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Bradford Files: Alex Cora on what it takes to be a Red Sox manager

Oct 22, 2012|

Former Red Sox infielder Alex Cora joins Rob Bradford to discuss what traits are important for a manager to succeed in Boston. Cora, who played with the Sox from 2006-08, talks about what a manager should prioritize, why Terry Francona was able to excel, and why Bobby Valentine might have had his problems.

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-- to move would do Bradford finals right now phone WEEI they don't go. Welcome to another edition of the Bradford files today we're going to be talking about what it takes to be a manager in Boston it's apropos considering. The Red Sox had just hired their new manager John Farrell. Helping -- today break this down it is former Red Sox infielder Alex court. Alex I'm just curious why are some of the traits veteran manager in Boston really need to prioritize and win the except the job. Well I think there -- the most important thing market like that and okay. -- the market a lot different then than others. Communication is the books as the number one thing. Communication. From top to bottom of being in sync with both front. With the media. Although it partly. And and but also I think you know. Political players it's not an -- please. Perform. Voted. People so I bought the are patient. On -- have been. You know and you know seven you know it's me. Ito and and and -- and -- and Victoria you know all the people where we're begging for what you -- somebody else. You know. We had the communication. Thing in the same page or edit the -- -- have to be you know he's at the same partner up. Abuse thing with all of those sweethearts you know at the same time you have the old -- -- Find these somebody else somebody that the media wants me -- that only. It is. It's something -- how we're obviously you know. 44. What we thought about. The media doesn't on the scene for the -- whatever. You know you don't cut lip and a little bit for everybody in the same page in the loop help. Because -- the -- up there are so passionate but at the same time. You got -- -- caught people out side but be disappointing Alberto or all of should be off so. At the -- you know. Something that is very important you know. You know inevitably everybody -- He's going to be. Got to be honest with yourself as four way you know you got to do everything possible out on the island -- a lot in those seven. No way by Cutler or I'll I'll I'll go out sick -- it make it may make the playoffs. Because they witnessed by now every detail about and a game at this same -- and get better for the next. And that's something -- of Bangkok. It. Yeah way it's all good points and you know it's interesting to me that. You bring this up 306 was basically the equivalent of what we have now especially that last month it was a little better but. Not much and and you get to the the pinnacle which was 07 so. And and you -- you reached pretty good -- in 08 so I think that you were there for a lot of different scenarios. Just from from where your settings and you'll look at some of the things that happened this year from the outside. It in we understand that everyone's different everyone's gonna approach it different. But there were certain things that Bobby Valentine did differently than Terry Francona. From the outside and what were some of the things that you saw they say hey you know what this made me appreciate. What Terry Francona did in the way that he did it. Elevator back -- but for everything I read we thought about it. That's not you know. Some occasional well let me there you know I think obviously. -- -- -- and things you know respect that but that same time. -- What you're coming into a situation. Like he did you know. Obviously everybody thought about what happened a number. Even before I think you know. Some bad bad bad. Saint initiated the rule whatever on on bail out -- a safe bet that I had the right answer whatever it well it excuse. Could edit what I would it was with the -- of that -- You know the glory of the elders -- a better team. And make sure everybody within and pay him at all as -- with the cardinals. I want do. But Myers. Just watching them man and I hope it will always been and it didn't seem like everybody -- in Saint Paul not it -- Pointing their Bobby or or -- coaching stop or even the players. But that's -- -- I think most of you know it is. It would it would you support. We've been. Do things you know and there and I think the players. We would like you know would love to hear. That -- what they were gonna do it helped. Get things. In. Better and make things better. And that's and I argued that not but he followed that equation belt it out there -- -- -- that -- Would -- Obviously. It's working out and it it's a different but I don't like this same knicks. Well I'll let our guys would abuse young guys the other operating in and out export import -- well I think -- the most important thing I don't think. It out from from what happened that you know sitting on the way that I I saw this game I -- -- it open to people. It is -- like now as the days. -- -- -- You know it's it's -- I agree with the -- and they're communication is an enormous part of managing in -- I think it's probably something that wasn't prioritize enough this year. -- but if you have a couple specific examples where you live through and you can pick -- ever -- that you want to identify and runways but. You were there during the Manny situation you were during -- reference in that first. A month of of 2007 when they're trying to get Pedroia going in your -- 400. To help ease that transition. And also if I remember when you were brought in for Julio Lugo as a defense replacement at shortstop which. Which was I hugely buffets -- for Terry Francona. If you wanna take any of those examples of exactly how Terry Francona men and -- And the importance of the communication those instances in a place like Boston. There are typically -- as well. By far you know. Really you know that way way he handled all -- -- It was amazing you know semi official was here in our -- People here you know -- -- call -- the opposite. And he'll fill out a door what you know and we gotta get there -- go. That's the most important thing and obviously. You know he works both -- there are players that. -- -- Sacrifice -- there series opener of their personal. For so success. For the -- and I under I understood that