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Oct 15, 2012|

We speak with Bill Belichick on a Patriots Monday to try and figure out why the Patriots can't close out games, after a tough 24-23 loss to the Seahawks on the road this past Sunday.

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I -- don't they don't live in Foxboro it should Cilic stating blood or why Michael -- and -- Steve -- or third many in each and every. Patriots money were waiting on the coach Bobo checked and he'll join us in a couple minutes old little whiner line. And we'll move on to us to Mikey items. Breaking down this game -- I can't remember. Between the text between phone calls this frustrated. As a fan base as we've gotten here after the scheme you run after the game of the real post game show -- -- it was so pretty much the same right. All there was. Between the calls -- text messages it was just it ranged the nicest thing was frustration those. The next nicest thing plus you could say on the radio and bill was. It's -- I could see why you have high expectations for this team it you don't expect them to lose to the Arizona's in the and the Seattle -- What does bill caller repeat offenders -- mental error error of -- ever Peters. But the law cause and repeat offenders and I coach but coach has called an error repeater that's what you get here are you know they're repeat as we're seeing the same stuff. Week in and week out. All the more frustrating because this team has had a history of last eleven years of not being that team that does the same thing blow over and over again and doesn't. It's simply. Laura from their mistakes and part of that has to be coaching part of it has to be players part of it has to be drafting part of us via all that stuff together game situations understanding where you worry. You don't follow the former rookie safety Ali hate that late in the game. I've played a football in college and high school to know that I should be back I showed. Be that I am not going to really believe anybody in the favor by you know by not getting as deep as I possibly can and that's it. If you do you could Schindler Wilson. Thought that rice was going to the corner and and he gets picked up. But why is -- floating and not committing to either to the into the -- did the the wide receiver on the side who's going down the sideline. Because he's more -- over here why is intimately round rookie that's why it was kind of playing in a -- meandering in the middle won't put you there. Well you're not maybe not making a mistake over you to start making a play some guys play not to make mistakes some guys play to make plays and and and as a defense -- back. As a safety you there's there's been a fine line which is still got to make a play on the ball movement what routes -- -- opportunity. Too many times you see all players don't care if it's offensive line quarterback -- -- -- backward over. Sometimes guys try to police -- not make the mistake instead of making the play or. At least making your assignment. The right way so somebody else can make the play. Playing safety -- when users never really. That -- -- -- night's debate that was the frustrating thing about yesterday's game there were some stuff you saw during the course of the game. But they really did well -- and you sat there I mean -- -- editors of a terrific game looked -- affront to the front seven played. Well for most of again there were a lot of things. That you watched that game and not just systemically but they accomplished an awful lot and then to see it. Like that. Is a killer. How much stock with a coach you're about a what's brought you -- is to be alive the no nonsense life insurance company now offering new. Call 888 get -- ally or visit SB allied dot com freer free -- also also brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. And EMB Miller reports. I just frustration is the award of the day bills at a safe word to use a down here in Foxborough that a options but a lot of Tuesday on the the appointment and that. Will start should we can't -- weird Al Shura -- we start with the the offense because with talked about this before and it it's starting to become a pattern I know -- -- -- if you look at one game at a at a time and you break that one individually. But the offense not being able to close out games is there a specific reason. That this is happening. We have the amateur I think it's going to the -- -- I don't think it's offensive them and so that the total team and so. We go to. And we individual instrument and here. When you -- get a first down offense didn't have a good you know they return double 25 yards on upon which -- Covered those good all day. And we. Gave a little sound defense so. I don't think any areas penis. Not part of the so. Pakistan that's what we just to -- -- but I don't think anyone and. There's always a way when when things fall apart like that it's. It's impossible to point one finger one person or one year. Com Arlington depends on the situation than just you know yesterday I think it was a combination of things and we just. Just fell short as a team and the coaching staff all of us. Well -- -- origin to some specifics because I'm sure as you say there are many areas that led to the loss. What the defensive backs. In particular they seemed to struggle on on deep balls. At what. It looks like a true and why does that happen so often so it looks like they're making the same. Same mistakes over and over what what does that seem to be an area of concern for them. Peoples are obviously a problem. You can go to the policy impressive. Yet I endorse a -- why's why's it gotta do