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Tuesday, October 16th Whiner Line

Oct 16, 2012|

Patriot Reign part II? Denied!

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Abuse excuse -- -- -- breast blew my mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox. That's in his discretion advised -- -- know. -- -- And now those -- your time. And we are in a protracted labor struggles. What is your opinion -- we really ever got remove remove. Serious and now on this so there's egos involved one. There's there's no other reason this issue is going well WEEI. -- lying in the speeds away from a -- Itself -- there are people who is really struggled. The -- of this -- real struggles that dial 6177793535. With content right now. With that Cleveland's. House so. Some people live to see whiner line people who work in stadiums. Fans yes who -- livelihoods. And now on his recent. If we don't have -- watch how much you which we -- crash Fatah Hamas prime pizza. If you take away. WEEI. What do you think that was how they just let it helps the -- you whiner line universal right. -- This. Yes have you noticed though that the pregame speeches and they had him again on this -- pre game speeches which right now are those like John Sterling he's got X index cards and they just kind of repeating recycling bringing back some of the Brady today and install wireless. And like -- are accurate I is that my entire shows cue cards isn't him the entire show -- show -- this. As for our boy you know it's funny would never noticed that -- given to Vavuniya -- high -- -- that. Writer writes you finalized power but AT&T WEG I live it's available when your arrival undergraduate Blackberry device writer. Now Brent Dubai easy -- -- AT&T forgy LTV. Yeah which speaks up to and including ten times bigger faster than three G. Now AT&T mean. Yeah I -- Now possible and that means an Indy though it. It is beyond that it had the ball and that's why are you -- -- the press Democrat. Against big vehicle on the bailout does go on both Belgrade and the middle of that deal that they were our -- wanted to and the method after the game. They haven't prepared Richard Herman -- -- I'm ready yet. Take headless giant's -- who only polls tomorrow when we you have the balls to call -- in debate hosts that just beating your crap on one for the first. I had no problem with torture. That is aliens what were they were you know belligerent about it because you know. Whatever. Problem Robert I'm proud of the guys talking trash after you want. But the Twitter thing in simplest it's ever -- that's. I got a good attitude and you think Joseph -- does every every day of his life now. Life is. Expected to some -- talk trash after the one game. Should that was giants now play your messages what you call an inevitable some oddities and -- you -- you in your crafts giant. Plan. Andy Dick Durbin. The number it wasn't just to -- but no I've given that like to extend the dollar grant him. Invite -- to my hall of fame induction ceremony that you can't -- will be there. And the message. We love -- -- can be assigned there reserved for getting. Great it is done via. I'll never brought up. It through it very candid message. What what does that seem to be an area of concern for them. On people's were obviously problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- If Michael Ali good luck that patriotic. -- to direct that and then I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Michael good thing that the book written already about the patriots didn't go way Bill Belichick computer now -- have like an. And acknowledged -- is. Now it's just authorized loves me takes my calls all the time. My Ali out ballot that. -- went up. What a good match. But I've. Bob -- you know what I aren't back it got so -- I had. Yeah -- now. And that clearly some unknown to me -- is not it to my face you -- it. Simple yes sir how. -- -- lightly around a ball I guess now. -- at every nevertheless -- yet I come meltdown are here again now that -- -- -- -- this chilling line this is not going well. Can I legally get on that it wanted to leave. He can't say that. She hit two alleged -- she is yes or no because that is yours crypto works so you're going to have to I'm sure I'll ask your river I was. Driving around listening to laughing -- now. Don't want I don't know whether my -- that's what I'm not much pay -- then again. Yeah it's it's time -- -- and bill's face every once in awhile and then -- So apparently this guy who -- -- -- -- -- -- and a pretty far. But there were -- because they've developed this blue dog has brought all -- -- bad bad -- -- at all worried to death. It figured out what they can't hear a bit that's bad. And -- That's pretty cool that. LSU I'm gonna break his record. She why you have all the video to which made it even better because you can see all the stuff and now you can see from his camp you always it's my bucket list so I'm gonna jump. From the Paris for a -- monumental waste of money. How about therapeutic target. -- at a -- and spending any product that over 800 mile an hour. Expecting OPEC the vomiting on the -- and they're pretty good