WEEI>On Demand>>Will the Patriots defensive backs ever improve? Can the offense close out a game? Breaking down a tough Pats loss.

Will the Patriots defensive backs ever improve? Can the offense close out a game? Breaking down a tough Pats loss.

Oct 15, 2012|

We spend all day talking about an ugly loss for the Patriots in Seattle yesterday evening. We try and focus on the some of the Patriots key issues in the loss and how they can correct them.

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And -- three and three and you have lost three of those games by a total of count of four points you know talks like that was that. -- -- -- -- due to bad team to the floor just underachieving team as -- as it always tell you. There either bad team or an underachieving so when are we used to -- underachieving team. That at times. -- that looks as if it doesn't know how to win combat team's underachieving teams are young teams -- like art which the patriots. Very bad -- not a bad team it definitely an underachieving team and they are young team and I got a question if they know how to win -- don't. We assume that because of the patriots and have all these memories and Tom Brady is still here and Vince Wilfork is still here and Belichick. They know how to win but they don't well it is. It's it's multi level here which it multi sectoral and got that that's what it is because if you look at the defense. The front seven is better than what was seen over the last couple years -- editorial and guess what the front seven did exactly what they needed to do to close up their game yesterday. The secondary is a complete disaster. Now as part of that right now in that you using backup safeties. Or is it deeper than that do you have excuse it I -- younger people. Hole. Just don't understand technique like it did present the same -- people that every single well. That's that's part of it means you can just keep going deeper and deeper and deeper. Could be younger people don't understand technique could be coaches who don't understand how to teach technique. It could be a cultural problem right here in Foxboro not knowing how to find the guys. Who fit the system or finding guys can play the position. Having that list is scary. They've spent a lot of capital. Second first second and third round picks and all of those guys first round pick should be a starter or contributor and your one. A second round pick should be a starter by the second year at their Roberts or Robert should be contributor ideally -- and always work out that way. Used to it so much capital in those rounds on secondary players. Who who truly are secondary players plus it's also find some stars here he's supposed to buy some contributors -- you can do the job and they've done it. In here in the Arab but over a three to five year span. And I think that's -- I'm not I'm not act asking for ten years to be good but because for five years to have to find a player who can be consistent for five years. It's been a struggle for them. There's no question about that yet you're getting these players. And everybody wanted to get on -- recording -- few weeks ago when I see everybody else making the exact same. Mistake they won't turn their head on the ball turn around right that's all we have to do a turnaround. Around but. If you get to support we asked question a couple weeks ago. As bill did what are they taught our bodies and well he kind of I was kind of vague that the certain direction do they're investor think. Quite as big a that are like that that's a concern secondary and by the way I had feared that from day one. And they haven't shown me through the first six games that it's getting any better. I'm sorry that was not a great performance by the Seattle Seahawks yesterday they're not great football team they will make the playoffs. And this what is on the patriots not all of the Seahawks took him I'm gonna play it again well I don't know the right Alibaba might bring in my opinion is. I will tell you this Russell Wilson did some nice things during the course of the game but he got an awful lot of help. So the secondary through six games -- much of the ever fixed -- I think you just brought up. It could be it could be that a problem of drafting could be a matter of coaching could be a matter of just simple discipline by the players it's one of boasts three. What worries me right now is offensively when you look at this team ecstatically during the course of the game you watched them -- should look at this team move up and down field. This conference as -- what they can they couldn't run the football yesterday they can throw the football world you should able outlook at that. So how is it you get into the red zone. Six times you get you come away with one touchdown how is it. That you make mental mistakes out there on the field how could that you have clock management mistakes and how is it. That was the defense. Defense closes out the game watched the expression of Vince Wilfork back a look at the tape comes to the sideline. Thought the game was pretty much over he Senegal that's how you play really good football. 