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Looking at Red Sox managerial candidates

Oct 16, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about the candidates who are interviewing for the Red Sox managerial position.

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Final hour -- -- on this Tuesday all the patriots stuff that secondary that defense jets' week on the table for you. It till 2 o'clock in the big show at 617779798376177797937. A brand new phone number here. On WEEI. It terms of the baseball I don't wanna make some of the -- because there's two items of note. We should address your wanna start with the Red Sox locally in the managerial search lamenting this very very late. And very very briefly yesterday what's on tap couple new names added to the search yesterday. On the moral -- gonna get a shot on Thursday Tony Pena got a shot yesterday. Ran off with gets a shot tomorrow. And -- to the folder according to embolden our commute to pick nick fared well. -- double knocked in an opportunity to interview for the managerial choice the Boston Red Sox makes cents. We all thought they go with somebody off this current staff -- too much drama there too which happened -- And Nate -- -- -- an opportunity. But let's keep Boston SATA mix we got your thoughts on him your pain is involved you heard Gamal -- involved. -- those guys seem like that steel to put on the list high and that list of should be next right. A lot better analyst we saw last year how dare you smarts the word of Pete -- Want to stick it is I mean others don't come much Federalist I Tony Peña ethnic and can and I just wondered that the fate in this organization. You know we are talks of Bill James getting back into the fold your and one more. Analysis to stats they were metrics whatever it might be I think he can handle it what I know -- him as a manager. Not much -- -- I tick again it's like all these guys. What do you know. How would the -- -- will be a manager Tony Pena vehement how do you handle. Certain situations that come about how you relate to the media the communication to the player lets you play for this guy right now is the thing. I play for tomorrow. I think tomorrow would be good choice. I think he should be a manager in the big leagues. OK I had a as a manager for two years and he's one of my guys he's right up there you know my love for Eric Wedge. Right -- -- well where you beauty to you somehow crowbar Eric Wedge into a football now -- Mike -- on Friday some aware yes and I think after the same way about Marlow hill. -- that the problem that I have -- -- -- inside just feels like I just want a new set eyes on all these guys. And it's and it's not spared a lot of these people because I think if they decide to go with the -- And I think it's a good it's going to be he's good -- he'll he'll fit right in. Dickey knows these guys and the respect is there and he can handle it and can be tough on these guys behind the scenes to protect the players to the media. Which and a and a lot of people are talking about early this morning to at what point -- like. One of his faults unimaginable -- the players or whatever have the players back -- kind of -- bad and that's just unfortunate. Because of what's happened here in the last fall thirteen months. With the Boston Red Sox but that is still equality that you need to have. Unique to back Q players publicly any need to get autumn a little bit privately behind the scenes. That's the stuff that you don't see that stuff that you you you just you hope happens. I think the -- they'll be good choice as much as -- on the drama of new lies. You know one more people to look at him Ross missed here for a couple of week Alec auspreys Wallach and that's the thing it's the better group. It last year elect really in the cannon Bobby Valentine Gene Lamont. The issue we think -- -- wall again Tony -- and tomorrow hale now I think we'll get somewhere I think any one of those four guys would be good choice. Volley LaMont still wants the job done some academy he'd be interest at the Red Sox were. In that position on the Pena one's interest and I love Tony -- as a player. As a catcher with a credit -- wacky stance behind the plate as a teammate EE seem like a guy that. You could get behind but he had a chance to Kansas City and -- -- while ago 2002 to 2005. He was 198 to 85 that was his record there is best year was in 2003. He led the royals to their only winning season in nineteen years going 8379. Remaining contention the American League central much of the year is named manager. Of the year that year. They came off big time the next year losing a -- in four games and after 825 start the following year. Tony Pena got fired. So he had a shot at Kansas City has never been given a shot since. Has experience. I just wonder again from a from a Pena standpoint I know this front office is gonna wanna put in. Lot of build James -- -- John Henry and came statistically John Henry's gonna -- about the lineup okay -- -- affected the job. As a former player. This Tony Peña wanna deal with that is Tony Peña wanna deal with the the new