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Breaking down the Pats secondary

Oct 16, 2012|

Mut and Merloni take a look at the Pats secondary and try to pin point the root of the problems.

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I was excited to hear Bill Belichick -- yesterday. When Michael Holley in England start talking about the second -- work you know you weren't I was very excited thought we get an insightful. Breakdown though you lawyer Ron Jaworski breaks down football on ESP and myself now you don't look -- for all of us last week I see how well it's been jaws was that it. I was eager to avoid this. That's it's your thing to do better Joseph -- period. Yeah it's you can get you know when you -- and again is the question of how comfortable thing. It's not a logical thought it was going again because you know normally Belichick. Has an approach where you know he just he answers things a certain way and I thought Pete made a great point today. Talking about this develop check his entire career. With the patriots you know outside of a couple -- Sunday these couple Fridays. That the beat writers talk about where off Friday afternoon. In maybe at some point during the year once or twice that every Friday. But one of these and a week conversations were -- check will break out the old school football and I'll show is back in the day you know my dad played for the Detroit Lions and look what they used to do look it. You know what this guy meant to football look at what. It's look at how things were back win. It's very insightful about that when it comes to current patriot issues Belichick takes a -- of why should I give any more information. I have to means always sort of had that approach was different yesterday I thought. In the clip that if you haven't heard you'll hear your second. When would Michael Holley asked some insightful questions about where the secondary school when ago. The Belichick almost passed over the question skipped his routine of that a coach getter better play better execute better tactic Q. -- went to on the ignore that question and make up -- -- second question and I hate to be even ask me that the -- are calculated what different is inaudible called inaudible was just what we got to coach better it was. Okay this is different area for me right now let's go to this it's an MP3. Auto -- that's we did audible into a question was even asked. And use the word ridiculous to try to add to a point and answer a question of Michael Holley -- think even really brought up with Belichick. -- -- to -- to some specifics because I'm sure as you say there are many areas. That led to the loss. The defensive backs. In particular they seemed to struggle on on deep balls. At what. It looks like a true and why does that happen so often -- it looks like they're making the same. Same mistakes over and over what what does that seem to be an area of concern for them. Peoples are obviously a problem. -- can but that policy puts it. Yet I endorse a problem lies lies and get a better -- Period. -- we we talk prevents earlier he said the frustrating thing for him as you guys cover this you know was coming or no surprises from Seattle. Yet not the -- And you practice well so they're no no bad practices. Are these are you confident that these these guys -- coach -- is that message getting across. To the point where you're comfortable. With the communication. Between players and coaches. Mentally get -- -- -- do you think Canada wants a surrogate mom and that's -- weekly defense Ford's decency and others -- moments ago third score. World and everybody's on board with. So they know what they're losers in the defense and -- thanked his players a wanna go out there and OK let's them do coastal long passes to Clinton. That's ridiculous known at that but our review are you confident that these the right guys. Out there. I think everybody's working as far as they can get the problem fixed and corrected in the veteran and we're gonna continue to work harder. Course I try to give up big plays out there what trying to do. Probably have a set so holly asked about not everyone believes that they are trying to do the right thing up there Michael asked about. Are you confident that communication. Back and forth with his answer was of course not trying to give up big plays tonight and here's the thing with with wood -- when you beat interviewer guy. Right if he's outgoing and he gives you big answers it creates follow up questions like as you're getting information usual money to said this. Well what do you mean by that okay this is what Bill Belichick. K. As far as talking to the media this is his game plan. I'm -- to give -- anything. It wouldn't want me to say my coaching staff sucks. Follow it up you know there's dumps a follow question but this group not count enough. Right idea where I'm very disappointed that we all know he could answered differently. Right here and -- second ago there but let. We all know that he could not make it as uncomfortable. -- -- human side which he refused to do he's not gonna change its not gonna happen. Especially in the interview process -- -- the offseason out of some fund raise a different story but in this setting right now underneath she's actually -- more from him. It's just not gonna happen. A micros go to questions -- -- -- questions -- asked -- of course the calls it is this group could not are they hearing the message. Is the message to right message either coaching staff are these the right is Josh Boyer teaching them the right things. A florist that he teaching them the right thing to -- just not ending capable of by the coach a -- it's all the right questions is the -- not gonna give -- -- -- -- doesn't -- the next question. Is there a difference between controlling the message and not allowing for follow along. And acting like the question was some sort of is also ridiculous of course there's a difference there there there's a certain way and again this is what bill