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Tom Brady: We let one get away from us

Oct 16, 2012|

The Pats quarterback makes his weekly appearance a day late with John and Gerry to talk about the team's rough loss to the Seahawks and how the team can improve. He also touches on Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman's postgame comments and the struggling defense.

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Our -- Tuesday conversation generally done and patriot Monday the because Libya late trip back from Seattle six hours on the plane that fund like. Our interview with Tom Brady is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors and gallery BMW Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- good morning Tom our new. How much of the money that football game did you catch last night and it at some of it. I signed the third quarter and then they turn it off went to bed but obviously southern results this morning it was. -- great win for Denver they're there we've played them last week they're pretty good scene. Pretty impressive -- 24 nothing not give up the score 35 unanswered of course Philip Rivers throwing four interceptions and fumbling twice helped cause I'm a little bit too. Yeah I mean turnovers on our support of the games so he turn it over it yeah the other team has more juice or and those are big part of efforts. What did you think when -- first went to Denver do you think did you think or do you still think it'll take time that. You know late in the season when everybody you know learns know what he can do when he learns -- his the receivers around him. That they will be better than they got -- pretty good now I mean as you saw. Will they be even tougher in December and maybe in January. Well that's -- -- Eritrea became Pope and I think that you go into this season ending news. You have a philosophy of what you wanna do in. And you see how it plays out and make adjustments over the course of the year and you know injuries take control what you do and scheme takes its forward which you do and he -- As the season goes along really get to the things picture do well. And you know when you got a guy like Peyton Manning who you know always. Seems. Get better this season goes from that. That's why it's stable it's been a good team article towards your team weren't sure that role as being good team because. Now they only get better when the season. Goes further along. Tom for competitive people like yourself any loss is a bitter told a small -- comparing lost to lost what's tougher to take getting blown out right at the beginning of the game and I Harken back to that Baltimore playoff game where they just. Stormed -- from the beginning and never being in the ball game or having it in the palm of your hand and having its slip away like it did in Seattle which is tougher to take. They're hard to say it's hard to say. You know the other day who is obviously very very frustrating for. For everybody involved them and we played. The kind of game we wanted to play for most of it and and you know didn't really play well when we needed to seriously and so. Of football you have to be ahead at the end as a matter of scripture will lead after the first quarter of certain core the third quarter what matters is. Being ahead at the end and you know we just we thank you sir we just let one get away from us. Talk besides the obvious of not making plays we hear that phrase all the time in the locker room who we did make enough plays or we didn't XEQ beyond the obvious that answer. What is required to close out a game when you have a lead like that what is required to. To -- keep your foot on their neck and hold them down psychologically in terms of approach in terms of just the mental approach to the last you know nine and a half minutes of a football game. Well it's it's a lot of situational football and understanding you know what you need to do as an offense. And then executing so. No big bird and magic formulas to -- and good decisions and making good plays it's it's a matter of just doing it and then that's not that we can't do it because you know we're up. Firfer you know most of that game we just. We just didn't do it in our situationally. Where America in the fourth quarter. You know from the we're gonna keep working at one archivists were gonna stop trying to work -- stop working and we're gonna work harder at it. And see if we can get better at it and make those improvements so. -- for a situation like this again and then it doesn't come up but you know that's. Felt like it's just. You know he he he go to bed and you look out next you know I sure wish we can. They'll pull out the wind and then closure as -- go to sleep magically happens I mean you got to put work into it and you got to understand. In the -- these things come up and an airborne individually has to do a better job at their jobs so. You know we we come out on the winning end of these games. What is your feeling when -- at the end games obviously you can run the ball could use up the clock you have to and you get the Seahawks -- a couple of timeouts. Can you do the same thing by thrown the ball do you do you do you know the media have to run the ball to get the tainted to use up the clock or you. And they go with the safe. Short passes and say we might get some first downs but even if we don't we will use the clock. I think whatever you choose to do you just have to do well you mean if you're gonna run it then you got a game here is Friday and others. Came up your best friend and make sure that your gonna Droid you got a complete them. Whether short intermediate or DP can't. So the worst thing to do -- you know run throw three