309 left at a game. They go make the stop he puts the pressure Russell Wilson forces Wilson who literally told Obama what a guy. Nor England -- -- they're forced to -- New England gets the ball back. All because of what the defensive front did they shut down Seattle with 30 -- exactly what they need to win that game and knowing -- goes. Three and out it's even worse. They got it at 309. Seattle got the ball took 48 because the last point eight mutual incomplete pass you usually wrapping up -- clock. Well loyal and let him and what they user timeouts you. That's the first I put it to got to browsers at first play running play -- not immediately Mike Saturday Michael 39 I -- -- -- -- you gotta run but I doubt I'd give Khloe and went when I'm saying to you -- pick up the first down. I'd -- they should pick up first that's what you got a lot but. The reason it was 248 is because. Are you run a play -- a running play timeout I understand other right playtime out. So that it -- the critical thing was the third down play it and nailed it. Which would answer but the secondary but -- sure. But it really comes down to the two areas where you usually think you have an advantage. If your patriots fan. Where. You haven't had an advantage. We didn't have an advantage yesterday even have an advantage in the losses. Quarterback. In -- or quarterback and coaching. You commit the mistake yesterday -- -- on its -- quarterback. Coach. He talked about time management heat on the quarterback work necessary. You're not necessary time management moves and -- The -- is the twelfth man well. I will give you the time part of the time management but if you look back the game and of interest in the C because I don't think bill's gonna reveal. Any secrets here. When you look at the the halftime for example want a -- -- -- a lot of people -- talking about the the the -- situation. It looked to me that we will never know it looked to me. Like Deion Branch didn't disappear but he got caught up on the almost looked like he got -- -- who cares he got caught up in the back and never made his way to the area with a ball eventually went because -- you get six seconds left. That play has got to be a very quickly reps left guy slows the exact no way from the get -- thank you workers. You you can't mess around so look like the pick was set up to open somebody up on the outside in the right side but Diaz got to go through it. And he's got to go to that area because the out for Brady is going to be throwing the back into the end zone and he's expecting somebody to be there. I don't see an end and that could be totally wrong. I'm just giving you another possibility. It's easy to write it off the quarterback -- -- off public generally screws up give any screws up in that situation. -- -- -- I hear you glad we generally is the opposite generally it's not easy here. To talk about the quarterback or talk about the head coach making errors that's the point the point is you'll go into a game feeling like. You're better than the other guy. At quarterback and head coach. You don't have any problems there. That's -- most patriots fans think right yet you go to a game all right well I at least got Brady and Belichick -- good and maybe we can get by with. This secondary. Maybe week and you know mask some of our weaknesses in other areas that it comes down to a coaching. Coaching game more quarterback game. We've got the advantage Brady was off yesterday OK I was off that was DR bridges so that one -- on those as well. He was not a good mental game Ford for Tom Bernard and -- physically or man I ever even get to Brady and Brady was not accurate. Brady. Brady was lucky was not picked off two with three other additional times and what time Earl Thomas. Should've should've scored from a hundred yards. Because that if he catches Betty -- on the bullion zone. He's going a hundred yards the other way to the -- last I know there's word evidence you know a moment ago in the second let me just state the obvious here for a second. Are you shocked they lost that game I miss you see the way that game was -- are you shocked even in the fourth quarter -- evil 123 to seventeen. Should I have forty points on this I agree. I agree they many of -- I'm sick and that's why it's it's so disturbing. This trend here this early season trend of the position to not being able to finish like because its internal Michael -- and the other is. Not necessarily the other team other teams out there. That it that it got to go game viewing a much tougher battle than Seattle as -- as I give the team the other team an awful immigrant his political management really get screwed up -- Because you know John Ryan departure screws that he didn't they get a bad snap and then he freezes doesn't know what to do and by that time. They've just you know enveloped him he had nowhere to go so you start the toy for -- 42 slot. NN Brady throws the ball to to Welker he's at the nine I'd get 342 slot. I still have. The two timeouts. Now what would they will they see even the timeouts at that point 'cause -- -- going to. You get the thirty year you don't from the 24 to the ninety got to get everybody up the line of scrimmage or whatever. Did you witness the clock is ticking off and ticking off and picking up and finally it's sixteen you could see Belichick running down the sidelines out onto the field Daniel like screaming for a time out so what's that. Seattle was throwing something -- you that was complicated -- almost too relaxed in that situation now you're down to sixteen. Now you -- at that point where. It's going to be difficult to get a few got a first down at that point that you got it a situation first and -- excuse me but -- situation