has done forever. And I took yesterday is a sign that Bill Belichick is as frustrated as we are with the secondary right now once again and again yesterday NFL re -- the great. The tool like seven bucks an nfl.com your football and get it. That is great shot in the first -- Belichick's smiling. After tea -- well solace smiled with sort of smirking after Wilson got beaten back cover to. Casinos there at that point. It's ridiculous point to steal Belichick's word that they are giving up this short yardage they're giving up this many big place. Belichick went on to admit when he talked later on I think in the interview with with -- About you have this defense right now is getting broken bodies big plays and they are not. Hard place to defend the Wilson rice plate is a -- were about Wilson just can't let his man behind. You know it's a pretty basic thing to. Approach and -- -- to. And it got to apply right up telecheck his frustration for the -- at any never publicly. Every knowledge is that someone's doing something wrong and it's always got to coach better got to play but never calls anybody else. I thought his response yesterday was an indirect acknowledgment. That he's awfully frustrated with this defense that he can't. Like that negates a lot of those good things and as those third down play you get them. First intensely than 93 made and then they convert not negates that that 13 down play negates those two. First and second down play so it's all going to be put together it's a matter consistency and then -- And there's there's lot of good things there -- -- there's too many things that aren't good and they're -- things that -- good that are. Yes the biggest problem with this defense is clearly gonna keep the queues talking about this is their philosophy. Right you know burst down one yard run and their initiative -- second down one yard run -- third and eight. It's a fifty yard bomb and it just forget about it all the good that we just did. On on the drive before maybe or the first two previous plays him I feel like that's almost every recording an option. Eric is Deborah -- are talking there. -- less than Comcast and now it's it's time to shine bright Ron Borges right now that is as a report are surprised he gave C minus -- coaching staff. Does he could probably give a less than -- the -- not incorrect no I don't see minus but I think that's. The second notable McCord yes you know it's not like recordings awful and I thought he was okay last week and he's had his moments. It's dusty said that plays I don't think he's had awful gains even that Baltimore. The game itself I thought he was good early on but did in the fourth quarter Torrey Smith passed -- trust whatever was. He's had bad moments he's had bad please. This sort of take the and that's all you see. Right every -- and okay this year it's just that a couple bad -- -- -- -- -- there that we're talking yesterday about. What was Russell Wilson's ten for 2171. Yards but on sixth place absolute bomb six plays over twenty yards. It's those big plays that a killer and his -- in this defense -- but don't break depending in the breaking they don't actually biggest issue. Lou they don't blitz you beg for a -- now for over a year they don't blitz they sit back in that defense directly not to get beat -- addict feel gates -- Mike wrote back one of the great additions at ESPN boston.com writes about this today. We're back cover two in the way it was set up and Matt Chatham will talk to opposite 11 o'clock huge -- guy. They were in a pretty good defense in that last position they were in a pretty good spot. Technically. Wilson just made an awful awful play right in terms of not get behind a guy. Eight and you asked the question yesterday or what what about that base defense they re. At the end of the game talking about a Belichick was asked the question goes back to a Belichick wants to give you certain things in these interviews you know verses not allowing for follow up. You asked about the -- defense why they -- and a base defense there at the end of a game where the you know they've got to go 57 yards the other way. Belichick was asked about -- with Ollie north. On a dozen meters -- hole here and he's still the player whatever. Call you call so. The current -- -- it too deep safeties. Because those you know those later it's what you but he still -- -- -- from the play. It's not a political analysts -- -- so we gonna do their job of Cogent plan and element that's obvious. And that that's why this -- out of defense I think is so good as we've we've said before and a pretty basic. Operative who was last week's debates we have three different schemes defensively that's at an overly big display based defense beat us. You know we can play nickel but what DBs and Mercedes are so big we can still stop the run not like you know a team like Denver with new challenging to run the ball. There's still big and physical. To their puppet just plain basic doing their job. Now he's right in that you know. Would and I heard of early Sanyo -- -- nickel we had an actor corner out there instead of linebacker how would that have changed the played down the middle of the field date. I'm right there. Because -- can have a couple more. You -- -- six defenders out there six corners right six DBs. But if you get two safeties and a cover to let a guy get behind both of them. You gonna be trouble no matter what you have roll around out there Demille to feel short. -- cover initial coverage over the middle. Still going to be issues but was it still it's like OK want the guys -- playwright. Was that Smart. With a minute wanted to go. -- -- run the ball -- into one time out okay gains and other on the forty -- hotel but Bruntlett -- again no timeouts left it's a minute tennis are gonna give forty arts. Mr. but the throw the ball eventually emotionally can't run down -- feel forty yards to a one clinic yes but to take a 5 or 6 o'clock right now. And you never gonna get the answers from Belichick that