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Monday, October 22nd Whiner Line

Oct 22, 2012|

A win is a win, ain't it?

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My view as an excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying these teen TE Chris Cox didn't. This is discretionary box. Lynn Morris and now those -- weren't your line. Do you guys know me but I'm about as positive a guy is there is I believe our teams better than every. Team in the league and now that team's going going sold bar. If I'm the only guy that leads I'm not a great leader. -- okay. I can't leave myself. This whole group of men wings don't win guys have been about me the WEEI. Who -- near lie in what felt that way not. One -- on. Do you want it or not. Do you understand there's a price to pay dial 6177793535. Dollars a difference between having fun. And being a jackass our defense was a jackass when we went to Austria and being a bunch of and chief murders before it goes stretch and all that. That's -- Jack gaffes and whiner line books and make sure we play like a New York Jets and not some. Team that's what I wanna see you tomorrow and now what do we understand what the wanna see you tomorrow let's go to -- god -- back -- -- WEE I want. Did -- actually be used again now when we get from home but only lost the game OK that's what you've gotten in October. When football starts -- women Thanksgiving you'll hear. That restaurant you mocking me. Why would -- -- Glenn I've heard by then why would shake. Why would you agree. Let's artful artful and it definitely. Is Mike here tonight and I'm here. And today I am I ever a -- like -- hay Adams. Certainly you know you guys had pretty good weeks this week on the football picks -- wallowing in. Any overhear what was your record while ago but it everybody one I got twelfth. Would you yet at like eight. I'm just I don't know but now fallen further and further behind it's it's it's instantly apparent hockey. -- Financial analyst powered by AT&T WEE I live it's available to derive all their -- -- Blackberry device -- -- he might not yet. Brought to you why AT&T. AT&T -- -- has not yet. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. Not have. Act and act this Jazz -- -- not 70. -- for three GAT and T rethink possible -- lots -- us to look at them. -- new phone number. The first number really loud I are you better write what you want him but he -- you know I haven't that it. That is the way it is done it and number commands. It you know and number. And that's -- I don't know the numbers screwed it up one time today so. You're onto something sir it's thinking yeah. If you guys noticed last night that the patriots game when you have -- final play was an out of the crowd out EDS's -- -- Said that the New York Jets go to law -- property AFC. -- We -- holds up which we expect that we'll get. Dubious -- biggest underdog of the day in the league. Patriots I should say yeah. Guys didn't -- enough and not against the patriots come on now. We know they were -- well. And now Michael already through that earlier and he's right day they love the -- Iran but it but what gets me about the Jim -- mistake he is. It's what you -- can slip a word to say need New York instead of New England. But this was a conscious. Thought he was this thing out -- actually -- and it was wishing it knowing he believed it does -- gig and a play that same game. Mike's right about this he brought this up Michael brought it up. They love to an -- he has I think Jim -- as a cue card that says this is some version of the following. It was Robert Kraft and his son Jonathan -- a lot of wonderful job -- W -- I don't take your place it is just incredible. Have a model. The model for all holders to follow the lead on an. Advantage -- that's not that's not the case what a screw up by Manchester come tonight with Mike Edwards CBS offices all -- York's -- due to indie scene outside the CBS offices -- drivers are down. He could have been longer on that and anyway BP this is that wrong wanted to say you don't net balls to say or something. You're going to be doubles -- out what is elevated their personal networks and off funny here died and the -- I got this message board Jim Nance. Idiot -- attacked my and I felt schedule look like the patriots are planned the a province steamroller next week and does not call and that weren't we feel like in the game but it's always a great game went to rival from. Good US football league get together so. I feel like and I just get back when everything. It is shocking and in the premier announcer the number one team on the network to make a mistake like that some. Tom Hanks -- and -- only exactly. And very. Yeah you have to forgive him Nancy. No but no this country and god we have twelve kind of talkative. And -- Actually Tom Hanks doing that that's just the slippage of the time you know that he normally. Talks like that and so we just they don't often -- So he deep thought he was off the airy just through the word out -- this is a little bit different and he apologized immediately they -- -- know. -- Yeah I asked. I don't think he goes boom. Oh lord you know it's very. And -- can imagine the liberal left of that -- scrubbed yesterday. Dear CBS residence your guys I'll I live and I would never do something like that please hire me. But in college football is big Connelly. This the F. And their message out and up to 37 industry and couldn't I couldn't do it anyway. -- -- -- So I don't understand what's good for you have football. If you can't beat them. We. It's. -- Yeah that's when it was that spot different court today we've got to -- but wondering. You know about it. And message. One straight and couldn't get a gone. Yesterday you'll always be memorable for me. Not because the -- wanna know what time not because -- read our elected John Barrow there's a bit address. On -- big George adopt a guy