now where. Now that he's only sixteen seconds so the fourth downs don't know really matter in any war. You gave up but down right there by not calling -- time audience immediately he thought they down and you need you euros what you gonna get. 21 that situation or three which certainly gave up before you weren't gonna get that one to me. That was the mistake. I know that it's it's -- usual for for two to see intentional grounding I have no idea what -- what the world was uncommonly. Other than welcome which too was left and a 63 and an 83 and -- it was the most -- We -- we're not used to seeing it from him on the rest -- it I know we saw it in the Super -- But that was unusual to CNN Super Bowl Tom Brady at that point -- intentional grounding right so we were always. And I'm guilty of it is as much as anybody always looking to see him maybe it was the the call or maybe the receiver. Ran the wrong route is let's call the tae -- Underwood disease at all. One of blame somebody else but it I this was on him it was just a bad game it out -- what the numbers say that gaudy statistics. Great if your fantasy football owner you have Tom Brady. -- him but then really matter. The -- it it was not the performance was not as strong as the numbers say. Boy did there are a lot of games that you look at the New England Patriots sit in because there are games that there's a bad trend here. They're not closing out games goes back to last season and that to me is a disturbing problem that they're gonna have to assault on the offense. But. Here's the one that you don't see the patriots -- an awful lot of and that's leave a lot of points out there in the field and right now that concerns me they left a lot of points -- They've done it all season they have they've done everything did it last week in a bill shock me is there a group of glare actually. When I was asking about it at the end of the first half in the Denver game a big did in the Arizona game. They did it yesterday they did against Baltimore it that trend. We see him punch just written apology you lights and you get that. Would -- make him -- -- Bristled. When they're frustrated. Mattresses in the not to use them out of their frustration. I don't know where else. You right now what they're frustrated but we do to make them a place when -- And I don't know we Greenberg friendship. -- -- 300 stories. Happen. -- would do some of -- that we -- continue to -- problem. Didn't make enough. There's been to enough they're gonna cost. It's Wilfork after the game there was no question he was frustrated he was piston if -- heard a lot of his comments split. On the sideline with 309 remaining -- was -- he was jacked. Not like compete in the game was over the little dance celebration on the sideline but Vince was pumped and -- because he thought. That they had closed out games like. To know why can't they figured out the secondary and -- it's amazing it's not a this is not a one year problem six game problem. It's been going off for awhile because she got young guys I mean you've got Wilson in you've got every -- back there. On the touchdown play the final touchdown play the buck -- everybody. And in that stadium and everybody watching TV know exactly what she thought it was going to duke couldn't over a field goal. Had to go for the end zone a long way to go everybody knew what they were going to do even. Even wide receivers. Make that make things difficult for the patriots secondary Sidney Rice. Throwing a ball Wilson and dropped a pass at least what Wilson sat there and bought into maybe he's sort of feel. He bought into the corner route thought he was going to the corner he always does little big ghost post on and he fooled -- Ottawa. And there was -- was out -- not sure exactly who we was committing to -- like with the Astros. Dugout and assures labor. And that young guys are they haven't got to perform RAM before we get to the calls and discusses you know in as well as anybody. How much football Freddie -- Now eight and I play the clown sometimes doses have you done. You watched -- -- with -- you might get distracted by the moose knuckle. You might get distracted by the gold -- them over to black shirt doesn't doesn't distract me anymore arch -- You know you break down he knows a -- of illustrate -- -- -- at the Freddie last week. Aren't you concerned about Seattle only the only way. The Russell Wilson is gonna give you problems is by throwing the deep ball he's gonna throw the deep ball this this team has given a more big plays. In six games than a lot of patriots teams have done over the course of two seasons. And I know his blind loyalty his love for the patriots preventing him from seeing it. But why wouldn't you do it if your Rex Ryan if you are. I got called -- from Joseph filter that. If you're any go to pretty good job there are there any coach on -- schedule. And you implore your coordinators. Point seven shots during his game and shot you're and his game -- at the crossing out don't work. It out don't work what I want you to do is tell the quarterback at. The ball down the field and see what happens because kids. And everybody knows it's coming they can't stop it why when you don't. What's scary and I did a tire her a couple calls -- today saying well they took the wrong approach in the game. By shutting down the run that the Patriots defense -- didn't. That they shut down Marshawn Lynch which is