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How do we fix the Patriots?

Oct 16, 2012|

At 3-3, by all accounts the Patriots are under-achieving. So what is the solution? Will the NY Jets be just what the doctor ordered to right the ship? We discuss.

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The team has been relying so much on Tom Brady lately. He's not capable he's not capable of caring and how your team the development and apply myself. That that this year he says since 2009. Since 2009. Haven't been the most balanced in quite so -- ever would it would that if levels -- -- -- -- -- but that would -- race it would kind of correct itself this year. And a lot correcting itself this year when it should be able clean it up there because -- but what I'm talking about as a team overall. When Tom Brady was what the young quarterback. He's great. Wanna you -- Super Bowl in part researchers note with great. He also had. Great defense. So -- it all on Brady to deliver his Brady of Brady great game we have no chance of winning that wasn't Michael wanted to got a critical. And that's how it is now how many times have we show you today after patriots game. Talk about the day before. With the offense faltered and were three and out three and out three and out at the end of the game when he could've easily closed at a game. We've done far too much for god and I think we both agree. Is a no brainer first ballot hall of fame -- one of the great quarterbacks to play the game. Maybe it's not his fault may be right maybe it's somebody else's fault -- -- went on but to me to me. -- certifiable first ballot hall of Famer. Should not have the numbers he has in the fourth quarter. He should have with the weapons he has right now. And I think we'll agree to pretty impressive weapons. To the point that many mentioned one of last night on the post game show the game mentioned Wes Welker -- receivers great slot receivers. So. He's got the weapons. Something is happening and you're right you sure -- a lot of good questions appear as to why it's happening. They have to figured out Foxboro could this team should be closing. Out games they -- because -- games. And maybe. Maybe a combination of a Brady now making good decisions down the stretch and it's obvious but also. The defense having the type of defense. That can close out a game to. You know I have a -- nobody. Our condolences to their job alone now and radius and no justice they got the job done any. In an isolated situation not to -- the game but. You -- get the job done as as it did in Seattle with three minutes to play -- over. But we can't say the defense got the job done the entire game got it done. At that point the fourth quarter. I've brought this up for two games. Where are seeing Tom Brady's day be in big situations. Here is numbers one game I think it was against that the -- The article that playoff game in -- three point. Tom Brady threw 444. Year. 44 yards. And a quarter now -- inches like. Gave up he threw for 144. And they won divisional playoff game like -- it -- Zelnick AFC championship game there's not a game against Miami they want it. -- threw for 76. Yards. At least -- and -- so you may do that. If it is it that -- eighteen now where you can have daylight gap from Brady is not miserable at just the numbers are not here. And the team still is able to win handle. I don't think so. Listen there's a flaw and I don't know what it is but when you talk about the defense is no question. The the defense has issues and we'll get to those in the in the secondary I think that the front seven I -- you agree with me. Is much better than we were dislodged. Com but there's there's there's lots of holes in that in that second -- of putting aside. Tom Brady has -- an in this office has had numerous opportunities since Obama. Of not having to worry about the -- all you have to do is doing their job is -- -- -- -- If they do their job we don't have to worry about the porous defense. Going out there in the field and putting the game and area. To date that's where the major fall comes I expected the defense. Is not good always get the job done. When you needed done at the end of the game. I expect -- Brady in this offense is going to get the job done. And that's why that you will have spent so much and built so much around Europe we get to the phone calls to talk football football more football because. This is -- doesn't mean it's frustrating. You're looking at this team we all thought it was a fairly easy schedule. And I don't think anything we've seen. Nothing that we've seen to this point. Has changed my opinion of this is suddenly a much more and more difficult schedule that we thought it would be noticed. -- as we -- Seattle is going to be tough little right to look again. That can't be a result double might be the one team who will look better and maybe they're coming crashing down earth a -- show loss at home about exactly. -- While that's frustrating three and three and I like they're gonna remain like this but when you watch Denver last night. See they're great comeback last night on the road against Diego and you wonder why our team here. It close out games when you have the lead when you've worked your ass off. -- you know. A good fifteen minutes and then suddenly Wimbledon you a lot of White Sox -- seven. 7797. 937 that's our brand new phone number. 