a lot of fans want a lot of people in the media. By bought yesterday while in the midst of a really twisting an answer that Michael -- question. You did get some acknowledgment that he's frustrated with the Steve that they can never come out there and say that. But that's Celek took Belichick's answer yesterday. Not to that question for Michael because it was not the question Michael last it was a spin around it was a ridiculous and it was like why ask in this league every patriot fan. Is asking that question today what is up with the secondary. They're also asking the question what's up with the draft -- you've spent. On this what a couple of names yesterday. Right of guys who we think we have progressed in this group in the position Iran. Went back to 2003. And you start to look through the guys they've drafted and the guys who panned out and the guys too big good. It is shocking. The amount of players they drafted. Vs the amount guys contributed to this team in the secondary gives you a good idea as to why there's so much turnover back there what they seem to have so many issues. Talk about the patriots drafting offensive backs -- bill Belichick's picks in ninety seconds. This could be calls it could be techniques to compete practice plays could be. You know film study there can be only and then all able -- end don't we just we got to do better -- -- I know were were better than that and we vote against our performance. Patriots coach Bill Belichick talking about the secondary. And the defense not -- -- three point seven WEEI Matt Chatham. Former patriot writes the -- report on NFL Sunday here on WEEI joins us every single Tuesday. He's up at 11 o'clock to talk about what happened in Seattle your phone calls. Throughout the program and our brand new phone number 6177797. At 937. Again a new phone number 617. 7797937. Add the names of guys yesterday went through a list of players too and our opinion. Have regressed in this patriots secondary. I -- those guys are free agents like he Leigh Bodden came in here looked like did a pretty good job. And then fell backwards and was off the team and ended up not -- helpful you know much for the patriots defensive secondary. -- but the drafting of these players this goes back to Bill Belichick the general manager. When it's put into list form the way Chris price at W week yet dot com puts in the list -- today. I don't know the word I would use is is shocking the -- a draft picks they spend a second or reverse the guys to a panned out and meaningful guys. Goes all the way back to 2003. And he looks through this at 2000 reaction to beat a pretty good year for them right. A second round pick on Eugene that was that was the year of last year who was an effective safety for it for a couple years before he fell off and he went on to play and in Houston to -- can't say. He fell off the face the earth like some of the other guys gonna talk about here. A quarterback it's not the same on the fourth man who by the way still 2012. Is make you place the pick six he had against Oakland this weekend. To get the falcons their -- him on the DiCaprio illustrious. A camera. One veteran one good guide it can everybody feed off of that's all he's the guy right to guy and I hear that's been talked about over ore -- shore. After that 2004. Third round pick on safety Guss Scott a fourth round pick on safety Dexter Reid. Neither one had any sort of meaningful impact from the patriots or the National Football League Reid went on to play a little bit with the Indianapolis. But NF non factor 2005. Two more picks in the secondary. Ellis Hobbs in the third James Sanders in the -- you feel okay about those two picks in 2005. -- and Sanders. Yeah compared to what you getting at James Sanders but I'm still wondering. What you're last year perfectly honest with you with the depth at least this team has its safety but go -- he was in about Atlanta I wouldn't call impact Dallas that's college boy -- And if I don't want signals all the clothes over today and the other surely get on Ellis -- Ellis Hobbs Bobble head somewhere there about here that was Michael Collins. I 2006 that -- draft anyone in the secondary. 2007 spent one pick on. Bowler Brandon meriwether. As the first topic at safety now or get the argument some -- with your phone call the terrible -- -- he was a pro -- but -- ask you to use your rise there. You -- -- test was random -- whether a good consistent safety for the patriots. Who's good -- consistent. Does that that's -- from -- but not that dumb he was better early in his career -- later on sort of took on this. A member of the hole no comment but I'm good enough room at the point my current into of the -- walk back here basically freestyle increased. Eric economy. Last I checked that the team concept you really can't do whatever value walk because someone. Is relying on you to have coverage -- the inside things like that -- and it's -- sort of hip taken bad angles have taken -- chances of being a cheap shot are that it guys and ahead it was time. Again -- the guy thought the regressed. And -- 20071 round pick the bears found out about Brandon meriwether later on -- career 2008. This where you start to get into trouble this may be in the worst of the bunch to -- 2004. Was pretty bad and I'll wait to Terrence Wheatley in the second to Jonathan Wilhite before. Two picks in the top four rounds of guys to last I checked had no sniff. The National Football League in a week this case show you a little bit when he first came mob but again regressed -- where is he right now witnessed -- ago. 2009 Patrick -- in the -- -- before he -- -- Butler. Who -- kicked -- around the league since she waved him two years into his career. 2010 damn McCord he had a great rookie year but it gone backward. 2000 -- to Ras I Dowling. And Malcolm Williams that welcomed millions in the seventh round -- a gallon was -- says second topic but all of brawl at the purpose was a late first round pick when you look at the numbers. And then this year about Wilson the second made -- -- got a six cornerback Alphonso bettered in the seventh round. You're talking about 2467. 