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Dave Magadan, Former Red Sox Hitting Coach, joins Dale and Kirk

Oct 20, 2012|

Magadan talks about his choice to accept the position of hitting coach for the Texas Rangers and why he decided to leave Boston. He also shares his thoughts on the Red Sox season and details his relationship with Bobby Valentine.

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Welcome back our number two sports Saturday Dale Arnold Kirk -- a hand. Let's talk -- the former hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox the brand new hitting coach for the Texas Rangers. They've maggot and joins us on the AT&T hotline David's -- Kirk and Boston thanks for taking a few minutes are. I'm doing okay earners. Try to get over the shock -- Is this a move that you could have contemplated at some point in the last month they're sorted this happened pretty quickly. Those are combination of those the so Google+ and burial site you know coming out of the seat and we have a such a bad seed and then we're obligated fire. No nobody really knew what happened. You know I could have an option that day that he ever talks at the for next here. All that would ban it in the Seagram and -- could be some opportunities out there are -- -- -- -- So -- you know at that point. And that. -- talked of Ortiz just to see market maybe solidifies. A ball in your video. Her blog boulevard and AMP woods gracious enough. About the current. That's a question that and then they sort of increase. The -- any conversations Dave with with. Francona in Cleveland but that -- now. You know I talk with with five other team. In all of my one important interview. I had conversations would would veto it and I thought they were mapped. But it just concentrate on on the this situation in Boston. Did you get the sense that Oded Ben and the Red Sox want you back. Or was it just you know sort of created Telecom to attend. How much -- -- -- Oh like he treated me with respect. They didn't grant me permission talked the other scenes. They. It is just -- it just didn't come together you know texas' very glass -- There really wanna be to eternity coach and you know that's that's worked well. For a second start talking about. And I think I think -- won't be back at -- you're -- lead. Decide one way -- the other at such -- like they want me back but it just didn't work out -- what is that Texas was. Was aggressive and you know America platform. Dave based on media reports the Red Sox and apparently asked for permission from the blue jays to talk with John Farrell about. Making a trade in effect for him as the manager of the Red Sox. If John Ferrell is the next manager. Would you be led to believe that he'd like to have had its stay on here. I'd like to thanks so I mean on had a really good relationship when we heard the governor Boston. It was a relationship of mutual respect and you know at every comic played on over the last couple years so it made a point golf and our job and and I felt like we had a really good relationship but -- -- seem like the timing was gonna work. You know. Rightly so Austin but I'm -- limit on army. A much circuit all the other scenes that they know they had their first defy the other side of -- manager. And back -- You know update. Been able to call the -- sooner or made a decision on -- and another manager at that point while still pursuing these other banks. They would turn out differently but the army -- that one out. The other word among the media members who followed the Red Sox in and the times I've been in the clubhouse as well as that. You're you're not a guided TC to talk to simply because you're never around the clubhouse are always town in the -- you're always out working with guys. Work ethic is something that is not in question is as far as how you've operated with this team. Did you find that as hard as you worked with the hitters on this team there were some things that you simply couldn't help them overcome. I think that's true of any any sport that you coach or any position that you coach whether stretching her. The -- important the order outfield I mean you do what you can. Trying. Arguably the third information that they need it becomes -- -- continued. But there are so many variables and -- That. Some of the doesn't work out you know some guys look great in the cage and don't period in the -- Some guys look great in the cage and can be pretty McCain carried on into the game you know it's such a medal game at such a metal lines. That. Those those you guys that can carry their work from decades to batting practice into the game not only do it. You know for one night -- do it on a consistent basis over -- don't see them. Is it -- not that I think that's what -- the partly why I've been hitting coach saw up there. Yet to be -- so much failure and it's not only the physical for the game and the medal art. You know just in the failure and try to overcome failure and you know men either so variable. In agreed -- all. Squared up and rocket somewhat on the catches -- -- about. So it's there's a lot of different aspects -- -- hitting coach. Like many the other coaches in baseball and you know did you work that's