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Bill Belichick: Close wins to be expected in a tough league, every team is good

Oct 22, 2012|

We speak with Bill Belichick on a Patriots Monday live from Foxboro and get his take on the Patriots comeback win over the Jets this past Sunday.

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-- the big show Ford why Hollywood and the -- It's patriots money it's time for our no nonsense conversation with a coach -- check SP alive the no nonsense. Life insurance company an -- for -- lower rates for men and women. Call 888 get SB alike or visit SB -- dot com for your frequent coach we don't today -- -- -- Here's bill -- and are nice nice swing yesterday event an opportunity obviously to look a lot at the film yesterday you talked about the end of the game. You saw improvement where did you see improvement in did you see the secondary yesterday. William least we will not hit a winner of the six balls thrown over an alleged in the -- in the house so start. But. I mean that thing was we finished the game we -- please. You know offensive drive big field goal. Another offensive -- to field goal defense -- stock really to defense stuffed -- you know we held to feel a little. When they get the ball there after the -- -- at the end of the game it in regulation. And got the ball back for an offense we still had a time out on tour with so. On some of our situation play it was better third down offensively no turnovers and only had a ball while the our red area play defensively I think horrible situation for those that are meant certain there's a lot of things that we can. Improve on and do better I'm not saying that. There was stuff with some positives and and we made more plays and just to postpone. We are a lot of thought terminology of football and talk a lot about schemes but you just mentioned six balls to hold your head is the is the message to the team. Forget about strategy just don't let them throw the ball over your head which was really as simple as that during the week of practice. Well -- mean that's always. That's always -- point emphasis -- -- we never we never wanna give at all but one place that's obvious and the fact that yesterday we had to -- greater stops because they. Didn't get -- monthly you know there trying to throw some shots up there -- minute drive through the writers were able to get stops with camera close to block and one of those few holes so. That's certainly one way to keep the points down is to have this tonight give it up in one big shot maker of drugs that make him earn it. Sometimes they aren't sometimes we stop themselves. You know one -- stockman and our ability to get the ball and in the greater offensively. An innocent up in big it was and again. -- During my guns on January whatever you want a future -- off the turn that thing it's -- Or. It's important look and if when frequency. Good that -- undated John it came -- -- mineral couple of a real solid tackles and the running game. And they try to throwing up on him and he was back there was there aren't an over the top of them. Again there's always thinks it can be improved on but I thought he had but it played real solid game force -- tackling in run force. Defendant be part of the field that showed good range back there. Then for somebody hadn't been doing all year just couple days breakfast authority. He he really solidified that part of the field for us and it was good. They always talk about every year is different different personnel and different personnel and we see you do different things and obviously you game plan from. From week to week but it's more concerted effort. To run the ball and we talked about this earlier in the year about. Five -- six DBs but would it have something to do it may be a bigger game plan and that you look at out and extend out the entire season. And think of what you need to do so you're never one dimensional because it just seems to be more. Of an effort right now toward running that football making sure that you stay with that. Well I would say the big thing in in the running game and the passing game as we still want try to get plays that are advantageous to. Tell us how many we we don't want ironically just say OK you'll week. We ran it or through it and we have no chance on the plus you know just the bad play into that they get too many people or. They have so leveraged or whatever it is just I don't see the point and so okay well we ran at. We have no chance to gain anything on the play -- was -- accomplished so. -- we feel like we have a fair fight we can. You know we we have enough numbers are an -- leverage or or enough space to work and whatever that type places and you know it's great to be balanced and it's great to be able to spread things around and get the ball to different people and all that. A couple of when you're doing it just say we're doing it and it's not really much opportunity there and that's. I don't really subscribe to. -- Given a number of overtime games in your career as a coach obviously but yesterday it was a first time in a regular season. We have these new overtime rules and play right at any point. Whether you were on offense or or defending your three point lead did you have a different thought on -- -- and we can't be in this coverage because. If they get a touchdown they win it or maybe we think about taking a shot here because we can win here did you do those thoughts cross your mind with this new overtime set -- yesterday. Yeah well definitely sure after we kicked the field goal. Then we when we come back on field and in the first thing we reminded all worse than the players but reminder salters everything's for an -- now additional -- So. Third down is really second down if you will their fourth downs -- third down I mean. -- in in terms of thinking about your calls and so forth so. That's why when one. On the on the on less possessions just -- that those those second and third down plays were really kind of like first and second place. And -- we knew that they would would go for a fourth down because of the situation and that's different than what with the rest of the game basically. So. Yeah it's a definitely thought process calls changed little that your play Coleman changed a little bit dependent on. And offensively we knew that if we scored a touchdown we did and the game although we never really. Close enough for that situation you know we're just trying to get first downs get in the field goal range which we did. We are trying to pick a first down at that point as opposed to to really try and get close enough to score. But have we done that then. For example if you -- it was fourth Indian and a fourth and 14 and two examples