111215. Guys. -- 2003 they drafted yet I say -- singles the only impact player of those. Seventeen excuse me -- the question. Which is would you argue with me the only impact player those seventeens not to yes you would argue on I would argue -- -- yet Italy's he's the only guy. And it was back in 2003. And you wonder Julia walked into that type of team. 0304. You know a feat when you when you walked in through -- you're talking -- body defense that just everything just collect there was just. You just tell what you had to do they're based out there doing their jobs and you know covering for anybody else volume -- literally all you do is your job -- you know everyone else around you receive veteran that's been in this league. You get a guy like Rodney Harrison out there. In a high lawless Stella -- three -- even parts -- full for get her to believe that year. It's a lot easier right to do your job first off you're watching professionals. It's a -- this guy's got it down he's talented he's got experience he knows -- -- the -- at the playbook -- he -- responsibilities. -- technique. I can just slide right hand. And just do my job learn from these guys. That's sort of disappeared and I get these other guys walked in and you know and you've got everything gets burned the other day I -- met general talked as a nice piece about that touchdown the ball went repeat it he gets burned. Well that the trickle down effect -- -- it was Patrick Chung well Patrick Chung was covering for a guy like British spikes who maybe lost containment -- a -- -- Jack Miller. So it to a three guys not doing their job one -- I've fallen. Just chasing chasing the -- Ranked the most teams no real point talking book Isaac Wilson and Asante Samuel coming into a just do your job rook will look around it's -- professionals work we efficient. It's probably goes a pleasure probably going to look at these guys got to draft another committee it's utter chaos. Well but it gets the question is we spent a lot and yesterday on the coaching and I thought the question yesterday with with -- -- from Hollywood's support one -- bass is that the coaching. Can I argue it's more than scouting in the draft in the coaching one look at this list and and ask if any of these players outside of a scientist Daniel. Have an impact players outside a patriot system. Meanwhile report -- would you wanna get to the coaching part of it and Josh Boyer is becoming lightning rod and Brian floors we talked about yesterday. I'm OK getting into coaching. But I give -- this list of seventeen guys OK some of these guys -- on the patriots so he can't the question doesn't isn't that the question. The guys aren't hearing more ligament cut or traded or had moved on from the patriots. Out of all those guys has -- -- aside aside they Samuel made an impact in the National Football League contributing to a winning team effective player. You say yes anyone besides aside -- annual. So does this all circle back to Belichick the GM and the scouting department and the guys they've spent trapped currency although it's and it's not handout. It's been I think India. Black -- for this team. I mean because I have a tough time criticized in the last two or three years here with -- -- that -- that that there was a time. When they just lost their way -- sixth going 07 it meriwether and know they had moss about walker in the year. Always was an absolute disaster. You know I don't know I count that was that Grady -- look at the last three. We don't know Ras I Dowling a guy that needs to really -- the suffering what this guy is right because there was some high hopes that this -- ever healthy. Now that he's healthy you'd never see you. Right Decker -- really determine what you think of that draft. You know just because he was he was the guy you expect in -- first round talent of a -- injury all what you have now. -- what you have right now -- down in good enough to start now kick it on the field outside a dime situations on a team that had three rookies on the field. And that game against Seattle. I don't think I'd let you know oh Italy's second year but the what the evidence we have right now. That they missed on the epic that's the evidence right now nobody point -- help they've missed on defensive backs say Pacific that's accurate. But I think they have done we've criticized the draft before. It's awful tough to criticize draft you know when your Poland coordinates all the we don't know ball Sebastian Vollmer. Right when he's healthy good player obviously the tight ends in early look at the rookie the running backs. The detail -- Jones hightower spikes mail I mean they have. Adding nice job except for the defensive back area it just it seems like what and you wanna go on talent to good point on these guys have left. Been great players of this -- a good player. So is it just down. I worry about what you're seeing right now I worry about three guys you know in in chunks and and my authority in Harrington. -- -- both those three guys that think you've seen signs from the they'd they'd be good football players and you'll see that improving. You don't see them improving and did according defense like I said I think it's -- plays. More than it's been games this year but he consistent play. We're going to be your thoughts when you hear that list when you hear one of seventeen. You to put that on the coaching staff to put that on the drafting. -- the dressing it's enact guy's a good fit for our system. How do they get better at the opposition when they can't seem to hit. On any of their -- 6177797. 937. The phone number 61777979837. Like Richard spots. On the secondary and the way this thing was put together. Matt Chatham has a great break down the Boston Herald that you'll join us at 11 o'clock. Your phone calls patriots next.

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