what you have to do 41 yards two point seven yards per carry. He was not a factor in the game and not tell you what if you plan and again next Sunday that's exactly. How we you'd draw it up. You shut down Marshawn Lynch that is their strength and you take your shot with Russell Wilson is still doing the patriots secondary. That made Russell Wilson into eight. Quarterback rating of 133 point seven that led the National Football League in action yesterday how does that happen. I think you can -- there's -- all the pitchers didn't provide much of a pass -- yes they did. They did because you gotta be careful you've got to continue to you don't wanna. You with him you don't wanna leave him flowed out of their pocket too much more dangerous outside broadcast so you're rushing for you keeping seven back in coverage just problem. I haven't doesn't -- urged it Robert. Right that's the issue. Simple -- that don't play little guys up front I gotta tell you. I thought I spikes of two graphic game male a couple of missed tackles one on one dollar and import at which was a -- they ended up scored on -- drive. But overall and Vince was a mention at -- And Jim Jones played played terrific match played well the guys up front. Let's break it up they were good they did their job yesterday. It's the second everywhere they just broke down how to get to the phone calls and let's go to Georgian war K George. I can't -- George it's up. On the big show well I'm pretty it's -- able to stand in there and the defense and offense and a lot of ways. We nudity and then -- -- -- the -- and we knew that it was a work in progress and who tried and true of course. Second area not responded as -- -- But we can't argue that the front seven and exactly what we wanted to soapbox. And that deep and that. Came and got off an opportunity to win. Yeah about why you why you disheartened with that you're disheartened with patriots fans because you think the other criticism of the defenses. -- Acting -- that criticism of the defense. Not exactly unfair but I was -- -- you guys a little earlier. Hope focusing on offense focusing on the fact that the defense has provided situation. -- offense just patent act. Was just enough to pick him up at him and great camera -- plate and ecumenical. Arizona I back into -- -- -- clock. Jim Jones made a great defensive -- evening you're gonna it can't redeem themselves. And that -- Well that's got it right. I agree with -- -- hit right on it in that the defense of secondary is not good enough if this offense. Which really is the backbone -- ranks. Of the New England Patriots they scored they score often and they have been multi dimensional so Ford did to this point in in the season. If they don't play great if Tom Brady doesn't play great. That defense and secondary. Is not good enough to do it even against mediocre. And young rookie quarterbacks so he can't do it against weak quarterbacks what happens when you face a good what you're facing good quarterbacks in the policies. Was the identity of this team offense offense Brady scoring. Passing game the passing game so that's the and so what what what it would have to feel -- yeah. Well what are we talking about we're going back in time we're going back in 1980s. We had we had Tony Collins and and we had. Had the running game. We had. Right now. 250 yards. On the ground what happened you can't do that every week. So that's not part of their identity we're talking about well they didn't -- -- -- -- -- they didn't do it effectively back to back weeks. They didn't do it effectively and I don't know why I mean Ridley drops to pass the -- the first series and maybe maybe gets rattled a little bit I don't know. -- actually was running the ball effectively and then he got hurt in the course of the game I think more than yesterday might might have been the fact that. The patriots have seen team after team after team come out -- throw a lot of nickel and dime and bring a defensive backs and take out linebackers. -- -- -- small people out there this year saying screw you gonna throw small people all the at least one little run of football we don't necessarily have to pass game -- football -- you wanna make a change in a little structural football. If you look at Seattle they're DBs their corners are so big. They really didn't have to do an awful lot of that substitution at that those linebackers out to some of those guys said linebacker -- -- -- -- So they can defend without making substitutions. In this sub packages. Can they can maintain against the run or against the plan. Let you know you sets up an earlier and I don't think it's a good answer counselor not a good answer I asked you why. They can't get it right in the secondary you talked about the the young people all other teams may Seattle's general secondary. Good defense and their good defense is out there in the National Football League or at least good secondaries and NFL some -- veterans some of mart. But that's not an excuse me. Audit on the patriots -- -- pick after pick after pick at at at the secondary players what since. Are the last good one last good secondary player they drafted. Was this doctor Samuel writes yes we still get things done since societies and their best. Their second best secondary person not even here anymore the most consistent guy after 2000 I think 2003 was Samuels draft. After that. Do you Sanders. I think about that is he