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Breaking down a tough Patriots 24-23 loss in Seattle: The Real Postgame Show

Oct 14, 2012|

Butch Stearns, Fred Smerlas and Steve Deossie break down an ugly last minutes loss by the Patriots in Seattle.

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Improve continue to patriots 43. Dealership sold. -- I believe it's. The home. Blue blue blue could mean food. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seattle Seahawks radio with the call the game winning touchdown. As Seattle beat the patriots 2423. You were listening to the real post game show. Brought you by KM natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for the Campbell -- box. And your favorite grocer camp celebrate something we are not celebrating a patriots lost a loss to puts them at three in three. All fourteen. In the -- FC east. Our three and three now -- -- that the jets. What up in their victory today 35 to nine. The bills beat Arizona in overtime 1916. And Miami won so all four teams -- three and three jets are coming Foxborough next week. And the patriots lose 2423. Steve DeOssie joining us now when we go right back to the calls. I'm Steve any one reason there isn't one -- the main reason they lose this football game to quote it. If you were girls all the stuff he does just -- watcher were very correct to limits and -- but that was a group collapse in the fourth quarter. Not just defense not just offense special teams lousy punt by invesco lousy coverage -- upon coverage team given no Washington toward secure return. Not the go to stop them who have from scoring anyway the way the pitchers were defending the ball it was it was a monumental the last seven minutes a monumental. Team wide collapse and you're sitting there and I don't know what you guys did you get the feeling informants left of this was happening I guess I -- I got a bad a bad feeling because applicable in the market in the -- in the early in the -- only they weren't scoring no points are coming away with -- -- melting in the in the red -- Dogs they -- quickly you know you brought this up votes is thought of people talk about good comfort he was in the red zone. By any deputy U three intentional grounding so he's doing at the free points that -- toward a deception on the ten guideline editing get a lot of free points whenever it. Those areas. You're going to be super cautious to make sure you don't lose the three points that you have right before of every guy. Interesting that Bill Belichick went for -- six seconds left what we talked about a game feel which came wasn't worthy had fifteen seconds are about play before they happen normally doubled before the half with the -- six seconds left. With the of the -- -- ten seconds runoff because the penalty wasn't game earlier in the season a hundred -- right now where they had. Think fifteen seconds left and the M and lead the -- we've we all thought OK you're gonna go one more. Play image has decided to Prudhoe field out a you know it's. That there's just those -- -- an unbelievable. Lack of continuity in discipline their their take that timeout -- Coleman on defense -- the they take these who have the stupid penalties that would that we talked about the. Took the time with 206 to go in the gaming because all of experts -- they had let. Right -- they had to take that because of the five yards would give -- first round anyway. So I understand that why you're two point why do you have -- -- to first -- and gave an extra down time these are these are mistakes that were not used to seeing the patriots may we're used to seeing. The -- be the most disciplined team in the league and that's not what we saw especially in the second half of Columbia vote in the fourth quarter and one of the things we're not used to CNN and I want people to have a chance to talk to you guys in your opinions about why this happened. But first I want both your opinions about breed. When you look at the numbers at halftime Freddie. Brady's twenty of thirty. 216 yards two touchdowns no -- he did throw that bad play and a half with the intentional grounding into the numbers tell us in the second half. He was fifteen of 28. Almost as many completions as completion that's unlike -- rate for 179 yards. No touchdowns to six. Another intentional brownie was sacked one that's -- wasn't under -- he did not put a little wet weather. Go back to where that it was your on the ten yard line you're gonna get it automatic field will retreat. It throws an interception in the end zone Jackson 66 brightness and physics they can't do it right before the half through. It is is -- when you have six seconds left as Steve mentioned this. You know you gotta Gulfport on what when he gets -- a 102 case apparently don't -- how to pick in the red whatsoever -- hit the ball. Potentially grounding -- -- at least six points so why we signed -- We've seen is this team make uncharacteristic mistakes and the biggest star of all make even more uncharacteristic mistakes -- which. You're just not used to seeing that with -- already now the secondary. What got you to see it that we're used to seeing that we're just like to see him as a go to break any of the offense O make those boys are mas by a modestly. A little -- over the whole defense of a secondary thing because it's been this bad for for a long time. But it's very curious -- to see Tom Brady make undisciplined mistakes which never does that. This game should have been sold five out of reach -- -- just so you don't have to worry about your safeties and cornerbacks and whoever's out their plan. But I've never seen very seldom. -- -- -- fifty seconds left in Europe by six or do you let up a 45 yard touchdown passes to receivers you -- to -- result there was two -- cover was a willow doesn't have her -- -- -- drug -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it was up -- who was you can