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Pete Sheppard's sports flash and the Zumba List

Oct 16, 2012|

The guys recap Matt Holliday's dirty takeout slide of Marco Scutaro in the NLCS and the Chargers' rough loss on Monday Night Football. Dino and Gerry then break out the freshly released Zumba List and try and match up some names.

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Swing and a little roller -- short Crawford up this girl except you won't throw. -- -- -- Field side -- second. You base right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Newsroom there is okay in terms okay. Into -- -- -- okay good business what's happening faster and trying to. This is now so we can't turn them over I was sort of went on how. You guys. -- -- Mean didn't hit the dirt until we got to the back -- Chilling that like -- now no good chilling at the sale after after the ball. Was not pleased about that that he can then begin to clue right there -- -- Mount Holly and I I believe she was being aggressive I actually believe that but as San Francisco Giants could -- need to make sure that no one's ever -- aggressive on one of my teammates again. All hull and feel this somebody's gonna get drilled tonight and then there's a great insight from rookie John Crocker said he's not a dirty play all the holiday you mark -- matte color is not a dirty player but he's known for doing this it excellent excellent article. That's such a cop yeah. Because of he's known for doing it's it's about as dangerous play. The position player conduct a mugs of Patrick adored as an advocate position player go at a guy's knee and do you think there's any argument here immunize. I watched it I saw some of the post game stuff -- -- on Twitter and hear a lot of dissension no disagreement. It was dirty yup -- do we start sliding easily got past the bag correct exactly Bruce -- is vital to this team's hard to believe. Marcos Kudrow is like there second most important player but I'm Buster Posey yeah in this in this series and stay in the game and -- got to -- but then he left and from what we understand in a row. He's got a real high pain tolerance. He's -- budget that gives him an injury in the fifth and he's got to be -- -- bases loaded single to right yes well again -- -- -- -- which was misplayed by men all of us in left. But at a football less like Broncos are racing at 24 zip halftime deficit rally for a starting 3524. Win over the charges a month and a football -- Mini Cooper 309 yards three touchdowns and an interception of for a Denver. -- really wasn't tailored to perhaps. You know distort -- of the turnovers obviously a couple special teams turnovers those were frustrating. I know for the defense. Ahead seventy imports all turn overs essentially. So so the defense and they had confidence as well. Then after the game -- port Norv Turner once again I mean we all know he's like is there a total has its ups and downs and it is as -- it and again. In the playoffs is not baseball or basketball Christmas would be fireball offense went up twenty poignantly -- in as a base if football is tough it's hard to do replace coach in mid season. But if any -- ever deserve to be replaced in mid season wouldn't be no more and and and Philip Rivers to it here's where he had it -- one question had affairs after the game. Maybe change. And -- want -- in the last -- -- I don't think from a response. There's Leah but France corporate alternative partly that's been happening for the last. Every year is -- coach called before. So that's good about it if you had. A heart law. One of the heart -- coaching that team. Would you get more out of it that -- It would end up. In that division would need more brokers wouldn't hold on to point one of Italy's. Coach is -- you can't. -- team. And and good to be Pro Bowl quarterback. It is human hands of all of just sort of -- -- at Ole days -- at the word -- Yeah yeah to that too. Are -- up all Doug -- talk to Kevin Ross and bright and the second the portion of these on the list. He has now are defined as it -- I got it in front of me you'll unheralded would have put it to you found at Portland press herald will not run without addresses. Which I guess in and a -- my name without the two good point but -- -- kind of generic names here are popular names all and ethnic and is going to be. 22 David -- is in in two and about Donald heels yes it's going to be a few Marines. Is James White James like it's out of a hundred and check this out there's a heat. On the list. There's a job on the list all Johns is due to fail on the lips no obvious we don't dale and there's a load on the lists flow to close -- Jerry's Jerry is asking about just from the second guy Norman creep well. Seriously Norman creep Bo outlaw RT PE eight you should be tolerant -- cripple. Japan. Now if I'm wrong it's ridiculous idea -- Gary. David Robert dale. Paul. -- -- -- -- Call and Clinton jeans on game. And Clinton Clinton is the first sorry I'm -- games are hockey coach shares of these names I think there's -- as who'll hockey coach coach from the area and -- and ethnic and find out. Along one's twenty. One yes on the thirty and and being charged. With engaging in prostitution. The last thing they plan to release the names of the other individuals charged in the case in batches as they become available. The process they say could take months. Want to take months. I don't know but the guys who can afford Stephen Schwartz and profile remains -- Arnie yes their names have not been revealed yet and it's awkward to assume that the guys. It is -- some money ones whose names we don't know yet. Have some money and maybe some power -- just open up would the bunny -- -- what you do in Las Vegas or Churchill on HBO risks that when he regiment called guy. This guy will win. I mean previous plan but this went active and you know them I think the name should be released. Criminal criminals people charged with crimes. When names ever and didn't hidden. Not review -- Never kids two kids -- miners them and that's the law and when ever known because it would be embarrassing me and I. You know -- got from -- outlook report has all over the newspaper right ball photograph and everything he might be innocent he might win his case Centre court. You know you don't say it's going to be embarrassing. Fact cores and -- beyond that before lead on the twenty bucks. 15100 as the case may be right Portland's stick -- -- bright and telling him of the rest you'll get you. Couple minutes.

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