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Vince Wilfork with the Big Show

Oct 15, 2012|

A disappointed Vince Wilfork joined the Big Show, very frustrated with the way the Patriots finished yesterday's loss in Seattle.

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I packed early a big show it's patriots Monday with Ford way Hollywood DIC our third man in Bill Belichick coming up. In the next hour but it's time for us to do our weekly thing -- Vince Wilfork it's sponsored by. Troy yield up all natural events nod -- team. Off today is the flu in the wee hours of the morning -- ticket you've had what hour hour and a half -- -- wiped -- There are a couple was about it. Ask you about the into the game he came off the field do you made the they put a lot of pressure. All on Wilson threw the ball away. Suddenly about three minutes left in the game he came off the field you will pump you were checked. The use of each term and clearly you were saying that's bleep them the football whatever. Game is over year extremely frustrated. In the last three minutes to that rushed -- you what what transpired. -- it is because you know we've we've heard so much on situation football. Our home. And go out and certain situations -- points. -- it will be like these are just and we couldn't it's too weary battered in the media because we put too much time and effort. You know -- situation you know. You know and it is Internet particularly you know the you know we -- the -- mean actually -- and it is as if he didn't and Indian you know you're in a close game here at crucial moments he would go to their. You know -- animals restraining order. Up and I think winters during -- Gary Player -- how one of these it was your article on the plate. Problem weapons for the most while we we view what we wanted to -- -- being this kind of follow orders condom. -- there it is different cultures because Marcus and we just put too much time and effort. Around here and we've been doing so long term we will a lot of bogeys. Are in good situation football so home. Yet the company currently forestry if you're disappointed. -- -- close. Our military and effort and the time we put into certain situations and -- not to deliver. In the situation. There was -- prepare. You know what if as you just hit on what's bothering a lot of people today that's it gave the patriots fans have seen over the last decade of patriots fans have seen. A New England when that game more often than not and and and ask you this you came from a winning program obviously you have Miami. Are you came and to a team your rookie year you won the Super Bowl. Didn't necessarily have to learn how to win you've been doing it for most of your your college -- pro career. Do you think. That as a group now you have to learn how to win could you've lost three games this year that you easily -- won as it is it really come down to learning how to win. Religious. Learning how to execute on the -- The rest system that you spent you know just not only. Just normal situation it's in being able to execute chicken plant at a key in the got to -- -- -- -- -- got a -- You can be who -- CPU to -- millions of crappy football term staying. Well what -- -- to a situation if you notice situation prep situation on -- terms. You should have a good idea you know are executed situation. That figure there's foreign -- is because it's you better there's step basically you know we've lost three games. Total full court -- -- he couldn't wouldn't wait. Nothing in the work. Look at this and we need to sit urge you need to be -- because we're in the middle of the street. Do you remember him in there was seated in student you know every little mistake. All little things this -- that is he wrestled in the server that -- And we got -- -- making Eagles please nor is not going to be here were understandably fiscal ought not -- But you gotta be two to put no series digital photograph to go to -- -- career so. Give eternal. Historically and bring the situation football when you wouldn't really counts and that's forcing these clothes -- is not being its Q. A lot better than we have -- Do you do that many different team branch that we do. We always become in the form -- you know who you're in the state. But we would -- cubicle what I mean. Caucus quick. The ticket this ticket and we don't have normal around the waist. We've got an equally difficult acute corner -- -- not just you know. Means user I think it Barton's insurgency we need -- -- good week of preparation this week is. A good decision. And I don't care what they -- it is. No division there's always. The -- the same as yours right now -- So. We we QB you know forget about what happens Seattle -- Just curious. Reiterate that this -- -- common -- within a -- that this week because. Would drop from -- so we we do we got to deal involved quick need to keep it going. And we just and you -- football. So how does that translate to what you have to do during the week what do you do in the film room and on the practice field. -- optic you've been going pretty good job or industry numeral. You. Prepared and opened the boon to good job of being in the Arab the Arab and they're actually we believe -- feel true to accomplish what we don't. Bureaucracy -- for the purpose these situations. And not execute with a -- that the -- report because we know exactly how we want a clear. -- exactly what she's going to who exactly are we want an approach. We just need to execute a lot better -- -- execute better you know what is she would be the whole work to -- this team -- -- I would think going into this game the game plan had to be to stop the run Marshawn Lynch and make them. One dimensional you did that and other than a couple of shaky. Tackles overall -- you guys were pretty solid. You secondary -- they were the ones that didn't necessarily execute in the big place. Is it still learning process for them back there they're young. You had injuries to to doing is starting safeties is that part of the problem here since. In the words are not sort of porno -- war because you know -- contract you're worried. You run out of -- you get a real metal or you don't sharply fugitive rebel notices a team. And I would never go marquee names on the boards we can -- a lot but it's doubles Keteyian quarterback you broke please. Being able to do a bit more pressure on -- yeah so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- we would sometimes we don't -- Our biggest thing that they eliminate -- football eliminating big issue. We just to that we will be okay. We will be okay well and we have to be able to. Learn from. We got to be able to move forward we got to be able to get better we have to. We have to. What worked what kept you up on their flight I can just imagine you pacing on a cross country flight and just going over the game mean and mean what really. What what bothered you more than anything was there any specific thing. -- terrorist group in the -- and let us say there's there's been an alert -- situation that we're here. It's not the end of its Q did he know that step. I was -- The most frustrating thing apart you know we know who's going out to separate console quality. All the role. Welcoming -- -- -- new users please we we know what was what do you never expect. We know what you're the sort order issues and what -- legion pitched a parent what people. We we knew war we know. It was not executed -- that was too big east that was a big news or frustrated these. We have couldn't close object New York BA. You know we have to -- -- we don't know government bureaucracy is correct in the war on -- Google weather this current term. -- click the top of the current group and we need not have been trying to grow. We have the general horrible right now not tomorrow right now we -- you don't go right there we don't have no kind of they're not. So there's this game get your attention do you think he gets the attention of all of the other guys right away. You know work if you don't -- a problem. But I don't think you can do about it -- do -- bit locker room. Staff coaches players and let -- -- and -- it was OK with the waiting -- -- all it would completely. OK we're going to coast it'll -- our locker room because we care so much passion was so much emotion. Call. I've only seen them once look graceful on the loved ones. And in particular lost best spiritual because you can't afford to go to mothers -- So in baton I don't think you can by the government's trying really thinking there you -- where everything is okay. Because what it has received some of this in in these games even last week against Denver letting them back into the game that's why would. Think after awhile it's deja Vu all over again didn't you start to get to the point we pistons say. -- put an end to a Miller it's going to be you know weekly thing. We're going that we have to arms start closer to of these -- and -- -- Into the hole what -- what -- 1420. Point lead we got abused so he's getting. Train itself. Hydrants get some sleep and we'll see you back here and actually good luck go on Sunday. We are against Texas Wilfork right here on the big show.

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