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Rob Bradford Sits Down with Kirk and Pete to Break Down the Signing of John Farrell - Seg 2

Oct 21, 2012|

Rob Bradford, the maestro of WEEI.com, sits down with Minihane and Pete to give his thoughts on John Farrell, Mike Aviles as compensation, and where the Sox go from here.

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Turkmen and 21. Dance Patriots Sunday with dale and Chris rice and Matt Chatham and Kevin Faulk if for a five. Sloppy lucky -- he's. Toby Keith's extravaganza. That was what was in that I was -- -- against he keeps of this board. You -- is that the name that you love -- -- -- name you know is that after a song. I think it's -- efforts genius of this is special guest appearances by smiley materials and cheerful -- -- market is from anymore. I still have it in -- my money and a great -- over the -- I have to have a copy of an element for Israel never get rid of that particular you know thank -- letter to -- -- that season whenever that was going to be turned -- -- I think it was the biggest news of -- of the season when -- broke that Cody -- -- -- cheerful but I think if you are back to the calls -- -- Europe next. -- -- what's up. -- -- -- at the I think -- right now reflects both of their own worst enemy or the front office because. This seems like they get infatuated. With these. You don't play -- managers. From you know if I don't get that person in. A year later and we've been talking about broke like two years. I mean it is like c'mon I think that Tripoli America Paul Clark would have been a great. What's his what it was that what's his name. What's his name. What's his name. I don't know go all out yet again -- the Cubs are eating atomic detriment of the resurrection -- -- repeat. I think at. Guard and -- comparing to Julio Lugo. I think I maturation Wasilla went through your -- I think the you can you can criticize us hire only one you can criticize the list they put together two different are all of these guys they brought in. Farrell's the only guy who fits in what they're trying to fix I mean all of these guys I think he -- seems the best. And I brought this up occur before -- what he threw it about this speaking it is pretty frantic to react and maybe differently now maybe the ones who really didn't want Ferrero. Maybe think differently because the compensation was -- to really at all somebody big I think that's made probably makes a difference of some people's -- or might be. To be the opposite they can while there was definitely get rid of a maybe we'll. So I agree I think is a good point -- that you look at the -- -- the people wouldn't want -- here you go to the record the Blue Jays record do you go to -- the clubhouse issues but you go to. He heard it time and time again on these airwaves that unity and give up too much -- the lines you ought to give up anything. Tonight I do think -- get some more people on his side by another thing is is that. You know one of the things he killed -- here it is the lack of respect that he just never got respecting you get respect to a certain degree by winning. So I -- he we will you have the Mike a real situation in spring training and that can help. But then when you get out of the gate and you don't win. And then people are still roll their eyes and everything else. I think the Ferrell has the respect of the core group of guys -- to start about the core group of guys -- on and and so if you do go through some tough times. I think that respectable last a little bit like it'll help I'm not since the be all end all but it's little things that you have to kind of pieced together. The little finger bothered me the the biggest little things that Bobby about Bobby Valentine was you know. The drama stuff aside which allowed -- brought on himself but I really get discussed with him that last Oakland series. You know when one of service and and Saltalamacchia. In a collided with a follow vote was ridiculous and he Bob resort like -- -- that's baseball questions. Okay what we ask you baseball questions you treat everybody like they are an idiot to stop so happened in the press number two remember. He says Saltalamacchia was never had a chance to catch that ball congress in fact he was the only one who -- insurance but -- time that's the stuff upon -- time. Usually insecure in his is his go to moves to be condescending spot and felt like he it was being challenged on something -- be condescending noted that the read them a 69 games. Probably not -- imagine in dealing with the media here obviously be different world -- Yeah now I think he'll be more like Francona I mean we've talked about a million different times is that. The some of the stuff that come up over course of a week you are three things of bygone time that you have an eight years with Terry Francona. And I think that Valentine. He was trying in some respects to protect the players he kind of knew -- he was so bad -- accusing it. And an example of that it was the injury stuff and equities and at the -- so