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Time to Pick a Winner -- The NFL Sunday Gang Gives the Score and Winner for Today's Pats Game

Oct 14, 2012|

The guys go around the table and give their predictions for a winner and the score for Pats/Seahawks today. Put it this way, the guys don't think the "12th man" is a factor!

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NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. For the Campbell and Baxter favorite grocer KM natural casing frank celebrate something. Was gonna win today and how they gonna do it Kevin we'll start -- deal. Ongoing with the pats you're gonna win. Four touchdowns to only 817. Thirties the threshold. You know are they getting -- -- and I'm always this week you know we've done our our best Lou Holtz like -- those sort of talk this up -- that is going to be close I mean I think I'm going to I'm action -- -- a few points off my earlier prediction on the show and doubled that against myself on a moment ago 31 to twelve I think it's going to be a really. Knows my wealth those -- before Google's -- of that day I have a hard time seeing this offense put points replaying in Seattle in a minute. I don't know. I hadn't thought al-Qaeda but if you're really loud there. Well I don't I installed Japan yet. They've they've had some weird point totals as heroes going back and look at it it's the and it had -- they've had a I think at a fifteen and like twelve they've had some odd combinations. So twelve would mobile to present I'm going to undergo the patriots in this one. Agassi 31 to 143 no you -- thirty -- seventeen -- and I think that there's going to be some struggles -- of the -- but I think it's going to be a lot like it was the last couple weeks where the putrid -- to. You know following what annual. Welcome whatever solve her problems -- house you know down the stretch and in the putrid 21 relatively easily young music that. Other folks out there are picking a Seattle upset you're getting. Peter King picked the ups and -- and calm and talking Hank -- -- Hank Goldberg on on ESPN today. Seattle in the upset now it's like three and a half point game like that post that I wouldn't expect to be honest given all things. And I know it's an easy accusation to make feel free to lob and an art direction if you want that we're just -- two homers. Now we don't always pick the patriots. I did think that there -- no idea I picked them to lose. Well look but look at candidates -- and I -- -- that -- we don't always we aren't as well what's the game I picked him to lose and they did lose Baltimore off Baltimore doctor bellows which I was speaking for yourself right now -- as I said we just -- all of us collectively we don't -- the ball all right I don't and we but I'm glad that we and I that we -- it's too early at least at this point -- the patriots every single week. And you may pick and again the rest of that I'm gonna pick the patriots pretty easily today as well I just. I'm with you I don't see how Seattle scores on two points on a given 7 am and you know what name and I get that -- -- 28 to seven and I we we do this all the time in these parts because the patriots are so dominant. And have been for so long we try to think up ways that it won't be as good as we think it's going to be. And it's it's that it's that classic you know the two weeks before the Super Bowl syndrome where -- traffic up every single scenario where. Where you know you're gonna lose that this team's gonna lose that -- analyst and the patriots are a lot better football team. And the no disrespect meant to Pete he's done a pretty good job work with the defense. Americans the -- a year ago I don't know if you heard -- it's loud there it's a second chance we will louder ignited twelve main guys the end -- may not allow an adult I gotta write that one down to not guns are at that 287 as the as the score a goal with his well. I'd join us tonight on NASA and on -- and daily Kevin will be back Matt will be back. We better dressed than he is now -- -- have. Radio. And I'll live here -- yet and you know it would. Make us feel better if you did did you feel free to do which a lot.

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