almost forgot to Wilson had a as it was go to the Cordoba. Will vote the other rookie hasn't always 43 coming from the same it's is in the way it is doing -- getting behind you wouldn't have mattered we've seen -- make the same a better place to win a blessing and are not saying Wilson. What I'm saying is I'm I'm so used to the secondary. Being that way you admit it but he just. It amazes me some of the other mistakes were made them back. Let's go to the phones is the real post game show Steve DeOssie -- it's -- Butch Stearns Anthony and hope -- next. -- gets up to me vomit you out she brought it up thank god but it just can't stand the want to and the must absolutely the most overrated garbage eighty head coach Belichick -- Tokyo -- the end of the first -- -- three points and move on what you do he killed them Brady -- seat. Contention a grounding -- pop the it and saw that goes back to. Well listen I appreciate what and so I appreciate what he sent. It out about Erica appreciate what you say but the the fact -- -- -- become -- you lost a little credibility when it amounts -- in the culture's most overrated -- -- -- coaches in the -- that. You can you can actually talk about the mistakes of the pages -- in coaches made today. But boy you tell who's who will be your argument when you when you see so much that. But you know it's this like I say they can't close games right now and they can't cover anybody when they have to -- If -- quarterback gets the ball. Right what do you tell six seconds three step drop by its total fire toward the stands he doesn't other. That's com. Think the coach and tell get rid of -- quickly of dollars over distort the -- well at the bit or even have to tell Tom that. There shouldn't have to you don't have to -- you don't you don't have to you -- talk Belichick would tell them -- the usual always -- -- reaffirm some -- but you would assume that they you don't go in Europe it's -- coming to lights is so white light and you know I don't know that you brought up. He wasn't throwing the ball that great -- -- you have to watch in the dirt. Yeah notional -- guys and he threw a couple behind people that wasn't anyone or say okay it was a way game who -- Tom redefined what games too loud -- a positive yet. Ha ha patriots seventeen to ten lead -- to have to get outscored fourteen to six. No touchdowns in the second half two touchdowns for Seattle 2423 the final. Your patriots a three and three Chris in new report here next. I don't want even in aid for it and I am I wanna know. What when he actually to be quality draft picks. Proper tropics are our -- Europeans -- it coaching. In the secondary. Coach and -- -- You have to you know you have to bring that in you have to talk about. -- because. Seen it don't -- anybody -- policy get an accordion it eat it ain't no place can -- Politics -- And probably don't like him -- got a obviously you know what I don't everybody you know you got the game wasn't lost to the right you know I was lost in the middle of the field and on the follows a more officers -- things that doctors are likely put on a fake it but I will wait wait. He does bring up a good point. We will look at the last game -- in Deborah. There was no one covered -- we asked Belichick before a vote -- a sports you have someone can be used -- not a scheme that we don't count -- -- on the field. They have two guys in coverage to receivers and that -- guys behind the defense. -- that can't bring -- anybody knows that you can make sure tackled funneled to eat the clock to make you worse because most of Pete Carroll. Aggressive at dusk Saturdays just a policy classically because I think Chris just give them credit -- got -- credit they made the -- know -- -- they took it took off at a -- -- patriots all they made some plays but still -- -- -- Exhibits or even that guy status after the end zone -- comply as a guy who. Played for Bill Belichick defensively they're prepare -- win but when bill made his bones as a defensive genius quote unquote. Mom and and you know you were in the meetings you know what he thinks. I -- I think what Chris brought up the sort of what the average patriots fan thinks about it's not quote it's not get any better in the secondary. And hasn't for a number years we all understand we all understand that. My draft in these two guys in trade not that at least we thought they wanted to change the way they play a little bit wanna go with a faster defense but why does it seem like. They get themselves in situations where -- nobody can be covered late in games or deeper in the field what why is it a mentality as he changed his mentality over. He -- the -- you think of it's changed basically use what you can and can't do two receivers anymore right can't. You can't play that intimidating style of defense you can't -- the receivers -- the line of scrimmage that's that's the defense to a new bill -- was great with. We've sought with follow me on the relief to a Super Bowls and that's exactly what the would they were doing. But you have to adjust and -- to be the first to say it. You don't business is business is done you look I mean that's a phrase that the government say a few times. You've got to find a way to get this done what whatever it is and it's almost even more infuriating because you see the defense -- backs. Half the time at least there in position to make the play they just don't make the play they don't they don't finish. And I don't I'm technically sound which we expect. I taught to take a break on the real post game show brought to you by -- natural casing -- back to your calls after this. Came natural casing -- -- the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for the Campbell will -- your favorite grocer can't celebrate something. Don't discuss the topic there -- others like this the capital. What that are grounding call. -- -- -- -- I was tense and -- If we get an intentional