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Vince Wilfork with the Big Show

Oct 22, 2012|

Michael Holley, Glenn Ordway and Steve Deossie spoke with Vince Wilfork live from Foxboro after the Patriots came back to win over the Jets on Sunday. Vince thinks the team made some improvements, but still has a long way to go.

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Big show and patriots money -- down here in Foxboro glove award why Michael Holley. And Steve DeOssie and it's time for our weekly get together with a big man Vince Wilfork. It is sponsored by Toyota of Nashua. Guy said the day off so low vets is on the -- of how we don't limits. What is a way it's well it's amazing how. Narrow these games can be what they all come down to end the the difference in. You know everybody's feelings was between -- win and loss. Or -- we know he has come through this week of Wimbledon charm or personal -- it was. That recovered off both of losses CEO -- Our home park are we came here for Guerrero -- -- -- -- -- ordered the armed torture so. I think everybody in the work as we get report spoke to certain what -- local partly seriously -- You know everybody is greater than double play in the script you know -- Don't do. I'm one of result -- result -- That promote all we -- there was a lot of talk about that yesterday -- it was perfect. Notable for what it was a lot of other -- that was the other yes there's -- -- -- legion. Actually look at the chairman and who ordered. -- -- -- We just haven't figured it figured struck you know and indeed that worked there we have it under. A different -- was full. What a little bit wherefore your record appears to always you know look at records when you talk about the -- days because. In no other teams know each other. Credit or you or duopoly and there's so you folks -- good football team and know each other very clear where -- And then it went -- -- -- and in critical stories and make your your article Torre's. That we get epidemic you know -- -- order -- -- that they. Well I was critical plays happened now early in the game and led to a safety as wonder from your perspective. Did you know as soon as you realize and educate them off the ball did you know that. Sanchez was in trouble. That green was in trouble handing off the volume had -- Lawson and very vulnerable position in the did you just did you have a sense that. That was the only to a big play. When I make contact with a call to arms yes. I didn't know what is it you know -- people turtle what are what are what are Obama happens -- I'll make -- -- carved art work offered requirement. Kind of felt -- ought to be you know upper part of the plate just because of church and not for -- a level they're urged. And I'll give a lot of movement on their wearing all white you're in order -- And luckily we knew we got we got one that was being you know we don't talk about -- in a curveball lord and try to all -- these are. Are properly you know that we that we held our -- as a parent you are part of it was a perfect -- required change you know we're the leaders will Alter. If there is an -- question Frances -- you reacted extremely quickly to the play value you fell again leverage on Lawson is. At what point did you say are trying to footballers that just instinct for you look at what. -- did they ignore the ball. Came -- so be it -- festivities here. I'll enter our regular all their church -- -- -- and our you know our street -- he would. Myself. The most part -- but it'll targeted -- they're looking silly it's probably. Our attitude was a ball -- Monday you know would be industries physical then they'll get the ball and the ball girl. The fear that you routed to so. You know government that is currently. Not -- view it would it would can now like well. Like our that we charge one another each -- terms or another just spiritual level playing individual. Topic -- it. It's it's it seems like we see this. Quite a bit but. The play that the end of the game to make you a -- is. Fumble was a group effort Cunningham was actually it was a Cunningham was in there around his legs. Oh before this before the strip though in the fumble was that they start going on there or do you just regulars individual play and give him. No you know our opponent so Paramount builders you know solar prosecute -- -- -- oracle world you know report over termed it goes very wouldn't rush. And everybody I think you're required. To -- but what would be you cannot -- required time. It is written during the Russian situation we have to get -- sort of gave was look we we sort of how we want to circle we order -- or may have a one on one. Was -- here -- are without -- wondered what Latin. To our right prominent north Cunningham. In Tikrit bridge a miracle played very very wanna bloggers force property. Just normal situation we talked about we go well. In a situation are being favorite it's Q where everywhere we -- their situation to situation. We we started this situation. We get in the local call for people who -- older or market blocked. Also apparently the place for there rob what is prepared and in the in the home recovered. So don't sell the paper was ordered it would recited in. The physical well no -- game on our shoulders. Couldn't give up a touchdown. -- and we we we -- cold or results of our one in the situation multiple. Polls door Alter our clothes were close. And Robert -- -- computer group could double older people or. I was gonna ask you about the difference of during the course of the game that look like you had a four man rush to most of the game with. Male playing off of the senator did you bring guys up from time to time or did you pretty