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Tom Brady: We have a lot of work to do

Oct 22, 2012|

Patriots QB Tom Brady joined D&C for his weekly appearance and discussed the Patriots overtime victory over the Jets and why they continue to struggle when trying to close out games. Tom touches on what needs to happen for the Patriots offense to get on a roll, if the team needs an identity to be successful, and why there are only 3 teams above .500 in the AFC. He also talks about what impact the injuries to Gronk and Hernandez have had on the offense, if they should be in the no-huddle more going forward, why Brandon Lloyd only caught 1 of the 8 passes thrown to him, and how will the prep be different going to London to play the Rams.

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As a patriot fund aid joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE the quarterback literally and patriots Tom Brady the Tom Brady interview was brought to you by northeast electrical distributors and gallery BMW good morning Tom Lauria. More and pay a win is a win and L I know we've heard you say that Belichick say it Boomer -- say that they are hard to come by in the National Football League that aside that accepted. You individually and the team collectively are you encouraged are you pleased are you energized by the way went yesterday Angela. I'm I'm certainly pleased by women so. I think that's the most important thing in order you. -- you -- twenty or ten points or three points. They'll -- saying at least and on the losing end a one point game one point game with two point game and it feels good weather report it and so. There is normal repair in the fourth quarter where it looked like we had a good lead then you know this. I don't know sort of soon after that where you know fighting for life which reportedly and can. And then. A record deficits and you know we turn -- when it -- so. You know prolific as far has certainly we can do a lot of things Sprecher and hopefully we do put let's -- to win. Tom you were asked after the game about the personality of this offense and literally help -- -- now available chance to sleep on our web posed the question to you this way if my memory serves me correctly. The offense used to absolutely solidly get giddy at the prospect of not just finishing a game. But destroying and crushing the opponent in the process now it seems to be a struggle to hang on to win many of these games what has changed. What about the personality of this team. Well we're trying to do it it's knowledge you know it's just you know you look at Slaton and you know -- I think that it's. Realistically three guards that are trying to do their best out there we're just adorable. So hopefully we get to that point that's part of why we practice and all we've eaten while we go to work everyday -- -- -- -- -- that -- career and maybe there's times where it has looked pretty easy but. I think you'll appreciate it when it does work and you know you realize. Preparation that you put into it that it pays off but it. And you know maybe. Maybe we just you know spoil some people in the meantime because it's hard to win at its earlier the way. Do you think -- team needs an identity is -- is that a made up media thing when someone that you what you team's identity or is that something. -- legit Q do you believe a team needs to have an identity. Well I think you know certainly you have experts think it's established or sixteen weeks -- -- -- -- truly. You know. Something that bullet which are your identity your gonna -- -- then you know every single game. Yeah bigger. Things change week to week every week. Our guys have been out Clinton. Seemed to change in plans changed. Term. You know we're trying to do expressed to win the game I think that's what's most important -- You know one week maybe two. Run the ball outside a little bit more one week it's -- -- but when we get work to background and what we -- it's more. You know inside routes and we just outside it's just a matter of import your plane and then what are you think you need to get -- to. I know everybody's hurt a little bit and nobody's a 100% at this point of the year. Did the injuries. That that you're too big tight ends are battling through is that affecting you and and affecting the offense. I'm well -- look after her pretty healthy. I think. You know the relative football is -- and you know meters or any other team. So earlier that you don't win when you don't feel your best it's. That's part of the attrition in multiple units at Cingular wireless depth of your team and that's why you need step by your team. So that you can kind of withstand some response embers. Tommy talked about the various schemes in one week it's this thing in next week it's another thing in various opponents and all that. Is it possible that constant change that constant need to scheme as opposed to identify. You know -- a certain core. Set of things you can do very well and Walter and do -- try to make the other teams stop. I'll stop you might all that variation be part of the reason execution isn't consistent for sixty minutes of a football game from week to week. Partly -- I think it's a matter of us. Executing better exit after the game -- if there's note there's a special about it he's gonna make plays. That would come down period. You know it's. Where whether you choose trip -- sort of play here call certain -- and its -- -- doing your job and I think we ought to do a better job -- That's -- comes -- their games are we -- there's games where we've played really well first half 45 minutes 55 minute and particularly -- so. You know the good thing is we're gonna get back to work today and -- can do better job next week but -- -- early October mid October and and you know we are a lot of football play again. We obviously have a lot of work. -- do you think atomic Josh is totally comfortable in his role -- fully confident in in what he is doing what is mission statement is or is -- sort of like. A quarterback and a new wide receiver where there are some modest early growing pains with some adjustments to make sure everybody's on the same page. Our Josh are in the same page and we've got the same page in the -- he got back so. I would say if -- great. Level of comfort there were seeking we know each other very well. You know we hear court near you call plays you call place better design there's not a play on the call sheet. That's not designed to gain in more than 45 yards. And there's a lot of -- the right score gotcha. And we have the belief that we're gonna -- we get out there -- that's