Bill Belichick took the opportunity. I'll. Let Brian -- big field. And Cuba that was was born on another ten K -- guy. If and they feel you -- hers. The bill can actually get his arms right now. Rex Ryan went from like did all right and you'll order form. -- -- hit store. Bob Bryant all well and then. When your mastery of tone he was also another -- than not than his brother rob I would say that jobs -- values he's. Plus players flying everywhere you know who have been operatives Wednesday -- -- Teixeira goes next them. Big brown noted that can go -- the mark of Harry Callahan. And gave up some numbers. I was crying about how would take his kids but -- the way they. Good defense that it -- I love -- on the hatred of running up. And -- met Michael brought this -- up -- the soccer mom would you call this sesame sesame talk about -- that whatever you -- it Michael I would say it has now and I don't I don't know what you're saying but but it was -- that we have now it was a good point because the soccer moms. One of this now they have it now they're rejecting jamaat. Program you know weekly. More like it was I would bet that have been out. Paul are going. That went on the more. That -- brutality and go to break. That was up. Habitat right they any good don't they editing at all I don't like -- It. Ball powdery but this is a lot of ways united in begs the question would you rather would you rather -- them ought to do it yeah yeah. Back. -- -- -- -- Particularly eastern -- it's all Washington -- it's. All. You know I was -- bit about it it's output that they -- problems and helping them out last night. I'm sure glad I didn't realize not -- bad -- twelve bare back and. It's going ways and shrimp and wind driven the fans again -- and surprise to. The deal. The and -- But it's not -- the going to be that would that would back and his message. Maybe you don't have a Bob crap I can save some money out of -- standout -- -- I think are birdie. And message. Washington -- -- you -- -- because you know the patriots defensive game plan for this Eli Manning. Security well -- -- in the mail. And disconnected. You lose track of Victor Cruz and the situation I don't know smaller than most the first play after the all you like. The with. It -- my colleagues think that they accrued as a little kid is cool yeah I think it. And electrical Wahlberg. And it was like the slope is always in the end zone that's right as a classic. That come up with something new it's easy to Europe or something really. He owns it a year and apple fields. Excuses not solitary run on -- suck up to like Murkowski spike. Not really now needs to Newton. Where you're gonna go back to the running man -- I just don't have. I just hope he doesn't sell offs to average an -- I just -- I just I just because of -- Aaron Rodgers and sold off to an insurance company commercial okay now. To its two with two -- -- -- you know there was -- Jones to the kiwi says that this week ask him as a role a lot of people are into the. I have heard Ryan in this very good game you have to pay it patent act. I don't know I don't say these. What only path -- -- we get it going to need some great battles ball. They are all. Let it go they. Yeah it. In a word he says. Russia in Russia and yeah I understand who it is nice to hear it and you -- that you. I don't know what how bad I could that's what I hope they thought would. You reported about that a said that -- -- do -- we probably. Don't. -- It. But the bit about being that we don't know about. Opted I want. Popular support that -- that a group didn't. Still leaks and message and -- -- places it does somewhat limited in if you only win by 35 or forty shame on you get the nasal thing work and everything. All into Greinke and you getting here. You barely enough. That happening if a lot of that -- And two loss happens so often I would -- -- -- it's -- -- Paper and the best. About crap I think about -- about Pacman still available. At the cup this thing that I think that the Fed cup and you know. And that's -- do you actually think that she realizes that the Yankee season is over two shares of Mets and yankees technically correct as shares of mentioning it should schemes for somebody should powder her balls it. Expect out of patriots won the game yesterday they want that it barely -- -- rarely -- rarely -- -- barely -- put me. You know me you know yeah. -- -- land -- I think I. What a bit more appropriate -- com. You know I would really hope in the Red Sox credit to the comedy -- -- go and select will -- and dead. By the end. Yes because the red -- should our Neil Diamond as a manager because your people because they gave up next here. Press -- while they want to go equipment could have got back. And. Only pessimistic people he got next -- who got next year editorials. The Red Sox and by another 2012 -- I don't think I I don't think you're feeling you know their roots and I didn't matter anyway I -- tell you voted for 74 wins she thought it at all like do you -- embezzlement is seven until they get Joe Mauer hey you know they'd like Josh Hamilton Mikey it was just think it and it based on your track record -- -- awards 42 an extra. And -- To -- the opposite -- -- you know I've got I think. But. And this message. Out. Smoke about a minute before I went out to -- well and well. I could get an armada Spain. Yeah. This day don't you haven't done. I had a pretty. I. I'll let the bad happening on kind of built an area. And then that you really does not -- to -- That's our loyal as -- Covered -- -- -- -- -- was that Alcatel damn it I it's not like I was not and should. Now are evident again. It and -- -- -- very diamonds. Uncle Earl there. They got -- whiner line today powered by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to -- especially the three GAT and T rethink class a ball is high right now.

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