times and you're off the field and fourteen seconds. And put the ball back to -- and a little unsure on the wall. You know if you -- -- a few times a game first downs and you could chew up performance for the clock so. It's really a matter of where you know the situation calls for but that's something that we talk about it and you know we just didn't get done the other day. -- did what Seattle presented to you defensively dictate to you would only run a 26 times vs 56 passes. Did they make you run that few a number of times. Well I think dramatically they're very good against the run of what they choose to do. They have a lot of you know heavy front row in front. When they force should throw it and you know -- we threw the ball. Whatever it was 56 starts to be -- And you know we had a lot of production at times and other times we didn't -- You know for the most part. You know we were doing the right thing in the passing heroes China completed more passes. But you know the guys are running good routes and get no -- -- -- -- there we a lot of child plays that we had. Move the ball up and on the field and you know the problem offensively as we can score points for world when you're one of six from the red area. You know you just it's. Do you believe someone points on the board that you know you lose by one -- and we want -- -- -- years the American yourself -- chance went. Talk tickets for the final seconds of the first half and -- talking so much about the intentional grounding we can get to that in terms of how the decision is made on the sideline is -- bill and Josh Josh by himself Josh says in your helmet you agree you've probably worked on the situationally that you can pull off a play in five seconds still have 12 left tickets to that paradigm of the last you know minute or so in the first half. Well we got the ball and we completed a couple passes to get through three yard line so we -- -- -- -- -- broken down so. With no time -- eleven seconds. You know you gotta throw the ball in the end zone. And if you take a fact you know obviously you you're out of him keep caring if local -- All the time -- kick the ball lower or spiked the ball so really you that. You know he's yet to shut at the end zone and the first formal list. Was incomplete and then the second world where an intentional grounding them. You know I just kind of stepped up in the pocket and threw all over the middle and trying to throw the ball away that was in there just wasn't. You know anyone very close to. You know where restore the ball in the -- they may direct call. How many if there -- five seconds would you. Kick the field go what's the number. I'm not sure that I think five seconds is cutting it very very close some and I didn't really hold the ball long -- You know on that particular player a kind of caught it looked stepped up and threw it away and that was five seconds so. The photon which -- -- to make a catch and throw. You know but they did a good job cover the essence what I got to do a better job. To make it better decision with the ball. What should did you think you have time to air mail and over gronkowski are indeed it was her place she could the gun. What should you have done. You know I just gotta find the guide. You know and I looked at west on the left him in the -- you know came back and look at the army and and then. And I just I got a -- probably. You know near someone's feet. Right purpose that's what you gotta do into the ground as the way to go on that. Yeah it is. Did -- Jason Jones -- to your face on the final play of the third quarter affect your ability to perform in the fourth -- usual numbers went down if you took the shot in the head. No I don't think so at all. It was just you know poor excuse from myself and you know poor fundamentals and that's. You know that's the cause of the written and certainly I give had a lot of defense and can. I credit them for the way they played -- very good defense and that they came into the lead into the game first and pretty much every category so. No they rush the passer they stopped the run they're good on third down their careers they got. There are a lot of play makers and it and nearly they admitted they may artists are really no easy plays out there we -- them. Hey how much -- discipline and self control did it require on you -- your part not to tell Richard Sherman does. Go pound sand when he approaches the end of the game. I didn't I didn't feel that the into the game. At least I don't think I did and I was just walk off the field and and I congratulated some of those guys on the women's. I didn't I didn't really feel. Well you you had to have time -- he tweeted out a picture of him. Get in your face and it's unbelievable because. Mean he won the game I I assume you know you feel pretty good celebrate was teammates and he seeks you out. He -- a picture and he puts a little caption in there it says are you mad parole amid it is one of the the the more classless thing you've ever seen. I guess you it's all blurred you now but you have to wanna punch him in the throat and. I tell you didn't see him -- -- their 70000. Scrutiny of people also you know one more person that really. I didn't feel like I congratulated you know some of their players that I -- and that's a good game good luck and that was it I didn't out of seven -- but also. Says that's part of football and it is going to entitled to know what they say -- their behavior. And you know we just patriots and of course. Really. You know just handled -- different ways but you know when you win -- she could do every war so that's such just. Very he's a good player and and they're very good defense and you know which prevents me it's more