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The Patriots miss the killer instinct to put teams away

Oct 15, 2012|

D&C come out swinging ripping just how bad the Patriots secondary was against Seattle QB Russell Wilson and if it can be fixed. They also touch on if Russell Wilson is really this good, question the decision making of Tom Brady, and compare the shocking differences between Tom Brady and Russell Wilson’s stats lines. They also discuss how big a play the intentional grounding call was at the end of the first half to the outcome of the game, why Wilson was able to make so many big passing plays vs. the Patriots secondary, and why the Patriots continue to struggle with a schedule that wasn’t supposed to be that tough.

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Tell -- right now. The only thing that fell further. And faster. Than Felix Baumgartner over the weekend was the decision making reputation by Tom Brady and the complete and total inability. A this patriots secondary to cover anything anybody on any route anywhere on the football field. Not at the stats for what 833. Miles an hour falling from space. This is even more amazing. Russell Wilson's quarterback rating 133. Tom Brady's 79 point 33 staggering numbers we. I like in my mind you know like about the Seahawks I know they're playing the best place it's. You go deep I'll throw it up you catch -- got -- and it'll run around I know the NFL's a complicated game but -- you know I am very cerebral fan I know this one. They flushed out if they don't roll right. Promote his arms and its allies can yeah you go under you catch. And they -- ready rhetoric but what's it on OK one it's on one so I don't know one of practice against the patriots it's on one. You go deep Sydney -- deep whoever anybody -- and that'll take old days. Miller had just go deep offload up near you catch it that's how hard it is to beat this patriot before I. What about to say as much more of an indictment of the patriots secondary Bennett is Russell Williams court O Wilson's quarterbacks -- The Seahawks had completions of 51 yards to Golden Tate. Fifty yards to Doug Baldwin 46 yards to rice -- nine yards to rice and 22 yards to Zach Miller. They didn't look that difficult either they didn't easiest look and fifty yard passes -- ever seen and I'll just say right now I know you either you that will hear. Wilson beat Aaron Rodgers he beat Cam Newton Wilson beat Tom Brady Wilson nanny. 133 passer rating Wilson didn't -- -- and -- stinks. I'm not a pro I don't those passes half of them should have been picked off he hears -- just created to British and that's. And for the -- -- To -- the ball teachers see it touch pass. Plays where he puts some touch on. -- and wounded ducks a lot of those are disgusting passes quietly completed on me I think you'll be good someday I think he's young and I don't think is as I pulled them back QB good. He's not good yet that was discussed and yet it doesn't make any difference to discuss this buffalo kicker Kevin Cobb socks at a rarely effective game it's Patrick Sox -- a very effective game this guy is what is patty very effective game it's not the quarterback it's the lack of this of this secondary a blanket and they couldn't cover bad. Go back to last year you know lost the don't know law -- us Christina. Don't know what it moves to the dispute board appoints all the quarterly diskettes shredded by yeah there were about what -- unfortunately apparently Katrina and they got Matt Flynn. The contract that he's playing or not playing under in Seattle they did yes and and Aaron Rodgers threw six touchdown passes last night against Houston. Tying -- Clinton's. Franchise record thanks to New England patriot all I gotta do. All you have to do was shut down Marshall which -- we talked about Herbert talked about -- and a good and they did as they usually do to a team's best running back. And you let. Wilson beat you with those wounded duck passes were all you have to do what Apple Store around and get four picks. It was disgusting it's almost progress when they in the year in at least give them the completion -- touchdown it's reflected the way they interfere. They give up a forty yard -- OK they didn't. They give a -- the note runs now can tell she's now out did not acted check make -- to walk home from Seattle. -- -- -- -- this morning look good now yeah now it's hard to say who's the worst that although I will Sunday Denard did it would be replaced. Wilson. Not Russell -- -- -- -- get burned got burnt out of the worst place I've ever seen and notes the safety and corner but one of the worst place in coverage you've ever seen -- you know I mean. It the one thing you guard against a bubble is kind of the post you know going up the middle. Taken up the middle Sidney Rice cute little hectic aghast at the corner and a proposed just. Surprised they want Wilson to fall down it was easy touchdown game winning touchdown completion you'll ever see it was like. Okay Sydney just move they go to the post. And and I'll throw up and that's all it is -- but as adults what it's also basic Jerry and do you go about turning around especially early -- look at those wounded ducks are completed -- -- just returned for a politician would be under Sidney Rice -- -- right starts early early -- I thought -- earlier on