of -- 152010. -- -- line. Touchdown in that field goal doesn't and it eminent position. Do you think you can make that one play to. To get the touchdown. Is worth the risk isn't enough that the change your -- conclude from wasn't accessory just kicked a field goal went in opposite. There's been so much debate I think that's I think defensively too because of watching the jets play. Once we got in a field goal range I think they were trying to keep from getting in the end -- You know it was and it will we got to keep from kick a field goal it was all we gotta keep from score the touchdown. And that was a lot different than in the old rules bird you're trying to do Ernie -- pushing back and make along feel able. Whereas in here and fuel doesn't feature. Possession is so much debate about this system before it came in the place. People have ideas on what may be over time should be this relationship this -- you think this is that. Is this the fairest. System is just the right one. Why don't like -- no I I don't like it the way it is now now no because I think the dust part of the football game is the end of the game. You know whether you take your time announce that he managed a game the last two minutes of the game get the ball back trying to keep the ball in the team whatever it is. I think that's that combines all the elements of football strategy. And all of the the the hitting the skills and the strategy of the game that'll -- -- play at the end of the game -- the and a half. When it's the first team to score or. You know how over the rules -- The latest in college give them all 25 yard line you score we score that kind of the you know that's not the end of the game. It's like basketball you go on he played basketball game comes down the end of regulation making three point shots -- Fallon. Your press and trying to get the ball back OK great now you're in overtime -- -- same thing. You get that same strategic element in of the basketball games. -- behind your Fallon he's taken three point shots appear headed here. Who worked on the clock but that's an important strategy part of the game -- football we've we've lost that with the rules that we hadn't found in. The rules are college of loss that is so. That's something we wanna take away from the -- then we've taken away that something else if that's better. Maybe some people think it is like I personally like the end of the game strategy. That's football I think it's one of the greatest parts of the game and I hate to see. That given out for a different set of rules and over time first team to score me you know we'll with the rules are that it's not the end game strategy. Like you haven't basketball worry you you've played a clock and we don't really play at the clock were planned for. Possessions then. Which scores count the most. So would you rather see an extended period just one extra period. As opposed to a flip -- the court and one team get the ball that sudden death don't put some final clock and play. Not sudden death. -- fifteen minutes. We're only a plate again and again athlete in attendance only you know whatever we decide eight minutes ten minutes that whatever it is it is and government timeouts you wanna know -- that whatever whatever the you know the fair formula news. But definitely gains are gonna go along certain amount of time anyway it would averages. You know over time whether the average -- six minutes and it's time I don't know whatever averages out -- days. We wanna play -- amount time and one team and controllable for a home on time and in. -- if they can't then you know they score doesn't mean that it's over the other team can come back they could go for two naked in place game. I think that's a great strategy isn't -- getting difficult for two and you know being able to use your -- Nelson. Or or control ball knocking the other but the other team accountable in the -- things minutes. That's it's a creek park football alone and -- -- and a half and the game minutes. It's you know a lot of thinking goes along with all the skills and and contact the council's -- it'll comes together. And that one. And the game's scenario there's many different options and strategies that make it's it's. The college game is crazy we have a low scoring game and then watch them go back and forth and it's six overtime 35 to thirty gamers something like -- -- behind her back. That's just it it's crazy. When you when you look at a game like that and you see you're going back and forth. That fourth quarter year there was the ten point lead -- -- wasn't going in the fourth quarter. We we see this couple times this year is during one thing you're looking at the events. Tends to break down that allows those teams back in the game was it isn't just. A phone -- in it and if that's the case does a game like this -- out that a war bring you back to where you want a bit. Well we've we've looked all games and then when you put the jets game in there I think each game has played out a little bit differently. So this one it it had its elements I don't think they were the same as the other games but. The result was the sign that went from in a ten point lead to a three point deficit. But the the things that happen in the Vietnam. Along -- often to pass interference call. Fumbled kickoff return. Two minute I mean it was just that different -- -- was different set of circumstances. I don't think you can look at it says wells. The exact same thing 74 in his heroes we can't let this happen again -- don't really think that's the way it's played -- and so. Just as we said situational football speech came -- Sony unique and you work on situations all week you talk about all week. But there's a thousand album and five or six come up. And the other 900 and whatever don't but it's the ones that do that. If you can doom well you win and if you don't do well then you're probably lose because the games and now reduced after 56575059. Minutes. It's now been reduced to a handful place or maybe one play. And what what can you do on that one point and so truly become situation football on. You try to prepare for all those situations. Those that they don't keep repeating. Sometimes they do but you can't count on on funds and situations so. Deaths. Glad we -- glad we did the things we need to do to win. Look -- it like to stay out that situation won by seventeen points sure. That's NFL opening it seems like there's a little close games and national football and there's a lot of good teams good coaches good players. And Indian. It's usually pretty close. Well try and educate -- earlier which is very important to return OK that's tough but you know if you you've played them since you've been hearing for the jets 27 