rates -- Arnold -- -- I don't know what his focuses. Remember Payne is a player wasn't old. Was any working member of the media when Tony Pena was place -- never in that situation. Behind the scenes and what type -- guy he has always take that. Constructive input from the front office about. New age. -- Except -- -- up I don't know I think. You'll find a way you know I don't think he's gonna sit there in Saint Paul but you guys want -- look at stats not I don't want this job everybody. Wants this job okay the four candidates why would would die to have this job image in the Boston Red Sox. To a team for the last you know season -- in a month. Have been a laughing stock. And everybody thinks big command and change it even even if deep -- what he leaves that meeting it's as you know what. This will be interesting you know I don't they expect the mean I'm not too crazy about it. You -- get the job and I'll deal with -- then. And we'll see how how much there in my face of these stats tell me what they want me to do and what they're gonna allow me to do hopefully. Every single one of these guys walked in there. And you know rather than Bobby V just as I want the job portly Contra I don't care how much a coach -- whatever you want hopefully they come in it's a lesson. I want this job which you don't let me be me. You know if I don't agree with certain stats. This is this if you wanna guy that's gonna go on some gut and just feel -- -- around the game a long time you can look at a player's eyes and say he needs a day off. -- look at a pitcher's eyes and even always telling me. That he's done. Oh even -- -- got some left in the tank I can look in his eyes I've been around this game along atomic catcher a Tony Peña. And a second look at is I think none unknown now's the time. -- now's the time don't don't come to -- say Jon Lester at a hundred pitches after under pitchers batting average against 400. When -- look at -- -- the -- look in his eyes and they know he's got one more rating left you know because I dispute I have that feel that that's a good thing. So regardless of of what they're telling them they want from him that they have to walk in there and put themselves in -- right situation. Any surprise kimbo is not gonna get shot that gave an interview with this team for the job. Yeah a little surprised another high amount of things have changed in this past year but maybe this was maybe just to close the hole. You know Pablo -- been away from it in Somalia was part of this team last year saw September collapse. And it got away from you know Campbell I was still in the middle of it. It breaks smack in the middle of this year. All the chaos that went on May be this front office does feel that maybe Bogart didn't exactly help Bobby Valentine maybe that was some truth of that back and forth. May be used doubled their relationship yeah I I don't know why he would give him an opportunity definitely thought very highly of I still think -- Cuba may be just to close the situation. And in terms of that the elephant in the room here you gotta circle back to John -- because he still remains the guy I would hire first on the Boston Red Sox. Because the times of the pitching because in this market before because the experience and he fits the bill across the board I think he's like the guy you just talked about second look at a picture. And tell he's gone or not depending forget pitch count look at a guy just know what that pitching staff is he done does he have more. That's his relationship. -- at this point -- either. Either there is no shot the blue jays are going to give the Red Sox an opportunity to offer compensation. Or in -- rarest of rare circumstances. The Red Sox are not leaking information about the John Ferrell negotiation right now. -- -- Larry Lucchino friendly looking said that on DN CB's that runs that team -- here a financial side right you have heard nothing. This is eighteen. Right there in the spring training this year you found out from a one -- pictures. Another guy I was hurt. And he left to go to the bullpen is Andrew Billy's done that was your guy Fred Savage who leaked that the media before you had a chance to. Q Bobby Valentine. Had to find out from Comcast sports that the Carl Crawford did practice. Critics work everywhere Jacoby Ellsbury Twitter on a list. Right now world week in two apparently some sort of secret negotiation double secret probation negotiation here we've heard nothing. That's that's very red -- Like you know I recommend everybody kind of -- to -- an outstanding article and Jim Leland in today's herald. And and I say it's outstanding. Because there's a lot of things that. -- people accuse me of being personal with Bobby Valentine how we handle certain situations. Or read that article some of the comments and Jim Leland talking about Jose Velde birdied pulling him as the closer. -- Jim Leland approaches that. That ended may be a goal back is it sometimes you forget it and how we big league manager is supposed to act. Leo it's one of the best -- has been around long time a lot of experience but this is what you expect. From