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Has Tom Brady lost his magic, winning touch?

Oct 16, 2012|

He's too old, not enough arm strength, he's distracted, he's taken too many blows to the head... all this and more have been floated as to why Tom Brady can't seem to finish games any longer. We discuss (or at least try to) why Brady doesn't seem to be his old clutch self, especially when it comes to the 4th quarter of games.

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They do a lot of different things there I've Saturday they had views on what to do it and then make you some different looks -- have to they'll probably see a new one from -- probably do something they haven't done before so. Marvelous spirit about him. I'd write. A Bill Belichick talking about. Michael's guy. I know you more Leo. Mixed emotions this -- announces the rough week and throw out on the road Susan was there are hearing here in. Regards Rex and me. Is one of the best of didn't order the top thirty. Two quarterbacks in the league asks why don't have -- I'll tell you what are mixed emotions and ideas and alas it is -- relish the scores -- I report organization that so disrespectful. Of the of the great talent. The back up quarterbacks in the league because he's a -- -- see in the top five. He's not a backward. Backup quarterback he has an embrace that role. Evidently that I don't have literally he held other tough I don't know what it takes -- -- 37 I would inspire him by the news and inspiration note on the analysts on. Once upon -- time. Johnny -- Was discarded he was playing sand lot football the great Johnny do a nice story they make mistakes on the kinds of good emotions marked. Personnel people make mistakes. And Drew Brees came along as it was record one. Is a job in dark. I think John. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- is getting old and I think you. You two become one of the callers started -- role in part. Refuse to accept it and look at what the little -- look at their that Michael Mike are so strong and you'd be off the rapper and. Like it looks it is yeah you're confusing us with your birthday yeah I I think confusing -- -- -- I opened up the show day. Have basically tell you that this problem -- Brady about closing out games now and the offense is the gone on now for the last couple years since I don't know. People aren't in a lot about this it's not that when you look at any quarterback. Through the history NFL 35 -- to -- where the form. Japanese are to our veterans awful -- -- -- and I get paid anyway it's terrible Georgia last night. Don't -- did you watch him last night he missed the entire season and you watch -- last night. He's down 24 to nothing he brings his team back from the dead they win by eleven. It's not a -- I don't he's not -- -- not John there's not a nation. I'm not afraid to say on the efforts of law if you -- my relation to my -- am -- not afraid to criticize my dad that's one number two. It's not an arm strength issue with Tom Brady he made a mistake he made several mistakes in that game and not do with his -- straight. Had to do with his lapse in judgment it will tell you this document if he was a mobile quarterback and he relied in his court -- -- absolutely would agree that you get to 35. And your start thing. -- affect Michael Vick has been hit so many times he start to fade already right now he's not 35 for Brady that's not his game. He's a pocket quarterback. Few little things like our enemies don't -- all the ground a lot more -- -- you -- Has nothing to do -- -- -- -- that is nothing to do with his. This gripping that and the -- And judgment and the little things. Or did at 35. There'll lapses in judgments or is he losing here's how I'm all out all the junk. Should you really believe in eleven years you're gonna have lapses in judgment where maybe you'll start driving in the left. Great. The -- I'm talking about. Little things you've just got to get help dole I -- Right but but I said that but I also said he had nothing to do with -- -- that you you think he is physically breaking down to 35 and I don't. And I think an. I got you grab the role it doesn't happen overnight one -- you -- -- -- a couple slowed to a net from a little direct result of market a look at. They slowly but surely epic in the long ball anymore and they did it and -- a wide open your and there are all while they're a little walk bureau. Her options are concussions its quite amicable Washington like -- It's pretty funny to hear you say this huge and I would take it from somebody else but I know too much about you. I know you're cowboys fans so a guy who who worships Tony Romo. Is talking about the quarterback play -- -- at eight. That is funny ladies and Oreo -- jog. What is romo's play after the -- technical. Just because. And I know I'm talking about you are eight cowboys. Likes -- Europe are jobless and it got to win the Super Bowl every year. You think Tony Romo is a good quarterback you think Tom Brady is losing it -- That's crazy actually agree. Don't -- Tony were almost certain to lose right now I don't think Tony romo's good you don't lose it you think Tony almost better than Brady. -- -- -- -- you do but you start received from all he start to fade away if you notice them. Which is quarterback rating right now. It. -- twenty. East east east twentieth in the -- radius six the other old man Manning he's number two. But they're better quarterback to begin with. You're not comparing that I'm not comparing Eagles quarterback Tony Romo I'm comparing them from themselves. They're beginning to slow down with the age would you compare one with age comparison to what Tony romo's doing what are we doing compared him to Wear what this guy three years ago two years ago five years. How well but that's about that's about last year compared to where it was last year. Compared to where it was two years ago so Tom Brady two years ago I I think. What the league MVP. Right. So where is Tom Brady. Tom Brady in 2012 compared to last year in 2000 that you can have games like this in 2010. Cleveland. Into a US equipment -- 2010. Was a Super Bowl last year had bad games last even when he was MVP