7797937. You load up those phone lines will breakdown the patriots for you in ninety seconds because it's food bowl. Boom -- -- how to get to some specifics because I'm sure as you say there are many areas. That led to the loss. The defensive backs. In particular they seem to struggle on on deep balls. At what. It looks like Richard why does that happen so often looks like they're making the same. Same mistakes over and over what does it seem to be very concerned for them. -- peoples are obviously a problem. You can put -- that most impressive. Yet I -- a -- why's why's it gotta do better job. Period. -- we we talk prevents earlier he said the frustrating thing for him as you guys cover this you know was coming or no surprises from Seattle. Yet not to win. And you practice well so there -- no no bad practices. Are these are you confident that these these guys are -- to -- is that message getting across. To the point where you're comfortable. With the communication. Between players and coaches. Mentally get him out and do you think General Jones surrogate mom. -- that's now we play defense for its defense to go out there are soft on the offense go their score. Does this morning the NC talking about this and obviously getting quite. Defensive about it bill was no different yesterday. And I got the feeling you -- it -- the exchange and obviously Michael got the look -- -- -- -- But -- I thought yesterday he clearly showed his first. And they don't yeah I do. I do you know I think -- was -- difficulty sitting there trying in any way to defend his players. Accordingly he went out of his way. To defend almost as if he was saying to us recording was not brought up. These other guys there. According was not brought one out is what -- did you and out of his will that it isn't a defense that he's thanked his players a wanna go out there and OK -- -- -- go to long passes to lead them. That's ridiculous and that's where it was getting very defensively he's getting defensive because they think. He knew he realized it's like everybody else as he said all you had to do was watch the -- to realize. And you've been accused by other coaches and managers not watching the game but in this case you you watch the game and he knew you watched the game -- -- -- could this could tell. But I do think. That and that's the question what what is the problem. So is did this he has he identified. What the problem that topic of course -- -- -- close all or sometimes to identify. Well you have to -- you have to figure out what the problem is if you want to exit. You can tell me you don't think Bill Belichick and figure out no I think I think what is right now he and his -- can't -- he knows what's wrong. Now -- the next step is and do you have the guys who can execute. What you want them -- can execute that game plan and can you find safeties are going to be in the right position and can you five safeties. We're not going to be fooled peeking into the backfield and then wind up making up you know running you know 78 yards further out of position trying to get to receive -- -- I've heard people say ever people call and throw the premise out there that may be their teaching them not determine the ball. Like today I asked that a bill last week it -- adult there ought to turn on the ball. -- so that's not -- so you've got guys that apparently. -- being coached up and end up paying attention or the game situation gets too big for. And that can be the case yet -- had Wilson out there yet two guys put out there you know those type situations before writing is on the line. Got one Alatas crowds in the NFL. He got people screaming at you from the sidelines you get year old people tell you -- going to do that and you get a little bit confused. A little bit well and I had I don't -- -- I don't buy that because as as a city yesterday they had guys out there who. Shouldn't have been out there last year. It was just not what they were brought into the NFL -- do they actually an element out there -- that your players last year that labeled adult men getting off later. They had a head of Lowe who is special teams special to gamers even in the league now -- you. He was -- -- -- is that the cardinals. You he got back into -- -- as a key. Maybe get out of that I thought he was with another team he was with the team at the beginning of the season anyway actually storm like -- remember. Where -- -- play like week two weeks three storm line. He was so those guys to get down last year. In sterling Moore was that it was a guy who was cut by the raiders. And he winds up with the patriots and make some place -- last year they had guys. Who had no pedigree. Well or endorse no business on the field and they and they were decent. -- these guys second round picks first round picks their round picks. Natural safeties natural corners should be a good job. But I thought bill was quite interesting yesterday in that he's frustrated. I think he revealed a little bit clearly said that he made a mistake. Just before the first half not necessarily on trying to run a play with six seconds left. But actually in allowing the clock to drift down from 34 seconds down sixteen seconds that was a mistake -- to stop quickly enough. And so they probably left a ploy he or maybe even two out there on the field right there obviously -- ago. Ravens have -- horizon ravens ravens -- mr. and a threat to play that game. Thank you very much guys agree I took. If all goes we go here's Matt Orleans element. You know what's up what's going comment. I want to make a point and I think it might sort. Why -- back around to your question. The ball Brady at the end of the game and also about he'd be back. If you look at not only -- that the patriots for example the -- what they want Super Bowl as opposed to the years where they went to the Super Bowl. We have much more pedestrian record we struggled more during the season same thing with the giants and tootsie didn't they won the Super