better -- Period. -- we we talk prevents earlier he said the frustrating thing for him as you guys cover this you know it was coming or no surprises from Seattle. Yet not to win. In -- practice well so they're no no bad practices. Are these are you confident that these these guys -- coach -- -- is that message getting across. To the point where you're comfortable. With the communication. Between players and coaches. Mentally get ya mean don't you think an ambulance surrogate mom and that's now we play defense Ford's decency and -- a couple of months ago -- score. World and everybody's on board with. So they know there's if there's any defense and he thanked his players a wanna go out there and OK let's didn't go so long passes to let them. That's ridiculous known at that but our review are you confident that these the right guys. -- I think everybody's working as hard as they can get the problem fixed and corrected in the veteran and we're gonna continue to work harder. Was -- thoughts. Putting according -- sequential went down. You know that I think is -- -- -- overall had a good at Goodyear and has speaker emperor and crude a lot of areas. And he really hasn't worked back there. We talked about that in the spring and -- Kaplan in overall he's I think done a real good job of doing the things that we investment do -- and change some things and did some things differently analyst general good job and so. Nobody's who think he's he's come along well corner and that's that's where has been the. They're written there were some things in this game that we just don't normally see. From this football team so we take you to the end of the the first half. Com situation there. And I could see why you keep you -- you can take to place with two with with six seconds was a situation almost looked. Like Dion got caught up with a linebacker is somebody supposed to be in that area back there bill so if Tom -- to throw it away quickly. You don't have what happened in that game. You know of course the idea of does that take one quick look in this that's their. Great -- and if not then kicker -- its exact same situation a situation we had a couple more. Someone -- the placenta with whatever -- 12 left or whatever -- -- was -- -- that was essentially the same situation and we just. To stay and work out we got to do better -- that the console and it's not and he. We we all know what the situation was and we just didn't. -- get it done when Welker catches the pass of the nine yard line first and goal at that point 34 seconds. Clock was ticking -- I saw you you were running down the sideline and eventually you called. 88 time let's -- should somebody in the field called a timeout instantly there because. Now -- time now to our non not my decision and we were gonna go to ball and not take the time out there but. As we got off to the ball it was just. Taken longer than what I thought it was gonna take a minute you know obviously in hindsight we should take time out as soon as that play it was over. But we're gonna go to the ball but -- and then we had was social formation Aaron and I could see that then. Seattle's move in and go from Thomas looked into become -- -- of called line of scrimmage -- just see where time was gone and we're going to be down to. You know under ten seconds by the time the play was over and so. Thought would be better to cut our losses at that point and just take the time I was nineteen seconds. -- Even though it it would have been better to -- with 34 or no question but it at that time. Because the ball is inside it was right over them you know was right in the middle of the field though he'd get up there and get off quicker but. As it was happening I could see that this is not gonna be as quick as I thought it would so I took time out them. I know you guys are not going out there trying to give up deep balls. But with that said critical point game -- point 317. Two minutes of play 46 yards from Wilson to rice has looked very easy was air. -- breakdown there was there a communication breakdown was everybody on the same page in that situation. Definitely. Communication breakdown resistant. Was -- the cover and executed very well it's off was that the right call this call you want and everything is that the way. On a dozen mayors foothold here and he's still the player whatever. Call you call so. The current -- -- it too deep safeties. Because those you know those later it's what you used to cookies to confront play. That's not a political analyst who is suing individuals. Cogent plan and element that's obvious. Right that this Seattle. On on film. Have they run that rice play before race just -- ball and turns into a quarterback where you guys. Expecting that play in and it is so what's the was to correct way. To approach that we have somebody who's not the quarterback throwing the football. While that they hadn't run that exact play this year but those -- you work on all the time you any time you were on reverse. You always work on -- reverse pass because those plays complement each other so with the -- with -- venture and what coverage and then. Somebody is responsible for other person is responsible for the reverse pass. An active period penalty call this obviously with the mr. So. When those things are from Thursday training camp on on force reverse reverse -- responsibilities. That's what it's all fun and often they want but you know -- and do. But good enough job of that. And if so that we coach and it got to play it better -- the next time that simply gets run we could easily be in a different defense. So we'll have to defendant when we're in something else as well