he would say you know he would make up things Indians and finally toward the end of the year he just came out of these guys they just don't want me saying what danger the players don't walk the injuries to vault. Fine just don't say anything. But he kinda how these answers there were all over the place and made people wonder and and then I just say he he wasn't able to execute as well frank. In case you've just to -- him and paying attention you weren't quarter 1230 last night with Bradford and Spears needs in in in Abraham and all these guys that can gradually each other guys ever expect. The Red Sox have hired John Farrell as their manager -- to a three year deal that runs through 2015. And the compensation is my Kabila's. -- to Toronto. John Farrell comes back here. And rob. Major League rules right to answer as a player cash being dealt another -- back to Boston. Dad and you'll hear about that until. The playoffs. You're gonna get an off day in the playoffs so I think that. Only in reserve guards not Hamlet non non start Libya when it will be summer off the forty man roster and -- By the beauty. It is one of these things where they can't do anything until you get an off day and so not only regards the announcement of the player. But also I think any press conference every once sale of -- will be Monday. Might be Tuesday if if they extend the series and I would -- today or 4 o'clock or the pictures in on six -- A child directly to that top six was 77797937617779. 7937. American -- your up with rob Bradford -- Anchor man. I wanted to on what's up. All right here's my thing I think that decide irons on -- was the ultimate sign of laziness. I believe this completely myopic. I think that I disagree with -- car completely. Bow out of the pool of managerial candidates that they interviewed which. In retrospect. That interview process was a farce because credited WEEI. -- Being ahead of the story for four months now apparently someone already knew Ferrell was -- guy and let somebody you know whoever was. Otherwise you that would -- -- -- -- -- last four months but I believe that out of the people that they didn't -- Brad Ausmus was the best candidate. What's your favorite out moment from Brett auspices managed career what jumps out what -- you make that he should be the manager this team is. -- -- Oh Eric -- take it -- you don't want. You mean listen. Talk about the first -- We have no idea. John -- can be the right choice no -- not talking about John frozen Julian Wright because I had and the important front office I just had a feeling the way things were going. I was long and it's essentially get guys like -- another cause they're fine and welcome their opinions and Brad Ausmus is going to be the right -- that we know nothing about him. As a Major League. Pure speculation. It is amazing but I mean you talk about Farrell. We go back this is like aging Gonzales you know for a year and a half people want a Dillard more than that people wanted to agents also identify them. But Farrell there's a reason why we were talking about him all year long is a reason why every time Bobby Valentine's contract came up. It was okay is to get the John -- that was the initial thought right now the have a two year deal you get to do at the end of John Farrell's contract. Boom there it is but. Yes and I as I said before I think the difference between this time last year where they tried but were pushed back with a Clay Buchholz. The man who was that. This year there was a disconnect in -- and -- organization which both the Red Sox in Toronto new. And then if you bring back this guy for one more year which is what he had left on his contract it wasn't realistic to say -- was a foundation piece of the foundation the franchise. But it is that's the thing that jumps out at me as you go from it you know last year they wanted to bako to embargoes the treatment of Mike a realist. Too sure I'm ready -- stance and I I'm still I'm humbled by it I mean not not like the doctor Traber pretty close I mean I just. I don't I'm stunned that that's the only competition edit -- do you think that if you may know to Toronto start. This conversation at that level again -- -- were told no where they -- I think got some stuff that we're gonna find out in the coming days -- -- They get their leverage was different this time there is no doubt they might have started at that level. But it it it would have been yeah okay seal later in -- do you think the Red Sox. Even that he talked about the dog and pony show with the of the interviews it was a right thing to do they have do it right -- so to get base because if they business say they came out of the gate and they said hey you know what we want Felix abroad and they stayed on that the entire time. Then they get the Red Sox get to go through the interviews they say you know what. We like Brad Austin's okay trial last chance. And they say no we're sticking it goes to brought you say all right we're gonna hire Brad Ross. 6177797937. You're welcome a call and tell us we want to be to