of the league. I'm saying -- spartans -- not started that you don't think it's a slow. The generation. That played at nothing to do with it being something's wrong particularly getting old ones that you just all of a sudden look up what quarterback. -- jar -- out I don't. I don't I don't I don't get to point to 102 point the guy was the MVP in twenty kids he's just retained for so what -- -- easy when you collapse but it -- at BP and 22 and -- -- games in 2010 -- a lot of them. But he had at least one or two. He was great last year in the regular season. He had. Too bad games. In the playoffs in a bad game it's -- ravens. In the playoffs but he was great regular season in a bad game. In the Super Bowl all things considered begging for Tom Brady. So was that. Is he not allowed to have bad games -- not have bad games and 0304 when he was a young man if -- I don't buy it -- didn't. I think the way he plays the game I think the way Peyton Manning plays the game Michael they don't play until -- forty I don't think they're gonna have a problem because I don't think age plays into it. Because they don't need. To have this speed with their feet they don't Michael Vick -- Elliott will have difficulty plane because of the way he plays the game. It all depends on the way how you play the game you know Aaron Rodgers may have to change up as he gets old stay in the pocket a little bit more into both of those things right now. -- about a guy thought the did that pretty was losing his mental faculties that at 35 that is just. Why can't I get the ball -- Football is just don't know do we but people around with the threat of. Was he humanity he makes mistakes and I thought he made some mistakes in the red zone win do you ever see that with -- so suddenly this past week. You know like you so no one should know is set and you had so he started throwing it in the in the -- and throw them all right thanks to assess the he's he's he's made mistakes before there's there's no question he's made mistakes that -- 28. I'm made mistakes that there -- -- should his that they should stop this stupid hurry up off gotta throw you know eighty plays in the course of the game yet. Slow down. Give a little rest a little rocker on the side go on the on the sidelines have slowed down. You fewer points before he could conserve his energy in the and a little on the year by the time you get to the end of the game. -- Twitter my face all that's not my thing. Show. I don't even know stuff works I don't have any of those accounts or whatever there are. And so do I use it absolutely. Not. Mike for instance -- Kyle this randomly call on the accounts and being -- -- -- -- -- a great question from Ben from Framingham analyst arm. Peyton Manning last night for anybody who thinks that age has something to do that especially when your pocket quarterback. Now eventually catches up to you but not at 3536 he's almost 37 I believe in. He was unbelievable passing through when he and so to Stokley in the two of them have worked in the past but. Both wins was just absolutely. Flawless from home. Com need to be down 24 enough and talk about the pressure and what you need to do when a game and what the other team how the other teams playing. The score 35. Points in the second half of that game on the road against a pretty good football team discharged from the is. Unbelievably impressive but I think when you look at it at Brady and celebrities that are coming in here again -- guys. Com John -- all along he has a lot of people it absolutely. Agree with them page doesn't. Is that a factor then why is Brady ducking ghost in the pocket he's getting all the paranoia that one right after another. Well I I'm not sure you watch in the same quarterback that I am watching the -- if Iran. You know if he had if he relied on his feet to actually win games for it that you sit there and say he's not going to be able to do it anymore. -- -- -- -- At the at the end of his career and it and and and -- hadn't played -- I lovely split Arena Football League. Football when he came in and he led a team to a super doubles so I don't buy that they pocket quarterback I think he could do a Brett Favre is brew but it is the guy. Who Reagan who used his -- at charge at -- now and you know obviously he had to spend a little wartime of the pocket I don't think it's -- really a major factor. With a pocket quarterback you could say -- -- older. When you get injuries it takes a little bit longer to heal I would agree with that there. I thought I I agree with that I think there are a -- senator early for John came home. Watching the play at the end of Super Bowl 42. Final minute when he tries to hit Randy Moss. He can't throw that pass anymore. That is directly related to his age and his arm strength he got his arm strength is not the same as it was. Five years ago at that that's have a problem admitting that. But I think what he did on Sunday. Has nothing to do with his age. Some of the mistakes that he made Hewitt Hewitt you can go the other way and say a veteran quarterback is gonna make fewer of those mistakes as he gets older. Because he just knows -- okay the the play clock is winding down here or we don't have an act not time for the situation or maybe it's better for me to take this act because of that brought the ball it's going to be intentional grounding. That's gonna you gonna get better with age with those things as opposed to worst in which you won't be able to do is make all the passes that you were it would make we know. It's ignorant it's just the opposite he acted like an inexperienced quarterback there were mental mistakes he made. That you expect from a dead but in the -- war two or three years. Just the opposite should be happening with Brady and the ball doesn't come and -- mean. Whether you talk about the Welker completion of thirty yards or the interception he through it Earl Thomas none of those were long ball she's not that. That that that's not a factor that was not a factor. -- game on Sunday that he didn't have enough on the strength to be able to throw the ball out there. I mean they can put a lot of passes they had a lot of yardage through the year. A meat -- eight point 61 -- not a fact. You know -- and we gotta talk to the patriots about being little more. No more kind to the elderly may have an old man threw a 58 times a terrorist is cruel and and you wouldn't that is yes it. You should really you know -- and the young kids. This run -- what's a client. Eight I'll come and supported -- -- almost ran the play that took blame on the east it. And I don't think we should be blamed -- -- credit because I have a sense we look you know Paris and I learned that. Court unquote dynasty each -- that we had. It's been the patriot offense that's an old and now they've been throwing 4238. Points a game. Allen and not -- and that when it is the 21 when he -- It would electronic -- -- Don't you think it is 8882 part problem one the teams are able to throw the football the way the your -- natural football. Mom the way they did for that touchdown at the end of the game against the secondary I'm sorry you can't he can't let that out yeah so it's it's twofold it's the secondary. And it's the fact that the offensive this is become now. A pattern. A dangerous trend. Is that the offense has been incapable of closing out the game with three minutes four minutes left -- all you have to do is move the chains don't even score. All -- have to do was move the change those two things to me. Have been the biggest problem if that all of the other stuff I -- has been very good. Well I think even a bigger problem is there once -- six in their -- That's that -- -- I mean that's. You wanna know something even one for six in the red zone -- still win that football game if they control the football with three minutes left in the game. The defense went out there the difference of -- went out there and they were three and out they stop Seattle three and out. To not get the ball back to get 306 left and -- and to some -- all. -- all you have to do is move the -- don't have to score even though you're right they were only one for six they left a lot of it's appeal if becomes irrelevant. If you just move the chains how is it that this offense. It's scores as many points as they do even this in this occasion where they left them on the on the field. How was that they just can't move the chains they -- to change the entire game. Game's on the line can't move. Is mark marks in each province. Mark puts up. I am not up. Cigarettes. Gold -- or what. Kind of look at a cigarette smoking. -- what you're gonna do what I have and it they have -- that they thought that all -- it. -- -- it when it's her. Husband and wife. Bringing -- that you carving -- some from four years ago four years ago. It was that we didn't plan and yet. What what city apple. Well yeah. Hold about. Well I don't organ removal all while. It was nice it was nice listening in for a lot we gotta say he thought he thought they were talking about one that noticed no issues she was the one that's. So for that's the price. If you aren't surprised -- you know -- take the road. -- -- in his voice. There were arguing -- cigarettes you. Train failure says she says. What's her brand. Of -- and that leads all of these problems with the new port report. It's wrong. -- and wrong yeah. Stereo utterly -- it's been in and here rubbing off news that. Both stereotyping. -- yes -- essentially as the zone and let's -- that -- -- -- -- It before I went out it now now that he could look now and look like that we get a statement that the audience would love the language used to get to your high right now. -- yeah there's. -- world today. This government. Quite a while getting create if he would together. But. They -- glad that these things up. You know our thing was Brady's accuracy the other day I mean there was -- -- that was like fifteen to twenty mile mile an outcry when these 258. That was important it was raining but it was. It's raining in and the wind. -- it was a pretty heavy heavy. I did. The a rookie -- so how did you handle. How does that happen not -- as to how many times have you seen Brady. But it does have you seen Tom Brady in bad weather. Unbelievable. Games. A snowstorm in Foxboro against the local. Right no no particular thing that kind of correcting me a little bit this yet is. The height of piracy it is no now I would ought to have the new guys look to stretch the field -- been seen yet. Now when they've done the end zone against Seattle Seattle's got every one of their backs like six foot six foot so. We have that you struggle that -- and Deion Branch in we needed well what tall receiver has Glock is definitely not been bothered. Yes I there's no question he's having some physical problem pretty good -- guys get great shots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I don't think the wide receivers of the -- I think -- been tremendous. I think he's exactly he's not a stretcher he does not stretch the field he's a guy that catches the ball outside the numbers along the sideline it's the safest best in the world. Because of quarterback throws at the right way either catches it or it's out of bounds there's very few interceptions and that. You know that spot and if you watch his -- or. His footwork -- footwork is is good. I may exaggerate here but I don't think so it's as good as any receiver ever pursue -- he is that good with controlling his feet. And making sure the effect when you watch it live. Tragedies of this what you watch -- -- visiting -- there no -- got that that's out of bounds the Sugar Ray like any old -- It's amazing Welker Welker. And that's worth it well it was a huge advantage a senate last week I thought indeed have a big game against Seattle. Because against those big players the big. The fact that he's so small and what had had great success while was -- -- -- the minute game. Don't you tell at the plate to that the chairman interrupt intercepted just a -- -- yet. The bad fabulous I don't even -- -- an accurate even -- DR Brent just six to. I just don't think I don't think you would come up with that it was directed Iraq's. It's simple -- that. We don't why don't like coming up an hour from now Mikey Adams will join us at that time were right active form -- next to the big show.

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