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Monday, October 15th Whiner Line

Oct 15, 2012|

Man did the Pats suck this weekend, but at least the Yankees sucked right along with them.

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My -- excuse views expressed. Breast blew my mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. This is discretionary box. -- And now you know you weren't here alive. Live on the phone line right now is Chris Carter Chris Soria. Doing all right and now and you can argue Arnold got on the current current total -- you -- you look at -- -- you know beyond that he's healthy these children -- catches them. But there -- way to hurt them welcome WEEI. -- near line beyond just the years. Much to give Arnold Coleman a great like being at a prison again like we -- -- got a couple -- -- -- Flooding there you're -- aren't in the -- a real like -- diablo disappearing again -- Yeah absolutely yeah. Dial 6177793535. He's just to god and -- -- I'd like you're gonna have to be real about it -- -- wandering into -- don't tell me you know the Mandalay -- okay not a part of the great players they don't get burned what little boy who whiner line viking. I don't I don't I don't want your game and you didn't appear to wide receiver plugged apple I want people became -- -- impact on the game. Told that he gets involved -- and now just to quote Detroit's. -- want. That's the best with this threat. And hang up by Verizon heritage -- -- -- Tommy hunks of land and -- a break left. I Mikey -- -- -- can be better bring us what's what's brown well how do you Lewis who do you lose three games with four points to a different and he's been on -- how much like you may have -- platinum. My prize -- and I lost my a substantial. -- on that and what went out of Wednesday about the game you know he was two for three he -- the -- to occupy an appropriate -- -- and fight to end game by ten points. But he was right about the giants game. And as big an Oklahoma. I patriots lose this game Oklahoma I will fill in for you right on any -- unique take off -- to go out on vacation and so you're filling in for Ryder Nash yeah I mean another stupid reports Mikey have you ever won a bit in your life yes I have but I can't talk about what. I've got to. As we look tattoos you've lost bets on -- and he still wanted to to handle on even she left early version one line it's powered by AT&T WEEI outlets available when -- -- drug or device. Brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten minute ago. Time slashed its three G -- it's. -- rethink possible your frustrations. Or celebrity. Did you shoot that that Felix bombed our and you should that yes dropped from space it. Do you believe that dominant. I figured I think it was faked out. I think it was done on TV studio -- you can't let the -- exactly -- to America had to drop to injury. Agreement with 44 miles but it was able to present let's go. Well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alaska was -- rubles. They tell us what kind of dialogue as we got to make sure that Mikey gets is one day 52 minutes management. And. And it got better after what happened back. I pick up on -- between Baghdad it. But that's how hot. -- Don't donor clinic on them by Israel that's commercial which started by the we jumped off the dollar. He loved to urinate on things and. -- -- have been quite a bit. Why haven't been good like good don't and aren't bad -- badly. And -- -- you make you cornerbacks out there. Well yeah. Wow. You know what I'm not done what I. -- And yeah. And if you know what I thought okay what do you think about rumors referred all right. First time around you get a little emotional when you watch the second time play it again Andy. And yelling for Wilson the volleyball it's all crunched up it's not just on the music. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Moved to humble I'm would you expect aqaba and I was gonna. She fed next -- way out of there. Going to be totally misconstrue. How -- And everything it. How much -- wounds. -- -- quarterback they've showed that flashback but secondly. Cost of doing. Any relation to that bad mythical character could fuel. And that there. So the columns guys are doing quite well I was too but certainly -- activity. Now maybe Bill Belichick need to reach out to you know Rappaport. If you are vivid video I think his head up this secondary. Clearly he has a nose for the ball. And that's what -- really official familiar reason it is. See the video about the went. Or him to -- took a football in the face any time you have balls and based on the here. I don't want court -- a bit about the bags -- around. According not arrogant. But why I've met her out. And that message you're the laughing read only wanna kill Adams. -- So large that they had sent back having difficulty. Perhaps they don't know what about. And I've got in the modern game. Football and they had what are known as these forward bat. But by the carpet walk out of that will be on object bill I say it would point to -- -- profit column what slightly. It would be a good idea that I do but -- -- object and battered down they got that. And you know we we we -- a lot of times bill -- dolphin doesn't isn't really specific. He was extremely specific and took questions that