what we have to and that's -- players' -- of the coach and the coach is coach. And the players play. And no matter what they call we got to go out there are -- They called group. The most perfect player in the world but because wide open and I or overtake her mom what as a matter. So we have to go do a better job player. Is there -- basic simple reason why that her bowl hurry up that was just so deadly and effective comes and goes and we didn't see much of yesterday. Ehud decides whether -- can run it in and and be one outlet or all the time if it especially when your -- expectancy a lot more every yesterday. Our. The worst I don't know other times are we we did it a little -- -- another. I think it looks good wondered what we play good I think that's where it looks good when. Then you know we were going quickly and we were making parts. -- quickly and then we don't convert preferred and then. A war off the field and that's fear that -- -- -- we didn't. First trying to game we didn't you know we typically do anything. -- -- zero approachable for awhile because we had you know return so pretty much in the second quarter. -- you place. You know it's been nice for us to do something we get the ball start thinking it would be nice to -- and -- -- start past. You know that's. You know we're -- we're not playing good so we got to go out -- partner. What if you went to Europe in Europe meeting and Josh said. Isn't gonna do in London against Saint Louis we're gonna lineup in the no huddle and stay in it all game would you say awesome would you say. But we need balance here I don't know that doesn't that -- kind of predictable would you would you be all for that. America uncle whatever it takes to win that put our forum you know there are. -- you know. I have suggestions but ultimately on the player and we have coaches and I listen to what they say and they work hard they're certain important from the folks -- what I need to -- -- You know whatever it takes to win that's it is my favorite approach. Eight targets for Brandon Lloyd one catch was that possible on teams of the statistically. Impossible throw eight times to him he gets one catch. I don't know if that's you know our our -- this gentleman who we need to do better. -- The trip overseas. You guys have done a few times I -- -- old old hands edit what kind of adjustments are necessary with this game coming up in London. Well actually you know it's a good portable player. There's three or four -- you know that we've lost twice today -- -- this year and so. If we -- we better we better and better than good player so we've got that. You know take a long trip Britain and it would be nice triggered it come together then. See if we can. Be mentally -- often go out there and fuel some distractions and go on the road it's a place. On long -- and try to win a game. So I don't know there's guys that you know rapidly this year we're gonna have made the trip. It's a lot more fun when you're. Because last time to do it is you did everything right and and Tampa and everything wrong apparently getting ready for this game is at like eight. A bowl game when they are yanking all different directions come see this or come gonna meet this person or do you not even involved in any any sightseeing at all. -- others are much there's not much of that you know we. I think we get there on Friday and okay come so quickly so a lot of it you know for guys is going to be trying to get some rest then. Didn't. You know prepared to play good teams so. This is the truth hurt you know big band in. Our London at all that this is a wonderful Colgate. But the question Rubbermaid you have any theories as to why only three teams in the AFC are ball 500 the patriots Houston Baltimore. Is apparent is a lack of quality would you think it is. But it's part sport and the ability -- symbolic. This is just. You know you go good -- -- -- dirt cars we're. You know we are considered -- We made it look -- at times and it's never been easy and you know person years work. Things go a certain partners -- here as they go and no word bauxite that's true that's what it is and that's what it's going to be so you -- -- the player like legal -- we're just gonna. Could you point this week on the and you got hurt -- injured against. Other -- king. So. If there's some good teams police are you know some pretty good teams over the course -- and then. You know we've been close -- and reported somewhere -- -- and hopefully we can win some close one group that's what a terrific. How did you make it look so easy say -- seven I mean when it was so easy. What did you do and why was it might have -- that way. We get a supreme level of talent and we. Completely we played extremely well from week to week. And we have -- our best. And it is just. -- one of those years where. You know everything worked. You know when you look at something like that incorporate the result of that season would. Not sit there pretty large enough. -- -- -- The results of you know fourteen to suit if you're we love. And hurdle of the thirteenth routine departure we lost. You know so -- and for one thing. And that's through. You have to deal went cubic the end of the year that it aren't happy about underwear but that's a long way battle and we -- long term answer. You know get better and work toward him and try to -- from our mistakes so I'm glad we knew we had. You can you can learn from your mistakes too because we're -- mistakes trust weren't from. Our Tom best of luck in London don't forget to mind the gap that has nothing to do with a blitzing linebackers -- talk to Rick. Right here Tom Brady on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT our conversation with Tom. Is brought you by north east electrical distributors and by gallery BMW. All the guys will stately homes and you know just to eat right get the rest or will Brandon Spikes caught check the check out the -- the little tweeting. Didn't Tampa and do a little bit of that letter that it amid they had no idea what they were doing was not fair. They were young and stupid and and the patriots were experienced as Smart and just just. Crushed my guess is sometime between now and Thursday when they leave bill autism guidelines for. Them to adhere to you know like over. They'll have security -- be like oh yeah and be like when the Cuban team travels the US and guide -- -- every hallway you know. You are you going excited inside out quick time out or your phone calls Dennis and Callahan on a patriot Monday Boomer Esiason joins us in the 8 o'clock hour.

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