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Patriots beat themselves

Oct 15, 2012|

The boys discuss just how frustrated they are with the Patriots players responses to the loss in Seattle and why they are as boring as Belichick with their answers. D&C ask when the players will actually start answering questions, why hasn’t the secondary been fixed after being so bad for so long, and the Patriots lack of time management. They also touch on if Week 7’s Jets-Patriots matchup will be Mark Sanchez’s coming out party, how stunned they are of seeing Brady outplayed and Belichick outcoached, and will the Patriots problems ever go away.

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We just doesn't do enough things wolf. We have a lot of chances and just all the way across the board everybody involved and again is not listed in good enough job so. The results -- just just not good enough. To sit next to bill on the six hour flight home. Was unsure about that the result was what was yeah he sure yeah. Getting really tired of really really really tired of them up repeat procedures how he got -- don't know the if you raise the answer to every question we just didn't make enough place. But it's clearly. To what the net as a walk to Bobby Valentine never said that. Their support analytical to be to be delved into when you're talking about the secondary when you're talking about your reluctance to run the football when you needed to milk the clock. All those kinds of things and just about time and time again -- So where. They made no place. Where student -- you know. -- -- Every guy to a man Devin according same answer saying their way to make -- worthless and didn't make a couple of plays you know make plays a role. And that's when it came down today. Clearly they're under orders yes Belichick's goal is to have -- -- as boring as he is. And which is why he -- -- of -- so much because he's even more boring the Belichick if that's possible but it. After this game I don't understand the downside just answered a couple of questions you see it when you in a legal around the league. Even guys who hate immediately to in this Indy really read yet gives Tom Coughlin Tom Coughlin -- some answers. The tidy you know what the problem is not every. But in the secondary in what what is going -- welcome you don't have anybody who could cover anybody. You know on the deep ball honey let Alec Russell Wilson beat you. Even more than that this has been a long standing problem I mean what what have the effort to -- To try to correct what has been wrong for a long heard about this isn't something has reared its ugly head yesterday. Same for the first time while Arrington got beat league according got beat this has been an ongoing problem I guess to try to fix it by drafting people would at -- the pressure passer. And and provide you know less time. For the other team now when he -- the -- When chuckles coach chuckles sits down with the -- today in Michael. Rose between the audience and they say tell us your thought process that the goal line six seconds left. He won't. Why not -- did -- yesterday that they weren't on EG the coaching staff we're on the same page he admitted it screwed up he should we -- resources. On the rhetoric that's solid but not one that I thought I say about the speed in practice -- -- at one point. Five seconds enough. Four seconds or is it six seconds the absolute minimum time in the certainly looked -- -- it would weigh in at 12 left would you like to know and will last bravest tomorrow would you like to know how that goes in practice they must work -- that absolutely -- everything's. Okay does he work on that play I think so it actually works and what you think they can do five seconds do you think I don't know I don't spot probably six on and it is live look like six look you need six. That's why don't have a problem with the play of the -- did a million times in practice it worked in completion field -- no big deal. But of course Belichick will not and -- anybody likeness. What happened. -- call for intentional grounding distance and wrong. Play. Since when we're trying to score. Well John make a play for a school -- -- score really. It's a good question. It's a big question is six million patriot fans look at for an answer and he uses screw you he can't. And and -- makes good pro we're upset because PK OBR guy. If there is a silver lining it's that he's here once a great guy and Andy's doing some great things out there we tip our cap to UPD. We took a little bit but I -- ego of the patriots basically. They beat themselves wondered more than Seattle beat them the patriots beat themselves that game but they had what I want to do what you have one for six the red zone is just unacceptable on Republicans -- team -- -- he was shredded that team more so the first step in the second half. But still that you shut down their best player -- -- -- you expect to win that game -- Wilson -- right that's what every that's that's a dream for the coach Flip Wilson -- And then you know he grows up it is -- -- -- -- -- 4550 yards ridiculous you know all bets are off on that when. -- can't imagine the jets beaten patrons in here. But who knows if if I mean this. Definitely receivers related to him throw the ball but it does matter doesn't matter. Does that matter he but it schedule -- secondary will interfere with your gonna. So I'll just excitement the completion just don't pay the generic brushed across the border every game is gonna be the same look at the great poster sex. Great Houston Texas defense last that I worked out Mormon home to shredded you shredded black rod by this league's MVP. Of the best quarterback in the -- -- but ultimately by the way all the national -- experts talking yours was going to be. It's amazing clip ons yeah and the plane is gonna do a pretty every game's gonna be different so this problem in the second and axis as well Imus is no doctor so I -- say though that just popped out I said I don't know what is different. Dallas -- Davis -- yes it is a list. What's the last game that the secondary looked really good according looked really good in the Arizona game -- allowed our I was map that triggered when answer. Let's get -- an answer to this secondary looked really good narrative that's been on the court he gave up note our secondary in general Pete has been as Brian may chose a single -- -- grade but every but again the patriots are like four plays away from being six adult. They beat themselves yesterday what -- Seattle that it was