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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on the Pats loss to the Seahawks

Oct 16, 2012|

Matt Chatham joins the show to discuss the Patriots loss, the problems in the secondary, and the coaching.

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Our Jim Butler and not -- three point seven WEE double talk to Ron and Bruce get all your phone calls in here. Starting with the patriots secondary every Tuesday at this time Matt Chatham former patriot now author of the Chatham report. The Boston Herald Tuesdays and try to hear about NFL Sunday with Kevin falcon -- the rest of the -- -- prices well towards us on the eighteenth the hotline good morning Matt Dario. -- -- -- You do a great job today detailing the different breakdowns that led to. -- touchdown in the game against Seattle and we look at it you know I look at -- speak for -- on the dummy I look at one -- I'd say it's his fault you systematically break down well. Not always one guy's fault I'm curious when there's a systematic breakdown like that. How -- Bill Belichick and his coaching staff explain it to his team. Is it by positional group -- show that played the entire defense. How does that work all the of breakdowns in the play the talk about the -- and -- No I think if I think he definitely take it to the entire team it's important for everyone to -- that. You know it's not just pretend they have term -- I know I think we read your built opposite resulted. You know often is -- -- but it's our -- steps up. There's instant throughout the game that sort of validates that -- you know it's not just I don't wanna talk you get kind of thing -- that I watch the tape. The -- all over the place in certain situations especially critical situation -- I think you know is this is that the super teaching moment that the bachelor couple throughout the course this season but yet to be one of those weeks where. You be expecting. Have maybe in the office. You know would be -- the deep into the offices are in talks through the -- recovered Gaza is just. Not executing the plan. If that is the you know everyone is -- read the last chapter of the book and think that whole thing it's not. Watch XYZ that led to the final thing. And that's you know at the moment for -- -- -- -- they're going to be two or Brazil continued issues. -- it's frustrating I think for fans to watch his team defensive because it does it just looks very Vanilla and -- trying to play the bass and do their job and and played the best way candidate Bill Belichick was saying yesterday but. It doesn't seem that they dial up a lot of things lot of confusion. There is almost that we need to get this down before we can take the next step is that the case or is it just this is their philosophy is what the gonna do. I think there is some of Lou and a little bit surprised. Oh lead maybe not surprised because there are so young -- apparently there's sort of take the calculations that. Not so much in the scheme of the derivative action makes that a pretty much in the interpreted -- there was actually more cover want some more than a minute stop them amused to see and they still do their orders to. There's some matching up over two years the -- buffalo mix up a state that really stand their coverages. It's sort of do -- pre -- -- that the article dip in the though a little bit there. There's not a lot of disguised by this group and that might be something that you know they feel like we're young -- -- just make sure there are lined up correctly in the end. Blog with you know the rookie quarterback. All the effort that information to make the little movies of me that's kind of surprising that they're not yet been able to take that next up or maybe it's not because they're so. They're so -- but you know they they did actually do some new things in this game that the public we would've got picked up what they. They definitely played a lot more regular defense like resources. His recovery is -- it shows the regular course of breakdown of the -- more. Regular Biscayne so they were trying to match eleven personal which is what I did that and one back of both receivers on the field they match that with regular -- the game. And -- successful in the wrong and what a lot of those big plays. We're sort of down on the field plays regularly with which you -- which you -- -- -- see what the mix up were they played at the clinic in port report who actually you know sort of switch that around an -- that helped hold Marshall winched down. And they they're starting to use -- -- is a more aggressive in the wind let them slip a little bit sometimes in the fifth guy and some of the pressures -- nickel. And I've met external pressures she's just -- -- for guidance. What you know there is slow maturation. With this team but -- the big in the ongoing issues just the the busted no nonsense place. The critical time to vote could happen and that's not. -- schemes but I think necessarily it's. It's just that he was. -- announced this isn't -- because it that the bend but don't break it hurts when you bend and break 33 plays I think of twenty yards -- mourn the passing game and before the season start at Doug Gregory -- at that safety was going to be their strength the second there's been some issues M injury wise but. Right now that seems to be the weak spot. -- -- I don't know it's a concerted I think you get it. Really go throughout the team there was there were breakdowns at all opposition groups to the depth was six years -- Butler question. One of the things that you know Patrick Chung was actually used them -- man covered a little bit. As a matchup in the right field to be write speed of bigger more physical receiver in the almost the -- -- America since. -- got beat by a couple times -- You know they've also left Patrick