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Kirk Minihane Opens with a Pats/Seahawks Preview and Talks Derek Jeter

Oct 14, 2012|

Kirk kicks off his solo gig previewing the Pats/Seahawks game today and thinks the Pats are in for a tougher game than most people are predicting today. He does like the Pats to pull it out though. He moves on to the amazing ALCS Game 1 last night and the brutal injury to Derek Jeter that ended his season...and potentially the Yankees season as well.

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Kirk may have here until 4 o'clock. Give way to -- ESPN radio NFL radio something was wrong for ESP -- in the real post game show after patriots Seahawks with. Rob what -- and Fred. I'm here as I said until 4 o'clock I welcome your phone calls a -- -- for the -- here at some point probably starting 105 over. 6177797. 9376177797. 937 we'll get into some baseball playoff stuff Jeter on how to get into some of the more controversial -- patriots stuff over the week with. Welker and spikes welcome a -- about that personal start the game itself and it's amazing. How things change here over a couple of weeks I mean two weeks ago. Adding that buffalo game after two losses. You would have thought this team is gonna go and -- -- -- I mean you you thought there 08897. When he fouled out early it's buffalo. If your Twitter at that time you thought this team. -- -- the playoffs. Six in 107 and behind their own. -- Now they play well for a couple of weeks and they play really well. Let's be fair to -- clinic in the second half against buffalo unbelievable office of display is -- -- senior life. 45 points and 25 minutes. And going the next week. And dismantle. Offensively. Up and down the field a 1000001 downs. Rushing the -- 200 yards again Brady sharp against Denver. In other kind of where everybody thought they were before it's and I get back to the point where all the people making these picks think. -- there's no way they can lose this game is yet. It's impossible. It's not gonna happen while I mean. Let's take a step back here be realistic about this now I know the joke hired dale and can't damage -- yesterday -- to joke about today. This home field advantages over it it's real. I -- time. As to how you time. You know Seattle went about 65% of their games they are the last I think ten years. False starts second in the -- -- a real factor here. And their defense to eight in all we have to goes on five weeks has been you know the first or second best. In the NFL this year. Sixteen points allowed -- points allowed -- -- Arizona. Seven points allowed at home against Dallas twelve points allowed at home against Green Bay I -- is not as good as people think. -- thought heading into the year so far fine. But they're still pretty good offense twelve points they sacked -- eight times in the first. Nineteen points at Saint Louis. By twelve points at Carolina. This is there really good defense. They're gonna make plays today here they're gonna get to Brady at times. They're gonna have some disruption that is going to happen. Yeah I'd give the pages and go up here and win 35 to ten just because fans want them to and 3510 is not realistic I don't think. I did with 78 minutes ago this is going to be a close game I think the patriots are going to win this game today. I think they're going to win by ten of 710 points and the globe. At a 2773. That's pretty good 2421. It won't surprise me. Now Russell Wilson's thinks that's a very real problem. Receipt -- perspective Matt when plays today. Seahawks potential. A -- sources not good it's like a Russell Wilson -- Tom Brady Pete Carroll or Bill Belichick. I'm gonna go with the patriots in that spot every single time. -- you know we'll -- six interceptions against five touchdowns. Last two weeks as those five interceptions and get three in Saint Louis and at a loss to last week. You know its completion percentage in the sixties -- -- like he's a young guy he's gonna make mistakes. Although you know. Rookies and second your guys against Belichick's defensive -- players haven't exactly struggled. You know to go up and down the field this to be -- watching it yards. We're -- -- pitcher's perspective as they've done well against Iran obviously which is the union looming factor in this game if they can do well against lynch. And it Wilson you know Picchu the game that the big when the game. But he dismissed the Seahawks. And make the patriots this this steam roll train when they're three and two. It is a fair representation at all. And all you know I think Peter King picked Seattle. Maybe Hank Goldberg nationally haven't heard much else off from Seattle I would pick Seattle here either. I think the patriots win this game it's a competitive game the Seahawks defense has been tremendous. This season tremendous and their home he won the best defense in NFL to date. Home where you know joking or not it's a legitimate home field advantage. At least 2%. Back -- Thursday -- you can you can firmness. -- but -- -- that was in the back. -- you're playing you were practicing person brings in through. It. So -- watched it was on. Its. And you know I think. Personal we -- Carol. We know of course. Didn't work. Out coached the capsule to the this career and -- 789. Minutes ago. This is a one score game and the patriots and talking Brady burst we'll check -- Carol. Huge huge advantages for the patriots -- Better football. This game at Foxboro. But it's -- -- Close game it's. Advocates it's you know the past couple days