in the -- that -- but there were other throws in that game from Wilson if they just -- around. Were were -- or at least knockdowns at the very least it's a separate the shocking. Vs the expected and as bad as this patriot. Defensive secondary is. Can we agree it's not shocking we've seen this crap for a while right yep I mean I think it was even -- I I didn't even live -- well -- about surprisingly. Yeah it's even -- there stand by -- quarterback yes that quarterback in and it was like OK he's gonna roll right -- -- what -- they need to -- five picks the last two weeks not yesterday. I find much more shocking than the abject inability of these defense -- second dirty cover anybody some decisions we saw from Tom. Two interceptions. All the ships and the red zone settling for field goals and and by the way of all the skill sets. He happens to possess and have command dove to play the most difficult position in all of sport. Reading defense throwing the ball accurately throwing with touch throwing the deep ball going route progression all that sort of stuff which he does beautifully. Does having a plan in the back to your mind how to throw a ball away effectively and not have a intentional grounding should -- one of the easier things to accomplish. Yet I think he does and at times you see when the screens get blown up blown up people thrown in the guy's feet you know he generally is. Very quick to throw away were the guys like Wilson and young guys and the whole extend -- right. And that's why they only got two of the pressure but only sacked him once he does get rid of the ball. But that truly you look at it and I'm sure you'll just cringe every time he sees the replay an easy. I did the first half you know the he -- thrown away and -- the second and gotten the feel Google breakup of a mean. I will defend that call and I know everybody's Killen Belichick and Brady and just victims were old -- and not picking. Well -- As long as Brady throws it away in the right direction. Or flows into the ground at the feet of his receiver you get Brooke Brooke on the right in the corner and just throw it over the -- -- or throw into the ground here is sure. I mean there were plenty of places to throw it. Aegis of the brain Byron and through quite an element and I know I realized I don't when he aggression -- migrants call and I think when you see 12 left on the clock it's kind of you worked it could have were. I mean the could've been 12. You run the place they blow up they've been at that figure -- out -- the plays overthrown in the ground -- and over -- receivers had just wrote in the vicinity of a receiver and you get the three points I don't like the idea that all we we can't do that that probably to practice. Thousand times so the settler situation -- that situation Brady screwed up Niemi it happens he screwed up a couple he's yet to picks. He could have five yes he could have could have five of Earl Thomas dropped to. And one of the guys they -- sure -- I dropped another one yeah shortly Sherman you know he could have easily had five and then that was the batted ball in the air they. Make -- sick -- for six in the red zone system characteristic -- team -- so what else. That's my responsibility to take care of the football and do some good with that view of the play comes in from the -- and certainly they're not thinking that you know we're gonna intentional grounding. -- Trust me to be Smart with the ball and to get -- -- worst -- And I just made a bad play. Something else that I think is worrisome probably just as worrisome as the secondaries and ability to cover anything. Have we started to see a trend here about a lack of killer instinct. And inability for the football team to close out teams at the end of the game we seem to three times so far this year right 23 to ten. With nine minutes and 21 seconds left and they had in their possession. One of great running attacks of all time rushing over 200 yards the last two weeks. 23 to ten with nine minutes and change left and they can't step on their neck it. It's still shocks me 2310 in the fourth. With Russell Wilson. At quarterback. Archie thinking it's over even out yet another -- a couple of absolutely I I I don't see. I'm sitting there watch Tennessee will Russell Wilson can't take them back as he can't sustain it -- a this can't be complete this camp it to default let a guy behind you and they did in simple too deep safeties. Goes right between them and doesn't -- and win some great battle for the ball and opens pitches it. In stride also reminds them in and scores. Its -- if that or high school team you'd be discussed that word of the GBT press he'd be like. -- it would post to be. If you wanna call prevent exposed to be deep. Post to keep the funny you is -- not let him get behind you. And they did in this his. This was a first. As Wilson's second topic correct third there -- -- -- Wisconsin has effects not Russell I'll grow it. I mean they just don't have an in. And India are -- Greg a Bedard has rate a couple of great questions about the second. You know. About the coaching about the playing and that in the -- Do you mean the secondary has struggled for years right. And ghost I'm not fixable he goes down the list of people who regressed. On players who regressed. You know Brandon meriwether Terrence Wheatley Darius Butler