out into the field. A little bit and you know I was actually surprised to see some of that -- -- just the opposite field safety of their match government across the board. Did in the the talk show that the ball -- But I -- up this morning that does not place you actually had two big plays the probable that the -- -- was nearly 34 guard play and on the the -- for her -- and it was exactly Marie -- accommodation. -- play the Littlefield that they came back to later in the drive. And they kept secret session at different covered is culpable part of both times it -- that there was a match here so. It's hostages that -- colored instinct that you do see him as the guy over the over the ball and the ball part of what I don't know why isn't until we get the coaches stay put in the week it'll be tough for that to really break it down put. It appears that after China's -- field got. Matches to the tight end for whatever reason white. Which he -- you know it is not sort of if you look at -- wanna Belfour attract attention to. You really like that. Guy in the middle field we talked about rather to say he's the people feel so you said the -- bend but don't break facilities covered is accurate bend but don't recover to. And it may appear that they actually -- one of the war that we've worked to heal up because. They're going to be critical situation that is. We're talking to Matt Chatham is chatter report to available Tuesdays and Fridays on the patriots in the Boston Herald herald dot com. You did you detail the the Baldwin play in the breakdowns there. And your your column today talks about more than meets the guy what about the last play it was there more than met the guy they are always that -- -- Wilson was to be right score 56 yards out. Just letting his gate command get behind him somebody can't do and that sort of defense. Now that you're the mortgage -- actions open -- are probably have a choice for the -- place. Crippled and not a -- called for a handful -- epic epic wanted to devote more -- what would advocate the timberwolves into the the perfect example or double plays. Double -- that play the lead to that -- about. One frustration for me a little bit of watching these guys of the you know I -- certainly available players because -- -- but I just don't know who's. Who's been reported as having a reporter put. They don't reroute very much maybe it's because they feel like their guys are coated disruptive route to the -- just have to match them with. With foot speed and hopefully make a play on the ball which you'll see that we can consistently what happened. -- on that on that play. You know government -- sitting right there. In downed inside the PX and the glittery -- I mean he's he kind of just. Shadows -- about the field and you know there's that is part of the play -- is -- right is a big physical threat receiver. You don't want him building at you know running a forty yard dash in the secondary to make a double move policy to the insurgency if you -- course they would use the over the top car. Believe it was. It's a look at the coached at the commercial because cover two whatever. Bush you know that it's very -- -- technically it is capable to stay on top of that route which -- one. The old building vertical into the secondary that's not regret out of -- very tough on any specific brought me here so we'll just what problem with that. Maybe a little more -- and -- top. But the more likely scenario political wasn't a double move. It's probably easy completions underneath tables. And that's part of just not regard not just by not doing team defense you should make it -- part of the body behind. Another assure that they play together multiple levels vision for what reason would you watch the report that splintering killing him over the -- I don't know why he. He's off before structure and the guy on the left side of the line he had. He pauses for one -- so. Inventive and there was rush I don't know some confusion -- what was -- to get off late in the seat he's one default seductive or any one on one. You could do they have to pardon -- should book the great situation should it went. And what she does begin to rush finally relate to get great push on Miller and ends -- impact in the Russell Wilson's lap. Eddie Rush for the place started that talked it would have been disrupted the past several happen. So you know there was little things in the production issues throughout the day -- work. Russell -- we will break the pocket and I know that was. You know had a view -- the number one Cogent point the much less effective at five and then you know it. Not diagnosing defense is what you broke apart double a lot of these big players were talking about the broke. Yes you know the problems down the field with computers on the ball -- The refusal fraught with with Russian president as well little whatever we've -- -- to open up. Now a lot of patriots fans scream at the secondary -- turnaround has been -- one cry right a lot of these balls up in year -- point you look at the talent of the player. And his ability to understand what he needs to do defensively. And then you look or do you look at the coaching. I'm sure that tone these guys this but you have to start to wonder spent a -- -- -- seen as a a decent secondary here Ernestine. Well. They're up about I I agree restrictions they disagree a little bit too because. You see them make those same players that they the makers on in the if you -- so it's not like they don't know how to do it there just. Terribly consistent and -- it would be viewed I understand that that the sort of -- -- and in the fan base for about an hour turnaround thing but the ruling really not the issue. You know you're actually if you bought back the game of the watchful of Seattle's pass break -- against. They're often a turnaround either there