Bowl. The point that I'm trying to make is. Talent level is not that wide ranging Indiana ballot but -- is pretty count that the separating factor is -- motion -- Share your direct epidemic to stop you there. You're wrong they were excellent teams. They have back to back fourteen to two seasons. And a 21 game winning streak. In the regular season they were fantastic. And they won the Super Bowl they've. Wanted to record. But the first one the first pick at random you know there were eleven and five you have the first. But that was that that was probably won't we wish all shocked. That they develop that quickly -- -- next year they were going to be great matte of fact I believe his game. Was game six or whatever during the course of the season they played a range here in Foxborough. Lost by two that was I don't know -- editor but it was it was a close game -- game -- it was a real again and it was a competitor and that budget act out what I don't what did you. What I don't second but he I don't want to get distracted by the larger point to point out. That when you go fourteen and two in consecutive seasons and -- consecutive super holes. You're not some bomb and a regular season it's okay they can be great regular season in great in the post season it's happened here before we thought the Goodyear yet you know our point. And again and most scenic new I think we have a lot of injuries especially -- -- at the point being that there was a struggle during the season. There was not a hurdle to overcome. When those sixteen and well in other ways to stay motivated by helping to get a B and hungry. And I liked it a team like the giants last year were able to do what they it. They -- now Andy and I beat the patriots. I -- I'm not disparage you all like to. Why why we're at. While -- -- the giants hungry during the regular season. Well I think there were but I think you know. You know at the seat up for grabs in -- -- start off terribly and they started to gain momentum and and they started to realize they can do it and they got more motivated -- NASA advocate a -- I don't think it was desire with the giants personable with health. They got healthy defensively down the stretch they have very good players up front so they offer something that very few teams can do and Eli Manning. Was great. Net effect Eli carried them for a while when not playing well when their defense sucked. Eli Manning was Karina Wright had no rushing attack whatsoever last year which is always -- a pride of their game. Then they -- what Bradshaw again got -- later on in this isn't. They -- run the football little. Black hair and the maps are creating that up against the wall nobody believes it not for reasons. That motivate him I knew I. Adolescent. At the end because they can make it harder slippery because now the defense is playing harder because they now actually believe they can win that game. Now you're making it all and desire I think all of these guys think that they can win the game I don't think there was any point last season. Where the giants after and so we can't win these. I think a lot of what they weren't executing properly their defense wasn't intact. And you're running the ball and it worked probable. And suddenly once they were able to put their game together. Then suddenly they were able XEQ what they -- duke is they had everybody back they were totally different football team. The question I have for the patriots right now provided Brady came clean up. His part of the of the issue I think that part of making your point. -- because he's bright and what we've seen what he's done in the past. I'd still have doubts whether the secondary. And clean up their. Can they get to the point right now and I'm not expected to -- you know the best secondary in the in an effort but can clean up their act. To where they become extremely competitive back. At -- teams just can't march a debt quarterbacks mediocre quarterbacks young quarterbacks can go out there and just throw at will against. Let's look at this week. Sanchez hasn't been able to throw the ball effectively against any. They want this game this past week it because Shawn Green ran for 150. Some odd yards and Indianapolis was coming off -- the game would they play they're sure operable for chuck got out of the week before they get a big huge emotional game using your emotional argument. So Sanchez. Is having all sorts of issues active throw the ball effectively. You know what. -- this defense and secondary right here this might be the perfect thing for him. Sure it it it should be it should be a good day for Sanchez based on what we've seen in the first six games but that there's something that. Remember when. When Parcells of course rumors Parcells went to the jets and Belichick -- with them -- -- was assault always this talk about. How Parcells and Belichick played Bledsoe. And while I was Bledsoe struggle against these guys. We're trying to figure -- out and same thing when Bledsoe went to buffalo in a -- has Bledsoe struggle. Against Belichick was simple. You know -- As as great as Bledsoe was at times. Bigger arm make all the throws. You just wasn't pinpoint accurate all the time they played man. Like tight man a double up on on Drew Bledsoe. And they forced him just to be extremely accurate with his passes and if he -- us that way so be able we don't think he can do it we don't think. I Drew Bledsoe can sustain a twelve or thirteen play drive without making a lot of mistakes sometimes you get most of time we didn't say they were Mark Sanchez. Think this team to play zone to suggest. Don't think Mark Sanchez is accurate. When they blew them out. In December of 22 and if