelly immediate I don't know what you backed into me he put the ultimate professional side. He's not a finger point supposedly. He's not any of those things he's pro. And I think you hit that -- these kids didn't hear so and disciplined on the field. And he -- the blue jays play they would terribly under Clinton on the field. Are at -- apartment wearing the head writing. Eight in the strips under his eyes for some time and nobody noticed. No he had written messages before and apparently the other messages more problematic. War. -- so this was the one time where something blows and apparently no I've never heard anyone say they knew it was there that day. But but you know that's you know again the next -- -- Carroll put -- the rule no writing on the art. But you know I think what Omar said -- if you watch the -- play. If you watch how many innings they ran themselves out of if you watched how often they would do things on the field that would take about I don't. Who's able to sit and think about it -- -- production content you started to wonder what kind of correction where they get in or how much were they really on their own. And when they made a mistake what was the punishment not what he was surprised about I think you're talking a lot of old Brett Lawrie. Who bit difficult to Tinker -- But I think. Are you looking to John felt they wanna think he talked about would not being -- sort of reckless on the based out of the word Toronto and it made it yet that waited curriculum in Boston. Well I was gonna ask you Steve -- -- -- John -- will be here. I think he's a terrific mayor. -- that that makes any sense at all and so the director casting for the movie. He's got part I keep you fit the part perfectly looks like the marriage felt like American. But it'll play. Peace style baseball player that John -- baseball. You don't know after two years which on -- baseball is other than this team you know. In terms of luck. -- fundamentals. Was -- really -- I'm you know -- watched what Buck Showalter did with the Baltimore Orioles and couldn't help but be impressed and then you'd watched the blue -- continually beat themselves. And so I say -- Michael may be a better players to be a better manager. I do I commit the person I do think he comes off very confident need to handle all of the other things managers have to do the media work and all that rather. -- -- a little too corporate for me. It feels more corporate and he -- baseball ethnic any. Doesn't that description -- it it makes sense but I understand in all fairness now from looking at Toronto and and there have been a lot of guys who've had. Now some success -- low eighties to mid eighties whether it's you know Tim Johnson four year. A -- for cozy John Gibbons. Is there any guy. -- -- -- Who has inspired you with confidence in who has who has made you say okay you're going in the right direction. This is the guy and get Toronto back to where they were in the early nineties. Well I'll go back Bobby culture did what he was here he -- -- just -- -- long ago. I thought you can -- Tim -- -- -- doesn't get one good season and -- off in the told the Vietnam stories and the only guy like along the way that I thought I promise was dawn Gibbons. And unfortunately the general manager at the -- with JP maturity. Who you know the one year planned this year became the three year plan and actionable confide your plan and the year after that begins at 7 o'clock. So he kept changing what he was trying to do. And so why are much anyone could -- successfully. In those states that right now actually -- initial roster of young players. And somewhere in the -- a reasonably decent situation. But putt. The last two years. The progress that was expected to be made an -- system this year and the injury just decimated on girls' team. But but before that they were playing terrific ball either well -- bolted together so get off they would let I've written in in the paper. I don't know what he and four I don't know what is kind of baseball is the only thing I can say that what it seemed shall mean anyway. You don't give up. I -- to -- in the natural true. You would hire him to be the actor who plays the manager that's pretty much weighted down. Hear it you could be in the movie. It here in -- he would be closer art how -- -- -- -- Philip Seymour probably pick the -- about -- Yeah -- a terrible shot the. -- Steve we'll check -- with -- -- -- -- how this all plays out can be fascinating it's all happening right in the division potato and Uga and it's a state. Expires get a story right now saying that the reports appear on David Ortiz. The new year agreement on a two year deal. Or inaccurate we'll give you more. On -- David David thanks and we'll give you -- segment.

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