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Merloni: DeMarlo Hale a great candidate for Sox manager

Oct 18, 2012|

Merloni talks about his experience playing for DeMarlo Hale and why he is such a great fit for the Red Sox.

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I -- we have to add lose list of the great sports bloggers and our American culture guys like Jim Gary at dad's been. Bill Simmons and ESPN. Kirk -- handed WEEI dot com and Al overloading. It that I noticed a huge post today it WEB I don't cup cup. Years ago I used to you know and and it didn't take me seventeen hours basically to do anything you know anything full paragraphs. Suck -- That Diller really at all. You know anymore and it isn't just really got that good at it but you know. I've played for him in. -- 39497. And but it out of me I don't think my master editor senior editor Alex beer from -- journal -- -- -- -- Celek an -- -- very well done stop playing in this this whole itself you -- and you. Self segregation it's I think it's a great column today -- it's a great read today lose take on the moral -- did a great job very impressed. Alex did a better job at it and you get a good job writing. Alex and an exceptional job editing that piece I saw the rock copy that actually went there. We're beating -- analyze everything crayons it was a mixed up every -- toilet papered over. That the there Marleau hell I don't know and do I -- pre spell -- Joey and had all still -- you know those red line than he misspelled -- the tightening was all red lines. You tell some interesting stories and that -- and I didn't fully grasp even talking about the moral held now for about a week because his name jumping in -- the -- you set up well. I know I've said I want a new pair of eyes on this thing I can't root against the moral -- you know hold. It against some story but the story telling your piece today. About you was an older player playing at a lower level and you guys getting up bond right away -- see how you might beat pusher that's got to get the job. Yes to. Or edit and -- -- a piece -- talking about some of the stuff via -- 93 in his first year managing organizations and for Florida I was drafted and sent them for stately. It's no longer in Fort Lauderdale then moved to Sarasota. And use my manager there and it was just you know didn't really get to know the man that much there's probably a month and a half Purcell but it was that. Following spring training knowing that was gonna have him again you know in Sarasota high AA. Dealing with him there some of the stories. And how that season went at 1994. That's Sarasota Red Sox team. By far. The most fun I've ever had in the summer. I mean it wasn't you know big league level. And believe me I've had some fun at some teams -- -- -- at the big league level some great group of guys and the different -- different level response. Minor leagues go and even better than and a lot or most big league season. Best season SC best team ever bent on as far as just coming together and it's just always kind has seen its. Surrounds tomorrow. You know he always seems to be the center -- Al the -- are pitching coach Rico Petrocelli was are hitting coach and Rico and friends of mine guys I played again at a past we call a dream team. Right the dream team because of the coaching staff that was remarkable. It was unbelievable but some of the -- to deal we drafted Nomar he came to our team its season. Is 94 right before I was second baseman Kevin Jackson shortstop. Pulls me it's listen we get this kid -- -- and and and he's gonna play shortstop. I got a movie guys around edit item on here that the dollar per second basis that -- short -- -- -- second baseman. Any just flat out listen if you gonna get to the big leagues it's him because your versatility Europe good players a lot of good things you do in this game fundamentally you know the game but. You know you don't run fast you don't hit for power not gonna hit 330 in the big leagues is gonna be your versatility to get you there. I don't wanna hear. But he eat that's that's what he's all about you know sometimes you don't wanna hear the news but it's important communicate. He is a great communicators you always -- testing guys -- -- art. And it it's -- it just continues he would be great choice. Well I mean is -- any quit since he goes to Baltimore I'm not adding -- shall user account and credit obviously Dan Duquette does. But that he would drop the course the year did you hear one peep from the Baltimore team amidst their running normally with with some team that it is exported to the spotlight. There's going to be some sort of issue and -- may be -- I'm spinning a certain way you'll get textures that will help us out. I don't remember one thing come out of Baltimore this year it was all going in one direction now again Showalter credit -- credit. But the morals on that staff is -- since that I -- -- -- say is a great communicators. Right mixing in some of these younger players the older players Machado coming up late -- Nixon Baltimore. Not a peep. Out of Baltimore Orioles other that we're focused on winning or make Enron were gonna get in. Median here sniff there now I get the -- some credit. I mean I think that communication is going to be huge thing. Where -- gets this job weather is the moral W write about today. Well it's John Ferrell who a lot of sources are saying today cup Florida and the initial report. Our guy Alex beard WE yet -- comments confirm it. The compensation conversation has begun. So I'd I'd I'd -- question will be where does the -- fitness you know or are these four guys. They'll look like legitimate candidates. But the end of the -- chairing this guy and sort of already John Ferrell. Do any of the four that have been interviewed not -- farewell petty legitimate shot this job if the compensation has worked out because the more more I read -- -- today in The Herald -- globe. If they can work out the compensation with Ferrell it's not going to be -- but in terms of the four candidates tomorrow's going to be there the couple. I think it's -- a good group but it John Ferrell like you said it's. Gap early we knew this was coming OK I just don't want them to give up too much I want