I think used throughout this talent. They he watched film today that and DeVon looked kodi played well as -- said. Demo recording played well according and he did hardly like not only did Bill Belichick got one of the greatest coaches in the top five coaches in the history of football. How many people disagree with stand that guy over here but again maybe deny you have to go back I would say the defensive backs on a hole. Throw off police said they pretty much -- what what -- Gallup polls were to Gallup polls. Last Rasmussen stickiness right now. Data that we coffee I'd probably. Patrick a bit and yeah yeah yeah. I didn't play I live now locked that door and got bit bad about what of that door and -- had about what to -- that. That they do. -- -- -- But it has game against Seattle. Oh but it didn't realize. Who are wrong or -- with me. What happened break. Yes -- so cool about is different but I -- think tank called ground. I call didn't seem like they -- -- Good Carol you know people asking his mouth because I think it would be -- are going to pay it later next week. Abortion -- -- -- an extra -- in his step when when the teachers play a game like that you in his writing on teens. And it's this is a smile is as Smart as six back reform. Reform and -- garage if you wrong 99 times out of 100 almost Obama -- important right that we would. Enjoy it when he does his own self righteous. And finally tonight. Work on the car can't. That I -- about the -- -- ad campaign is going to spend probably. As he has no longer permit. What did he will be replaced by Mitt Romney and. Pretty protected just pick. Big -- in the fourth quarter drive that point he knew he couldn't do it big advocate of a clock. Think -- stayed -- I could step up equipment not actual. What it did -- go back back and point at a bucket of balls back to get locked out of date and supermodel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I just noticed each drop down to Pedroia Brady Brady is even with department laboratory on twelfth place -- every home only on a lot of line. Get a -- suggest. Tom Brady should stop having sex with TrailBlazer. And if that makes it's -- well chronologically. As Robert literally makes sense of why. -- They got out but it started at an event. I can't really haven't been out in particular about. It'll hurt while pandora. And I don't know -- about. And men. And he and members or not that was my faulted to applause as the blood you know please accept my I'll. -- And message that. That the rumors. My public about the local ball and catch. Up and particularly -- Cut down -- give it -- and -- Branded -- they want to stop writing all pop back and then. -- had gotten a little bedroom. After it aren't yet today. Court was not about the -- big big do you stop dot lots. Raleigh it's a gallon up Obama all I can tell you is -- that tailgate show Thursday night that he pick the San Francisco -- Do -- because I'm -- all of it. What -- been -- out I -- their bought and here's the good news -- a lot of the good news I shouldn't dictate to the giants booster club. I had. Pick the niners doesn't run I gardeners so aggressive sort of red zone. Yet. -- it's symbolic. I don't body and wallet ever again pound if I wanted to hit and walk. Up and they can do. -- OK but he actually about big enough I was going to hear -- added. -- -- -- -- -- And being nice. I feel sorry for Georgia -- here's what I think here's what I think if the Yankees end up in the series scoring another run I think all the Yankee fans have to make that call for us on your stomach and different as night. Felt awkward downhill all of the blue eyes -- -- to elevate the -- you about the Iraq. I don't come across multiple would want that important. But once you -- issue. -- check at credit and while I don't want. I've private market haven't thought we had a bit about baseball and it was all about public has -- -- graded your kids would not reported that an important. That is discarded the job -- now frank and and -- just sales on Saturday night that. You oldies. Be. It's. Kamal Kamal wherever -- And Larry W yeah rich country up here at least. -- -- -- -- -- -- How about that. You've always good evening combat book wars. Okay that you people who didn't actively -- BP they'll have little ball. And make you aware that. You can bet golf. Are gonna get that the real. I don't want to -- -- -- The Yankees -- tomorrow night's game -- win game four with CC so if you tigers. Your guy goes eight and two thirds. Grain. I have to laugh at me if you think it's thought that. The only place that apathy and put -- when these people and things. What. The people on Sundays that says I don't know where they app but that bailout he picked I checked the patriots. Had to go to that double bit. Every aspect of it happening that we are not always. -- I'll let go home. As a patriot but that's not a good laugh about -- about it. I've ever growing and got home I just admit it and -- bank. Yeah. -- -- a little nervous the basketball student at the Celtics. I don't want to get her back next Sunday at 9 AM and that's his agent market all about the Yankees she must have checked out as well you -- whales. You don't want -- AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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