a man 95% and time played man on him. Steve is if these guys these guys are struggling in zone clearly. Thinking enemy which hit the quarterback -- not that accurate in Arizona obviously you have to think a lot. And so you're wondering whether that is an issue with them right -- listen you've got to do something Michael and I think it's it's it's a good idea the other one to me is. I if you keep two safeties back here. Why not blitz every once -- -- -- not change -- give a different type of -- they used to be terrific constantly giving a different look there's an additional. The two safeties back there and -- early you lot what they -- drastic -- ups and the self. -- break it there we go back to your phone calls here -- For outdoor in the talent hopefully increase -- we all feel you know week we all feel you know. Frustrating this for a full -- but. You know we've we've got our first season -- about. You know there's no better achieved to really start here against -- the -- history and Korea never once tried. In the division and we got to start performing better and that's what we hope to do. I'd in the AT AT&T attacks line AT&T -- LTG. Speeds up to ten times fast and three change. Couple of interest in one's no defense of leadership this team misses -- Bruschi Vrabel. Harrison and emotional leader can be priceless love Wilfork but he can lead the defense from the front lines back used to play too often. And we keep Vrabel in at Bruschi out of it certainly Rodney Harrison was a factor back there and one of those guys got to step up. It weathered some according whether it's Patrick John one of those guys got step. There. I don't like people he got a lot of young players back there why doesn't think a defensive linemen and be that -- mobile leader of the team. What you can be the leader of the defense Michael but yeah you can't necessarily. If you're Vince Wilfork in Europe front tells -- to -- -- caveats to the well connected to deal with a back and all of it can't go at the back camera but you can deal with the linebackers and you can do that. That's why I I I separated those are all the I don't think the linebackers and the Frontline is a -- that's why this text -- jumps off each form. We are -- Chandler John yeah. Pressure creates timing issues fumbles. Interceptions occasional -- pressure's not the problem here people Janet Jones can probably chairman Joan he was great this game again. This has been great -- in the game against Russell Wilson. Okay it's a matter of some pain in the pocket. So your coming up the middle. You don't. Want to get the little guy out of the pocket. -- suddenly he doesn't have trees in front of them has great vision and get thrown -- -- that's where he's the most dangerous. You want to keep on the the tackle box and that's pretty much. What they did I thought they did a good job. Of container and putting pressure on effective thing. Pressure out of the Brady get. Did very little Russia during the course right now that back to this emotional leader in Iraq or stuff. Well it was easier for lawyer Malloy first and then. -- Rodney Harrison to do it because. They had they had the resonated back it up they were pro bowlers they play late -- of the veterans back to Q but the but actually actually played well. Who's gonna do it. Mean what what guy what guy has the cash paid to be. The Rodney Harrison of the defense lawyer -- that you look at the got to play well first and then get into the emotional leadership and telling people what to do. Excellent point if you screw up you can point -- the guy next. If he screws up on the next play because you just screwed up on the last you're at somebody's got to play well and if you play well you lead by example. And then it's much easier to set that it. What -- whenever I admire on that wreck might. You can do it because you've just made -- the play before there's Joseph Wilbur next appear at a -- WE. Hey guys I don't. Getting all the than. My did that a couple about points double -- and I think this team is way too dependent on Tom Brady and my point goes to. The guys think human being he has a birthday every year and get a year rolled up like we all do but the guys obviously. Unbelievable but if one thing goes wrong on the offense. It's almost like everything is compiled in this debate I have panicked because -- the lots. Five as secure as everybody knows when the defense comes onto the field. We're screwed. And back to the defensive side of the ball if ballot check hadn't done his job on defense and that's been obvious Bruschi. Mcginnis La Malloy where they're not all products of consoles or am I wrong. Now they're all they're all drafted by a draft about Parcells slash Bobby Grier. And you know -- -- it just seems to be an ongoing thing I mean yeah Brady didn't have a great game that I mean can we go through this you know and keep gone through this and just -- dollar check totally up the heart I mean the guy hasn't done his job. On defense and I I think it's ridiculous and it's obvious I mean -- the offense. Course we can't close our game categories should throw the ball get a first down. Game all that the the mistake of Brady make a mistake that everyone sit back in the seat well games all right now because we know all of what's gonna happen on the other. -- worse the issue would Belichick -- I think you Euro on something is patient and Obama is the issue. Because remember he's the head coach and not necessarily the coordinator war the system that department. But we'll we all know we normally influencing. What does it is it that of what is it the influence of the coaches that he ads on on that side war war does that relate to the