why they got put so much artwork and -- You know I don't want anybody out work Meehan I want to figure out a way to make it better. Dave obvious to read and heard. A million things about Bobby Valentine in the club -- this year toxic all that stuff you were there obviously being beginning to end wasn't as bad is reported. It's never -- -- -- order. You know certainly we other issues starting in spring training you know the market dealers and -- Enveloped but I think Bobby did a pretty good job its -- -- thing where he sees you try to you know what. If we get drawn into some potholes -- he tried to. Correct it and communicate with the players and you know. But. You know all I can really comment on it it's my relationship of body. You know retreated to murder with respect from spring training all the way to -- them. And then he got -- feel like he trusted me. And you know -- During this whole process without going through. Why do you believe you are Red Sox -- I game caught a couple different occasions to get a device so. I feel like when. When we ought to ways we are still we -- the privilege. He himself said on this radio station that he felt that some of his coaches undercut his authority here it sounds as though you weren't one. Did you seek coaches who you felt did do that. You know what yeah I I don't -- -- -- comedy you know Maddux feel like that up to. That took the Bobby put out there for but he here. You know like you said the or I'd spent a lot of time in the cage not quite see the rest of the staff members. Are less than anybody else McCain. And all I can do is common ground on my relation bought a -- -- now you know just like any other situation. When you -- Grown man. As long as -- with the each other during the season. You know you're gonna have your odds -- about each other the wrong way and it might say so should they are your brain and but you move off that -- be mature adult. Realizing that is launching -- -- thing happened during the year other. Guys don't like it. But you talk about it afterwards Mubarak. One of the hallmarks of the Red Sox during your tenure here is hitting coaches that this team worked the count as well as any team in baseball saw more pitches than any team in baseball. That's seemed to not be the case this year did you find that your message was not being received the same way this year as it had been in past seasons. No not at all. You know -- to. Adjusted player that you have now in the guys that we had the last couple months see him. -- or guys that very law and maybe we can expect them to be whether it's sorely in the season or in their career. So you know I talked with Bobby about it. And you know these guys. Skill -- what -- conducive to them going -- currency bought six it's spurt that. And you know we were already out of the race. You know these views you don't want it. -- out of their comfort zone. So you know when I got -- Syria Rocco -- that a great job force or you're. We're glad you're. I'd like that they're still that it's really not that the match up the court appearance in a lot of pictures and I want them perhaps out. Or trying you know camera on a got to eat -- -- gotta -- that -- -- You know I don't really necessarily talk to guys about C sections now I talked more about. It's one of your approach but look for a pitch in a certain area -- -- its first one of the water you gotta be you gotta have that mindset. But this one doesn't always mean it doesn't -- choose. I've certainly seen a product such as -- walking on but it just. It means -- that's applicable publicly for. And the byproduct of that a lot of -- that the walk. That you played it a go up it's your. You know you're you're being stubborn for that it should he or. You know what those guys that match and it's just -- to partner. There there approach yet but it doesn't mean that they can't get better. Two guys that I'd ask about one is gone in one you know may be gone here and in next -- so the first is eager Gonzales who was. So good in that first half of his first. Year and after that to -- power perspective on here in Los Angeles kind of fell off a cliff and also plate discipline. Get a guys Ellsbury played 75 games after. Being hurt and was nowhere near the player he was in 2011 -- what are your thoughts on those two guys. Well Ager and. I think sucked the ball really high the first apple -- he was good hitter I've ever seen him perfectly for the first. You know during a half -- -- seat and two years ago. I think he just set the bar high. Look up what he did in that first -- when you do that eat Kosher salt and try to keep saying that we're trying to take that your. We're not there. You know the -- to get a dictate what you -- do it. You know many started getting in the that were common. That attitude of our common input should pit early in the count. You know jump on a fastball and then you get it differently they're vulnerable at all speed early in the council. In that -- become a snowball I think a lot of side AG could be its own worst enemy you know like many many hitters are. They too much that it does let their their natural ability take over. In. He got too much to be a jet -- I thought and you know -- you can