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Curt Schilling: John Farrell has a presence the Sox need

Oct 23, 2012|

ESPN MLB Analyst Curt Schilling joined D&C to give his take on the Sox bringing in John Farrell as manager and what he learned from his experience in Toronto. Curt touches on why pitching coaches struggle as managers, what effect the players liking Farrell will have on his ability to manage, and if he is overqualified to be the Sox skipper. He also talks about the confidence he has in Farrell’s ability to handle everything the Sox will throw at him, if he can fix Lester and Buchholz, how will the Sox start to rebuild, and who’s the favorite to win the World Series.

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He is on the his way to the World Series ESPN's baseball maven Curt Schilling joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T. Four GL TV good morning show how are yeah. Good good -- humor of people the moral good morning -- excellent -- is there anything more disappointing than a blowout game seven Alison works on the winning team I guess. I probably jump start our white the little guys don't know what to expect it but I know it's funny because we were talking about last night -- So some pioneered and I would this way when I got in trouble. That you looked at there rally this for -- for about the game was over right it happened in about six pitches if you look at the way to -- got -- first -- a number eight in the first sets. Yeah I'm running where I can boast it's got all the neighbors everybody each one and so you know I would -- -- an object to -- up in the span of about and it's secret to anybody up the loose minute game. -- hey you you mentioned the reverse Sloc Overland to the other day didn't think it was anyway could lose and he didn't always look and then another one of those. Wednesday night. I think everyone in this starts now insurance group then people remember worse Mark Parrish don't believe it deemed by the Pope would expect for a -- and that's where he'd leave you got it can understand how. Or who would be worked. And eat out choose the matter wrote this kind of being prepared because we're preparing everybody gonna dominate and it's. Did you well because you're dead it's you know we have the wind or keep up by it these arts. Much of what he does makes him a singular talent in baseball. But the thing that is most notable -- is how he and you talked about this in the past gets better and better and faster and faster and finer and finer as the game goes on does that make him a freak. But it's got to do notice that that that better and better the later in the game has now started at the beginning and it is this coming out now. On 929195. In the first sector do you understand. That in no -- that you know the winning run at a leadoff hitter and you're you're gonna you're gonna end up Roy and eight innings giving up three runs and are -- so but the -- are -- and particularly in October. First pick of the expansion draft king Felix -- rural lender for Curt Schilling the general manager. Oh and I I got zero dollar now -- -- -- but -- -- talk about long term -- why it's below two -- B&B people lose and you're. -- Where where do you give the giants the edge because he faces much better lineup than this on a daily basis in the American League. There's not a lot of threats not a lot of guys that he has to be be careful out. But I don't know I don't -- yards into anywhere but it's. I mean. This is this the cardinal -- not sure I mean right they have found themselves in situations where. They'll be down 311 in three straight one in three straight or -- on the road ya ya mean this is the comptroller. Is good time when there's that whole team being actually matters. Wouldn't wind it could be -- we did we watch these games keep you realize that it's only October does no walks like -- Lleyton. Engagement teams that that they catch the ball better and and play party. -- think -- -- you -- make sure our people we get no -- the Arnold you've already been about Babin kicked them all I'm a couple can cultured. And ended up winning those games. Mean that was what our offense which saw all on believe what I think I don't think you have an opportunity in the in the -- -- professor they've got to catch the ball meant gotta play they've got to do things get. The -- shore up. -- hurting your estimation what does that say about the cardinals and maybe in the big picture what does that say about Major League Baseball when the cardinals can get the seventh game of the NLCS after losing Albert -- Tony La Russa. What would like to think about the cardinals -- particles and right now Guillermo how much if you watched it. That the Rosenthal cute they were bringing an end in the third -- or -- York -- -- object to the starter in the minor leagues. They've got that pyramid got Shelby Miller Boudreau was bullish bet they're not gonna miss a beat India and can they help the team and I have limited and hold on -- compete I mean I think he did a phenomenal job the cure. I think you want to be a phenomenal man and that's organization they believe but insisted this also -- called -- world. Can make baseball players everybody that comes up in the organization and get to the big -- Understand how to play the game right but it became part of playing winning baseball most current overlooked that's an incredible scouting and credible player development systems. I know and give us a Wii -- as soon as I wrote this morning as we said many times courage you saw the Bobby Valentine disaster come on the rest of us most of us were. Brawl and we got sold we got snookered by Bobby and by his supporters over there at Fenway Park you didn't you didn't. What's how's this gonna work. With John Farrell he's gotten nowhere go but up is going to be very easy act to follow. Does is he here because he can get the best I'm Lester and buckles and do you have any doubt that they will. No I don't Annika and I would tell you right up about. And I I don't -- to some degree I'm not I don't think it's -- it's it's a good thing but it Eric could you look at the comments from acquired. Just a cup to -- initially how excited they are and we are about going to be here number one that you've got something different and I kept trying to think that the work at an end and are or why this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cabrera had a presence. And that's a big field but got to be part of be -- manager Mike -- -- departments and and they pick their -- they're incredibly well respected. They are -- they're meant towards their -- their cultures their teachers their. They're disciplinary there all the things you need to be wherever. -- -- In historic. America got the big PR because -- -- out -- that's when he forced out of immediate spike always look and now you have to have a manager who buys into you know the old Reagan quote. You know anybody can do anything you want as auditors who gets the credit and below what most guys that fit the comfortably enough. Do you believe -- whoa whoa why are pitching coaches so rarely. Good managers and on the final four teams all managed by -- as we know catchers can manage why can't pitchers. But