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Rob Bradford Joins Kirk Minihane and Pete Sheppard in Studio -- Breaking Down the John Farrell Signing

Oct 21, 2012|

Rob Bradford, the maestro of WEEI.com, sits down with Minihane and Pete to give his thoughts on John Farrell, Mike Aviles as compensation, and where the Sox go from here.

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Kirk red handed each jeopardy here until 1 o'clock. Patriots. Pregame -- dale Chris. Matt Chatham -- fall we'll start at 1 o'clock today from Toby Keith's what's called Toby -- smiley happy yeah I love his -- -- I love the sport grow. At 1 o'clock you'll be there until 4 o'clock and we are very pleased and happy to be joined by WEEI dot com zone rob Bradford broke the story last. I don't know I think he's coming down the effort but the when a circle for us -- my -- I mean at the -- and it was six was watered them so it was well it was literally like you know. People have booted before too many I guess at the real thing first but it is two minutes before the next person. So -- get your -- to match yet for every time I might have had a first I don't know. But it don't -- it was everything is wrong with the neutral zone and on twelve -- both third I don't Saturday how disturbing what that for you the rest of the BB WA that you got -- -- -- laziness because -- -- what he's obviously valiant -- -- maybe some electric and done it it's just every every time I have to -- The group especially -- that time so what what do you think. I I have to do is look at what's gonna help the -- How do you view this helping the organization for the next three years. What is gonna help them more I guess for you starting with a compensation obviously I think that having Farrell. The chance apparel being game manager and being kind of foundation. The franchise. That'll help you more than Mike reveals the okay so you have that by the way I've listen I've been on board -- the last three months about Farrell saying you know I thought he was a good fit. I thought Bobby Valentine was just a bad fit. LTQ is he was a good mentored some sense -- a badminton and others. By the manager knows I mean that is it it's easier no no here here is a terrible -- Right by having you wanna you wanna listen if you win a championship at any level you know the World Series you must. What you doing in in some respects. My point is is that. I just always thought that John fell for this group this situation what you have to deal with the Boston is a good fit in. I know that everyone Brad Ausmus was getting a lot of traction lately. And -- he might turn out to be great manager rebut this is it Mike -- situation this and Robert -- situation this is Boston. And we've seen what happens when -- -- -- experience manager comes in the things that he's not ready for. So I mean that's one of things yet the only guys were you stunned that is only realists and not approaching a pitcher. Yeah well like comes back -- on -- -- expect to be a blow you know whether you measure this is a good thing or bad thing or fair value are not. And it's even if there was a prospect you sit well with the prospect of help this organization. Win for the next three years. Do you I got like ruby dollar us one of the guys against the Dodgers. If you gave up them. Beyond then you can start question because as you -- I've pointed out. You have to get good starting pitching that has to be the priority and this is a guy who has the potential to be a pretty good starting pitcher. Wasn't Ferrell -- you look at it from Red Sox perspective. He's a guy that note you almost instead of paying for more starting pitcher -- which they're gonna do you received your money in the idea that they think east. He can fix these guys are existing Buchholz who was good in spots roster that a bad year and -- -- at the most is that there is he was brought in. No I think it's one of the reasons I am I think that Lester have you if you gonna identify all the players who's -- unattainable result on I think -- plaster apart. I've -- has remains to be seen I think the first you have to see what his velocity of his velocity comes back right and maybe that is mechanical maybe it is something that John -- can fix. I think that was just part of the equation. That another huge part of this was in the comfort level between that is the front office and John -- Because clearly that wasn't the case last year with a manager. And that you go back in my -- and in bench Arrington had already worked well not only in Boston but in Cleveland. And then you have I think that Larry Lucchino has always been a big John Farrell guy which is another big thing because. There was I -- divide but there wasn't. A unit a universal opinion of the manager coming in last year there was -- provide absolutely yeah no well I mean I mean I think that I think that. You know when you get the candidates and you say after the -- -- thing happen. Get the candidates say okay you know what this is maybe we can make this work and so forth I think everybody is on board with this