much Russia it with a four man front to most of the game. Also apparently they were our former Russian armored effort we -- situation that we Carmen how all the players out. We got to move wouldn't wanna sort of be becoming we dictated. The rush. And all ordering it was a group if -- get better there in despair where. Our investor toward him like that it can work you know performed in got to go out with a one don't want. Maybe they may know they'd be paid mayor Nagin made their great app so. Well I think we have enough people in just over for some time that we we precious sometimes don't work. Apparently after an affair stretches where. Recent Q would you -- to the quarterback which order. You've been in London before so it's nothing new but -- wondering when you go there. How does that change your routine. Playing a game in England. It doesn't mean their -- career triple off I don't care where you play and you know. Sort of treatment arsenal football all -- -- -- being we -- to be heard before. It's so well Benjamin Bartlett thank -- -- different covered under because of the war plan and okay. Wanna I wanna corn -- this article who worked in order there are political. -- -- any different from going out to the Wesco she's just going in the opposite direction. Based on how you guys travel it's it stopped like you you know you're you're spending a lot of time in the ground or whatever right time difference. Yeah about it or let you know what does what you have a couple of days are -- against arguably written or go to -- abuse justice. You'd be rid of that so little open we apple problem -- it wouldn't -- let someone out there and don't open where every problem just somehow. Does survive a week after the game that you spend some extra time in. And London and England after the game -- another couple days. Absolutely and act like that's rare man that there are bigger. Are they enter the biggest thing. Forced to -- -- -- Tibetans -- there are two. Pressured by the beauty ilk get more treatment at the time that you don't -- Or glory received and where where you play at all. You know the bar we do a chance to do. -- -- -- -- the extra time doing little things can attribute refresh so. Good what we get that voters are you know it. -- also all of you go throughout -- -- -- -- who know what happened barrel would say -- -- straight and then oil and don't let Hitler let. It would be terribly could be -- book down and urged the that was always the Balkans this program a decent week we have to be able to -- Of there's a lot of talk was about this to be able finish games can you lose a game like this. To propel you when that right direction. I actually like -- -- the most since start of you feel like -- big -- You know defense should be able to score out here -- -- -- -- ever three point duties. And if we get eternal war or. It was -- -- kick a field goal maybe we rocky -- Jeff McDougal towards you know. Well but being neighborhood courts here and being able to old to -- -- -- turtle would bet that that's one thing and it got me so. Excited about it good thing to me altered for urgent offers to be if you don't -- -- there's. Now power no possible we may remotely it was not possible labor out there every duplicate this trip it would like to know what is the way we need to clear it wanted in the competitor -- -- -- want to know we are patrols you know we -- accurate rate was but it is some space that we are well. From Spain that we can -- through a lot better. Understand or to be successful -- Talked about the familiarity with the with the jets just the opposite exist this week it's almost like what you talked about two weeks ago. With Seattle you don't know an awful lot about them. What you're seeing is this more like what Jeff Fisher was doing in tennis say. You know what I mean it would -- You're absolutely right here if you're looking that we don't know. We have for -- what are all watching trio portal campaigns are gonna be. If there's any type of say they're wonderfully wars. Saying that it be independently. And you got the bill for -- for the -- over recent -- handling and in just. Future and while all of the data will be so. -- -- it will drop water tomorrow we will carriers starting where we'll see where we it would therefore. All politics is corporate group reference quality you know all these days. All but are virtually terrible the -- homage to all of being able to watch them more now all of a lot -- -- you know look familiar with. What's going on down there and then hope you're not going as well good month. You what do you do individually with film obviously you're looking at their offenses -- but how much are you looking at. Tendencies certain things that the guy opposite you would be offensive line and a few different guys. Do. You know what I mean I think it requires differ from Moscow are. Each week you're there as Marines are our legacy formations I'd like to see. All form -- to mean. The barrier but what -- -- only do certain block wars -- certainly our aforementioned. If it repair mentioned. -- farmers -- the pool to soccer and has mentioned. So for me from -- reluctant formation in the person because they rightly so. But I might not be afraid. It'll may -- I wanted to look at failed everybody aerial differences or what they elect looked Anglican. I'd mention the great wake good luck out there in not in London and be careful now they they speak real funny on this and really because it. Seek them I read our does Vince Wilfork re here that they shall we get back to your phone calls up next the -- our third man -- The coach Bill Belichick in the next --

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