Leigh Bodden. Patrick Chung and -- according Ras I -- and when does a Richard Sherman emerge. Maybe when you get a defensive back coach who can help them who can coach them up and you just approve them and you know. And make them better in the will start with their glory days and how they do things different when they won three super balls what they always had. Some good DB yet they did if not great -- you know you had Ty Law he had lawyer Malloy US -- -- Samuel had left -- who could cover guys who could make a play. Now they don't have that anymore they have an -- while. This is problematic starting in the third quarter when they were appointed attempt. I mean how the number of ways the patriots shot themselves in the for this isn't anything necessarily that Seattle bitten -- doing a thumbs up salute where Brady throws an interception -- two German at the one after 179 completions. Burton won at the Seattle six interception by Earl Thomas writes a halfback option play. -- a chunk personal. But pass interference on -- forty more yards. -- ought to radicals Wilson 51 yards to take according -- coverage kind of plus a fifteen yard penalty on and on it -- Wilson 46 yard touchdown pass time and time again the opportunity was there they couldn't get it done they couldn't. Move the sticks and kill up nine minutes and 21 seconds with that probably that's a little frightening. Analyze them. Like all of a spectrum ago. I'm still at thirty patriots thirteenth on ice at fourteen and two seeded Pete said as a team and go to organize a third two to 3COM. I he's at thirteen and the only he's feeling good about that -- don't all want anyway one reason I said it is an audit. Was because -- of the schedule in the schedule is not tough we know right schedules as easy as it kitten. And rethink that. So far this -- one game we looked -- before the season began said that's going to be tough. That they lost that's Baltimore and -- errors on laws that these guys. You look at the scheduled differently now I mean they Lou -- not. I don't say it's -- now they don't they're playing a horse -- quarterbacks. The worst quarterbacks do they beat the patriots they don't mind my point was when I look at the schedule I don't see any and -- have sweet weakness in the secondary and -- past defense stakes its stock last year. You know when the with the Super Bowl. They don't face any good quarterbacks until December they don't face any good passer Ortiz who -- one yesterday I like all right that point does it change the outlook -- OK but also in the face. A Mark Sanchez one of the worst -- quarterbacks in the NFL next week. Does that change the way you look at that game -- -- it again to. Okay caught up in the trap that every single week is going to be distinct thing -- that would a case that many would pass for 500 yards on. Last -- the patent at 317 lead again and got pretty well against them last week did what they were down 24 points and this game should have been discussing the Baltimore game. Should have been decided in the first half they should have been up. But almost three touchdowns of both of those games there was no reason why the picture to put up at least four points. And the first half yesterday it's a combination of offense defense and coaching yesterday no question missing killer. Instinct the Seattle Seahawks came in with the worst. Passing offense in the league let me -- it again the Seattle Seahawks offense came in with the worst passing offense in the league. And Russell Wilson had a 75 point two passer rating after five games 133. Yesterday. Signaling at a forty. Five passer rating at Saint Louis. And those who the patriots play in a couple weeks. But it's the point is you look at. Mark Sanchez differently he stay yes but you know brought to get it done -- throw up that fifty yard bomb network and supporting interfered and optional are accordion of beer cans Sam Bradford door let air in her -- sure and Ryan Fitzpatrick Andrew Luck Mark Sanchez. -- Ryan ten how these your quarterbacks until you face Houston. In in December -- what -- and and then and then San Francisco and then Blaine Gabbert. -- -- I -- said all but I didn't follow the table now it is -- and it seemed so low so -- Elementary -- culture roll right I'll throw deep they suck you beat them you catch the ball they'll fall down they'll interfere. You know they'll turn the wrong way they won't turn their head seems so basically. If you went to elect him. -- -- high school summer camp and said about -- backs over there. Who did they do the drill when they point the ball this way and you turn -- that way than they put the ball this way it turned out that way. The time but it should work on -- -- that and and ends Greg Greg a Bedard points out David safeties coach Bryant -- And -- cornerbacks coach Josh border. So he got two guys assistant -- judge of this mess and can't figure out what. Wouldn't Eric Mangini -- is he making too much money he has -- We come back and help that would I think it would be Millwood allowed wouldn't have now when Stanford that would happen would have just look for solutions yeah. It has the patriot Monday's 61777. Monday 37. Boomer Esiason -- sleeping and he will join us tomorrow at 630 Boomer Esiason and it'll five. Your phone calls next.

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