in. That's an important thing let me ask you the John -- two part question that -- I -- attention span I'm in a sure. Red Sox Nation be concerned at John Ferraro was let go by the Blue Jays for such ago. Got to respect the -- -- little competent basic game number one game at number two and I think you'd talk that touched on this before but at the Simmons column from the Toronto sun came up. You know month and a half or two months ago. What's promising buzz words that we talked about with this. Last -- and Bobby Carpenter you know lack of discipline. Mutiny in the club -- guys doing the same mistakes or organ. Should people around you be concerned about those two. Situations well -- You can be concerned about allies everyone's as you have said Peter I think everyone's gonna say the record of Toronto and things and clubhouse and it okay that's concerns and you have to weigh everything into it but first off I think that thing the reason this gets done and get stunned so cheaply for the Red Sox. Is because there was a disconnect between found the general manager a throughout the course of the year and and then going back for another year Toronto couldn't really come back and -- Hey you know what we have this guy for another year and -- we're gonna tell everyone he's the foundation everything's all right in. It's a seamless situation. Everybody's getting along because he can do that and they knew that in the Red Sox news. -- that are coming here and be the greatest manager in history if they continue to bringing guys they brought in the last couple years personnel -- the matter you let me answer. Doesn't Saturday -- the match. But that's part of our -- that it does take questions I think I could just deteriorated lead are you just -- -- I picked -- -- like. That's our philosophy ordered up. A look at it. Anyway but in terms of the clubhouse stuff. -- -- thing you know I've I don't. In that on the men and Kirk was right that if that happened of Valentine was off Olympia park after a bunch of us still think of ourselves and do the -- thing -- angry old man and a real well and O'Meara there was one or is that something that. -- consistent and we just heard that you -- there was a column yesterday. Figures yesterday Bob Elliott road and Toronto and he had half for a which to a is that federal wanted to release. This scalp. But it wasn't in July. It was it was in August. And so okay you know why that happens there at the front office once keeping guys. The guy stays on but if you wanna -- together as a reason why -- at least and it is that you mention a sevens before. And you is still baffling to me that he was here for that last month but you know that's it is what it is. Let's be fair though from from a perspective of this mr. John Ferrell tenure in Toronto a successor -- -- -- you look -- mean it's so it's a results business to -- it may also becomes it here's a guy who failed how much things are gonna work here but. If you're density. I -- -- hired that's it he failed -- but there were clubhouse problems he's coming in here now and that's what he's coming. But I and I can't I'm in I'm camp sail long he'll definitely be Goodman on his wife and it is I'm just saying that. I think all things -- -- it's a good fit like Terry Francona was a good fit after failing. In Philadelphia our guys have failed and got some Rossum fields went right by it comes it comes back yes. Of course about saying no everybody saying out of it worked out well most guys I -- I'll bring up Rick Francona walked into a loaded team well OK Joseph Torre walked into a loaded that this is seems as well this tournament back to which is what you're saying is absolutely true is. You need to talent you need the pitching and and the reason the the biggest reason that the Toronto Blue Jays failed this year. Wasn't I don't think it's there was a clubhouse disconnect because I think that despite the -- -- I think despite of his golf and you talk to the people on the Blue Jays. Actually think that Farrell did a good job. But it was because Brenden Morrow and piled Rabach through -- instant. All went out I mean you're basically even happen after the top weaponry that tree right -- yeah -- -- -- the Red Sox and -- think since that you know I know what happened. I mean how exactly and and you look at and Romero is bad this year he you know I think he get out of shape. And the end Henderson Alvarez he was the should be scared -- I guess I know while it should be terrified yeah so he evidently was the idea -- -- -- Cowboys -- know this is get a lead me to my next point which Henderson Alvarez yet another guy that rotation. To unfurled those OK you can say you know why isn't he doing this why is he doing this guy has great stuff. But Henderson Alvarez it was able to get through and that just happens you never going to be a and so this whole thing with -- federal gonna fix the entire pitching staff. It eagle Bud Black didn't come in and fix the entire pitching staff when he became manager but he became Goodman.

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