manage to the Ferrell. But at least give me an example it's like the NFL draft of people call in talk -- -- -- From Tennessee who they never -- place I mean at least give me example Kirk and Connecticut will have an -- Well. What's up. Absolutely. It. What Juan -- -- -- it's not that people tell us what are gonna break the greatest acting job all time yes slump. The list goes on your body but you know she's the girl like thirty seconds a man with a great exactly. And. The great -- I am extremely excited I got my schedule all written out I'm just waiting for April a little bit hesitant on winning. Staying healthy in the players have to expect him because I don't want another train wreck like you like last year. And Barbara thing playing out. Brady's gotta come up -- an unpopular like fifty point lead had become a black. So let's go Patriots and don't read about -- -- -- twelve I love you guys. Planet Mikey but -- have a. -- fifty Finnessey pointers all the I guess the top last Jon Farrell's the right -- play them like the greatest show radio history is your Barbara is. From this breasts I mean. What do you miss. Watch his assortment it's actress. And also practice school is unbelievable CC isn't particularly the one with the year. -- that Sergio. On the golf -- -- -- a sandwich guy that I know I. Out of nowhere parents buy it by an actor actress -- -- -- -- Aussie no credibility be rub anything because you can tell machines. You -- to you rate Rajon tongue was in it's what was the movie with. What's his name you know and -- -- fired atomic Connecticut -- what is your guide helps solve what's up appeared out of nowhere. That particular that there -- that I don't have an issue with the Giants feel sorry the only thing that I would have a concern with the direction -- let's not you know -- -- they have like. Okay it will go our way serviceable all Cilic is serviceable -- is going to be beat great you know if they're they're that there -- the page where they're gonna bring back some of these young players that in my opinion. Just our Major League ready. There are ready to go that's the direction we need to get like -- we'll let you know they didn't know enough about I mean the main concern is going to be the roster going forward. You know -- if these if you hit it just like oh yeah I think I'll have -- And balk calls Larry Bird you don't know what it should Dexter well major concerns still you know wanting to title legitimate what did you do in the off season and guys like -- -- -- way Q -- -- -- because of the other minor league roster and no question that you know they're and that's a concern that I. Rob what number one guy he should they go after Verlander and MITRE and then -- -- I'm going to lose out if they can that would elderly. Our BP. Is there if they think guys you know he came in the audience is okay what hard work you know. He's gonna he's gonna he's gonna be a good guy are going to be able get the standards it was such a concern not that they decided that. That's what they are paid to work with this slot to go important local -- -- solid player it's who pitched well -- the election is. Or swing a little guys like. What are you -- -- Sweeney and when those guys. Well because I'm just thinking if they're gonna put it they're gonna think these guys -- -- pivotal play in our. You know even not posted it at six Celek these guys are going to be playing a lot you know. I think I think here's here's your answer I think they they think very highly Ryan's sweet umps are -- one way. They feel like he's kind of like on the same track Pedroia might might have been. Went back in 20072006. When he had a rough time -- kind of bounced back at some. Experience on them. Ryan Kayla side midst of the -- throughout and even there and our eyes because of the injury problems. And I don't know why keep bringing a brother Mario a larger point is though and now this is now that your team made his higher it's gone now it's not from the -- -- Well yes and in another. Part of this whole equation we talked about a -- -- well right now or yesterday the plan was okay of -- listen Iglesias they compete for a job. And and now you're saying as we sit here Jose places easier starting short -- sir -- Seriously compete and Achilles from -- I don't think that I don't for a while his September was if everyone didn't pay attention September. But it wasn't -- no but no I like Syria -- by like him as the utility guy and I think compete for the job hoping to compete for a job. I really I thought you saw Greg what you did last summer like this other -- -- -- -- now that it's certainly better to the -- -- -- the -- my guess is that they're -- ago and if unless they do something you know basically -- is going to be it is their shortstop but. I'll say this also makes CL a Sanders conversation interesting because I think is the guy should keep an eye on because Texas like sells very. Andrews would be really good fit here contracts up a couple years so to sum I think about.

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