have a good thought -- your -- which are you edged. It you don't necessarily want to sell -- that. I think he bit too much that is talent. He got the ability and natural goalies go out there and see the bought it all ordered it could ever get here. And Jacoby. Another -- it just. Set the bar really high last year came out of the gate this year. Got hurt early on. That's no. Remarked that feed them and I think he came back in. Got a little impatient himself tried yet. You know it is your -- the robber. In the right direction. That they -- all one wanted to batter one game. He did say Croatia -- president. Again like agent tried the big order error. There and I'm sure the injury yet but for the it would. Be a little cautious way -- You know I see back here and have a great year. Reminding everybody what. Itself up. And you can only coach the players the -- given the coach. I wonder you're gonna be able to work with Josh Hamilton next year. Doubt that remains to be seen hopefully well he's a great talent and everything are here bottom. Is positive and you know -- -- you'd like to -- to handle a god like -- -- he's he's pretty special. So well say you know they haven't given me any indication whether he's going to be back and not let. Normal -- -- quietly idiot in the. Maybe not -- o'clock Bentley met or yeah. Tell me tell me what shall take away from your experience here you were here for what's six seasons I believe. Tell me what that would take away will be four. Nothing but positives. I know the last year and a month when very frustrating for everyone involved. Are mostly for the fans who have it and really have much of -- hand in the way we played -- it's frustrating haven't sit back and watch that. But. It was it was a great experience. Not everybody gets suspense secured the one place discuss -- coach especially hitting coach. I always -- like the front office. At my back in and believed in me. Ya gotta think ill and actually for bringing me over here you've got -- believe me. You don't work that I did it in San Diego woods. Maybe it was the results or in the numbers that you are our work and prayer. But complete positive. I got -- spent six years in the special place where the atmosphere is incredible every night. We won a lot of gains won a championship. The end owners just on a personal call out you know my wife's from the New England area -- from Salem and ensured. -- it would there was pretty nice for her to be able to spend a lot of time with the family at it and enjoy that aspect so. Nothing but defense. Dave we appreciate the opportunity to talk with you we wish you the best of luck headed for Texas as the hitting coach for the Texas Rangers will managing being your future someday. You know what happened that. More than once I thought the response routes and yeah I think it's something that might. Might Pique my interest. There in the absurd that contract who knows what will happen. You know I think I'd like the way you might buy. Two daughters are still pretty on my daughter's. There are eight and three. And just being a hitting coach take a lot of time away from them. Being a manager Doug even more so I think I'd like to -- get a little bit older. Maybe three years it might be the right time without. But it is something that I but a lot about lately and so like it might be something there that I like yeah. Best of luck to you down there we we wish him nothing but the best. Thanks -- that is that -- maggot in the former hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox the new hitting coach. A three year contract with the Texas Rangers. -- guy who I -- again just speaking from personal experience. Nobody works harder than this guy and we used to joke about you'd never see him. Yes it is well you seem as you walked down. From the clubhouse out to the to the dugout they've got a cage inside. He was either there or -- without batting cage out on the field but he was always working with somebody. Yeah they give us no Valentine gossip. Always disappointing. The years while the guys who generally I think. Like sound and that was a good fall by -- I don't think he's one of those guys that down times losing to who you know felt -- sabotage. Well apparently in Brighton based on the fact that he said he talked to Bobby a couple of times since yet during the course of this interview process. My guess is Tim Bogart and call. I figured out at any time apparently a problem the last little bit and end you know what I I actually respect Dave Moore for not. Routing out guys who may have had issues. He's he's gone -- no nobody there's nothing will get to the calls have you guys welcome back just couple minutes. 6177797937. -- the telephone number 617. 797. 779. Have a 937. I didn't mess up the back part of messed up the front part that's what really bad. When we come back and a couple of minutes will tell you about a couple of surprising. Top player announcements in the national football late guys who were gonna play tomorrow. One which might surprise you one which frankly should shock Cuba will tell you about those as well welcome back in just couple minutes Sports Radio WEEI.

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