the start of the week well you know. Close game so -- -- people always -- believe these past. Two weeks before. -- the two weeks before that what you've seen most recently the last game and half this office has been terrific. -- -- Tom -- and shorting Enron for a 150 yards these are all gonna happen again. Hernandez comes right in there and no problems. I don't know -- is a competitive game and Acxiom is a pretty good team. They amassed one happens to be different game and gross wells and give the patriots haven't. A huge advantage in this game that's that Odyssey is is the big thing Brady has been terrific this season. You know at least 35 and you -- turned 35 there these stories well -- the stage now this is gonna happen mis starts that I haven't seen. If anybody seething from Tom Brady but suggests that he's sort of you know heading into the client at duties in the final act of his career -- I just haven't seen yet. Yeah -- it's a little weird the stuff we sought again last week. Where you know when this pressure around him or rather there's not pressure around and sort of acts that there is pressuring him. That's capital it. Since the Paul -- her -- hasn't -- -- -- these different quarterback now. You know pressure to that extent I mean remember before that he was good is ever bad habits and sort of -- goes for quarterback. Expo where flying in asking me -- welcome folks total pre cooked some. Off the it's for all she's who they would again getting obviously. And you know I don't know about that one note though for Kevin Faulk who is one of my favorite patriots players. Ever. -- Olympics the -- With us with him. Wii's don't ever see him the patriots. Don't -- Do not. Be -- at 1201 of -- going to. -- Brady and the patriots well thirteen fourteen. OP. -- -- 6177797. -- 617779790. -- Coming. Here. Excuses. Are tired -- that's the ship amber. That's 37 pre event. Same Baltimore game. Or buffalo two fumbles gave buffalo seven the -- he shot and you know -- to go in there you know -- pretty huge play. Game you know the victory -- -- twelve games that your view thirteen games the Indy five you look at that schedule here. After today. You can -- -- rip offs to set up salute. -- you know. The idea. That the patriots team that lost to Arizona and struggled in the first half. In buffalo is completely -- doesn't exist they're gone forever talking to see that again this year well why. Maybe that's against the best defense. Knowledge they played to this point this year as Baltimore defense -- Baltimore defense. Best defense in my play all year. In the second ST that they play all human errors don't. We saw them struggle a lot against theirs and I understand things have been different since that run the ball a lot better effort in his back now today for the day I get all of now all factors and no question. Well -- now part of this mix shore. But let's not pretend. It did that that team that that team that lost Arizona struggled the first half from buffalo defense it was terrible and Baltimore. Couldn't get to the quarterback at all it was a -- ticket to Russell Wilson today guess what he's an NFL quarterback not Joseph Flacco plays -- -- a place. The idea that team is gone forever I don't accept it. I don't accept that. What paused for them. Say it again. I know except. Next year. We see this one. There won't ever forget about the Arizona team divisions -- tough. The present situation will pressure goes a long way against Brady all the pressure goes along way in every quarter but I think that's something you have to look at it's being completely dismissed here. Locally this week by -- media overall it is just haven't shut their rice. The -- struggle here in the last few weeks. Here today Arizona and win this game 2421. That's a good wind that is not bad when you going here today and win. On the road in Seattle it's a good defense in front that crop that's really good went. The -- 37 tossed -- points and it's a question of winning again. Get to that here at some point we're gonna get and the spikes we're gonna get into Welker and you you'd you'd like all that you know on side stories here in the past week. I want to get into the baseball which have enjoyed a lot. That's the -- up this post season right. If you could not go to bed last night. When the tigers reform. Could do because you have a feeling the way its -- it's gone that the Yankees would rally short read each -- homers. All these do you have into right field neat round hole. Oh cool. -- something else like -- -- -- Prison -- John Sterling -- back on hockey games that. Homer stuff same. Old same to you like George -- like jacket who object that yeah. They don't talk to reject a we could go to bed last night because you had. AAA. An idea that was gonna happen so. -- -- -- -- is homes for four in the year we go again and yankees find a way to win win game one and then you know all of a sudden. A couple of runs in the worst the ever happened yankees fans perspective all of -- Rivera which happened is Derek Jeter going. -- is ankle lost for the season now the Yankees -- tough spot now one nothing Verlander looms here twice more in the series. In house can be awfully difficult for the tigers to -- so for you you know Red Sox fans. Who -- 69 games this year and nothing else in October. But sit around wait for next year. And -- absent in Joyce -- misery may Yankee perspective Rivera hurt Jeter hurt Yankee season I think is just about done here for five games.

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