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Bill Belichick not making friends a day after the Seahawks loss

Oct 16, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan open the show by looking at Belichick's less-than-cheery response to questions about how he defense handled the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. They also recap Peyton Manning and the Broncos' comeback against the Chargers on monday night.

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Yeah it seems to me when you achieve the kind of coaching success that is required. To get to the lockdown one of 32 NFL head coaching jobs. Your personality I would guess is pretty much etched in stone I mean Pete Carroll remains Pete Carroll be a bully and the -- lead the cheerleader kind of jump up and down go crazy guy on the sidelines that he was when he was here when he was at the jets and an all throughout his career -- well. Picking -- a step further Rex Ryan can't help himself his personality is what it is he's got a big mouth. He is a blow hard and even with a horrible offense and they roster that is made up of crap. He cannot help himself from open his big mouth and spot and stuff like this. One on the know when they know that you know. I think we're going to be in you know. I don't buy and all that other stuff you know this but I -- I recognize -- as great football and you know in in politics a great coach and never once. So that he was. OK but again. You know we're not gonna back down -- concede anything we're just. You know they're gonna get our crash -- we know we're gonna get theirs so really doesn't matter who says why don't we are going to be ourselves and we're -- we're coming up there to take our swing him and we'll see if that's you know if we win that -- when again. Doesn't sound nearly as cookies used to get there yet haven't taken off -- a little bit but I think part of you know lost 150. Yes lost little but it was Ngo and even if he says. -- -- -- Just got to roll your eyes he's not really. Abrasive confrontational Rex being Rex it's just like -- their in their personalities are locked it Pete -- Rex is Rex of course. Right down the road at Foxboro. Where you don't miss her -- -- -- chuckles -- -- he goes out of his way to be miserable you eat up. -- the word miserable. He looks on the sidelines he sounds like it in the press conference he's that way with Michael and and and -- He has non communicative. Is resistant to the process he just can't help himself from being in a day. When -- -- to -- to some specifics because I'm sure as you say there -- many areas that led to the -- -- the defensive -- In particular they seemed to struggle on on deep balls. At what it looks like Richard why does that happen so often missed it looks like they're make in the same. Same mistakes over and over what what does that seem to be an area of concern for them. Peoples are obviously a problem. You can go to -- policy puts it -- I -- a problem why's why's it gotta do a better job. Period. -- we we talk prevents earlier he said the frustrating thing for him as you guys cover this you know was coming or no surprises from Seattle. Yet not to win. And you practice well so -- no no bad practices. Are these are you confident that these these guys -- coach -- is that message getting across. To the point where you're comfortable. With the communication. Between players and coaches. Mentally get ya mean don't you think an ambulance surrogate mom and that's no -- defense -- defense and other soft on the offense go their score. World and everybody's on board with. So they know what are users and defense and he thanked his players a wanna go out there and okay lets them do go so long passes that I -- That's ridiculous known at that but our review are you confident that these the right guys. -- -- I think everybody's working as far as they can get the problem fixed and corrected in the veteran and then we're gonna continue to work harder. Michael could not been more deferential he could not have. Posed the questions. Any easier any less the less -- -- -- you talk to -- coach just talked to just talk to why can't work -- Ross why does it continue why can't it be fixed are these the right guys all -- very legitimate I will ask question I would give all the credit. Mean you we said thank you very much for Utah -- it actually mine says that we just said this in the views over eight is worthless. No where contractually obligated but the point what is the point just real antagonism. Real animosity -- And chuckles off the air with -- with coach you actually a lot and really admit I I do think he's a little different off the year in. -- goma a little bit -- did soldiers being down there. I look exactly two months say my guys suck he's never gonna do that just as a coach would know coach -- -- -- coach could not only was asking I understand I understand that I know people want. In -- more. Technical talk a ball by guys aren't turning round and wants specifically answers what. He has been generic he has been generic like this from day one at that point it does not much I know I know about are resistant -- talking about what analysts what has changed in his personality -- -- from -- from any point he's been -- twelve years. He's been the same guy for twelve years and I think he's I know I know it was offers more rude and arrogant and ignorant and and you know disrespectful maybe at times like that does that sound rude and arrogant disrespectful to all in and -- and a little bit. A little bit wrong. The question to ask him you know do you think. Deep -- our problem how he asked him why. Why does the problem continue what can be fixed are -- the right guys to do the job is their communication. Between the coaches and the players to make them understand what is required of them. All of those very very legitimate questions that fans would like to have -- right what everybody was talking about and its way -- He coached doesn't say this all the time -- coaches hate the process. Lot -- to coaches hate the media. And we talked about yesterday Andy Reid Tom -- yeah. These guys they'll enjoy it they do it because it's part of the job they do it because fans. Consumers pay a lot of -- I