part of four or our would be a better game. -- -- it April but for a -- in the World Series. Dustin Pedroia at second baseman Alex what. It. -- -- Open up more than it basic. You know you'll call it. A great game. About it it's not what you -- But -- the plan you know any audience for a -- I want opted. Hey knock everything out of eight. Feet out it was going to be good it. -- a little bit out while hopefully. You know not a lot -- how. You know but. There were very may. -- We -- -- it'd be way way I want whatever it but it'll. Be and it looked at the end. You always didn't aids is so true -- that was a great example of communication issue and and then then we should point out also we knew we weren't in specific meetings this year but I think it'll overall. Terms we do know that there's some instances where. Well the media would come to players and without the players having heard from the manager -- that it's. You just never heard that in the previous regime and that kind of leads me to my next question is you you you briefly mentioned the media. In regards the importance of the manager being able handle it. What were some examples are or why is it's so important that the manager really housing control. On Boston specific media issues in I guess we saw a little bit this year but didn't -- you and your time there what's your what's your take on that. Well I mean you've got one. You know and that's gone from. Different. You want to get the answer that you guys want. I come from different ways as you know. The question and it's probably. -- that matter -- These great straightforward. 11 thing I always poll Peter Gammons. Good -- -- fine. Well respected god is like he'd been by my parents say the wrong thing now yeah it is. In coordination area now. -- -- Thought about it. You say you know. And -- you know hopefully. I know they'll say. You know everything will figure it out of now that right now this. Well well well going to be fine but. Outlook that and I don't respect. You know. You know we had a lot of issues. In from the cold air away you know people. Ever find -- beyond them on one thing that bet your you know way. That is leaders in the about us believe you know you'll ever thought about. Like -- it's been like you know. Now a big part of what. That's that's why you know we thought about chemistry. And great atmosphere but what you work for I am. -- you got your back and now there are a lot there would be up by about eight sometimes you play it hard for those. You know its its -- break up another good topic which is the leadership issues and you have the leaders. And every one wanted that one leader -- those two leaders and I think we've talked about this before and it's really big as the great dynamic is the ball actually -- I mean you view. Michael all Jason Varitek is leading in his way Pedroia is leaving his way Ortiz is leading his way. And so. -- this also curious about how -- manager Toto approaches that leadership dynamic. And I'll give you an example -- vote or one of the things you are always stood out in regards to your leadership. It was Eric Gagne Eric Gagne had a rough time in Boston your good -- to them. And see. We he blew a couple saves and he didn't talk to the media. And you had kind of made a point say this is part of the job but responsibility and -- respect I think that does it that one time I remember in Cleveland. Where you failed to get down to keep on and -- in the media walked in you were standing right in front Neil Walker face and straightforward saying it answer the questions. So when players don't do that obviously the leadership of the team has to comment so my question is how does the manager. In Boston trying to handle or should handle that. And in relying on what to do that. Why so it was paid out by July and a minute and a good memory you got screwed up to speed that's about it. -- leadership you know. It is part about you know from. Although he always thought you know people thought about -- in my elbow the early a you know. In light like you know or any other utility got. You know you know confidence. And in the and the real life support these people out to be held in the now and then when you have that backup that you that you know you're out of here. Make sure they don't be afraid. Over the upgrade. You know there's this young kids -- play in other approach. These men and how to do things you know you -- comparable in power. You know. The good thing about. David. Certainly the -- -- don't wait I -- might help bilingual that all that. We we we don't like -- you know. Latino you know we we. We have originally we weren't you know the Xbox wouldn't let up now and and but it comes somewhat stop you know stop. And they always. Make sure you know it's not about you know made it it was -- live life. Say well at the same club you know if we had a meeting. Will it -- One perfect example it -- that situation in a way. For the flight to. It's. -- remember we. -- Remember that well gonna do. I don't remember. Mike Lowell got 7 in the morning urged restraint at work it out to get ready to do our work. And it -- out and it it was brought on. What you got to do you know we have out of -- here parts of the players will react and let's go out there now -- You know everybody gave us credit that we stick together and now -- it will -- for everybody. While that what that we act early in the morning with the actor. You know you don't want that back up that he used that power plant that they've that we were able to -- -- your thoughts. And gets to appoint him believe me I'll never forget that it is that a huge dent my rental car return for that whole morning. Put everyone out of Toronto real also missed the flight to Tokyo. But not you know in view we were talking about managing in Boston. And but you'll also are obviously played other places and I'm interested to see you know the plays everyone to compare as Boston with his New York. Having played in New York what is unique about Boston that might not even be something that the that a manager New York -- ago. Well you know my experience in the -- it would limit it would it would have been great you know we struggle -- -- you know. Target Asia it is likely to have. You know double. View it out it -- view reagents. They don't work out. That thing about you're -- obviously got out -- -- -- that bad. The media was always very negative. About art organized -- Is it like it is here in -- -- in that beltway. But to my friends