a big league manager army -- -- spent absolutely awful lately. And what does Jim -- do he comes up the media this is -- who says I'm gonna explain this robbery situation. Is obviously is a hot topic. I'll try to do the best I can had a conversation with him today he will not close the game today if it's a close situation. I still consider him a closer I guess that sounds. And crazy whatever but I'm I'm I'm really not. At 3 this morning we're looking at some stuff Jeff Jones and -- pitching coach but as delivery its way to slow -- not good. Because that's as I've spoken with him and obviously that's -- reason why didn't -- giving information last night. Because I would never make a statement about something like that without talking that a player first note -- be disrespectful. -- goes on have the players back in just pull them as being a closer. Kind of throws out that they looks of things that the video things aren't right you know about -- pissed. That he comes -- backs of I just hope that the fans everywhere particular Detroit -- -- -- it's 810 mile last 118 opportunities. That's pretty good forty -- -- an analyst at 3540 this year. So I'd never be disrespectful to a player. I understand I understand the magnitude of the post season. This is a -- gets it. I don't think he's. As physically or emotionally. Into the game is says he has been in the past. That's it's this is the guy that gets at this is how big league managers act. Are you got a problem that everybody can see the media and you know what's gonna be a big story about -- pulled as a closer. So what do you do you come out right away our grip and explain this robbery situation record. I pulled them -- talked to last night about it because -- conversation the ports disrespectful talk but the player until -- -- talked impartially. He's not gonna hear the message that I'm gonna send him through the media to hear from me. And -- comes in backs the player panel backing players around here's a hot topic India apparently can't -- player but you do it all sports. That's called being a manager and a leader but yet you know behind the scenes to make tough calls as the guys that Jim Leland do Perry to putting on -- -- it -- I. I thought he read some huge parts it's a great story page 46 and herald that he from from Jim Leland. But EA says there at the puck into the media here and I also. Understand that people are little. Little edgy right now I understand the articles understand the questions talking about the media and Albert. There's nothing wrong with that -- every right to ask them I don't blame me I'm trying to handle this the best we can't. He's not ripping the media for asking the question profession challenging. Professional but you have that Francona -- right Cadillac has given had that Boston -- Terry Francona. Was Jim Leland yes the terms of the way he dealt that the last year was an absolute circus tent was Barnum and Bailey's body down time. But when you read the Bill Cleveland stuff today. It's a reminder you don't have that anymore -- right you have. You wanna guided Cleveland Francona like quite frankly it is willing to. Explain himself and not needlessly. Create a brushfire you don't Leland did he dealt what the fire here he didn't create anything. He explained it he dealt with it Bobby Valentine created the brushfire squash -- -- not only as a reporter radio host what are you saying now many. Still -- -- this go you know if you went on there after the game. All or what aided through that I don't know -- Alfredo was Davis is a closer I was not involved -- class -- dogs had more success the last couple years. And the way you'd tell. Alfredo was -- to you know longer closing if you just don't call. You just don't call tonight that one run game. Just don't pick up the phone you don't only get loose. Seagate closer appeared on hell's going on here at any snaps after the game and it's a story. You know what that conversation ever had would they ever have before the game and by the way you know a close tonight. You know what -- you -- clothes are out there tonight waiting for phone call American and this is Jim Leland addressing the story in a professional manner. Talking to a player first. And then go with the media and explaining in understanding the media there's no other crazy stories written now but what's going on behind the scenes circus tent. It quietly change is closer to -- of post season and it's no big deal it's all about how you handle situations. Texas says no condescending Smart ass answer nope this was being thoughtful acknowledging the media's got a job they are questions he respects those. He's got to deal with his players well and didn't talk about the player. To the -- -- until we actually talked to the player. Good stuff there from John to mossy. In today's Boston Herald. What are your thoughts in the current update on the Red Sox manager situation 61777979837. -- see Justin and Jeff and all your phone call and a ninety seconds a big play last night and LCS. Or controversial will get loose they keep it here.

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