think he's very front Allred a lot of energy to follow their team. Like that from the -- I'll say this he better keep winning. You better keep winning -- you could only get away with this and we will have text after text and call after call percent. We've built allowed his hobbies -- gotten. And it would abolish reverend -- threes and all that I understand that he's a great coach he's a good coach with a great quarterback on whose coattails he had written you know in into the sunset though he's a great coach like it better he better keep his -- winning because if if if he returns to the form in terms of production. That was a Cleveland. I would say that these people we're gonna Texas and criticize us criticizing bill will be jump. Yup -- benefit that's gonna happen they're gonna turn into the Cleveland Browns -- that's that's -- that's been Napster not this Cleveland got a bit of Cleveland Browns in Cleveland when he and I think the record. And didn't have Tom Brady back I think he feels that. He is coaching staff reporting these guys in a position. To make plays and simply not making them. And it and I noticed that well well I would cost going up for three years obviously the secondary is no question about it it's been a problem -- won a lot of games. That won the super ball or come close and really predict about the two super balls. Special last one it's really been the profits and if you look -- you look overall the games they've lost this year you can you can say all you -- about the secondary. And talk about the guys not through tomorrow all day. But I consider -- case it's an offense that's been the main reason why they lost those three games you're -- a big part of your kid absolutely absolutely they didn't get -- -- at first out of Baltimore close about the game -- missed a game winning field look to get the trigger first out against Arizona. When they needed -- at its. Baltimore and Arizona -- and they had to read one in six opportunities of touchdowns. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The offense has to be virtually perfect bet to score almost on every red zone trip -- the score almost on every drive they have. Other ways I find themselves in a position where they are passenger -- get fifty yards where they are letting guys run free into the end zone. Pastor duck and cover two safeties the defense is the biggest problem here did the office fail and not find itself playing a perfect game yeah they did but I think a lot to expect. Brady and the -- to be perfect to to shore up this crap out of loyalty and I went to the Super Bowl last year which are -- 31 read I know that's. With the same. Flotsam and guess what as I as a secondary they went to be Super Bowl there one play away from winning these -- -- -- One can only mean the opulence and OK but -- products and it's a quarterback go back and look at how the defense played the last six or seven games last year in the playoffs they would damn good bit more sacks in the Super Bowl when the giants did. What would that they've lost that Super Bowl game last year because of three drops in the end. The three drops what worries well -- -- that going forward when you say this team is connected and is this team do you think this team is gonna. Go to the suitable again when isn't Super Bowl caliber this does it -- team I think by the end of season it will be. And -- -- say the same thing about a lot of other teams don't get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- it's the worst in the NFL. Fact when the turnovers a -- and point to turn over pat factory and red zone defense and your eyeballs oddball lap was tell me that I don't trust NFL net yardage stats and never have on defense -- it's not my whole question of the eyeballs obsessions and right now stinks right great. Does -- Wilson and Dino has been mediocre quarterback Russell Wilson. Basically just saying go deep off thrown out there and -- bypasses that totalled over 200 yeah it's just launched it up the let his guys go again. The patriots -- so bad they can't stop even when they -- company. This was the second worst passing offense in the National Football League through five weeks -- -- that's not a huge sample but the numbers are what artists in the numbers reflect what Wilson and the Seahawks were able to do passing. Second worst 31. Worst passing team in the national football. And they had their way with us defense that you're trying to get me to say that I think the secondary is good and I'm not saying that I think the secondary stinks I think the front seven is very good. Run up there -- the best in football but the secondary is one of the worst -- not the worst in football -- get -- now on the same -- while -- -- the same -- I'm just saying you can you can dump all of the secondary all you want I can make a case for all three losses that the offense was just as much to blame for not closed up those games that's all -- Seattle scored seven touchdowns in their first five game seven touchdowns in the first five games. Wilson throw for three against this defense this defense makes everybody look great this defense make Sanchez. Look like a club and an above. Average quarterback will tell -- again be careful what you would be careful. We don't really got kind of a broad statement because what happened last year. The jets came in here and got beat by nine points then when the patrons seem to be at their weakest point last year up to the back to back losses they go into a hot Stalin viral with fat Rex -- beat foot fetish everybody else and what do they DO. They blew the crap by the -- off the field. I -- right out of the bloom off the field on Sunday based on the Austin based on what I'll probably. Whipping them into a frenzy down there that's not my point my point is the thing that keep this team from going either deep into the playoffs or the Super Bowl or -- if given a couple injuries may -- to the playoffs at all. Will be the defense will be the secondary -- can't seem to fix. -- the defensive genius can't find the right people he -- the wrong people he brings a gutter from Rucker who has a fine freshman. A year front rookie year and and turns and in to much the going backwards they are receding they are