against you know understand our responsibilities -- a mountain. And into -- we just. Into Middleton. On that lap on the touchdown pass those came in took some past -- doesn't in your face person -- a nickel personnel. And those are those are based personal personal and thought of that points to being in the corner or so I know. Well they're two world for prevent what they were standard personal groups to. Yeah and that's -- and that's what they do they they they run the ball in the situations to and they had their timeouts and they had you know relatively good field position. Well that's that's kind of their two -- -- -- if they have time and have timeouts. They'll continue to give the ball balloons so. -- And needed I don't know -- in defense -- back clan fighters in line of scrimmage Orlando at a -- by personal instruments on the would have much effect on the flip through the other. True thought -- -- say can -- mentioning that any football was or who she was on my equipment repair and basically that's right now. True ball an awful lot. Was at their scheme what they were doing defensively. The recently used for the ball so much but they were doing defensively. A combination of things that what they're doing them the nationals what we mean it was obviously. We're and the success -- a little little bit different -- that there are so big in the back end. That they don't necessarily have to substitute with a lot of additional BB some of the DB's Beckett looked like there. Still linebackers. All of that they've played pretty much the same scheme all year and sin ski in the clip last year. They played there 43 personnel and they played nickel personnel and their preacher fun in the game. But not a big time team although they played a little. So it's probably. Less than 5% of the world defense -- -- look at all film from this year and last year's. It's not that thing forms of it and basically played two personnel groups. Which is what we salute -- those two groups so. And when that's political and yes and you know. Their -- and -- ultimately. I was wondering if that made it easier for them they didn't have to and he used answered did enough to change up a lot of people so that he gives them a little. Little bit more flexibility. Well I -- that's what they do so -- and of expected much different anyway you can. And honestly we see a lot of that anyhow you know we play teams and we don't see a lot of fear a lot of variation in the personnel groups. For the most part a lot of teams will play one sometimes two groups. Like buffalo display the one group -- political game so we you know sometimes we don't see. The multiple groups made some of that team policy. At the end of the first half. Was. When Tom votes throughout we have film was one of the routes broken off on that so on the plane was supposed to somebody -- Well another indeed they dropped. They dropped it and cover your story in and drop off it's gonna and so again the idea playlist. You know based on coverage take a quick look at the pattern that they're pitted if not than -- -- and completed and -- available so. -- and unfortunately we just. Just does the -- Situation didn't work out for the way we we wanted to do and we have to do you know we just have to do a better job with all the way around and the coaches the excuse that because that that situation happen again nobody. Some time left on the clock gotten. There's time for replay if you do it right and you might get a touchdown -- -- liquid against Baltimore. And we can't do -- what happened yesterday happen and that's. That's arsenic or a coach than we gonna excuse about. You said earlier that you've seen some improvement from their authority and as you can imagine there's been some exasperation. With the defensive backs particular. Here and -- and they and on the losses they really have taken that. A verbal beating from from poston and callers -- like what have you seen from recording. That is that is gone up what did you ask him to improve and we're. You've seen him -- -- and I thought he he didn't religion of history and owners. -- -- -- -- -- thought he. Photos on on the receivers well and cover well. -- and I thought it a good job. You think he's he's done a good job further for the bulk of the season. Overall yeah. Can you talk about big plays all the time doing you look at the numbers just -- 470 yards net yards 261 downs or whatever. And get a look at the figure of now 33 plays that you defense has given up of twenty plus yards and I think it was. Six yesterday there was some broken tackles that probably could've -- -- some of that up. But how disturbing is that to you -- -- sentences on his system and millions. -- -- It's almost like. The issue what you're getting the job done and then suddenly one play collapse so we kill that you played really well. Guys are paying attention concentrating focused on the NY MO. A play just changes everything. -- That's a very good and accurate description of the situation that there's a lot of good things are going on out there. But 11. Big play like that negates a lot of those good things and as those third down play you -- him. First intensely -- 93 and -- and then they convert net negates that that 13 down play and against those two. First and second helpless so it's all going to be put together it's a matter consistency and then there's. And there's there's lot of good things there but there's too many things that aren't good and they're -- things that aren't good that our problem so. We don't fix them do their job you use both sides of the ball definitely. -- down there we move the ball only -- however many yards -- 