special. And I got here anymore but he was consistent. For awhile at safety not great. Never promo guy but just a solid contributor to get -- aspect -- I don't have literally have young -- -- at Talladega burned twice in the first quarter early to tell you really does put -- a few years and is draft and went 050 yeah somewhat that OK so you've -- since then you know Darius Butler at the party started back there. If that Dem according -- great year one year to not good year three so far not good. Again all of that up and down you know I'll come -- -- the point I thought had a lot of people. But really. What it comes to help you if you haven't been able to exceed -- was just commander's -- coaching restricting. Finished drafting a secondary players. Lot of people Terrence Wheatley and Jonathan -- Rob -- I think I think that's a legitimate. A legitimate argument. And it's funny because you look at -- Seattle and look at some of the personnel they have out there. And yet I'm looking guys that were third and fourth round draft next Tuesday in a car hijack. Hello -- we try to get. Third times that you thought that I don't. Let out good you etc. I just wanted to touch. Real quick on the patriots -- -- -- the last caller we are really here go to that you -- -- the secondary were going to be there well yeah we got it. I think the thing that concerns me the most is in the the other car touched on it that defense perimeter position again yesterday. To win -- game pretty offense going again and run and my concern is really is operating management of the game medical although -- -- said that was -- on the radio -- It's like lately are gonna last year they're not super ball well. They like the opera and and -- -- game out the way they used to be able to. 03040. By the you don't agree. Well the shot there's something there I don't know exactly what it is there's something -- and them not being able to close out games. British quarterback and a lot of it has to go -- I think he was accurate at all yes it's funny Lotta people said. Plus other -- at halftime and the ball getting him really -- look accurate in the second half of the teams that accurate first half right. So I don't know what that wants. And you know he's he's at at the last caller in the previous caller talked about we knew this going and no we didn't. We know this going. This go back to last year. In a secondary use our guys like Julian Edelman at times James had a ball a lot. And that was the joke is not you couldn't tell. Had a vote go -- like he was shot bounced right back up -- -- -- pop disorder and give back in there not a starter but was. Among the best -- they had should've been on the field definitely look at us and good luck a little -- definitely would. Better then this last year. -- through six. First of all I ask you I'm not sure why I pretty much go at anecdotes. Statistically. It might have been statistically definitely -- you one thing worse now -- what I see is full time secondary people. I thought -- When they went out and got Gregory I know he's not playing her. -- Gregory. Eight draft Wilson. They have -- Dowling on the field again and you you you think for erratically yet -- healthy. You can get an -- -- head right the whole thing. They should be better than they were last year we. Look worse they had. Corners and safeties and receivers masquerading as as. About it receivers -- there's yankees. And oh yeah these. As there are bar room are genuine. Defensive backs right now or -- -- make -- a mistake full time they're not guys that were converted over from another position certainly not the pro game. I care debate -- 617779. Chablis and the 937 that's our brand new phone number if you. Calling -- wants now or conflict and -- right six or 77797937021. Allied. At 542 there was no whining for Pete Carroll when the game was over just love Pete Carroll speeches after he wins because. We get a couple free kids and you just can't get enough for. There's been -- what they got -- wanted. Can you talk about finished. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my second half we knocked up and down don't want to get Donald defense becomes. They you know played well. Okay. -- you know we do. 297 yards and stuff. I don't think maybe you. I think even -- Okay. Okay. And since the. -- -- -- someone and you don't feel like it's happening now like every playground and you just get fired because the hardest. Exactly there and Reggie were on take off on this stuff. Exactly that's. They -- I did a pretty nice memento and identity one for all promote -- brawl. -- got to listen they got a cheerleader then had to coach them and for some reason it's work and they believe that is the scary part it plays out onshore a source city racist enact that Sidney Rice is not played well for the -- does -- live you look like there's talk at all pro player and -- dynamic dynamic that -- -- And then play well or is that playing it plays well when you win and when you lose apology games you sit there and -- Okay. Your freaking comedian chef and a cable what it when you when. You could have anybody and there's -- this agreement and Elena. But did put look at look at their receivers does to Sidney Rice gave you yet open -- -- on. C'mon every. Braylon Edwards. And and it's scary I'm -- -- They haven't -- they are much better receiving corps that he did in this group haven't said anything nice about that and a great