Oct 23, 2012|

hear a fantasic back-to-back comparison of the former and current Red Sox Managers.

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Bobby Valentine is out. John Ferrero loses in this and I feel fortunate to be the one that's been selected Bobby knew some people that we know from the media. I don't let's go to -- put it does tell me about Derek yeah why don't in fact I'm sure -- Joseph -- actually knows some people that play for the Red Sox job and I according had a couple of conversations. His delivery. And went through some changes sometimes Bobby didn't sound like he really wanted to -- a year have a great week. Critics while Farrell on the other hand the -- -- they have the Red Sox -- do you have interest and I said. Alex I said yes I would probably could sometimes come off as a little condescending. -- if yes tradition did did -- question that -- -- -- -- that -- whereas barrels seems nothing if not gracious you know Lou there's a there's a number of things you've played here you know with a slight chances to play this great game and in this incredible city Bobby was known to cause some people hours. I don't we hear about Kirk Gibson didn't end how much the other players don't like you don't incur about Jim Leland. -- who's so upset with GM Cleveland's pitching moves John -- Links to compliment people feel for the guys and interviewed here and all equality before you know tomorrow hell tomorrow like to Brad Ausmus Tony -- sometimes -- didn't really have the answers how has it been different -- usual the communication than you're accustomed to. Dealing with in the past. Canada whereas John Ferrell can you talk specifically John Q potentials and it's her chance with some of those guys. Come from Toronto with -- yes there's a lot of conversations on the war. Most of the attribution characteristic that we want so yeah Bobby's -- car and -- then it's OK guys appreciate it things are going to be different.

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