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Deion Branch, Patriots WR, on the Patriots 24-23 loss

Oct 15, 2012|

Deion Branch joins Mut and Lou to share his thoughts on the Patriots disappointing 24-23 loss to Pete Carroll and an impressive Seahawk defense. Deion talks about crucial offensive missed opportunities stating “a lot of points were left on the field.” Branch also adds that while the famed 12th man environment was intense, it did not affect the Patriots play.

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We're gonna hold off -- runner recaps Bernal. Sure you're thrilled about that I'm glad we just skip. Because we got patriots wide receiver Deion Branch is joining us on the yet AT&T hotline after a tough one in Seattle beyond what little power you. -- it does get in today like 6 in the morning or one and. -- and I don't remember some personnel waking -- Of this about kids out there. I'm sure was frustrating flight home you know that's a couple lost Hubert that Baltimore just seems like. He had control in the last many walking out there with a loss going how the hell that you step. -- -- -- -- as the year was up there though. Would doubtless repeated protests and it wasn't. Buffalo would put on the field you know I think. Overall. We had so -- guys who independent but the gamble. We we did it and you know. As an offense how frustrating is at because we've gone through the play chart here today NBC. You know thirteen point lead with the football nine minutes ago you guys pride yourselves on being too. Close it out did you immediately -- after that game recognize that you left some points and opportunities on the field. So we look for Latin America and that's who were once or. -- -- -- later yeah I want to six in the red. You have been here it is that the beginning of the you know. We bigger drop in the old school -- Nor can we finish the game you know I -- markets and bitten. Partner simple it was a global play out soon. Could do. You know better. Great. -- -- have her. Support of properly report and -- -- -- -- You know like this in public under -- -- It figures but we didn't principle so there. -- -- at a game in the -- -- and how what was what was the crowd like was -- effective. Not that we -- reader with the grameen. Their places going to be that way every day. You know the extra things -- we get pretty of medicine and the crowd cause. Let a couple little talks are here and there. A couple met so it would -- -- But overall references. The L about the weather -- -- we could tell. That wealth from the TV but it looked at times like the rain came down pretty good -- they kept show on the football. They kind of dark and heavy it's sort of stature would water here at some times throws appeared to be off do you feel like the weather. Was a factor in the game -- factor for Tom throw the football. Where are made to our notebook you know. That was the case -- -- -- -- you know the reigning world -- with some whistles. Are some chances. You know. But does that so well you have all -- -- and that's that is. You know Lorraine about it here's what it is though. The bar -- -- and cold. You know also. Say that ordered the disposal. In our corporate we have to figure out ways to make it work there -- -- You know we're so grown customer there watching guys execute. Down the stretch more in particularly -- you know at the end of first halves and I think that drive at the end of the first half I think. You know I listen you still win that football game but she's got to feel like he -- points away. Overdid it would -- -- it wasn't. That you know beer and -- a lot of was a consensus and there does seem like Nomar was in Boca to visit -- power electric use. You know. Partners in the you know -- This little. Is we're saying no you don't Booker caught their past both 3334 seconds and it's just in to try to run of the play and you realize that's called timeout in the meantime those fifteen seconds kind of one off the board it. He just ship that came back the -- I was able a lot of pain you know and it ended. It -- in Brazil world and played pretty would have played. Played this couple -- -- early in the game respect this table. We didn't think it is true that the gambling it away and forget. And we did it and do you know in. A little -- -- animal -- wanted to -- Was ending they did the second half to keep you talked about the first half second half and and and Tom's numbers in the offensive numbers the other day. They weren't as good the second half did they make a change of some sort -- adjust to your offense in the final two quarters. We -- -- I think everything do we did a great just as well. But that we -- with the department you know office. -- -- -- You know we're really with a net net it was sort is is that once we get our readers some reason. We couldn't -- -- -- it. You don't really wasn't it it was a result of this incessantly his mistakes and everything that was going on the football field. You know you guys around the ballroom -- the previous two weeks -- -- talked before eighteen teams were challenging you guys to run with the personally put on the field that. This team just take away the run early or they just more or less just with the personnel there in the field challenging to throw. I think it was more a little vulnerable -- you know bigger reward. And you know -- aspect of that's another tactic and a you don't have to do other things mean -- -- -- Baghdad his blog page as well. So. He's kind of our what our guys -- it's incredible. You know. I think overall we we tried this. Do certain things which we did you know it has been on the back more which it is a couple of but you know world to litigate. And we went around sort of offensive in this we do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A fourth quarter third down you ran a slant pattern -- was incomplete appeared from. The review Booth on my couch that you were interfere with the idea branch of that pass interference that got missed there. You know I'm someone who has battled complain about. Let you know there. -- -- it is amazing. We could affect on the vessel was. On our people with us to let their. Well. It agency you know. Was it -- it as considered. You know. That is played a game they don't care. Services -- Then they got some big physical corners and no it. Announced Sherman interception on the ball thrown into it and you get guys like Browner and -- chancellor. Of that affect you guys if you did it all. Or do you -- -- I think. You know he says that with people on defense but there it is. Is that. Developers operators add insult. You don't wait. What a third world war. It is what it is. Yeah unfortunately you know some some some big losses that you guys have had in the past so to have that same script with a -- three minutes to go with. The office seven the ball near that 11 down -- getting in the defense giving it up does that starting to creep into your has a little bit. No -- -- -- You know I was I think. You know you'll. Would only -- -- -- -- -- -- and you know local residents grumbled insert a real soon as possible that a problem. Now preparing for the jets obviously prepare for what they do with the big jets week but is it more about you guys and executing what you do a perfect -- that more. And that the reporters are possessed some that we set the weekly thank. You know we know we have a good thing. Which is historic display. You know. That the complete and it's simpler and that we have. You know that it's certainly -- -- to win it it is. It is paperwork that goes coordinate and -- -- on the -- and so it is so that we can control. Last one for me after the game Richard Sherman quarterback kind of gave Tom a little bit they guess there are going back and forth I was curious how much talking. Did those guys duke is there were talking a lot after the game about being the patriots and and -- -- man and this team doesn't have the look of a team with a knock -- punch when they talk a lot during the game -- And I think it goes -- and Arafat ultimate war -- Portland timeout but it wasn't that ensures that -- I think he didn't. -- bits of trash talking on Twitter that's for shall we you logon to Twitter today we don't average 84 -- gonna wanna go check out Richard Sherman its own stuff that. He had to say after the -- yesterday. Knotted. Illegal. You know the place is. And we both -- We. -- not possible. And that we did it today -- -- -- and that -- wouldn't it -- something. For and against the and they don't where. They -- You know they played this game. They wanna get -- and -- the -- Colder days. We -- -- -- -- -- double -- and so on football as in. Look at that -- -- -- Rex Sanchez Tebow it's jets' week the out of -- down their -- we'll talk to you next week you're damn right I didn't. Deion Branch joining us here much -- 93 point seven WEEI will continue with your phone calls can tell that -- I'm Andy tire team got in very very late last night we appreciate the on top and on and joining us we'll continue with your phone calls next don't go anywhere.

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