but it intentional grounding penalty that was a 102 off -- 12 left to go on them. When we didn't do good so. Collectively as soon as an individual play. Seahawks radio on the call Tom Brady's intentional grounding before the half when they were on the sixth. Yard line and it came -- nothing. Inside the reds over there were three consecutive between then and the half. And start of the third quarter three consecutive possessions. Inside Seattle's red zone with a patriots came -- it would just three points and twice they came up with donuts and that sort of was the point. Where it led to what happened at the end of the game the real post game show -- by came natural casing francs. The official -- -- sausage of the England patriots look for the Campbell box in your favorite grocer KM celebrate something Steve -- French journalists alongside. Patriots lose 24234. Games now of their six games this year were to losing your question which came down the stretch to lose -- -- -- who's the loser to blame and we don't rebuild -- via. He breeze I can't rely on them so well from as far as the fan's standpoint as far as the caller so far they went three ticks Brady Belichick in the second. Group effort. Special teams didn't help a lot of the end of the game defense didn't help while there was enough pressure on the quarterback dilemma the -- a couple times group -- for all the where you're limited to what you have things in hand. Like field goals on -- Shia alliance in three guideline. And in to stop quarterback is all for news. His decisive is the site from this and understanding of -- game and he does he throws an interception in his -- in the the rosary around. -- -- -- -- Right in in doesn't walk away with any points out that because the truth not a mistakes in his point. You always expect Tom come through them and that was facilitated -- we -- -- -- stakes -- I think you just nailed it is that. You quote you always expect Tom to come through so when Tom shows -- ordinaries sort order is bad inside that they can't recover from that because the rest of the team doesn't respond well in the house that you below -- -- that's -- we used to fill these days a few -- star quarterback to -- William -- when the game influences that's that's and we played well. I thought he put up some good numbers -- is he played better in the first half that we do in the second half. And he really didn't do what -- I -- craters on the do look like it was horrible way he usually does and who knows what wasn't -- vulnerable and for whatever reason but no this wasn't. The -- for 350 through 69 and 7395. Real right -- c'mon you know Steve fifteen of 28 in the second half right John -- intentional grounding and no touchdowns and audio forget about what he's our staff -- I don't BP's audience five RBIs and a fool guys. In the dirt there -- there why don't stand a satellite up predator. You know back to the phones -- the real post game show go to Don Carlo done. Hey guys higher up. And that's a lot at saint something's not. Guilty today why this spring and android apps here. Judgment the annual on the series before the last series there okay. -- -- dives into the into the pile. Now -- -- its attendance. We were and the ball socket itself at all -- those sorts that out. Welcome would obsolete nor what quadrant collapsed catch you restored for the birds down. -- -- You guys in our defense you know well we -- they're gonna come down that's what that's gonna win the game I don't feel -- in my in my. Got that they were gonna score a touchdown because the defense certainly played pretty good game. We're constant game but when -- these shipments and then all of our. Quarterback. I couldn't let it into the deep that it took this. Fourteen points in the second half they had a hell of Japan. And the patriots walked out there were six times in the reds -- Warner -- touchdown you know disaster -- just around the corner. Well that -- go back to his first point -- could you when I said at the drive he's talking about with 30 to go to the game the patriots get the ball on their own 41 yard line. They call a timeout by Seattle calls they the only get a yard. Mom then they give it to Ridley again and then on third -- you know the gonna throw -- -- -- to -- who's being covered by yum. -- of -- Browner and Browner a six foot three quarterback. Against it to mean I can't force or the U what I looked at each other time Freddie and all of the -- and should grant was out. Yellow Broncos out what -- the -- it wasn't your best choice -- -- McGraw was out welcome Irina. So -- -- flew both -- we obstetrician with a formal ball three times at three and completes him and didn't or of course the only understood slogan don't make them take the -- there's put there's got to be you got XQ you've got to find a way to get that I don't care how you do what you're doesn't matter to me. The logistics civil war matters is that to get it done I don't care how you don't just get -- done -- -- Way Paula Newton was a field right there will move the couldn't move the ball over on the ground sport inaugural -- just like you've done the rest of the game get a field goal range. Right eat the clock so much a kid picked up 30 games old. Instead of they couldn't vote of 67 Russian 85 feet vital what what how many outs -- -- I don't know really. And it corporate. That's number one team against the run in the NFL so do what you've done don't vary from what you -- and and it just just because of that situation I was talk about it we view which the real post game show. It's brought to you by KM natural casing francs. The official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots look for the Campbell -- your favorite grocer -- -- more another hour ago here on the real post game -- we over 9 o'clock. Freddy's -- Steve DeOssie and Butch Stearns. Can't celebrate something.

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