secondary today but I will service. That was a bogus interference call that's I think -- it was bogus and it was office of an appearance -- was anything. But you said to Sidney Rice scare me as Golden -- scare me yes. You don't get it yet you don't get it yet every receiver in the league every quarterback in the league. Here it makes a nice catch every era quarterback -- only justice you're the most ignorant I hate to say that every one Sanchez's. Scare in the Jesus that he has -- he does. I'm that there is actually the Sox they can -- people yeah he can. The -- in a just god who can hear it out then you're right. I here's Jeff for the -- Jeff. They guys wait until you have got to get up somebody point COM I had that last thing with dom. With people with coach Carroll almighty god I think she got to play a little bit that people -- -- Belichick from what I do not and do you guys -- -- -- that with that -- That's all right hey it's like it's the big bucks answered his question. I AM but brought about what really ask to have maybe get a staff evaluating. It the way they look at quarterbacks article. Isn't. Absolutely fair point fair question absolutely. Those guys those guys yesterday. I mean. -- -- -- I haven't seen any it is like data may be secondary since we had to Bucky Jones and Iowa are well on law and even. Big game -- -- -- was named Al. My -- say -- Clinton big -- six. Today except for the that's whichever -- -- got a big snag great nickname. Don't look at those schedules the film and it just seemed like they opponents. Just kind of throw the ball open any -- of the game and all they don't know at all obvious yeah. What's your religion original so I think just the opposite happened for the patriots and that they were able to exploit this was some of the the did the big corners that they had. If you notice Wes Welker got underneath all felt OK and had great success a phenomenal again. Did anyone that had himself a terrific game as well so sometimes you can use some of that. To your advantage but I agree with you. That we're not seeing any of that type of technique or that. That physical pounding that we saw with the with the Seattle loaded. DB you have a question -- -- and I looked at -- and it's a nice story that they have going there in Seattle and I saw. Sermon tweeted after the game the only tweeted a picture of Brady he's yeah Alan Brady against Brady was talking trash -- politically correct in Asia -- to -- -- one again it's got a right to do it don't promise that but. The what we gotta get some accuracy though we said we're built for heavyweight fight or not. No no I did not know what they're not built for closing out games but if they had they had just done it in halfway decent yesterday in the game and report. -- result would know. They did I mean I'd give credit to the yeah deep that the younger quick. And they got it was the wallop get back to -- -- long wingspan Brady -- sort it -- block everything he'd get a couple plays we were two guys. And I thought this might sound -- noses first game and that in that new stadium. And you can -- -- maybe -- the crowd on that field that would be greatly but as the crowd gonna be a little different where he got to where it -- maybe just don't know I would established. A crowd like -- I feel -- in buffalo. Crown in the middle of it right I don't. However I haven't heard anybody talk about the ground but look out and I think that's it to me I think that's vastly overrated as well -- -- Padilla and it's the way that he'd beat the structures built that the Seattle for instance that if you wanna proud. Doesn't go to the bathroom -- the good -- and already reported and get our operating at the president ought to look Michael it wasn't just that. After the defense. A stopped them three and out and there were 309 left in the unit in the game. Or 246 from the patriots. -- took. Excuse me 309 patriots three and out to 46 once yelled at the ball back to thirteen 48. Patriots from up by ten. There at the Seattle six yard line it's a third and one situation all you need at that point. Is the first yeah you you're not going in the end zone to throw the ball underneath over the middle to walker he over throws walker that was Thomas. The tour right if he catches that. It's first and goal right now what if your era the three yard line you score there 27 to ten different and how many times. Did the office seven opportunities for us so to whatever it is game -- -- -- Write that week we can say that. You know that happens once to look at it happens to good teams all the time. You lose a game -- -- controlled the game. And it's a team that you don't think it is as good as you argue is to look at it happens over the course of sixteen games. It has happened over the course of six games. With the patriots. -- Baltimore out of sorts capitalists and six games Baltimore. They're at home they were the favorite -- game OK give the ball. It was a close game there as -- opportunities lost me the blame the officials after that when I know we were all happy to have the officials back. Opera Thursday night game -- got a lot of hugs a lot of props when do we start start ripping the minute they suck again OK so. We blame the officials the secretary of a lot of respect -- a lot of respect others atoms are good that it's not going right okay that the the honeymoon is over. Let me get back to ripping them next week. But you look