them to give up guided the Red Sox don't think can play in the big leagues. That's what I want them to give up the guitar and it's it's -- I don't think is good fit I think there's other areas. I think all four of these guys are good spirits. And I think that played your ball to give up to go to John -- you can use to -- get another player. The -- that's that's what I believe. Thought I don't think you have to -- all the year in fall in love with John Farrell give up whatever the hell they want. Give up a prospect he could see the big leagues in two years or -- prospect -- -- clinic to get. Somebody in another year that's gonna solidified his pitching staff or the outfield or first base. Just to get to get it manager when you've got other good options last year we look at that list -- to use garlic -- I was the best of this group. This year I think he ego can't go wrong. I don't think you can go wrong with anyone of these four guys and. God put the Bob listen this is just by default would be Pena right it in the hired Tony Pena is a track record in Kansas City he had a great. In any added a three year stretch there the first year they -- they were over 500 for the first time in seventeen years in Kansas City this is back in 03. When Pena took over that team. But the year after that they lost a 104 games they regressed big time in its second year. Thirty year they were 825 or 225 something like that he was out. I still think he'd be good choice here but of all the guys we talked about a with the ice left -- -- -- eleven -- that and the -- you played for the guy gets a great feelings about. I still think that the pitching in connection with -- puts him headed the moral -- Bible terms what I wanted to do but I am at the point where I want team -- They got to figure it out and it's been two weeks and the other regular season you brought in for legitimate candidates here. As great story and herald about this tonight I could not agree more. You can't let these four candidates -- the moral -- interviewed today. Sit there and wait in the wings while you figure out compensation for -- you put a deadline on it and if you can't get it you move the hell -- To make these four guys sit there and wait now let's start the pop up now we're negotiating -- obese in charity and topless. That's a bad job out of Red Sox to do that you have for prospective candidates coming here you embarrass them. By make -- announced that route if it's all next week yeah yeah you had the parents. Them the president amount of time your interview why not make it any sort of move you know -- -- a compensation over the weekend. If by next Thursday in -- -- second interviews or or down of these two guys -- and gets nothing done next week yet I held Gene Lamont still has got a phone call back from last year to say the Bobby Valentine got the job. We did not still thirty -- CS is talking about it I mean he. They announced Bobby Valentine Gene Lamont last year when it happens like I haven't heard from them well apparently -- didn't get the job -- that that -- they announced Bobby. So you know they can't let these guys -- -- drag on. BO tomorrow the the question of raising and that is you know is he far enough removed. You know from what happened in the collapse. -- he -- -- interviewed last year -- -- because of I think that the collapse and Terry Francona. It would -- reason why him -- it doesn't -- -- this year and you know not. Far enough removed. You know I just. I think he's his own guy you know I think that things would have been a little bit different. And it's up he's not strong enough to speak up it's just that you know -- was the guy's been there three years you -- say what you want you can talk and sometimes it's just. You know managed to do this sort of thing. Nothing that story and I was talking about was in 1994. When it did go to leave out of Sarasota. Bob shapers of -- coordinator. Manny noble pistol and afterwards there even years afterwards. When shifted wanted to leave that spring training on Tuesday next and it's bring into play second base. Tomorrow test. He -- music -- go to -- are solely on the team you know that's where your plane and as a point of reference the goal is to get out of -- and -- we -- get you don't want us they -- -- and that thing for player yet you don't wanna stay there if you're young -- eighteen year old -- -- with a short season that's farmed for Google play in a ball -- long season team to get the hell out 'cause anything can happen. They just set me on his way. And a political play second base in in Sarasota I -- -- -- -- -- wanted mis statements in extended and that was the Marleau. Who made the decision basically to send -- -- Sarasota over the Miley coordinator is when it came time to music was -- -- -- -- on his way to always have a team. Is -- we don't want states -- train a work at second base. That chafe you do have are sent them -- one. Not to do that too because I think he can play second I've seen a palatial I've seen a place second spring training he can do it. You -- -- mightily coordinator one year manager telling you. This is what you want. -- -- -- by CE evaluate the talent he stood up to authority in again in his own way. I think that's up and even as a young manager. First year guy you know in an organization. That's just the moral and -- he carries that same attitude. At the big league level the guy deserves a big league job. He's in the mix series interviewing today and if you -- not ready go to WEEI dot com Jazeera -- you -- toppling -- it is well I'll lose got eight. Peace he joined the crew Shaughnessy products like him anymore is a blogger now right on my couch right from your couch no input whatsoever watch in the games on the -- to -- for a little bit different but WEEI dot com. It is a great story and the other story that obviously is the John Ferrell part of that not only -- talking about the moral -- but all sources now like to Ferrell. And the compensation. In addition to that you've got -- other name Red Sox player oh boy here we go weighing in. On the managerial candidates in in the process. Taken a shot at John Ferrell is next manager will talk about that ninety seconds.

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