played area. A lot bought a look like and it turns -- -- on the negative. Like you know like like that bank credit experience in our. That they -- -- There's subplot in you know the band that. I did it in the other play by play and people leave when I was -- Not that -- all in -- news -- It is -- eight. People are -- -- law economic base Albany though there's probable. And you know you break it though so that's the part that make the story. And I can't I can't explain it up but he is so special. That at this point it's not going to be very very hopeful that -- end of the media that we lacked. A band that we do things. In the Boston area. Yeah it's it's. It is as as a very good point him in I think -- -- hit when you lose it's always negative but. I've always said the top of the highs in Boston are probably higher than anywhere else and and we see below is probably lower than anyone else because. The reality is that people invest a lot of the early money but a lot of time in passion. And and so when things don't go past that he can they get this stuff. So. Hit it better. It had -- We have all BCA. And watch -- all -- -- from from Perrigo you know watching it on TV whatever. That say it will let him you know and I don't know. But the refs let pat summit fan here you know at the same way it and -- They operate lately but I would. It yesterday when the Yankees. You know opted the tigers they're reactionaries. Like. It directly at where it up in the play obstacle to act. It's it's. It's hard to understand let's -- I haven't got a fire that you know. You got -- -- such such a great fan base you know and they Lehman I would every -- From the red -- but I think you know every pitch in the big. Yeah you know him. That's why would people of tiger when the time of the managerial opening -- why would people wanna come here on -- like ridiculous -- absolutely ridiculous who he's still. You can have the worst season coming up the worst season have a roster is depleted and everything else. But there's a reason pretty people wanna come here for the exact reasons that you just said. As new Cotto said I think when he left here said from this even this year he said from several attend is no better place to play and I think got. A person whether you're playing your managing probably appreciate that but my last question Alex you mentioned briefly. That you had spent some time in Saint Louis in the Saint Louis camp. And Mike Metheny was obviously there and get a lot of -- for the inexperience he has a manager. And this I think above everything when he talked about the general conversation. About managers. This is a lightning rod do you need to experience don't you need experience. From your time there what was your take on how do you protest situation. I -- I. It was great. I can be. I am bitter you know actually a goal for the -- -- it. Because although. -- -- in the you know they basically make that the audit. You know but the way he handled that whole situation. You know and why. You know and even may yet at. You know they let it go. Because by the -- bit you know their plans that they wanna do. It is shot back it's not somebody else and just the way -- I know I was under about going there but the late great me LP. He understands. I think. Or am probably do that activity here that Robin. With the White Sox because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Part of belt -- you know -- -- had been there before. By. The same time it was very honest with everybody. He blows. Got a good look at that -- -- -- -- activity out now. Rosenthal L. It was very honest this year -- went on the better at Erica what happened -- this year. -- country but did your parents as they do their thing because it's all about them but at the same time you get in the presence like. Follow the leaders -- that we're going to be by the way they you know. My utmost respect for part of it because all though. We know experience you know the way apple spring training that obviously -- that. This season is great and you know it definitely -- -- Well you know a guy like dad. Would I do if if this ever did happen in Boston -- -- this group in this dynamic. When the first things that blocking the camp I would imagine that he has to overcome. It's immediately getting respect. Because we saw that was a big problem this year so this is the guy this year who had a ton of managerial experience and and as the season went on the respect was it was an issue. So for a guy who had -- before and didn't have experienced. I would imagine -- everyone's eyes are on him to kind of say hey you know what should respect this guy or shouldn't wait. And I'm just curious when you got to camp could you see right away. That hey you know what this guy is gonna command enough respect the -- from the rookies but from the veteran players. They want rather well. You know I think it came out great at whatever but -- Like that. And -- -- -- -- obviously a lot -- you know what. Rookie manager. You know what it's Albert almost hurt cart that was I believe at all. You know it's like you're. But there were never like it here now is out in the ball well that's. -- you know. Wait it would you -- now and you know it was -- at which it was. You know because we caught it fat wreck. One -- -- -- about horses. Championship you know but also older they want -- like my work. Upload them here and now. And you know -- You know I think that if it is that's this is why -- scorer you should be in the managerial pool right now. And and I wanna I want -- the petition I want to get the word out. That this is the guy that that team should be looking at. And you know I think as he says there's reasons why that door has opened. Where today you know outscored not that far out from the game -- -- in -- Yeah Mike Metheny you have other guys being interview Brad Ross missed so this is something that I think Alex not too distant future that people are gonna recognize it. You know this that -- a legitimate candidate for to lead a team ball for all the reasons you mentioned today. -- -- appreciated what a lot. That topic -- -- -- out. Call for it now. I know I -- it. You know I have majority now -- future. I have my brother that is not a matter of I think. You know -- -- -- as -- -- -- ready to let you know on you know vocal majority and get a chance to match before it I'd like that shot. That is it. -- great inside Alex I really appreciate him on. --

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