at the Arizona game at home in Seattle on the road those are games you have to win -- game. Have to get to this team has to have a big huge lead early on in the game. And -- the other team to get out of their game plan and force them to play the way they don't -- apply if you get into a close game with his team. And we know what the secondary it does or cannot do. But that you're right the key hearing his. The offense can't close out games until I'm gonna play less like -- like the final I seek for opportunities they -- from -- the third quarter sure the fourth quarter to close this came out. Any offense couldn't get the job done. Bill Belichick and -- 5 o'clock hour Vince Wilfork joins us in a 4 o'clock hour. For -- patriots 43. Dealership sold. -- There okay. What do -- You look good maybe. It's. The bully -- what did they -- on top line -- morning. I think it is okay. I must tell you Michael I am not a huge fan of statistics in football because I think a lot of them can be extremely deceiving and ineffective you look right now. The pass yardage for defense is and you look at some of these teams are gonna you gonna be shocked and say why. They they're they're one of the top rated defense is here's a statistic I will give you against the New England Patriots secondary. That is absolutely frightening -- I think it is a factor they have now given up they gave up -- six yesterday. They've now given up 33 place of twenty plus yards that that is an area that is number one. Z worst in the national football spent most of the national football only have a have to go look it up but that's their second acts in -- that they're secondary. You can't give up big plays -- usually happens. Everybody -- talk about getting -- frustrated demoralized. You've got players out there that are making stops doing what they need to do and then suddenly. Some screws opera couple guys screw up you give a big play and -- -- -- -- -- all your effort all your work for the last four or five minutes to stop a team. I have you know what that was with numbers like that that means you'd turn every team you face into an explosive laughter exactly even if you're not face an explosive offense -- not supposed to be facing one. You do with those crazy numbers you know you want to run numbers. Here are some more deceiving numbers now knowing that did Tom Brady throw for 395 yards. And two touchdowns tape that seems like a pretty good day even with the two packs a pretty good day. But what really jumps out is that he was sacked officially wants. So I don't seem like -- pretty clean game where Tom Brady didn't have a didn't face a lot of pressure that defensive line wasn't a factor. I think part of the reason for some of the curious decisions. And the inaccuracy. In the intentional grounding was the pressure that he was getting from Seattle so we always say sacks -- -- -- they are overrated because it looks like yesterday that Tom Brady. Had a pretty clean game in the pocket and we know we did. Yeah I'm not I'm not buying it as much as sure I think key head at that time -- putting a lot of time and making a direct I do not. It triggered Tom Jackson OK okay yeah. They hate their quarterback. I know Mike and gold -- watching it again today I thought yesterday when late morning start initially that I thought there was some pressure. And certainly remember. You know when they grabbed his leg and that's where he threw the ball at the account -- legs and whatever the -- after seeing it again. Or unforced errors by him I thought he overthrew guys he under -- guys. Com -- dipped they played mostly zone against the Seattle. -- guys that were all went out there that he just didn't I mean had an opportunity had enough time to get the ball to them. In a soft spot that in a defense. And just didn't do I think this just was -- crappy game. By Tom Brady and yet. You look at those numbers that you just talked about that's a crappy game wasn't clean game. And -- it it there was some yardage and they put you know they moved up and down the field. But it was a clean them and because it was a clean kill how often do you see Brady. Give up the ball or be careless with the ball. In the red red zone in the end zone ever throw the ball into somebody else's hands Indians are never happens happened yesterday. Here's bothered North Hampton here under the HO WER. Yeah I Daria about what's -- actually quite a lot so it. That is let me basement that's our quick that the caveat I'm really glad you -- so I didn't -- played a game. Where they got beat -- there. Showed clearly very clearly had been in the coaching issue and not to sound issue and if I could explain or weren't sick -- they came out there with. Four down linemen three linebackers weren't born secondary and ran a cover Q and I'm glad you brought up how and under. Looked like he wasn't sure what to do -- Everybody knows that the weakest. In recovered to establish the and so and there are you know he wasn't sure whether he did it's they would think I. On on the backside the other goal or to help wells and right and wasn't it got even that was just it's terrible cause it's not like it's just. The first time wasn't threw it out each decade. What do you mean it was what do you mean it was a terrible call -- who. Whether Belichick arbitration across the guys that play call are about what what what should have happened. Below what what's -- -- Don he personally I I