drafting. That position. Overpriced broke it down today and WEEI dot com site I urge you to go check it out but you look at the sale -- That's a lot of Dean Pees who were drafted. That forget about not doing anything here because you could argue the point to point. It's scripted into the system maybe the systems to complicated David -- -- maybe did the right guy. Didn't make it anywhere. Now they didn't make anyone and I mean if you guys either defensive backfield on every every week on this team I mean do you do you agree that name according to power aptly I got no problem -- -- an aptly put everybody else. And that defensive backfield they have no talent. At all they don't look like they should play that position and they look totally locked out there and that goes back to my first point. Wanted to kind of be kind to help Tom Brady out I mean I know all the guys you know old multi billion dollar a lot of back and he's got to do his job but if he makes a mistake. Why is it okay Ferrari won the. So you're saying help him out -- defense. Well I don't let them and they do what they do I want all out front right I don't see a problem up front I don't either and what you owned equally I think well like I think -- I think those guys are doing their jobs linebackers. Pakistan. Yeah exactly that you know now what happened and -- -- I mean we gonna make Sanchez look like you're on always this week. That's a very good question I don't want a hammer and I cannot tell you what if you make Sanchez look good as we -- based on what -- scene to the sport this season. Then you have major for a major security enemy to you your you have big problems yes I take some of what he said. I could see would be bill sees in him court. Because it's not all bad plays with the court. Some bad place and then there are some good place is that there -- handled well he was government or he did everything was supposed to do. All of the point but the ball was in the -- it was there it -- cynical why did your doctor why do you Nike and up on the ball. All he doesn't but -- -- -- But it that's critical part of I understand that Michael -- to me he's not all these colossal yeah he's a guy that you. Can fix he's a very tail of the guy that you convict statistic about coach. They not get through. I think that's gonna be part of it I think that's part of -- coast now Joseph said they have no talent and I think that is that going too far but maybe. It's and these guys are miscast. Easy to newscaster and a pro players with the enemy. -- -- Harrington. Plays outside maybe to play in the slot and I don't know arms I'm just I'm wondering. It if they have the right guys and as you said they're not coaching in the right way war putting them in the right position I asked about it. The only problem I have with that battered so far that is NATO announced -- -- -- -- to an art. Pozen an artist that -- had -- he should be Denard anyway. I think -- pretty good call Alfonso or just call mile called. It should be to be starting in a couple of weeks. I think he has a lot of them. Now he. He got screwed on Sunday in the nose. Far from -- -- affairs that was a joke and Braylon edwards' touchdown. He made some mistakes but this guy is always around the ball I think he's actually he's actually pretty good house and we forget. Last year Kyle -- Was considered the best quarterback. On this team and he did have seven interceptions. I don't think he should be on the street maybe if you plan -- what the hell happened because I silently. -- -- Eugene Wilson's second 2003. Is not tasted good for two years force actually actually -- A sudden they still around still produced well it -- Eugene Wilson in 2003. Great rookie year. Bad bad. Eugene Wilson and have a great regularly and he had a good a very good rookie he had a great rookie here and a great second here and and then one. He fell off the -- In injury problem and then. From that yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't get a bad Super Bowl to him wanted to -- to -- hit the wall in the Super Bowl. Gosh yeah that's the time -- just got to discuss third round mister Reid for -- common article okay and yet. I don't want to go get -- the credit for a third round why analysts. Ballard -- Great choice. A unit says the current. I. Both -- and -- Terrence Wheatley no sir Jonathan will host our post highlight column author of the point I'm an old guy you've got Patrick John. You've got -- out Darius Butler -- You're a very thin and it. Oh it didn't work this -- -- her and Deborah McCord. And then of course we've got the the the latest the last couple years and I think it's still too early on -- -- Malcolm Williams I think he's gone -- I don't. -- total. Because it's got to be third -- third used when -- closed book -- I think you've got Wilson and -- this year and your guys Alphonso van and a lack of detail the truth and I'm dinner. Repeat -- to the phone calls the tell me that's again that apparently were some classes and skipped others that stand for is how was it that you can site. -- this third law. And then called the Super Bowl the simple like it's you know Campbell's tomato that's. While it's. In the colloquial. If it is colloquial language he's so Smart about -- don't Smart. Want to make people aren't as Smart. Watch this is. The only person you know that calls the super ball the simple Friday. -- Is pretty. Pretty Smart. -- I'd have to department and marketing analyst market its mark on -- -- -- calling. Noticeably -- according to price in us too easy it was me. And it's. And a man Michael liked it well it's great so far it is great. Even quicker even with the lack of sleep cavernous great. We sort of -- along by -- called it -- like this along. I've heard that though I've heard that song whatever people say I'm so thankful for my mother. Pat -- It got dear god I wish he would come back to back. Come on back to present at all event. Back to the game actor was yeah. Now Obama sidestepped the defense I we we won we averaged below average defense or something going on with the opposite almost get into the game real quick. -- -- First down run pretty yachts second outrun her yacht the thing that that average teams do. He got it is that about the secret that we do that they would they would do that then the chip will act this. They were the rating. On what what really. You know what sort of metabolic -- and Tom Brady that's why our ticket win. At home in the playoffs. And now you're -- that that would put the ball very well. There are people really couldn't throw -- great thrown in the -- And the -- well into the game it felt pretty. Chips that Bob Welker what not what do everything changed its its. It's frustrating at the play call I. Like Atlanta he -- the Brady throwing his. -- -- It's when it. Any. So I think if anything they're good people -- making the opposite argument that maybe they should've thrown the ball more and after looking at the game again. I don't think they could do that based on what Seattle was doing at safety playing playing up on the -- you know off the line so. Don't you do in Iran effort second downhill plane and yet it would it yes so so. The picnic and what every other team does it Pickett never used to do and they're doing. -- passes -- -- but you're not sure that's true that's true quality player almost at retirement brings up a good point and if you look at it this way now. We we gotta we gotta acknowledge -- it's okay to acknowledge that you know some hypocrisy. Now if they had if they have thrown the ball in that situation. And it's incomplete. We're ripping them for not forcing Seattle used those timeouts and burn right so that don't I don't I don't have a problems and that but with that said. Why not. Play action in that -- perfect scenario for play action -- and why they're expecting Iran. You do play action and and I'm not talking about play action down the -- for 25 yards for seven. Action for eight yards something to Welker. They get they get the linebackers off of him a little bit. Get the safeties off balance. And you get Welker open for six or seven yards and now come back and run the ball and you've got third and manageable as opposed -- there Nate got it. It's so difficult to sit here and try to bring down one plane say they should've done this because you don't know where it happened in the game. And what the defense was showing you at the at the time they run a lot of play action that's you know a big part of what they do it even more so this year. Because they've been able to establish the run before. They ran just to set up their play action this year have been successful with a run so really keeps the defense off balance but I think overall. I don't think you could argue about the -- -- passes thrown and that football game and the number of yardage they add in a football here here's what you can complain about. One of six in the red zone the fact that Brady who never coughs up the ball. In the red zone coughed it up and Wilson should have I'm not that he should have taken about social on the Thomas. Bet that he threw right into his chest. All the -- the Tom Brady is making we can sit there now. We don't know exactly was going on navy. A receiver was supposed to turn at a certain way maybe it was a timing -- they were supposed to be there is that up I don't game. Our yards -- Modano got an honor to present the results everywhere Kevin was referring to their previous caller he was referring to. Three minutes left in the game. You're trying to assault to weigh as much of the clock if you can't if not the entire time right now winds -- -- kneeling on the ball to the random -- and we ran it twice right and on the back nine and looking for anything special just trying to get them -- -- -- out. Then hopefully hold on like they were hoping that Ridley. Would get him four yards he got them one on in the past the first down of -- random first of thousands out of there -- ran up or down Mike -- I ran a second round -- yard third down and wait. Pass to Deion Branch and disastrous -- through those -- but the idea or is do you expect to get more than one yard. With with Steven -- run of the -- up your running to ten guys. Probably -- you're reading it -- it was about eight. There was never -- me -- I would look -- up again Michael I don't -- access -- case you don't think it was you don't think there were eight men. Looking for playing the run in that situation no they -- much they get a -- I would have to go back they have more before you write about that yet extra guys. A much as they headed up. That's what they need to do they need to run effectively. To want to Wear out the clock. That's what they need to do lately gains Ripley has given him some big games here but he's got to make more than your share of what is that he wasn't in that case. Know that late in the game they had run effectively on day and to bring about six times. Iraq three yards a pop. Nobody really stood out in the running Boldon ran the ball solidly day -- at her right you know and getting -- OK so he would cut. But are looking to bring Danny would head into that situation. -- they're close of the game force no I'm not sure that Danny is the Pentagon Boldin probably is more likely to beat that guy he -- quite 6777. Nights and 937 year which.

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