are certain situations where coach do not just the public because of all these coaches in Serb troop -- who pulled up look back because you lose contact with receiver. So in those situations where the right not to turn around the of the issue -- or -- I mean. It poncho elected into the pocket of the remote at the right time to break up so let's look at what turnaround. There are other times -- the court. It's sort of understand their frustration. The other backs shall -- against the standard in the and so they're to a pre order -- a situation where. It fair to probably a little frustrated -- not make a play but. The actual -- where the receiver -- office. -- -- You know you stop the pelicans they don't get how how much differently to play that they may be good little political allies. I think. I think one of the issues that you always look at Pacific stop you know don't if certain critique the tail end of look at how they got in the position where to have the expense of play. You know and I think there are several instances were -- on the -- play whether it is. Disrupting the route in the before we ever get to that final part that needs work and in the event that you do that but the play of the -- -- missile which you don't have to make the spectacular jump leaping catch. You disrupted the route. You'll be able have risen through the receivers do that you're you're. So it may be more fixing the things on the front and that that helped make that the illegal -- here. You know defense get a lot of heat especially the secondary but the reality is I think if if the offense just X acute and late in these games -- very welcome B six and well and IPO unfair but that's just way this team is set up. Yeah I agree. Because. This team it was very productive throughout the course but that you know I know I kind of came away with -- feeling. Like a lot of people didn't system the morning after aftermath and they become corrupt state the border -- -- -- -- -- for a person of the year there were some. Not perfect ball should people want you probably elect Barack. Patrol were some dark general public good stuff in -- -- -- the problem that I you know just went over those walks of life. So there was a lot of positive from the opposite problem was. In the current situation in the three or four minute drive -- -- -- where they need to soak up time and indeed. Positive if not all of the first be able to clock. That a breakdown and that is kind of the -- touched on throughout the year. It's not necessarily in office isn't productive and dangerous adjusted the seat with its one or -- -- -- the game for the times -- -- just can't happen. They older people you don't actually they've done it -- it seems unfair -- He's had a really great game blocking a pretty tough guy Chris Clemons. -- the last three or four minutes here and he gave up an inside move to the one that you can give -- an inside move through. And it got approach common problems -- -- second. Intentional grounding penalty. So you know and then they have the other the second chance to reform the -- where it looked like they went into almost a short yardage office you know that brought in the third tight ends and just try to ram it into -- and I didn't have met him at box that would put a lot of players -- in the -- that -- effective. You don't much talked to get much out of what your players your players in the which the deal and so. It looked like poster series just pretty badly mangled they probably would. Cellular one back into a different way put. The doctor -- way to save the best stuff for work so well. -- last of me on this offense so get you out Rob Gronkowski had an amazing year last year he got hurt obviously. -- late in the year. Just from from my couch he looks like a guy that's maybe not the speed he was at times last year at any point when you -- back these films. Has that set out to you that the crop is not. Running at the same -- was running at -- at its peak last year and that there might be an entry there that we don't know a lot about. They would law actually he was master -- -- -- about big aggressive safety and also the even had a -- -- foreign minister -- situation during the game. Seattle one win away from it because rob pull away he sealed vote to match -- -- were -- In and out of a how to get what they do that in 04445. Got a quarter of who used to deal it'll pop by portable we have Marcus Trufant. And -- separation so there's no not a miserable -- -- he looks great. Please just. It'll I think he's been a productive work they get somebody you'd like to see him go back to wards of the critical situations were talking about the definitely have built themselves out of in the third long plays and -- red area by going to west. It may be just the timing of when they degree robbery could maybe improve or change a little bit because would be nice to see of them what. Philadelphia physical but it you know you do this final that -- on what would be nice to see them for the way that maybe. It regrettable that -- -- to be honest you've got murdered in -- now there or whether that was well also. It's gonna have a suitable for the company. Ice match at a museum not today in The Herald his mug shot with a I dig deep for answers breaking down some of the patriots law in the big plays in that game get Friday's vote again NFL Sunday. I'm Mack great stuff is always really appreciate the -- the -- talk the next week. I guess governor -- I'm Matt -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD with speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. A 92 break we continue with your phone calls on the secondary and the defense and Richard -- Only chase Tom Brady -- hats and stuff to say I hadn't heard until today your Richard -- as well vocal one hour.

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