plays that would help us when the game. That's the kind of the way it is and. Ever had a guy do this before I mean you've played long time against some great players and some. You know ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher. And Reid didn't I mean you won some and lost some. Have you about a guy -- -- should down after game just at the glow. No I mean that's -- no I haven't. Let you know that he didn't look it's. I guess and everyone handles things differently and I've. And I've played for a few years and you know -- I really don't care what someone from -- the fielder. You know what matters how you perform on the field and you know winning is it is the best cure for everything and that's close where my focus is. Was there an ongoing dialogue with him during the game he indicated you said the him at some point I assume when you were up probably thirteen points come see me after the game and he said that's what motivated him to come CU after the game. Did that conversation take place during the contest. I don't -- remember. And when -- number no I certainly wasn't focused on. The about what he says that come off -- you probably have incredibly said the no huddle as a gimmick and the patriots are a gimmick team. They're a team you guys are one man show -- on an ice and the only reason use no -- -- you're afraid. Not exactly a Belichick type player of patriot type player. This was after. After he was through with you went home and then -- the so. Yeah immigration and everyone's entitled to their opinions so. You know that's wherever it's going to be you know there's -- -- to say something better came from her half sensor. You know whatever civil -- some say that's their opinion and -- we've heard from other teams before and you know we destroy the show and do our job and I can assure opponents respect and try to go out there and earn their respect by playing well. Tom how do long range G Paul six foot two defensive backs. Change your approach in terms of ball positioning -- trying to get into to a wide receiver as opposed to the usual. 511 corners. Well. And I think there's there's you know they have some very good quarters on their team. You know their whole defense is secondary is very good. And they're all big and they run well on they've quickened his long arms and there really fortunate to make good throws an accurate throws him to run good routes and you know potential we did that you know we got open and we completed a lot of also. And we didn't they take advantage and -- other. They say they count on a really good pass rush to. -- with the timing of the plays they notables got to come out at some point there -- so they kind of fees from routes and they play a lot of zone defense and they. -- they jump all over guys so you when you catch it or not very far away and they really limiting yards after catch which. They can look very good defense and you know they've they've been doing little fees and really wasn't just -- and so they've been they've played well all year. To -- speech -- I don't. I -- I don't one basketball -- lawyer really get to see a lot -- to the pre season and with the exception may be the the bomb in the first game maybe just missed a month. You guys have been N'sync and are you surprised -- his footwork around the sideline he is amazing. Knowing -- years -- all times on the field and just that the value to have to have clicked so early and often in this in this season. Yeah he's phenomenal with his body control in his. Hand eye coordination and inaccurate she made at the end of the game where you know foot from being in barrel was. An incredible catch we catch against buffalo for the touchdown list. Amazingly he's. He works his butt off you know he's really have been a professional he knows how to get himself prepared is very Smart. You know I think from the time that we've met we really clicks so. He's really had a different dimension to our offense and you know we're really close from some place last game that we didn't make it work and we're still. You know I feel like we're we're continuing to make improvements also so you know I'm excited for. You know what. You know what with the -- received and got a break. You're the first one I believe to talk to -- after he just got group. Crush laid out on that hit were you concerned that maybe you might lose him for that game cause he didn't look good you get a good about it. He had -- he -- he got drilled that. And I mean he's so tough there's nobody as tough as west. Is. His middle toughness his physical toughness confirmed a guy that probably 590 pounds and he runs over the middle fearlessly and -- play after play after play and you know made the plays the other day and again and was open a lot more -- on a lot of plays and I didn't -- -- and so. He's just he finds the hole he knows how to get open and you know he's so dependable he's he's just a great player for a. I guy I know you have no sympathy for them with the jets no longer had Darrelle Revis is it a different approach to this game without Revis do you not. He would do do not have to go out there and look and say where is 24 and one and I have to stay away from at all times -- at the approach in the same way. Well he's a phenomenal player and he's been as good as the corners there's only your record that is critical for us safe so. You know -- their team has always been joked around their defense and not really one player and he. He's a great player and -- sort of award discount them but they got some other really good players to -- You know in -- -- is a great player and they got some guys from the dealer -- Russia solid group form factors. A very good secondary which Yeremiah Bell and