times. An average scores 2470. -- and 2417 patriots so. I'm sure you go and you -- And that includes a couple of laws that you've had over them but you probably go in thinking that it would sure love to win by twenty let -- go -- expecting. A one score game because on average. That's pretty much what has -- Well I think you do that every week -- I think every week you you have to be ready for a tight game at the end do we have to get the ball actually trying to conserve time which kinda. Expend time we tried to make first downs which on this score points we try to keep them from score points were trying to get the ball back. Onside kick hands team all -- on all that stuff whatever it is if you rate for all that. And that all comes up in close games so. In -- can execute in those key situations. -- okay those twenty some games that we do for instance. How to do is what though wins and losses in. And I don't that was important I've got a W that's a little harder to care about another. It's just an average project. Throughout these -- I had that before they don't know we don't -- this interview will only get this question all the time. On the fact that you've given up a lot of passing yardage to this point. Yesterday it looked like you were rushing for you had mail off the off the center. The people is constantly -- want to put more of pass rush won't get forced to quarterback to hasten the the process. And then they're you know you're not gonna get the space on the receivers that you get from the from the DBs can you kind of explain. The is that that the delicate process -- of the balance of having enough guys back in in coverage vs the rush. And and how you formulated. Well I'd think you'd be pretty much boiled down that's that's a numbers game so. Eleven guys in reform puts a -- coverage or puts its and covers or six and put and -- funneled to receivers so. There's. Pluses and minuses to do and all the above and you just have to depend on the team your plan their style of play your match -- The formations and type of plays -- their run in some things are better than others and and here and the type of team New York what you're good at what you practice what you feel comfortable doing -- plays into -- so. I don't think there's any right or wrong answer. And certainly when something doesn't work it's always easy to. About some -- so. And that's those -- two options you can either change or regional and war. Continue to do we are doing trying to do better since the -- those are options and I think there's a policy that there's a place for both in their two. Did you change anything up on the strip sack at the end. Defensively. No longer I think. You know Jermaine made the play kitty got inside a more -- -- you know he'd been Russian more outside -- in -- the pocket got a hold senses feet. Made him pull the ball down and conflict -- Sanchez -- really a couple of I'm rob rancor on power and mr. Ogden in the Denver game and in the buffalo and he -- awareness as well as making a tackle the quarterback who's. To contact the -- And knock it out and crops and he's -- a lot of those placed -- -- and me instantly lists three last four games he's done so. Very alert plan on his part -- not enough and also recovered. And make the so's been a good team defense good coverage -- -- the bull Jamaica. Go hole was ankles of -- -- those continued eighteen and I. -- bet -- eighteen and I otherwise had a calculator -- blood out -- Thank you. So time now for the coach's question of the witnesses. For that brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and the complete. Lineup of 2013. Models on the web it in the USA dot com this week's question comes from Joseph in Providence -- wants -- know. How you develop your love for lacrosse do you see yourself coaching one. -- -- First line I have coached girls my coach what -- when those lines that Detroit coach withdrawals and New York. With another team. And I think that again you're. I've posted here in -- and my kids -- -- You know low levels. Not not the high school level but you know league teams in town -- So enjoy it across and enjoy coaching across and and Apple's growth is that it crosses a Maryland and and long -- come to -- Breeding grounds lacrosse. Much more so than baseball so in the spring -- across. And it's it's football basketball crosses that football basketball baseball. It's likely it across at a young age. And it was into the sport. And I have enjoyed opportunities -- two coaches so well. And you don't use scare those commit yourself did you skewer those of accused the votes are coming here to coach or Leuer. Our youth lacrosse team though. You know -- -- -- we get in the car and and come home Brian or Stephen would say to me. And then do your own country at their deals with the. I'm -- -- and old habits die hard. But what did you ever -- film of Jim Brown playing it. And did you and I have some pilot puts all of Solomon an accident that I went to one engine it was very you know it's six. 0121 engines can remember watching it yeah. And was it just I had -- I can imagine it was just kind of frightens me about on engines 663. To 35. -- mean in those days lacrosse players there when sixty ones and the one you mean you know. He was bigger faster stronger than than than in the agree it's the question group and enhance. And it was an accomplish across players in high school as well as. That's their views and lose physical talent plus you know the background because again back in those days. In the fifties and sixties along the players that -- great lacrosse players in place across the college. And -- 81 -- national champions is in his sixties and they won like. Six or seven. And over half their team had -- Carlos when -- got them and Ethel changes across now. Certainly Houston and high school programs are much more advanced than. That was the time and one -- American teams were anthem guys is that statistically go to college so. The gym wasn't in the category James you know it was announced in high school as a committee also was great track athlete and as -- it is for force -- unbelievable you know the coaches. Hours to occupy Mercedes -- and yeah indeed no more. And by -- -- that says life insurance company and our -- new lower rates for men and women call it again SP -- or visit SB -- dot com and by all historical marker on the future. I join the triple over at the London good luck against Saint Louis -- -- by -- of special plans are imminent and to go get a win and -- -- -- -- will do it on Tuesday next week Tuesday I guess we'll do an electrical -- -- -- congratulations Steve thanks I threw a quick break right back catchy there with the wind on.

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