offense defense and coaching not just one particular aspect of the game. Nothing negative -- on offense defense special team coaches players -- been involved here just -- in the moment mistakes. Greatest -- chancellor just into the afternoon. And we haven't even got into the wasting of the timeouts. They -- the result in no position right at -- and timers including one with twelve players on the feet yes. And I guess she give. -- will for credit for recognizing called the timeout but the -- the ball the -- team left. Used to be you know -- -- -- Brady tell treated time. It helps to have a timeout or two in your pocket and he should it was stunning men. Nine notes not stunning to watch according get beat -- watched him on Wilson -- thing get posted could be it is stunning to watch. Belichick at how coach and it is stunning to -- Brady have this -- -- medical mistakes. There was some real surprises. Yesterday. And and I just wonder I mean. And we'll Mecca predictions what happens against the jets. This is centuries -- coming out artists who shred them. Well if if if it's Patrick Kenneth Kolb can't if this guy Ken Wilson camp but I guess even somebody as bad as. Sanchez can dance instructor and your first of the NC a a patriot Monday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And acumen that you're going to see Limbaugh once. And then it out wondering -- it taken so long you know. And -- it's like in particular because. -- -- -- -- always. Going out and you're gonna say they're gonna that it edged out and that it is important. It's a great question but writes about it today there's 127 left the Seahawks at first and ten at the patriots 46. Why -- the patriots playing with their base personnel including three linebackers and for dvds that the answer that -- Non -- guesses they could come up five DB via movements you know who know who could play at all but he writes. The Seahawks needed to score a touchdown. Running back Marshall moments wasn't on the score from there they had to pass so why not have more coverage players on the field. Secondly why did the patriots fall for a play action fake and great questioned him not running they can't score they need a touchdown on the kid's score. Don't -- run off tackle you know with Marshawn Lynch. And then this the execution why hasn't Wilson and coached better to know he should never get beat over the top in that situation. While I don't know why don't we ask is high school coach. His pop Warner coach is college coach at Illinois why not ask them because that is so basic I have trouble. Layman. Safeties coach Brian florist utility cable on Wilson wasn't taught that it wasn't drilled in the 100 times but I. We times we talked about the secondary just doing the basics are basically not turning around for the most part and as you said. -- up another example about letting guys get behind you when you know that's all. That we play that the team -- but it's the turning around I don't understand it. It's going to be drilled into these guys' heads as they think I don't even think Wilson could -- completed like three passes for. Seventeen yards each I think he needed one bit extra one yard 46 your putting -- -- and -- he gave to the patriots secondary is so bad they have redefined the old cliche but one Ole ball coach once said -- -- passed the football three things can happen and two of them are bad yet when the patriots opposing quarterback and pass the football. Three things can happen at only what -- bad it may go in complete. -- really gonna completed your guy or patriot is gonna interfere with you and will be just like the completion didn't see the front seven do the edge of the flushed him out he went in pressure at flushing him out. And again he did exactly -- Hugh Millen said you would do. 430 on the clock run up that way out on the right side got a little momentum going into says I'll look I'll throw -- deep and just fired an opening and. Harrington and north bridge joke good morning. Hi -- So that would that and it isn't like two years ago. -- wouldn't break I admit that complain and moan don't yet know what they want your 80 well. Make no sense it is not a when but the big etiquette on your plate not -- little. -- Australia. Did the Seahawks make it clear the patriots that they were not going to be able to run the football at all yesterday. I mean weren't you -- your style soc hawks did the Seahawks convinced the patriots that they would not be able to run the football but the pats would not be able to run the foot. Yes I would say so yes let's say they probably did -- -- there you know DBs are good enough so they didn't have that five and six of them on the field the same time. I think what they did was go with their base defense have some good athletic linebackers and they left them on the field. And take a much like other teams and go sixty b.s and Brady saw Brady threw. But. And I -- -- hear though that won the run the ball. How did you think it had what did you think at halftime. Things go pretty good yeah he -- thirty time yeah first I couldn't stop that work but couldn't stop -- but it was for six in the red -- wasn't until they took their foot off the accelerator in the at the end of that football game and I you know I'm not that huge proponent of run run run run run. But when you're up with nine minutes and 21 seconds by the score the they erupt to eat some that clocked -- to -- everyone simply places helped to -- I don't. They don't I don't totally disagree upset at a hundred times the only reason you run is when they Kokomo know five or sixty -- or. You got to leave yet and you're trying to chip clocked up that it'll run to win. You know you Rhonda to have the eat clock and two -- on a lead. But I think in the patriots mightily some -- -- He can pass and accomplish the same thing because he's so good underneath he's so good a tight ends and and to via. At the slot that he just hits those guys keeps the clock going keeps the chains. Having just it was different conditions slippery ball there and bomb bunch of inaccuracies out of Brady's -- who was a little bit of a different day and I think with I. 23 to ten lead with nine minutes and 21 seconds -- ago you -- throw -- -- completions as you possibly can. Run the ball and incomplete that tight little completion -- you're keeping logs off the field yet because that's the goal airing that and forty over there. Up all that having competes in Boston days in the car your phone call and -- sports flash next.

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