getting worse and worse. You know they gave up coaching 294 yards a game of the year last year. This year only 280. Well approve by city to get my way he played in a quarterback that you say it was above average. Maybe to a -- Flacco at this point. That's it and they don't have played Andy we have to account what was above average of which you played one. One Pro Bowl quarterback one Peyton Manning and he was just get his feet. And they re entry and the reason at three in threes they can't stop and that's one of the reasons why it's not the entire reason to stop you -- a field goal. They don't get that horrible call on what -- and that touchdown run it's a different game. The Baltimore game again -- -- that you could you remember the game the Baltimore game better chance that horrible call element get a chance to go up like twenty to seven and -- -- -- what's. They had a chance they had the ball double digit lead with five minutes and fourteen seconds ago. All of you basically was to get a forced out pick and go. They blow it. They blow just the defense and gave up a lot of yards like he might get a readout yet on economic case like objects as well you're asking all the other factions of this team to be perfect -- make up for the -- automatically -- -- If the defense held their end of the bargain. Like fifteenth in the National Football League middle -- A missed field goal would make that much of a difference a blown call. Wouldn't make that much of a different what you're saying actually point to the fact that the defense is so bad that an occasional scroll up like a missed field goal or blown call or blown coverage. Cost that would game and it -- -- you can you can blame it on discount -- you can blame it on the refereed you can blame on anybody you want but the fact is the defense requires every other aspect of this team to be damn near perfect they -- -- They went into Baltimore. On the road notes that meatball would be sensible but Lewis was still there web was still. Reid Reid was still there. They put up thirty points at 331. That the almost 400 yards yuppie commission has more than ever that 500 yeah. I tell -- what to anticipate and had more points Beckett -- he just he just got Oprah it's creating -- thing you mentioned fifteen job guess what they were last year -- points allowed at the end of the season this very deep right in the middle pack which is where the problem and biggest -- that's right. What the Super Bowl and it lost because the three drops in the game. Three big drop in the game won by a receiver catches a pass a lot of guys I picked to win the division have a chance to go back the Super Bowl. With historically bad -- pick a lot of people fall to the same trap they do every year around this time when the team looks bad for one game -- -- don't look at the big it's thick it's a state that guys an outlook to -- -- last year when it lost back to back into the giants and Pittsburgh you guys and I urge you guys have never -- -- -- up from. You never if I did I do listen you guys never ever thought that when the rested against never probably not. And number. You think the -- with the rest of the games this year. I think is Jessica -- Oh why not. There's a chance this the schedule is still. It's at least a good chance at the two toughest games ever left of your home and you know what you know it's going to be a big factor. Is who gets hurt and that's no news flash but every day become. This is you know revolutionary war with the just gonna go at each other bodies drop and then. The cannon fodder in the rose fallen. Yesterday obviously Baltimore which I thought -- -- -- they -- -- in Houston major Super -- days ago Brian Cushing goes big -- -- they struggle they win. They get crushed by Green Day. Baltimore loses ray Lewis and at various web. Is my questions -- -- -- Knowing. Someone -- so someone you know Hernandez went out came back. -- little bag though he's out there these are -- been dinged up again rookie bodies April oh they're season and a -- -- like big capital WHO. You know who important. It's it's good to -- the wrong if it's -- Brady if it's a Welker get but some Mayo if it takes a a advance. And those five guys sorely impact your ability to get -- that's about it championship somebody was right this morning and -- heard people say you know all via. You know they got beat by by Russell Wilson. You know Eugene Chung was out. Like it would have been different in January. Talk and guys who irreplaceable. Guys like obviously number twelve but also I think that's about right the list is shot. -- Welker in his treaty in one of those guys guys guys go down and I think he will one of -- -- well. It happens every team it's the nature of the game and everything changes while the play you almost in his report. What happens if they went all the public and all their games. The big favorite and all what is off the -- -- who may go down to do the same thing to every other team to the same thing we can be we should have been real terms as Ray Lewis. And and Darius web and and and -- of course shall go hard down. -- you know big important players change the whole dynamic -- -- -- -- Tutsi more log or down one playoff season two of our member group which is in the I'd just -- just tell you it's it's it's it's not. I'm what you -- -- -- -- -- -- play like we should build -- and when babies about if but when may be a lot about if -- winner maybe about now right now the 33 to secondary sucks. The front -- -- -- good damn good up there with the best in football the offenses leap we know that they still have some kinks to work out at times. But I have no doubt in my mind this will be a playoff team no question about it. And say that they have no chance when the rest -- game than it is crazy look at look at the past history. Instead they have no chance that they want when the rest of games -- they -- -- and they all I they'll be favored in all their betrayal and anyone and they were favored they were favored on Sunday were they not 6177797937. At the new -- number write it down keep it in Europe. The iPhone 6177797937. Tom Brady. Will join us around 630. Currencies with the quarterback right.

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