wouldn't have been recovered you and I if I wasn't covered Q I would -- into another vehicle at least not out debate. So you. Avoided so more so more defensive backs on the field and what what what's your comfort tort coverage of the. We know it would have been tablet hybrid that I would have had two safeties back deep and I would add on. Are not like a mosque above Dan -- safety underneath in between them could then the younger guys which they have. More confident in -- head thank I'm not even think. About letting anything get behind because I have. Devastate me a little bit lower in between fans don't come -- look underneath we are now worried about all. And like instead it was a chess game as -- -- -- territory there but the perfect time repeat here to go you know what. What you are you -- or truck that got forced down to get those that are too so I really think it clearly. A -- in common with Belichick comes on I think as you know. It would be great Peter -- like you're you know offense seems pretty good the first seven -- the these pretty good. I think -- it would like you'd take its secondary about it now put in your children they. I think you know in the talent he really is -- out there -- -- there you know and I think it's counted there. You agree I don't look Arabic sounding -- I actually think. I'm sure I'm not sure about that they are gonna say my other Michael brings up a good point not I'm not sure that the that the talent is there. Now maybe they just don't know enough and they can't coach him up quickly enough. But Walsh and certainly bid. On what he thought he thought rice was going to the corner you thought that was a corner rock. Now lot of times when they watch an awful lot of film and they see certain things. They remember it to the point where they remembered so well they've seen rice go to that corner off of that move. He bid on that and then he got burned to know to know Andy got -- And then I don't know whatever that was don't have -- was basically out there -- lifting. And not committing. And the play on the sideline to the opposite sides too far away he wasn't gonna be able to pick up there so you gotta go at -- you -- pick up and help -- over the top. And he didn't do that he kind of lingered. In the in the middle somewhere you know I look at that that first touchdown. General who scored the the the the first touchdown for for Seattle -- where where where -- Arrington got burned. And everything got burned ball when the ball when they don't have that right so he's on the slot. Michael and -- is there and and I didn't you know people constantly talk here about. You you've got to -- does he did. He jammed and the problem is he gives up at the end of the -- we only a five yards to deal with suddenly next thing you know he's jam the ball went kick it off of his mark. Once 345 steps behind him now. So -- you if you've got to James somebody don't you have to suddenly be able to back pedal and it's certainly it's more difficult to do it for the defender for that it is for the receiver going forward. But I've seen this over and over and over again this year you and I have talked about that we just like I have -- can't you jam. You'll lose your -- -- -- stability and suddenly the receivers behind by three or four steps next thing you -- ball into the end zone and he's got touched. And they've got the guys for tumors not like you know Sante is an incredible playmaker. And he saw he made one yesterday. Picked off a pass an apple -- that Oakland game. It took about four touchdowns and that was his thing. Great playmaker great ball skills but not a GM got it would never asked us not the same -- -- just be physical because that's not what he wants to do and that's that. What do skills that is but what these guys -- ten on the court he even Dowling meaning of this ice board to have the strength -- they should be able to do it. They lacked confidence -- I don't I don't tolerate I don't know what is so much during the course of the week. That they said they don't know what got -- to -- should not -- this you know Wilson -- their god is is Big -- is cut into the corner Segal post where's he going -- It always seems like none of those guys feel confident in their abilities or their knowledge. Of what you're seeing so what they do is they have to show everything in between and that's what they give her. Now like I do like that he. I think he's going to be good he's good well. He was a good college player -- but that he was a very good college player of the best defensive back. In the Big Ten last year had a chance to -- -- lot. First team dropped and dropped all seen the -- problem a week before. The -- probably count my brother had a -- The problem that can lead can threaten or hit or not not a threat it would have been okay. If you if you compare with what actually -- you -- it was going to gently and that's out that's more than a guy that's their problem -- the cop. It's what they've come around with the candidate for the kid's league whatever you're -- right that's kind of like I actually think. This kid. Is going to be a good I agree -- -- I like what I see. But he still learning and that's part of the problem and it did a lot of -- so why didn't bill bring in more veterans and young season. To offset what he had. Which used to break the top of the -- right back to the phone calls.

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