you can create art and I think I think not being here. How -- could grab. Although and I don't I think -- -- there a lot of pitchers -- didn't. Didn't the focus on the on the stop going on outside of on the ball you have to understand it's an original fallout how it works more bored playing everyday needs the guys now how that work and and and you know we -- I would argue there could see pitcher -- general economy are either fantastic or terrible manager -- no gray area -- And -- I mean it's true you look around the league and all the good managers and all good form and most of you have just human history. Curse you might expect some of the people who are not so Holland John -- being the new Red Sox manager -- cite the following fact. Other players all seem to like him the players all seem to want him who the players have won again and they get this queasy feeling the biggest walked upon his they're not a difference between liking the guy in endorsing his candidacy if you will vs respecting what it is he brings to the table. Well I think that -- ball right now are you know Bluetooth you know the way this looks from the outside is that there. The players -- and cargo to -- -- -- right -- didn't play chartered out for good enough to conserve. Inevitable transcript so I think I think -- I think at the end of the day though the good -- and I could only tell you that he uses. Overqualified demanded by federal -- pretty much reposition of baseball this guy -- sit here and -- are unbelievable. Three and you'll see -- got to understand that you don't really good and you could happen spent by the commence in the concurrence of the guys understand well what the make peace because I'm not actually brings that they would not what I gonna meet this team is going to have a lot of trouble. In my mind when in 95 inch circle your Ryan's sole. -- and I think the fans in Boston and can -- particular Margaret I want things are headed in the right direction copy our weather. When the on field reclamation project of the pitching staff starts in Fort Myers in February. Will John Ferrell have to tread lightly with his real pitching coach in terms of his input and not stepping on toes we'll -- that fine line to walker. I don't believe those two words existing is a -- or he won't trip what are we anywhere else he won't step on people's -- go do the job he need to do and then I think I think good good whoever he brings in his pitching coach -- understand the relationship -- locally there -- the -- need -- and it's actually a great but I do think that way. But he certainly not going to be. Taken aback by the president not Balkans you crystal ball and put the same time so regardless what are bought hopes to reach standard thing what coworker and getting back who have -- -- bit -- -- -- first. In what do you when you looked at -- buckled and and and what happened this year especially to Lester. Do you see it as a problem that can be fixed by a new manager is John Farrell. Gonna come in there to fix those guys. Well no I mean I'm mark got picked himself are the only guy I incur impairment had them it's becoming one of our our pitchers in the game -- her -- -- -- -- Probably compare carpet got very little reason to play a -- Detroit weeks -- or is he -- You know I can't -- won't knock it got you can't go out the water -- -- understand how to get it not occur to me most important thing is that they get. They're baseball IQ goes up and they understand what they need to do to address their own issues because. Guard that people want the peak concurrent wanted to make sure post two guys I think the ball or could they give him a chance to work. Do you think they'll spend all this money they have that they save in the Gonzales Crawford deal wisely do you expect this -- -- -- is this just the first of many big big moves. From the state incurred in this offseason. Well I think it's going to be in the slugger perhaps the -- I mean this as a player development machine you look at a lot of what has happened a lot and years it was because they got serious about the -- scouting and a way that would be -- troll and I think that's -- I don't know -- that's gotten away from them but it's different compared. You know -- and I think Pickens Austria it was tourist trade that there you saw I don't like you saw a lot of incredible help young players leaving the system. -- for big money the big country could -- in certain places that perhaps the right -- there but this horse commodities corner to look at -- three agents. I don't know occurs there's been 125 million dollar gotten except for maybe is not ideal -- hundred per under the carpet couldn't -- Right a final question to -- despite John -- lack of success in Toronto is it safe to assume that he got smarter managerial wise just in terms of how to manage a ballclub how to organize spring training how to do all the things managers need to do he got smarter on the jays dime and is a better manager than it was two years ago. I think -- the exactly the way I would I would be looking edited the bit type like John -- -- better. With the work 200 underneath and ends -- -- trying to wouldn't Bennett. Knowing how he operates as the tallest LP figure porcelain god won't disappear and it didn't work. This is the way it should be kind of you know they're analog out -- -- -- -- so what. He had won about spoke and got in the game in Toronto Brian Butterfield period and current coach Brian barker was one of the best. Coach Doug ever been around them and Arizona phenomenal quote Herbert. Amazing thing about portable as well and tried to tell you that -- he's learned an important point Buckeyes -- new or multiply. Best of final question but I live one more just occurred to me we we spent so much time over the years talking to you when you're trying to get your arm back in shape -- was hanging by -- spaghetti thread about the pain all that sort of stuff. -- feel this young now the -- baseball does does that bother you do you notice citizens inconsequential versatility. Only when I was good. I'm I'm I'm done being -- bit of control something harder naturally so -- targeted no work going. Taught by both my daughters doubles all you. And enjoy and no other. So you brush your -- -- left and put in replacement light -- the left tennis that it remote repair our hundred barrel while I walk away and third period were trust -- -- -- -- Curt Schilling thanks very much for the time enjoy the World Series you talked you down the road. -- ESPN's Curt Schilling -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible only when delicious arm -- Yeah but you know the usual lost the intellectual Picard drives he can he. He's the first guy told us that you know you have to learn and the young age shake hands whenever they chickens that team is always left London on the car door and didn't you know whenever -- crack a beer open yet left hand you don't mess with that. When the moneymaker the right hand maybe that's what they can tell Jon Lester and clay buckle they should say. To just a right handed do with your right hand yet you don't hear it's it it turned -- -- being amphibious yeah we'll be right back.

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