and LaRon Landry so. And it's it's going to be a good challenge for us from feels like we're playing good defense never weakened and the jets are no different so. You've got to spend the week to get ready for them you know political problems and women you know what a very important game for us. All right niceties aside we like to give the opportunity -- -- -- something completely hostile inflammatory about Rex Ryan and the jets to make our week easier gold forward Thompson have addict and I don't want to take just like that you can you can help us -- Or. He's I've already been. You know could turn it over to keep my options though. That's what they choose to do so that -- would rather. Like I said what's important is always say on the field how we play and perform and then there's nothing that we say. For the game crafty and really matters and that's stuff goes away but you know you don't see that win or loss on the record called for the entire either. So important thing is to get the win and not waste your time. -- talking about it how you gonna do little what you did it's it's to run play and get ready and to. To prepare. And that's what the great ones do they. You know you win or lose you got to move on you can't sit here and you know a little lost linger for three or four days and and you can't do other students celebrate a win for three or four days 'cause the league just. You know just keeps movement and you've got to. Prepare you got to continue to folks so what you need to do and hopefully make improvements as the season goes along. You know we were doing some things -- than we did earlier and obviously there's still room for improvement -- -- shifting some of the year we have a lot of football place. Was the -- crowd -- a problem out there because it was an overrated. Pitcher I mean it's loud there's no question it's loud but I mean we've played that a lot of loud environment and so which he can't hear you can't hear the reactions the way it goes. We put in the middle and the plows and it's so like there's a lot of communication going on there either but. You know they definitely eight Serb support of its space stand up the entire game out there. -- they cheered and it's pretty. It's pretty impressive in there's no doubt it's allowed environment so. Ready for the uncomfortable hypothetical we haven't rebels for a couple weeks of course -- okay -- ago let's just say that one aspect of the team is not holding up its end of the bargain while the other aspects special teams and let's say and offense is doing okay. Is there ever -- tendency overall your years of playing where one factor one faction of a team looks at the underperforming faction and there's some resentment -- sets in. -- ever take place. Never I don't think that's what the team is all about him I think that you had fifteen support each other and you feed off one another and all three phases that the football team are important and you know one week. Offense may perform well when we -- defense -- perform well. One week a special teams that perform well it's ever want performed well together you're gonna win there's no doubt about it if if offense doesn't play well the defense needs to play really well and especially losing to play well and and we played it it seemed like Seattle where. You know it's a special teams wise they want to bash special teams units in the league and we've played really well against settlements. -- offensively we had a chance says the play really well below one of six in the red area so. You know the defense never complained about -- performance and certainly we support those guys and everything that there Dornan and you know we rely on each other and if we're gonna make some special going to be. Yeah all 53 guys and coaches support each other. Depend on each other and that's what we plan to do work. For outdoor in the tower and hopefully increase -- we all feel you know week we all feel you know. Frustrating this for a full -- but. You know we've we've got -- our season had to put -- in. You know there's no better achieved to really start you know here against in the -- history and Korea never once tried. In the division and -- we get -- start performing better and yeah that's what we hope to do. All right last question Tom the I don't know if you heard you probably probably heard or read that somewhere someone pointed out to the CEO of Twitter. Said the one guy out there who's not on Twitter who wants to get on Twitter is Tom Brady I mean in the whole world. -- it's you in rather have you than like the queen or -- you know Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber. Is set is that on the persuade you to take up Twitter you like your coach and have no interest. Are you get a Twitter yeah yeah you're you're doing. You do tour. -- It's it's a little addictive. But I think you take it like it -- she could have like the day you signed on you have like three million follow SMMR Sherman a message less saving give back through them you know there riff you ever to Sherman's on the 25 half. I have no. I'm really don't -- escalated to waste so some people are doing great maybe one day I never say never. You know obviously the people that are -- they. -- -- You know that they enjoy this medal of achievement certainly -- I heard Brandon Spikes is on. -- -- Yeah just a little bit they were and are pretty you don't follow -- -- Are -- have a great -- work good luck on Sunday we'll talk to Monday. OK guys they already -- doesn't tell element AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE our conversation with Tom is brought to buy. Northeast electrical distributors and gallery BMW.

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