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Welker's Comments on Belichick and Spikes' Tweet -- Controversy Brewing and Kirk Minihane Reacting

Oct 14, 2012|

Minihane talks about the Welker comments and Spikes' stupid tweet -- will this effect either of them as far as playing time today?

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They've done well address -- and he's put together with the Bolton I think he's done a great job of and turn that roster over -- and this got a lot of young players but they're good they're good players so. In the drilling trust what he's done a question. Let's go -- check earlier earlier in the week talking about. His predecessor here in New England Pete Carroll -- because a good job great it's 112 games. Your three they've won a playoff game at home. It's -- work in progress I've stated this. Amount overwhelmed is a good -- put together good defense it seems like maybe they have a year year and they can be that jumping off point when they went. Possible. 61777979376177797. 93 segments a couple of people to pacers in the -- jumped off that's -- at the calls her anyways as a mark. In he's here to Connecticut and mark. I had a -- let's. He's talked about -- the Welker and despite being I you know I don't think each. She hit Welker thing you know -- -- -- -- and what would Welker -- Belichick really doesn't care that much I -- like not like. -- personally I don't mean guys. It's time nicest -- in bill's face every once in awhile. You know -- -- pretty -- sense of humor you know personally and they got in you know you've got -- smirk on the base when he heard it himself but he pride in light you've been public. Be do you think that. Belichick like the Rex Ryan's stuff -- few years ago. -- -- -- I bet he got -- to that he did. Why why did he bench welcome and for the first. Bigger and more about -- and I told you cannot do it either side like that he's it was funny but you know like. You know like each. You know there's something the child could do better quality and beat all but you don't want to catch a laughing because then you got the victory of -- -- out and you're gonna have a bigger problem. I don't think it was not a bitter. Took issue with anything Welker set I didn't think you know what -- -- creeping. And you grew greatly -- could -- do -- I don't care you think it's okay get old enough to do what you wanted to do get it and thought. Or did -- despite tortures by ecstatic. This -- thing I hear what it's like being able to keep his job but the one -- here at about -- people think -- he represent the brand. And I mean the country. -- -- -- -- in his uniform on the field but the fact that he -- tweeted it. I mean I don't think you really represent an embryo I don't think it like a reflection on the they treat me like. If you think that you know there's. If you look at -- Represented Britney -- something -- -- yet reflect undertaking any reflect on number but it doesn't really. I mean in the strategic look bad lies in the Arctic air -- night. You know it's the soldier happiness and -- from the real stupid too much you know we turn our immediate problem have -- a real stupid thing. I wouldn't turn around and say. You know blame all the all the US military is there you know one soldier does that there -- they're all bad you know. Right well tell -- -- here's the thing won't will start I think with spikes. Who tweeted you know something that think you're lying yourself you say -- -- was homophobic mean obviously Wallace whether it's hitting or not. I mean he's talking about you know how would be scared to see any any any gay man in his bathtub. Guess presumably because that they don't resist themselves and then try and have intercourse spikes and a guest of the presumption I mean that's the joke. Which is -- -- you know you -- joke around. I'm offended by its free I'm all for free speech you can write tweets say whatever you want I don't care just it's just it's not my business whatever you want this America. I get paid to do in my opinion for living writing and say. For me to blast somebody else for their part for you know try and limit their opinion is disingenuous at best marketed. But I'll say this. Brandon Spikes. Is paid. To tackle another human -- being and put him on the job is to make sure a guy is on dirt into the play. So. Who compares with he thinks about it. What are -- corporate spikes thinks. What does -- matter. What what what impact is that going to have in your life. Is there really human being. A patriots -- parent. Really is gonna rain spikes influence the way that he thinks are skewed things when you're not know here's. If you break our public not like solvency like. The dumping the -- in 2012 stupid. Shortsighted amateur all that stuff fine. Out here you know I can't get worked up by Brandon Spikes tweeting. Is NFL linebacker and other Smart football players sought in -- match I was really Smart guy. There's some guys want that right. In -- sensitive world and you have to think before you -- things like that I guess spikes. That was a joke -- part of the -- and I get that night you know. The world's knocking him because Brandon Spikes tweet something homophobic -- day. I'm surprised to an extent. In this world where there's more sensitivity to before the patriots haven't responded that way that's surprise to me. I'm not gonna jump up and down because Brandon Spikes. We did -- joke about homosexuals. It was stolen from some British comedian. Who is you