but what I've written about as well yeah well that's great and. And that Jim -- he was -- so somebody was was paying for but as he's going down 700 plus miles an hour. They're talking to and he's actually answering them and they look at each other guys that can't understand what he's -- Don't 700 miles an hour right. I got my European leader -- the composed of. Back and I don't know I -- -- -- when he retired it was outlawed bat. All -- what I thought the way I want rob Bartlett law. That's typical duke -- It's very generous -- frank from Gloucester is really cheaters. I don't know Bob -- mount Rushmore he's going to the hall of fame first ballot frank day you go mound for children and offer -- -- great. It's why I always thought it was kind of a crazy old -- with a third grade education but we're kind of but until last week. What can set about to read it and by the bank have been -- -- couple -- -- with some bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now in defense different you can say anything about Joseph -- If anything about it. He was criticizing Joseph Girardi at the same time that Girardi was -- -- you can join if he said that yes. Mike the action that not miss that Michael Vick back watch the games I think I listen to help track. You know like the -- -- it's there's no there's no offense started. Next step prostitution scandal happening becoming until he would have been 158. Well I'm a business owner. That they didn't formidable politician. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Inaudible what about his mind and I. And finally they say they're meeting just carry diseases that's all media celebrities on that would really yeah last -- engine market costs are an analyst -- was the last time you were in Maine. I've been -- done. I was last year actually I was there this. Don't have the drive for anybody. To get the best point guard. And that message. All it -- great it's a great town has met at a -- was part of our. I outsmarted them might use that name LaMont Cranston Kelly -- -- -- -- he's made. -- -- -- really. Aren't based. Are we doubt pictures that north. -- of people and general manager of the San Diego track. And an end of the game. There on the sideline and Philip Rivers who was just disasters in the second half of its strength is on the sideline Norv Turner comes over his arm around just yet wanted to talk to have fresh off -- to cry about the United Auto Workers brushed off -- Idea. You've got to be kidding me after is that. -- you'd shot in the Coachella strategists -- -- and I'll use those kids YL I don't think you're trying to console don't I think he was trying to say that was stupid which he did I think he was trying to address and that. Argues I don't think he was I'll make him feel good about it so -- -- it should -- and. It's -- -- that would have been. It's what Obama does that they had. Oh my god I would I would have ever thought I can't I -- -- Almost very put a number I don't. And that message in which -- I eat like a -- a lineup is out. Big game tonight we -- the Yankees down -- sure you have your best people in the in the lineup at Christmas in Iraq Iran and that -- back. Heard about it at all that perhaps it's not enough time in the Arctic. They thought maybe I'd be. Yeah. But the trip is what it's good for the both of and it's. It but I don't -- your -- Tom Brady. You can't edit. -- they get. You know. And that message. Absolutely everything about Tom Brady he's putting that -- turned against Ray Lewis to your favorite rituals and I love. -- he's terrific motivational speech I just telling you that I've heard. It's like you know here in the same song over Buford. Can't thank the patriots -- developed on. Should come out and get -- back uniform. My god how bad things could be what we don't worry it's not. The patriot that I think now. Project -- through -- six from three. Better points. But those words -- the closer three. Is like -- -- -- judge. Take -- that I had my three. I'd say is that yet but they're closer to the states -- hopeful that any 33 and I -- -- -- -- Miami straight -- you mean as a team out there that Israel's extreme three after losing 31 point oh or seven years have now an architect. Archeologists dig up the planet. They don't know the difference they'll look at the record straight three media access to clear the throwback. Directors -- -- -- back uniforms better. In the -- -- -- -- promised to compare now guns are not like that. But I bad memories of Michael strike yet struggled opera until I finally unit Enron here I know the -- are done attacked just look at aesthetic -- not locating -- -- what's -- what the better looking -- hopeful that throughout its history uploading -- I'm looking at people and those uniforms argument now hold no I doubt away. -- It was warning to those accounts is -- page should be none of them guys don't have had a that we. -- When the Seahawks beat them. Not enough -- it. He's lost. -- bad shot didn't throw it doesn't. Shoreline is brought by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was up to -- -- appreciate. He TNT rethink some.

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