1000 or one for six and renteria defensively we've got a lot of good players and give up. Some long ones and those are those are killed so. They go on special teams that we at the last Parton 2.5 your punt return -- it feels so. It's it's consistency all the way around. That's fixing them require going back to. Training camp and going over some things that you where you were in camp or is it a matter of tweaking some things is that a conversation from you in the coaches is it film study is it a big thing -- is that a big fix or. Is it pretty large undertaking in your opinion. You know. I don't know it's good question I mean I I don't I don't think anything that we're talking about hasn't been talked about before. Talking about it and doing it and get that done correctly. -- that's two different things and you know the offenses did they do your job -- -- I mean there are gonna make it easy for either gonna do things that are gonna try give themselves good or better opportunities and so. We've got to be ready to not get caught out of position. React to what they wants to react soon. Be disciplined and read our our -- proper reads where proper techniques and all this kind of thing so. Witnesses is some new revolutionary thing that we -- talked about before I mean -- is it something that we're doing well right now. Definitely not so we've got to -- do a better childhood. It's a teams and certainly there's some some issues that you know -- in terms of coverage but at same time you know when your thrown the ball left far. Takes longer to do it and that is the pass -- more opportunities so. You know we can also help ourselves at times with. -- their -- -- down and not give them as many opportunities are as much time to. -- -- the ball on the part of the field so it's an on again coaching playing and all the players that are out there who were our own -- it's not one guy at one player when defense on call. You know close -- that we just we -- gonna do their job. When you talk about doing them a better job coaching does that mean you. The game plan does that mean practice during the week does that mean in game coaching rule were to lose his. Or anything that can make a better. I think the comment about how all the above -- -- -- it could be calls it can be techniques to compete. Practice plays could be. You know film study -- there can be only and then all -- -- and don't we just we -- development. I know were we're better than that and we vote against our performance. And coach and a way to sit performance coming up. -- before we let you go. I'm sure. If you wanna get focused all you need is the jets to show up on a football game on Sunday and they'll be our arch rival from the division. Are showing green with a big game yesterday you rushing the football how much time do you spend Palin used table an awful lot but who knows what they're going to do here. Offensively how much time do you spend -- both of these guys both of the quarterbacks during the course of the week. Paul -- Tebow plenty. It used to implement peace is basically played every position often split receiver running back. Tight end. Quarterback. And they -- Houston a lot of different wildcat type. Alignments and some of the the speed sweeps votes on the -- and the book some. Style option down the line option. He's thrown he's Romney's and all of these. In -- just want a doctor in the and they switch positions and -- -- back as a quarterback this week in and so. They do a lot of different things that are Saturday they had views on what to do it and than they do some different looks all have to. They'll probably see a new one from -- probably to -- than they haven't done before so marvelous spirit about it. It's -- a thing here sorry Clinton as time now for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their complete lineup of 2013 models. On the web it MB USA dot com this week's question comes from Dan in Framingham Ben wants to know. Are you a fan of Twitter and do you tell your players. Do you want your players -- the dangers of -- obviously referring to. Something that happened last week with friends. Are really not when I'm -- annoying thing about my Twitter my face all that's not my thing. Show. I don't -- stuff works I don't have any of those. Counts are what are there are. And so. Do I use it absolutely. Not. He -- -- tell your players a lot of young people use it do you tell your players. Go ahead music but no football do you do you even address it is it something that you guys talked about before the season -- Almost weekly address a lot of things of our team. It. Depend on the situation in there just a lot of general things that we talk about in terms of the way we. Our respect then and on way -- on our team operates so we talk about politics. I know my easy easily get a handle dissent and sign up for free -- beyond the beyond that before 6 o'clock when you do it there's no chance. Even if they page -- -- by the way my students fail to realize the MySpace is coming -- whatever my MySpace is coming back some of the just bought the the that the company of the name of it that's coming back but if only you I copyright my face because nobody has that one quite yet I was so excited. I would grab though and I frustrating weekend that comes initially blessed -- -- now. As -- night I was excellent well good luck Sunday against the jets we'll see you thank you on -- -- government that we did -- fill that Bill Belichick brought you by the known until it's -- insurance company -- I now offering new. SP -- visit has been alive dot com. For your free quote.

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