know not exactly George Carlin British comedian -- the -- It to. Homophobia is wrong if a gay stuff is obviously wrong. Did. Think. About going -- ice he's the fall spikes on Twitter tweets on much stock on. Twitter overall generally -- You know almost uniform. -- Jokes. Each other on -- like Ochocinco and put a stop following that was the best part of the trade. Like. There's a funny. Please clerk -- courts are right next to our mom. But can't get. Too worked up boats -- Because that I would like corporate spikes is take isn't he politically. A -- knocked a staffer or you know pro gay marriage anti gay marriage bullying now bullying doesn't matter. That's why was minimal while rage I think around here this week I mean did they try to sort of further this thing trying to some more controversy to put on there. It just wasn't there I think spikes is a young immature guy you mean you're stupid joke -- he feels bad about that are not I think in this world the world has changed. You know -- in my thirties I think I'm part of last generation I think. There has people Bittermann in more uncomfortable. With with a gay marriage or gay you're seeing two men together. A restaurant. -- not. And you look at high schools now. -- call it is now in the world is just changed -- -- -- -- -- in a far less offended by which is a good thing that's progress. You know 203040. Years ago interracial couples in a restaurant together it's a big deal. They eat ice because the world has changed. And that's a good thing in May be Brandon Spikes is where maybe doesn't care about it. May -- is really for gay marriage babies anti gay marriage may -- anti gay babies I have no idea. No idea. I'm surprised that bill ballot check where the patriots. Would you know -- Welker for making jokes or wreck Rex -- wife's feet and made it potentially hearing. I do something today because of what he said on with Felder on Comcast that the game and Troy dialogue. But -- no word at all about the spikes up. Just strikes me kind of strange that's all about -- should do some -- do something about it. They -- I would I would not bench and it's by that its its its elements relate. It may be a statement. 6177797937. 61777979. -- and from a welcome perspective. -- a lot of truth -- joke. You know I -- just from you hear things that you Belichick on the best relationship that's on. He's been great the last three weeks he's been the Wes Welker that we thought he was the idea that he Julian whenever plea for him is such a joke. You can't -- you know people tried to spend at the always better downfield blocker is better message better message no west -- a better wide receiver Julian Edelman. Every definition he should never be playing behind him ever -- -- playing fewer snaps and then and then -- -- welcome took offense to. I'm a big was contractor can I have an interest why it happened. He was joking with Felger the other night was winking I'm sure is kinda pissed underneath that I'm sure this some of that natural. I get back. I think that means he should missing a series tonight. Two certificates joked around after a game -- The -- related to the other at all why wouldn't I just don't get. Pages -- -- bench Welker for that that's really gonna happen if you are some people suggest might happen I mean that's absolutely cores. -- market he talked through but we get one he's got for the break Coburn. Mark your next -- what's up. I -- simple solution here I mean obviously I'm not Belichick but I acute to bench -- serious sort of presence and younger guys rookies and also to let police know how the patriots feel about. You don't like you said its 2012 and that was -- Are remarkably let me just do this out to -- playing time with a Belichick doesn't care. I would fidelity says -- -- -- Brandon Spikes can can tweet that if he wants I mean I agree that -- but you know he just is no impact on the football. If so that the people bench I just think. From the perspective of the patriots at the wide as an organization I think it would be the right you know because it's a course that was stupid it was wrong. And I'd like to come on walker -- but I sure. Interesting to do that's -- series sent a message. With Welker. Yeah I'll Welker are personal log book so I guess I'm a little biased but -- I don't follow -- -- -- -- -- guys in the league long enough they get up to ninety years and which you start talking about whether they're gonna get a pension or not I don't know I don't know what this all but forgotten about decline on any series that he's not healthy it's. -- just unbelievable -- guys. In mark I don't know why he didn't. -- on the -- -- -- I don't know welcome played you know some significant snaps as he sat the bench is a mystery to me. Why Welker sat. And -- -- played. It's just not you know even the biggest belly check defender I think has a tough time. You look at these two guys play in -- welcoming place and mean never makes ever. It never happens at thirteen catches. -- Pace for a hundred catches and you know eat -- start the first game. And was on the bench for a lot less significant part of second. This is still after. Tom Brady the most important part the patriots -- Wes Welker still wins games this team we saw last. You still -- impact wide receiver I don't office slot receivers were apparently box if one is -- west while. If you bring him back next year for eleven million -- because 120 passes you can make yard he's -- them.

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