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Caller: Tom Brady is done!

Oct 17, 2012|

Mut and Merloni take a caller who gives his opinion towards why Tom Brady is done!

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-- Newton he joins us here get all your phone calls at 6177797. 937 -- about. Or Bob listen I think up. With this game is that just keep thinking close at the end -- beat the patriots. Because I think. Despite what people around here wanna believe. Brady can't make it into the game he's proved that he can't move I read all of defense you know we can't move and at the end of the game. It just tightened up on those occasions and Welker and he got nowhere to go. Then this happens game after game that again. And they'll get a different quarterback in the. Talk a good -- not going anywhere it was Super Bowl a -- has gotten up and Bob I don't want -- -- spent some time yesterday talking about is Brady done but you don't really think there's. They should go to Mac they cancel it or some other freeagent portrayed -- that I just have to summarize this if they don't get rid of all the bomb Tom Brady they're not gonna go anywhere. I think that. I'll tell you I think I think when you get out against the good teams met in the big game. Brady -- -- and mobile he can move and you can't make a play at all you have to do is watch the end of these games. And it happens time after time you go back to the so global personal quote at the giants same thing. He can't bowl and what he can't will that be in the beginning is so it won't happen Tata. You -- open your. A -- about I think it. -- in the playoffs -- -- quarterback. I'm gonna -- on a limb and say yeah I think he's the best second best quarterback in football still -- -- -- -- ahead of -- -- Brady's number -- and shot the match job absolutely. No Bob I don't think -- job and Alex Smith there's so much better than Tom Brady you moron. And and -- particularly. What does Matt and I. We took it guys thank catalyst -- Thank you how to. Listen is there some truth to the fact that this -- has not been able to close out games. Yes there is. Then I was about to -- you know kind of agree with Bob on Tilly started spewing the nonsense about honesty can never win anything without Tom Brady. -- shot -- operate with Palmer with Tom Brady his -- when a playoff game. With a quarterback like Tom Brady. I mean at some point you gotta just let it go. This era that the point that he might have is -- fourth quarter we we mentioned this stat on. On Monday. Lowest total QB ER when they -- score lead minimum a final five minutes of fourth quarter since 2009. Wasn't surprising to -- Brady was fifth worst in football since the enemy that that that that's that says something I don't think Brady should not be replaced. Brady is not at the end of his career odd Tom Brady is not the 08. A bad game away from being replaced by anybody on this roster any roster is still a top two quarterback National Football League. But the -- did surprise me. That when you're trying to protect a one score lead. Mid am a final five minutes fourth quarter -- back to 2009. So that's three seasons plus now. -- the worst. Alex Smith the second by the way called castle rating with a fifteen QB -- different quarterback rating. But it's. I don't know what exactly it says but it would tell you that Brady may -- is not perform well in close games may QBR standpoint. Since then now is fifteen rating now compared to -- got one I think is better than him. -- Rodgers right now again -- the best quarterback in football. Roger's that same situation than 97 point four QBR Matt Ryan who was -- -- MVP year before. Go down as like a little bit was to pick against Oakland. 895. In that same situation. I -- outside our meter heat did against Oakland. I don't know what that says but that doesn't -- Brady -- your place that's -- -- -- and so it's not agree -- -- it does say. The Brady may not be as good in those once -- games as he once was a they are projected to be. And it's also not just on Brady. The struggle to win close games is not just on the quarterback in the defense given up plays that are back breakers the Nick Brady go back on the field and have to make plays. What's not all Brady by about three disagree on this team Buhner out with their quarterback. They be the jets. Any worse than that because they have a defense is not as good as the jets and in most years and a quarterback that is. Middle the pack maybe a little bit better in the court case in the case of Alex Smith. I see Anthony top and Giles all your phone calls start patriots and jets it's -- week 617. 7797937. Your phone number jacking it all on average on -- -- eleventh there.

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